Laurie's Barefoot Horse Story
by Laurie Marshall, NY
December 2005

Hello! Just a quick line or ten to tell you about one of my horses: Go Boys Crystal Nite (Moya). I got my girl about 3 years ago, and she was shod on the front with weighted shoes (which we pulled). She then went to regular shoes, but had such an overstride in the rear, she was wearing off her rear hoofs. At that point, I had my farrier pull her shoes completely (boy, he still hates it). I bought some books, Pete Ramey and Jaime Jackson, and started watching a barefoot trimmer in the area and learning. As you can see in our picture, Moyas feet look great! I have been riding her 10-15 miles a week and rasping and cleaning up a bit in between. She's nicely sound, and moves well, and her gaits are as good as ever, and she has developed a lovely, hard foot!

This photo was taken at Highland Park Forest in NY in October (hence the hunter vests). I know I am the only one moving there, but look how patient she is with me! I am a VERY timid rider, and had attempted to sell her last year, because she was too forward for me! Turns out she is perfect for me, and we have a developed wonderful relationship! I ride her everywhere! I have enough trust to even act silly on her!

I call it, run like the wind. LOL..even though she's stone still.

Note: Photos are provided for reference and educational purposes only, and are not meant to indicate guidelines for trimming. Every horse should be trimmed as an individual. Opinions vary as to what constitutes "correct" but keep in mind - there are NO PERFECT FEET, not even in the wild. Owners are cautioned to seek professional help for the trimming of their own horse's feet. Owner trimming of pathological feet is not advised. Photos may not be reproduced, copied, or distributed in any way.

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