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Hoof Care Products
Featuring No Thrush, Thrush Crush, Like Butter, and Hoof Alive.

No Thrush®
Revolutionary "DRY" Thrush Treatment


Click here for an article showing the dramatic results of No Thrush!

No Thrush Dry Thrush Treatment
Choose Medium Bottle (2.5 oz) $15.99
or Large Bottle (5.5 oz) $28.99

FREE shipping any quantity when only No Thrush ordered, USA only.

For foreign orders only: You can order No Thrush, which has been relabeled as "NT-DRY Frog and Heel Maintenance" at

The MEDIUM bottle will treat 2-3 horses. Use the remaining product for recommended maintenance every week or two. The Medium is packaged in a 4-oz (v) bottle which weighs 2.5 oz.

The LARGE bottle - Professional size - is recommended for Trimmer, Farriers, Vets, barns with more than 3 horses - and for long-standing thrush cases that will benefit from regular maintenance dusting. Usage varies depending on the number of animals treated. The Large is packaged in a 8-oz (v) bottle which weighs 5.5 oz.

No Thrush ® is the first ever "DRY" approach to thrush treatment. It's Safe, Natural formula is "dusted on" with a thin-tipped squeeze bottle, which provides excellent coverage of the infected area. The ingredients have been ground into a fine powder. It coats the area of the infection just as flour coats and stays on your hands while baking. No Thrush finds the damp, deep-in places that wet products can’t find. In fact, the developer asked: "Why put a "Wet" product on a "Wet" infection? Isn't that counter-productive?"

ANNOUNCEMENT: NO THRUSH has been re-formulated! Experience the difference! You will receive the same bottle sizes and same amount of product as before, however the overall weight has been reduced due to the New Feather-Light powder! You will experience the difference as this formulation provides superior application - and even better thrush and hoof disease control!

Thrush FAQ

How it works, in pictures


Case Study featuring No Thrush.

Testimonial from a THH customer: "I'm using "Thrush Dry Thrush Treatment" for my own horse with great sucess. I've tried for about 1 year to stop the thrush that the horse had when I bought him last summer. After treating with "No Thrush" since March 2011, my horse has finally perfect hooves. Now my friends at the barn ask me to buy your product for them ..... Thanks for this wonderful product!!!"

Thrush Crush

Bee Propolis Extract
2 fl. oz.
FREE shipping when ordered alone, USA only.

A 100% Natural topical treatment which safely and effectively fights thrush, seedy toe, white line disease and other forms of hoof rot. The effectiveness of Thrush Crush is due to the active ingredient, Propolis, a substance created by honeybees, well documented for its wide spectrum of healing applications. The powerful natural healing properties found in Thrush Crush have been tested and confirmed by countless healers over the centuries. Propolis has strong anti-microbial properties, effective in fighting various forms of bacterial and fungal infestations. When combined with routine hoof cleaning, topically applying Thrush Crush directly on affected areas is ideal for promoting healthy hoof conditions. Ingredients: honeybee propolis dissolved in food grade, alcohol-free glycerin.

Like Butter

Hoof Conditioner Support Concentrate

for Pre-Trim Hoof Softening.

Made for The Horse's Hoof by Herbs of the World

"Like Butter" Hoof Conditioner Concentrate
16 oz. bottle $15.95

Water based herbal support for softening the hooves prior to trimming. Also a topical for minor cuts, scratches and rashes, sunburn and thrush.

This innovative hoof softening liquid was developed by an herbalist from safe and all natural herbal ingredients. This stuff really works! It helps water soaks work BETTER, when you're in a hurry and the hoof is too hard...or you can spray it on anytime you need just a little extra help. Like Butter Hoof Conditioner Support can help make your trimming chores a little bit easier. Also a great general conditioner for the hoof.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Aloe Vera, Comfrey, Lavender Oil, Echinacea, Vegetable Glycerin.

Suggested Use: Dilute 1/2 part hoof concentrate with 1/2 part distilled water, then apply to hoof prior to trimming, or pour into soaking boots or a hoof bath for 15-20 min. prior to trim. Dilute only as much as needed, to avoid spoilage. May also be sprayed on.

Hoof Alive
Natural Hoof Dressing

Hoof-Alive is a safe, all natural, all purpose dressing.

16 oz. $33.95

Click HERE for our detailed instructions on how to use Hoof Alive to revive dried out hooves. This is the only product we recommend applying to the hoof wall.

When water alone just isn't enough...This is a product that can be applied to the outer walls of hooves in dry climates to help retain moisture, and can be used in conjunction with a water soaking program. This product helps slow down evaporation, thus keeping the wall more elastic. It will really eliminate surface and sand cracks. "We've been testing this product for over 2 years now, and it just simply works fantastic in a desert climate."-Yvonne

EasyCare Magnetic Hoof Pick

These magnetic hoof picks are made from steel and are super strong.  They are great for cleaning hooves as well as using to work with Easyboot cables and buckles.  Each hoof pick has a small powerful magnet embedded in it that will stick to any metal surface - never lose your pick again!  Color:  EasyCare blue.

EasyCare Magnetic Hoof Pick $7.95

We LOVE these Hoof Picks!!!

Yvonne's tip: Use Hoof Alive when you have dry hooves and need to seal moisture in - it is the most economical hoof dressing ever, as a little goes a very long way! More details here. Like Butter works best as a soaking solution before trimming, especially for very dry hooves, or dry climates, but you can also dilute it with water and spray it on.

Testimonials for "Like Butter":

"Just thought I'd pass this on to everyone....yesterday we wanted to trim our horse that just came back from the trainer and his feet were extremely put the davis soaking boots on him and put "Like Butter" in the water that I kept putting in his boots every hour or so. I kept the boots on for about 4 hours total. His feet were the easiest ever to trim! It really was like cutting through butter. Worked much nicer than just soaking in water alone. I probably squirted about 1/8 cup of Like Butter to 1 gallon of water, than I just kept his boots full." -- Jamie in Wisconsin

"The pre-trim softener is AMAZING! I trim 6 horses regularly (which is 3 too many for my schedule). Two of them have the hardest, dirtiest, yuckiest feet no matter how long you soak them and it takes forever to trim them. Last time I soaked before trimming, I added a squirt of the softener to each boot and trimming was a breeze. Thank you! Thank you!" -- Francie in Hawaii

Like Butter now available in Europe and South Africa! Contact Lynette Treisch of Cross Country Herbs in Norway, who is an Herbs of the World distributor for Europe and South Africa. Email or phone +47 415 09 766. Fax + 47 33 05 94 41

More Info about Hoof Alive:

You can read more details about Hoof-Alive on their company website at then return back to The Horse's Hoof to place your online order! How to use on dry hooves: More details here.

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