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A brand new way to learn about hooves!

What is Hoof Help Online?

• a barefoot trimming educational program
• hoof care assistance
• and a supportive community all in one

Hoof Help Online with James & Yvonne Welz is a membership website which will be located at HoofHelpOnline.com, and will provide hoofcare education, assistance, and advice, through online streaming video, photos, articles, Q&A, and a members-only forum, all for just $20 per month.

Hoof Help Online provides an organized series of presentations, photos, streaming videos and articles to guide the subscriber through an online hoofcare educational experience. While our emphasis is on barefoot horses, our information is universal—and, quite simply, applicable to every horse that has hooves! Our goal is to provide our members with education, inspiration, and the confidence to apply what they learn.

We have organized this material into an online learning area consisting of “Theory,” which explains why we do things the way we do, and “How-To,” which will demonstrate these concepts. Theory and How-To are the heart of the education. We have also created libraries for Q&A, Articles, Photos and streaming Video.

Submit your photos and questions to us, and you may be chosen to have a full photo critique by James—see all the critiques posted in the “Ask James” section. If you have specific questions, you can find many of them already answered in the Q&A section, or you can ask your question in our Forum. The Hoof Help Online Forum is a friendly, moderated, online community where you can ask any question in a safe environment. James & Yvonne will stop by frequently to add their comments.

Hoof Help Online offers an extensive array of features for a monthly membership fee of just $20 per month (cancel at any time). Save even more money with the 6 month option for $115, or the yearly option of $200 per year--and that’s STILL less than the cost of attending one hoofcare clinic per year!

What type of trimming do we teach? We teach what we know and have found great success with: our own way of trimming. This is the Welz System. It has common elements, as well as some differences, to other barefoot trimming methods. Quite frankly, we never set out to have our own trimming system, method, style, technique, way, or whatever you want to call it. But as time passed, we realized that the way we do things has becoming increasingly unique. Unique enough to warrant its own description, and after some thought we decided to simply title it our own “System.”

This is simply how we personally do things, it has been thoroughly tested on hundreds of horses for a decade. It meets our own personal stamp of approval as far as ease of implementation AND results in both hoof health and soundness—and we are very particular about the health part of the equation. This is not the only way to do things, of course, but this is a way that we know to be safe and highly effective, with principles that can be easily taught. We can also demonstrate the results, and provide theory to explain why this works so well. Many of the widespread problems that seem to exist in barefoot horses at large simply do not exist in horses in our care; we believe that the exact way we trim is the key.

One of the things that might distinguish James & I, is that we are riders first. We ride the horses we trim, we trim the horses we ride, we see the effects of the trim on gait quality, performance and various terrain. We follow these results long term. James rides several times a week, and I ride every day, sometimes multiple horses, as well as give and take lessons, clinic, and show. We understand performance horse concerns. We've also been the desperate horse owner rehabbing our own foundered mare - so we've done it all, and come full circle. Been there, done that, and can relate to just about everything in between.--Yvonne Welz

Our trimming information has never been published before. This will include how-to details, and extensive photo and video support. All new, never before seen photos, articles, videos, and more, with more new info every month.

Our trimming techniques developed out of our initial work with the originators of the barefoot movement. Over the years, this was combined with extensive studies of wild horse hoof form and the latest research developments, refined through thousands of trims, eventually becoming the specific system it is today. Horses trimmed by us have a unique and recognizable appearance, which is astonishingly close to wild mustang hooves.

We’ll give you step-by-step instructions for creating a trim that will emphasize soundness while putting hoof health improvement at the top of the priority list. We’ll cover basic & advanced tools (including power tools) and their usage, while showing you that the tool is NOT the trim—you can use any tools you wish, so use what feels most comfortable to you.

Is this information for beginners? Or just for advanced trimmers? We have designed our information to include the full range, from beginner to advanced. This information will grow monthly, and we will keep expanding and building up the archives. We’ll provide many items marked specifically just for beginners.

If you are an advanced trimmer, we invite you to explore what we have to offer. Investigate our ideas, theories, and techniques, and take what you can from us. In the spirit of The Horse’s Hoof, we welcome every one from every background, and wish to foster communication and cooperation between all groups.

By the way, one of our biggest reasons for starting HHO (Hoof Help Online) is to be able to continue funding for The Horse’s Hoof Website and Magazine. These will both carry on as a public service to the barefoot community at large, promoting ALL barefoot horses, owners, and professionals everywhere.

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