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Equine Nutritional Supplements

We are dealers for HorseTech products!

We only sell products that we use and believe in! We offer HorseTech, Equine Challenge and Dynamite.

Note: Supplements drop ship direct to you from the manufacturer, so you are assured of always receiving the freshest product. Shipping USA only by UPS Ground or FedX ground (enquire for additional extra charges to Hawaii/Alaska; sorry, no foreign shipping).

HorseTech: Now you can buy your favorite HorseTech products, receive their same great customer service and cookies, AND support The Horse's Hoof Magazine at the same time!

Their slogan is "Awesome Supplements... Amazing Service!" and it is true! They really are fantastic. They have so many excellent products that help support hoof health - and horse health. Some of my favorite products include their Glanzen 3, Arizona Regional Mix and Arizona Copper Complete. We will be slowly adding their entire product line - if you want to order a Horse Tech product from me, but don't see it up yet, just ask - I can get it for you!

Equine Challenge Supplements for Horses

Equine Challenge: Equine Challenge Supplements™ were specially formulated by the late Dr. Mackie K. Hartwig, a chiropractor and nutrition expert who was an avid barefoot advocate, as well as an instructor at the Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care. He developed different formulas for different hays and a few specific regional conditions, and created fantastic products that fill in the gaps of a typical hay diet.

Click here to go directly to The Horse's Hoof replicated Dynamite web page.

Independent Distributor Yvonne Welz, The Horse's Hoof.

Dynamite - A Company Like No Other
Dynamite’s vision is to improve the lives of all living creatures by empowering people with the truth and knowledge about health. Backed by over 80 years of experience in holistic nutritional science, we formulate, manufacture and market nutritonal supplements for all species. We have a completely different approach to health that, if applied, will improve the lives of you and your animals. Click here to Order Dynamite products.

Product line includes Dynamite for Horses Vitamin/Mineral Supplement, TNT, Dyna Pro, Wound Balm, Wound Salve, Dyna Shield, Excel Digestion Catalyst, Release, Relax, Dyna Hoof, Miracle Clay, 1 to 1 Free Choice Minerals, 2 to 1 Free Choice Minerals, Izmine, Herbal Tonic, and SO MUCH MORE!!!! A full line of products for all animals, including humans. Click here to Order Dynamite products.

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