Heart to Hoof Horsemanship
with Yvonne Welz

Riding and horsemanship lessons - equine communication and riding with love and higher purpose - from the heart!

Beginners welcome!

Yvonne and German Warmblood mare, Belle

Heart to Hoof Horsemanship
with Yvonne Welz
Wishing Welz Ranch, Queen Creek, Arizona

(623) 935-1823
yvonne @ thehorseshoof.com

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Riding and Horsemanship lessons: at Wishing Welz Ranch. Trailer-in your horse, or sweet, gentle, well-trained lesson horses are available. $45.00 per hour

Mobile Riding and Horsemanship Lessons: at your location with your own horse, in the local Queen Creek or San Tan Valley, Arizona area. $55.00 per hour
(Other locations possible with extra travel fee.)

Horseback Riding Lessons
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Horses come into our lives for a purpose - they are here to teach us. Can we listen with our hearts?

Riding lessons and horsemanship with Yvonne Welz in the Queen Creek/San Tan Valley area, available at Wishing Welz Ranch, or I can travel to your horse in the local area. Sweet, gentle, well-trained lesson horses are available (they are the real teachers!!). Students beginner through advanced, and lessons are customized to you. Children over age 8 are welcome. Seniors are welcome. And every horse lover in between.

Current rates: $45 per hour at Wishing Welz Ranch, or $55 per hour in Queen Creek/San Tan Valley (travel fees apply outside that area).

Yvonne has taught lessons to children and adult riders since the 1990's.

What "style" do I teach? No, it's not "English" or "Western" - it is the language of the horse, pure and simple! I do use comfortable "English" dressage style saddles and bitless bridles on my horses, but you can use any kind of tack you'd like, whatever you and your horse prefer.

Yvonne riding Appaloosa gelding, Swimmer.

Beginners: Experience horses for the first time - riding or just being with horses and learning from them! There are lots of horse activities that can be done on the ground. Being around horses is healing to the mind, body, and spirit. Learning how to communicate with them using body language can create personal breakthroughs!

Enjoy having fun with horses.

For the advancing horseperson: learn natural horsemanship skills, connecting and bonding with horses, schooling exercises to develop horse and rider including liberty work, in hand work, cavesson work. For the more advanced rider, learn collected riding skills. Specializing in bitless bridle use and selection, and transitioning horses to bitless riding. Partnership, love, and harmony with the horse always comes first!

Yvonne schooling piaffe in-hand with Belle

We are a genuine holistic center: my other services include consultations for more natural horse care, diet and nutrition programs, natural health management, designing equine facilities and paddock set ups for better horse care, developing therapeutic rehab exercise programs for horses recovering from injuries, fine-tuning our communication with equines, and more!

Our mare Timely loves to smile on cue! :)

Yvonne Welz is a professional horsewoman with over 30 years of equine management and training experience. Formerly a competitive dressage rider, she schooled many horses up to an advanced level and achieved national awards with them. Always focused on learning, she has studied the art of classical horsemanship for over 25 years, including the French classical methods. She has trained many horses from scratch, acquiring them as yearlings or untrained, starting them out under saddle and schooling them to higher levels. She has enjoyed giving riding lessons to children and adults since the 1990's. In the 2000's, she studied several different methods of natural horsemanship, and also trained in homeopathy, flower essences, equine nutrition, applied kinesiology, essential oils, energy work, healing touch, saddle fitting, and barefoot hoof trimming. She was instrumental in helping to introduce the methods of natural barefoot horse care to the USA in 2000. In 2013, she embraced collected high school riding without the use of bits or spurs, and has not looked back. Enjoy her holistic approach and absolute love for the horse!

Wishing Welz Ranch facilities include a spacious riding area with sandy footing that is worked regularly (but bring hoof boots if rocks are an issue), a round pen, and ample parking. We have excellent drainage and can ride here even after heavy rains!

Heart to Hoof Horsemanship
with Yvonne Welz
Wishing Welz Ranch, Queen Creek, Arizona

(623) 935-1823
yvonne @ thehorseshoof.com


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