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"I just want to thank you for such an outstanding magazine. If there was ever anything that brings hope into this world, it is The Horse's Hoof! Each issue is a celebration! Thank you!"

Give yourself or your hoof friend the gift of 50 issues of The Horse's Hoof Magazine...

The Horse’s Hoof 50th Issue Celebration CD

Read first-hand the history of the Barefoot Movement as it unfolded over 50 issues & 13 years...

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Receive The Horse’s Hoof Issues 1-50 (13 years of issues!) on one single CD disk (as Adobe Acrobat PDF Files)

The Horse’s Hoof 50th Issue Celebration CD, Issues 1-50
Issues 1-50, Low and High Res PDFs. This CD is compatible with both Windows PC and Macintosh computer systems. 1 single CD.

THH 50th Celebration CD $49.95

(FREE shipping in the USA, $25 shipping Foreign)

Get the entire 13 year collection of The Horse’s Hoof Magazine back issues on one single CD. This includes every single issue starting with Issue #1 (Fall 2000), through issue #50, which is released on April 1st, 2013.You will receive low and high res Adobe Acrobat PDF files for every issue, which can be accessed right off the disk, copied to your computer, or printed out right on your home printer, in full color, for easy reading. Read the entire contents of issues 1-50 online here: Contents

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The Horse's Hoof Magazine is a 50 page or more ONLINE publication dedicated to the barefoot horse and his owner. Each issue is filled with a wide variety of barefoot horse & hoof-related articles—exploring trimming techniques, reporting on barefoot events, revealing exciting stories, and covering all methods and all styles of barefoot horse care. We present you with all the information, from all different points of view, as we journey into this exciting new world of modern barefoot horse care.

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