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Note: All hoof boots drop ship direct to you from the manufacturer, so you are assured of always receiving the newest, latest greatest version of that boot model. *Shipping USA only (Sorry, NO foreign shipping is available). 30 Day exchange/return policy - ALL exchanges/returns must be PRE-AUTHORIZED, and customer must pay all return/exchange shipping charges. **Boot REFUNDS will be subject to 15% fee (no fee for exchanges or store credit). No returns after 30 days from date of purchase.

Price does not include shipping charges, which will appear in your order cart. Current shipping rates for Cavallo or Easycare boots: $17.00 for pair of boots; $13.00 for single boot. Shipping to USA only.

*FREE SHIPPING Coupon Code for all EasyCare brand boots in 2018! Place a minimum order of $50 or more in EasyCare boots, and use coupon code: EASYFREE to get your free shipping! Coupon valid through December 31, 2018.


Boots sold individually. Pricing is PER BOOT.

$58.20 EACH boot sizes Pony - 2 / $71.78 EACH boot sizes 3 - 7
(buy 2 boots for a pair)

USA shipping only

USA Shipping Only - Sorry, no foreign orders

Do you know your horse's size? Click here for Easyboot measuring instructions.
You MUST measure your horse's feet and compare to the size chart to insure a proper fit.

Click here for size chart and fitting instructions

*If desired: you can easily check EasyCare's inventory: Click here to see instant inventory status on your boot size (select a boot, and then your desired size) - then come back here to place your discounted boot order!

Read below for more info:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all EasyCare boots!!!

Easyboots® - Protective Hoof Boots

The Boot That Started It All

In 1970, Dr. Neel Glass developed the Easyboot, a product that revolutionized hoof care. The Easyboot has been the industry’s leading horse boot for over thirty years. Carry a spare Easyboot and prevent lameness and frustration when your horse loses a shoe. This boot fits entirely below the coronet band and is a popular choice when treating hoof abscesses. The Easyboot is lighter weight and lasts many times longer than standard steel shoes.

Colors: Black Only
Sizes: Pony, 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Note: You MUST measure your horse's feet and compare to the size chart to insure a proper fit! Click here for size chart: Easyboot size chart

Sold as single boots (not per pair)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all EasyCare boots!!!

Please read before you order: EasyCare Boots are drop-shipped from the EasyCare factory, UPS ground from Tucson, Arizona. No rush shipping is available through us - if you need special shipping, please order directly from EasyCare, Inc. No foreign orders available through us. We don't stock the boots, so if a boot is on backorder at EasyCare, it is on backorder here, too.

$58.20 EACH boot sizes Pony - 2 / $71.78 EACH boot sizes 3 - 7
(buy 2 boots for a pair)

USA shipping only

USA Shipping Only - Sorry, no foreign orders

Just select the option "Add Comfort Pads" in Shopping Cart when purchasing your EasyCare boots. PLEASE NOTE that you will receive one pair of pads PER your quantity of boot! (So if you order 2x boots, you will receive 2-PAIR of pads)

Easycare Comfort Pads, 12 mm Medium Density, $15.00/pair

EasyCare Comfort Pads - Add extra cushioning inside your hoof boots. These EVA Foam pads provide the solar support that research has shown is necessary for healthy hoof function. Pads will help prevent peripheral loading of the hoof! They will also give horses with severe hoof conditions immediate relief.

Available when purchased as an option with our EasyCare boots. Standard Thickness: 12 mm (1/2 inch). Color: Black Only. Density: Medium.

Order your EasyCare Comfort Pads when you place your EasyCare boot order with us (as an added option) or you may order them separately in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses on the Easycare website.

United States shipping ONLY for EasyCare Boots - sent via UPS or Post Office directly from EasyEare in Tucson, Arizona. EasyCare boots are drop-shipped from the EasyCare company - so if they are on backorder, so am I! To order boots outside the U.S., you will need to contact EasyCare, Inc. for information on a dealer in your country. *Shipping Continental USA only (enquire for additional extra charges to Hawaii/Alaska; sorry, NO foreign shipping is available). 30 Day exchange/return policy - ALL exchanges/returns must be PRE-AUTHORIZED, and customer must pay all shipping charges.

For lots more Easyboot information, click here to visit the Easycare website. Be sure to return back to The Horse's Hoof to place your discounted order!

Why order your boots from The Horse's Hoof? Because we are long-time barefooters, and we actually use all the boots! Instead of a salesperson, you'll be talking with a real rider. We can give you practical, real world advice.

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United States Shipping: Most items sent by USPS Priority Mail with a 2-3 day estimated delivery timeframe.

Foreign Shipping (outside USA): Shipped U.S. Postal Service, Priority Mail International with 6-10 Business Days Estimated Delivery Time (does not include weekends or holidays). This does not include time in Customs office. Price does not include Customs fees. Note: Some items cannot be shipped due to Customs regulations.
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