Natural Horse Care Reading List
The Horse's Hoof has put together a collection of recommended reading. These are some of our favorite books, and every horseperson and natural horse care enthusiast should add these to their own collections.
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Lifetime of Soundness by Dr. Hiltrud Strasser

Shoeing, A Necessary Evil? by Dr. Hiltrud Strasser

The Sound Hoof: Horse Health From the Ground Up" by Lisa Simons Lancaster, DVM, PhD

The Natural Horse, Foundation for Natural Horsemanship by Jaime Jackson

Horse Owner's Guide to Natural Hoof Care by Jaime Jackson

Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You by Pete Ramey

Founder: Prevention & Cure the Natural Way by Jaime Jackson.

Who's Afraid of Founder, Laminitis Demystified: Causes, Prevention and Holistic Rehabilitation
by Dr. Hiltrud Strasser

The Centaur Reborn by Peter Speckmaier and Sabine Kells

Barefoot Stories featuring the Strasser Method of barefoot horse care
Edited by Yvonne Welz

The Secret of Happy Horses by Sabine Kells.

Metal in the Mouth, the Abusive Effects of Bitted Bridles by Dr. W. Robert Cook & Dr. Hiltrud Strasser

The Treatment of Horses by Homeopathy by George Macleod

Horses and Homeopathy, A Guide for Yard and Stables by Mark Elliott & Tony Pinkus

Homeopathy For Horses, A Layperson's Guide by Susan Shaw

Homeopathic First Aid for Horses by Joyce Harman, DVM

Natural Horse Care by Pat Coleby

These books are available through booksellers such as

A Healthy Horse the Natural Way The Horse Owner's Guide to Using Herbs, Massage, Homeopathy, and Other Natural Therapies by Catherine Bird

Keeping a Horse the Natural Way: A natural approach to horse management for optimum health and performance by Jo Bird

The Organic Horse: The Natural Management of Horses Explained by Peter Gray

The Practical Horse Herbal: Natural Therapies for Your Horse by Victoria Ferguson

A Modern Horse Herbal by Hilary Page Self

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals by Helen Graham and Gregory Vlamis

Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses: The Owner's Veterinary Guide to Alternative Methods and Remedies by Mary L. Brennan, Norma Eckroate

The Lame Horse by by James R. Rooney, D.V.M.

The Nature of Animal Healing by Martin Goldstein, D.V.M.

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