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We sell CLASSIC original barefoot texts -- the ones upon which the barefoot movement was founded upon. If you are just starting out in barefoot hoof care, we highly recommend that you first read Dr. Hiltrud Strasser's and Jaime Jackson's books as your initial foundation. Click here for our Recommended Reading List

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A Lifetime of Soundness

4th Edition Revised with color pages!

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A Lifetime of Soundness (LOS)
The Keys to Optimal Horse Health, Lameness Rehabilitation and the High-Performance Barefoot Horse
by Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. med. vet., PhD

All new 4th edition, revised and with color pages! This is the book that started the barefoot horse movement. Dr. Hiltrud Strasser is a veterinarian who, for over thirty years, has been studying and researching the causes and cures of lameness and other common health problems of domestic horses. This revolutionary book will forever change the way you care for your horses. According to Dr. Strasser, "Most of the common health problems and lamenesses afflicting domestic horses are a direct result of man-made violations of their natural lifestyle, and can be prevented or cured through a removal of the cause and a return to a natural lifestyle." This book explains the Strasser Method and philosophy. 196 page soft cover book, COLOR PHOTOS and black & white photos and illustrations.

$34.00 + shipping (9.60 USA Priority Mail)

Shoeing, A Necessary Evil?

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Shoeing, A Necessary Evil? (SANE)
Facts Every Horse Owner Should Know About Shoeing
by Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. med. vet., PhD

Dr. Strasser's remarkable book explores historical documentations on the effects of shoeing, as well as contemporary research that reveals dramatic truths about the real damage of horseshoes. Detailed explainations about the inner workings of the horse's hoof--written in language that ordinary horseowners can understand. A must-read for anyone who has ever owned shod horses, or who just wants to understand why barefoot is best. 148 page soft cover book, black and white photos and illustrations.

$34.00 + shipping (9.60 USA Priority Mail)

Strasser Book Combo


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Strasser Book Combo: Lifetime of Soundness and Shoeing, A Necessary Evil? by by Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. med. vet., PhD

Strasser Book Combo
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Navicular No More

(Also available in several combo packs)

Navicular No More
Navicular Syndrome Demystified: Causes, Prevention, and Holistic Rehabilitation
by Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. med. vet., PhD
Edited and Translated by Sabine Kells

A new Strasser book on navicular syndrome and its causes and rehabilitation, certain to become a classic text for barefoot hoof care! This book starts by conveying the anatomy and physiology needed to fully understand the causes of this widely-believed “incurable” disease. It then explains how a horse already diagnosed, or even unsuccessfully treated for navicular syndrome, can be restored to full health and soundness—without gimmicks or medications. (read more below)

168 pages, with both full color and black & white photos and illustrations.

$34.00 + shipping (9.60 USA Priority Mail)

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3) Navicular No More and Who’s Afraid of Founder?
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Who’s Afraid of Founder

Who's Afraid of Founder
Laminitis Demystified: Causes, Prevention and Holistic Rehabilitation
by Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. med. vet., PhD

This newest book by Dr. Strasser details the causes of laminitis, its prevention, and the means of healing this conventionally considered incurable problem in a permanent manner.

This book features many excellent photos, with some in full color. It expands upon the laminitis/founder information presented in her previous books, and offers clear, logical explanations about this dreaded disease. This book is a must-read for all horseowners, especially those dealing with laminitic or chronically foundered horses. 138 pages, incl. color images

$34.00 + shipping (9.60 USA Priority Mail)

Metal in the Mouth

Metal in the Mouth
the Abusive Effects of Bitted Bridles
by W. Robert Cook, FRCVS, PhD & Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. med. vet., PhD

This book describes and scientifically documents the multitude of insidious effects of a bit in the horse's mouth. These effects are still widely unknown among horsemen and owners, and range from pain to respiratory and digestive problems, reduced performance and longevity.

A must-read for every horse owner who uses a bit. 144 pages, incl. color images.

$34.00 + shipping (9.60 USA Priority Mail)

The Centaur Reborn

The Centaur Reborn by Peter Speckmaier and Sabine Kells

The Centaur Reborn gives insight into how to establish optimal horse health, horsemanship, and top equine performance. In addition to a brief review on correct lifestyle and hoof care, it covers areas such as tack fit and horse nutrition, psychology, anatomy and physiology, especially as these relate to training, riding, and rehabilitation. Peter Speckmaier, one of the authors and the world's first Certified Strasser Hoofcare Specialist, is also a Chiron Jumping instructor; in this book he showns how basic Chiron jumping training can establish a horse's willing cooperation without force. Chiron-trained horses are often jumped without reins or headstalls, over obstacles such as ropes or streams of water shooting out of a garden hose. This book concludes with a brief history of Caprilli, the man who revolutionized jumping in the late 1800s.

"This book was written for everyone who has ever watched an equine performance and stood in awe, wondering how to even begin to achieve such harmony. It is for those who wish to give to their old familiar mounts whose health may be failing a new lease on life and vitality. It is for those who are frustrated by apparently inexplicable problems in their horses, from back pain to head tossing to vices that just won't go away. It is for those who want to achieve optimal perfomance in their chosen discipline, or who just want as healthy and willing and 'rideable' a horse as they can have." 172 pages.

Chiron Riding ArticleInformation about the Chiron jumping method and the forward seat.

$30.50 + shipping

The Secret of Happy Horses

"The Secret of Happy Horses"
by Sabine Kells

A wee little pocket-sized book for riders, horse owners and horse enthusiasts of all ages, especially those who "want to do right by the horse".  It is a basic, fun, and inexpensive introduction to the nature of the horse and its biological needs for health and longevity, so that these often misunderstood needs can be met and the foundation for a long, healthy life can be established in an age where the majority of domestic horses suffer from lameness problems and their average lifespan is often less than half of a horse's natural lifespan. This book touches on the basic aspects that anyone who has a horse should know: horse care and boarding, horsemanship and equine psychology, tack types and fit, hoof care and lameness rehabilitation, and the importance of our own attitude or focus in achieving our goals. It is as lighthearted and fun a book as it can be, serious information generously interspersed with the delightful cartoons of Doreen Guthrie. 186 page pocket size book.

$14.95 + shipping

Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You

Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You
by Pete Ramey

Pete Ramey is a skilled, full-time natural hoof care practitioner from Georgia (also a field instructor for the American Association of Natural Hoof Care Practitioners). Those who have read Jackson's Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care will recall the story of how Pete converted to natural hoof care in 1998, after being a shoer. Pete has now written his first book about the many horses, both shod and lame, he has brought successfully into barefootedness and soundness since then. Pete's reflections are based on his real life journey from novice to professional practitioner. Much of what Pete has learned has been through trial and error, and it is Pete's intention that you will be able to avoid some of his mistakes!
Written in down-to-earth language, and full of photos and drawings, this book is Pete's unique spin on natural hoof care. A perfect companion to the Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care, horse owners will find lots of useful information in Pete's book to make their hoof care programs more successful. Softcover, 168 pages.

$26.95 + shipping

The Natural Horse: Foundations for Natural Horsemanship

The Natural Horse: Foundations for Natural Horsemanship
by Jaime Jackson

The original work that started it all! Jaime Jackson's unforgettable foundation for the natural horse care movement . . .

  • vivid accounting of wild horses and their natural habitat-- the model for true natural horse care
  • most complete description of naturally shaped hooves to be found anywhere
  • in-depth discussion of the horse's natural gaits
  • numerous illustrations, photographs and diagrams.
  • Jackson's original trimming guidelines for natural hoof care

Softcover, 192 pages, 2nd edition.

$24.95 + shipping

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