The Horse's Hoof Magazine: Winter 2017, Issue 65

Happy New Year!

The Horse's Hoof Magazine Winter 2017-Issue 65
Released on January 1st, 2017 - 46 pages!

- From the Editor: Simple Truths
- Give Navicular Disease a Chance to Heal by Zoltán Mészáros and Sarolta Boros
- Herbs and Barefoot Trimming for Recovery by Melissa Tankersley
- Managing Insulin for the Safety of Your Horse’s Feet by Debra Taylor, DVM & Rebecca Legere, DVM
- Pete Ramey in Australia, 2016 by Marg Richardson
- Earthquake and Touch Detectors in the Horse’s Foot - Where they are and Why they are Important by Robert M. Bowker, VMD, PhD, Lisa S. Lancaster, DVM, PhD and Diane A. Isbell, DVM
- Running a Riding Centre The Natural Way - Barefoot and Bitless at Havana Horses, Indonesia by Anna Van Rheeden
- My Horse is Afraid of Me by Missy Wryn
- The Holistic Hoof Trimmer’s Guide to Longevity by Jane Fisher
- My Journey to Trim... in the Caribbean by Stina Herberg
- 7th World Conference for Natural Hoofcare and Horse Health, September 2016, Czech Republic, Recap by Dr. Hiltrud Strasser
- Study on the Dampening Effect of Hoof Boots by Jenny Edwards
- Tomas Teskey DVM in Hungary by Zoltán Mészáros and Sarolta Boros
- Hoof Mail and Barefoot News: Barefoot Talk at Equine Affaire, November 2016 and Mahalo! A Testimonial from Hawaii

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