In response to "ILPH Warning over Alternative Footcare Treatment" from the International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH)

Press Release from Strasser

1. I, Strasser, am both a licensed veterinarian and an examined horse breeder. Furthermore, I am a long time horseowner (in own responsibility), and also with my family for 20 years or more a hunting rider. Means: I have more knowledge and experience with horses than most of my colleagues.

2. All that I do and recommend to do on horses' hooves is the result of this longtime experience, the knowledge from the university and my own research. Nobody will find one point in my teaching, which is not in consensus with basic veterinary medicine and science.

3. Never could one veterinarian give one argument, in which point my opinion is not in consensus with the basics (anatomy, histology, physiology, biochemistry) taught in the veterinarian universities.

4. There is one basic in medicine: to prefer the methods for healing treatment which has the least side effects. This is, of course, the method without chemicals, but with a high success.

5. Every day around the wourld (in the UK too!) horses are put down by the recommendations from veterinarians, because official methods are not able to help. Why will they not accept other (new) methods for help? Why do they give a "Warning" against a method, which is demonstrated to be successful in these cases?

6. Why does the ILPH react to an announcement from one veterinarian to one other in such a way to give a "warning" in the internet and newspapers instead of looking for the background?

7. It is not my fault that my colleagues don't like to accept me on their conferences and don't accept my articles in veterinarian journals!

8. I would recommend the ILPH to read my books before publishing falsehoods about me and contact me to hear the other side! Also please look into the internet to find the reports about the successes in cases where the traditional veterinarian medicine couldn't help!

9. I await an exact explanation, what do you think is wrong in my recommendations for the horse owner? Your "warning" doesn't contain one exact point!

I look forward to hearing from the ILPH. Hiltrud Strasser
D-72074 Tuebingen, Phone/Fax +49 7071 87872,

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