Emotional support for Holistic equine care

by Barbara Volk ©2007
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Flower remedies, were originally developed by Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), A homeopathic physician who believed that our bodily ills are the physical symptoms of our mental and emotional dis-ease.

The remedies are developed in the same manner as homeopathic remedies, by extreme dilution, and then succussed using a specific rhythmic method to potentize the solution.

Flower remedies work on an “energy” level, and by affecting the state of mind and emotions of the patient, an increased positive attitude results that opens the door to more effective physical healing.

Equines respond incredibly well to flower essences. The trick lies in choosing the right flower. Because our horses can't tell us about their mental and emotional dysfunctions, we must be able to objectively observe their behavior, and understand what their physical language tells us about their mental and emotional well being.

One of the wonderful things about this modality is that it truly functions within the principle of “DO NO HARM”. If the wrong essence is chosen, it simply will have no affect. You cannot use too much, but more is not better.

Rescue remedy is probably the most well known of the flower remedies, so we begin our journey of discovery there. This remedy is actually a combination of five flowers; Rockrose, Impatiens, Clematis, Cherry plum and Star of Bethlehem. This is a case where the whole is more that the sum of its' parts. It is different in action from any of the individual elements. When combined, these remedies support and enhance each other's qualities.

Rockrose; this is the remedy for emergency situations that seem hopeless, and if the patient is unconscious. The patient is full of fear or the situation is severe enough to cause fear for those who are around the event.

Impatiens: This essence is indicated for anxiousness, and an impatient, easily annoyed attitude. It is also suitable for nervousness, and epileptic type fits. Impatiens is also an excellent remedy for pain.

Clematis: this flower restores consciousness. It can be used in any situation where the patient is physically or mentally unconscious. It also increases the ability to focus the mind and intention.

Cherry Plum: this remedy is indicated in the case of hysteria, loss of control, and has the ability to assist the patient to “re-connect”.

Star of Bethlehem; the indication for this essence is shock or severe trauma. It is also used for patients who are experiencing great sorrow.

The indications for use of Rescue Remedy are wide and it is usually the essence of first resort. It is the first choice in any traumatic situation, whether it is emotional, mental, or physical.

Uses of Rescue Remedy for equines;

Care and application

Flower essences are vibrationally sensitive and can be easily contaminated. When using the remedies, be careful not to touch the dropper. Protect them from sunlight, X-rays, microwaves, computers, all electro-magnetic devices and extreme heat or cold. Store bottles in an upright position.

Flower remedies can be used straight, individually, combined or in a dilution. In most cases I prefer a dilution. As with homeopathic remedies, the more diluted the original essence is, the more potent its vibrational potential.

To prepare a dilution, use a cobalt or amber bottle, fill it half with purified water or spring water. Add a teaspoon of brandy as a preservative; then add 4 to 6 drops of the chosen flower essences. Don't combine more than six remedies at a time. Rescue remedy is considered one essence, but I do not fine it necessary to combine it with others.

Shaking in a vertical direction then magnifies the remedy.

Flower remedies can be taken internally or applied externally. In acute emergencies, use five to ten drops every ten minuets until there is a return to balance.

Normally five to ten drops four to five times daily is used. One application should be first thing in the morning and one should be last thing before bedtime. Be sure not to brush your teeth or eat anything one half hour before taking the remedy and fifteen minutes after.

The use of flower remedies is an intuitive process, and with practice, can become a powerful tool in a Holistic approach equine care.

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