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ACTIVE Jogging Shoes

Increased traction and durability!

The Equine Fusion Active Jogging Shoes have a new and improved fastening system that utilizes wearing-resistant velcro. The new adjustable front cover not only provides protection for the velcro but also ensures a smooth, continuous surface on the inner side of the boot. They have the proven sole of the All Terrains which is thicker to provide extra cushioning for the hoof and makes them more wear resistant. The toe has a large built-in break over and the tread pattern ensures good grip on all surfaces. In recent testing, this sole has been proven to absorb 43% more shock when compared to a metal shoe and 26-30% compared to plastic-soled hoof boots.


For lots more Equine Jogging Shoe information, click here to visit their website. Be sure to return back to The Horse's Hoof to place your order!

ALL Jogging Shoes are measured the same way!
Note: You MUST measure your horse's feet and compare to the size chart below to insure a proper fit!
Click here for Jogging Shoe measuring and sizing instructions.

Color: Black
Sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Regular or Slim
(see size chart just above)
Sold per boot. Buy 2 boots for one pair!
Please select your Size and Width in the shopping cart.

Equine Fusion Active Jogging Shoes
$220.00 per pair
*optional Dampening Pads (+20.00/pair) may be added in cart*
+ $20.00 shipping per Equine Fusion order (multiple pairs will still be just $20 shipping total)

USA shipping only

*One add-on option is available in the shopping cart when you purchase these boots:

Option: Dampening Pads - pair

The equine Dampening Pad is designed along same principles as the Jogging Shoe, thereby allowing you to add extra cushioning whilst still maintaining flexibility. $20.00 per pair. When you select this option in the cart, you will receive one pair dampening pads PER pair of boots ordered.

• Designed to complement the Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes
• Shock absorbing, super flexible and extremely robust
• Made from a specially designed rubber compound
• Extremely good memory, almost no deformation during usage
• Extends the life of the Jogging Shoes
• Only 4mm thick
• Sized for boot (no cutting required)

Active Jogging Shoes Details:


The Active Jogging Shoes are made of a carbon-look upper, which provides a sleek fit with superb durability, yet still allows the joints and hoof to function without hindrance. This makes them the most comfortable boots on the market. The new and innovative fastening system features longer wearing velcro and a wraparound front cover that has a smart lock for extra security. This makes them very easy and quick to put on and take off. They come in black and are sold in pairs.

The sole provides increased protection, grip and durability and is suitable for use on all surfaces.

The boots have reflective piping to ensure high-visibility in low light conditions.

The Active Jogging Shoes come in sizes 7-16 as well as Slim options for each size, making them suitable for minis/small ponies right up to small drafts.

Be sure to measure carefully before ordering. If you need help please contact us for assistance.



For lots more Equine Jogging Shoe information, click here to visit their website. Be sure to return back to The Horse's Hoof to place your order!

United States shipping ONLY for Equine Jogging Shoes - drop shipped from their North American warehouse. Equine Jogging Shoes (Ultra Jogging Shoes, Ultimate Jogging Shoes, All Terrain Jogging Shoes) are drop-shipped from their warehouse in Idaho.

To order Equine Jogging Shoes in Canada:
To order boots outside North America, you will need to contact Equine Fusion: for information on a dealer in your country.

For lots more Equine Jogging Shoe information, click here to visit their website. Be sure to return back to The Horse's Hoof to place your order!

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