The Horse's Hoof: Healthy Trimming Basics

A Pictorial Guide, Part 4

by James & Yvonne Welz ©2006

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Step by step trimming photos of a monthly maintenance trim by James Welz.

Finish up with a mustang roll, which creates a natural scooping of the quarters.

James describes his mustang roll technique as beveling the hoof, then beveling the bevel, then beveling the bevel again - repeat until edge is smooth and round.

If the roll is applied correctly heel to toe, the quarters will become passive because the hoof just naturally calls for this. Done this way, scooping of the quarters removes no sole at all. It is also not intentionally created, but an end result of the natural form of the healthy hoof.

The finished product. Even a warmblood foot looks sort of like a mustang's.

Overall balance from the top.

Before and after, one last time. Note how everything flows and appears harmonious and balanced.

This horse was completely sound on rocks immediately after the trim. For healthy horses, this is a very important factor in determining whether your techniques are working well for you, or not. A second important factor is hoof form over time: keep accurate records and photos of your horse's hooves. Hoof form should stay consistent or improve over time. If hoof form deteriorates, you need to re-evaluate hoof care, trimming techniques, and living conditions.

Keep in mind, this is just a single trim, and each horse - and, well, each single individual hoof - is trimmed uniquely. Also, every trim is different, each and every time! And every hoof is always a work in progress!

Happy trimming!

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