My Haflinger Geldings
by Carol Petrie, Snowflake, Arizona
December 2005

I don't have a 'special' hoof story to relate. I only know that when my three Haflinger geldings get the proper barefoot trim, they run and play. I use to live in Henderson, NV, and had the best trimmer.....Ken Larsen....come and trim the boys' feet. I watched Ken, and he would explain to me what he was trimming, and why it was necessary to remove that item. When I moved to Snowflake, AZ, I could not find a knowledgeable barefoot trimmer. One person, a local 'trimmer', said she had been working on horses feet for over 20 years. When I noticed that my horses were no longer running and playing, and even walking appeared to be hurting them, I knew something was very wrong. So I put out a help request to the natural trim site. Jon Thomas responded. He has now worked five months to get the feet balanced again. The proof of his time and knowledge can be seen in the fact that the horses are again running and playing. What a wonderful sight to see.

I know this is not the special story of a horse being saved from the slaughter house, but I wanted to write and tell you this. It is so important that even healthy horses get the proper trim so they can run and play the way nature intended.

I miss Ken, always will, he was like part of my family. But Jon is like a life-line right now. He comes end of each month and trims my boys. He is quiet, kind and gentle. The horses seem to sense that he is there to help them.

Thank you to whoever gave my help message to Jon.

Carol in Snowflake AZ

Note: Photos are provided for reference and educational purposes only, and are not meant to indicate guidelines for trimming. Every horse should be trimmed as an individual. Opinions vary as to what constitutes "correct" but keep in mind - there are NO PERFECT FEET, not even in the wild. Owners are cautioned to seek professional help for the trimming of their own horse's feet. Owner trimming of pathological feet is not advised. Photos may not be reproduced, copied, or distributed in any way.

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