Suggestions for a Hoofcare Specialist’s Holistic First Aid Kit
courtesy Sabine Kells

as published in Issue 2 of The Horse's Hoof Magazine (2001)

• a bottle of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy (for shock, accidents, psychological trauma, etc.)
• homeopathic arnica (helps with healing bruises and other soft-tissue damage) either for the horse or yourself
• homeopathic hypericum (helps with nerve trauma, such as toes that didn’t get out of the way of the descending hoof fast enough)
• a tube of homeopathic Traumed cream for local trauma (such as a sprain, soreness due to overworking, bruising, etc.—mostly for the human)
• a bottle of propolis, for injuries (to self or horse)
• band aids (for the human), gauze and tape (though cuts should be left open to the air, a cut in the palm or other area which receives pressure while working is more comfortable covered for the duration of the work)
• a small container of clean clay or healing earth

As published in Issue 2 of The Horse's Hoof Magazine (2001)

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