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The Horse's Hoof Issue Contents
20 Year Article Index Listing below
Issues 1 through 80

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Grand Finale Issue:

The Horse's Hoof Magazine FALL FINALE 2020-Issue 80
20th Anniversary Special Edition!
Our last issue!
Released on October 1st, 2020 - 92 pages!

–From the Editor: Barefoot: A Twenty-Year Long “Overnight Success” Story
–100 Barefoot Monkeys! by Carole Herder
–Where Barefoot & Bitless Can Lead by Cynthia Cooper
–The State of the Barefoot Movement Right Now An Interview with Dave Macdonald
–Satsanga – Give Thanks, We are Part of Something by Jen Clingly
–Everything You Need to Know - 20 Years of The Horse’s Hoof by Tomas Teskey D.V.M.
–Keeping the Faith by Neal Valk, DVM, DACVS
–In the Beginning by Steve Hebrock
–Warning: Learning to trim hooves may end up changing your entire life! by Sabine Kells
–"I like my horse, but I don’t respect his needs!" by Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. med. vet., PhD
–Barefoot, Looking Back 20 Years by Thorsten Kaiser
–Teach the Teacher by Dave Fitton
–Trends in Barefoot Hoofcare Over the Last 20 Years by Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate
–The Darker Side of Barehoof Care Evolution and The Paradigm Shift? by Carola Adolf
–HORSE-TO-MAN: An Urgent Message by Robert Cook
–Not the Homecoming I Had Hoped for: Laminitis by Anna Twinney
–Tuffy: End of an Era by Jenny Edwards
–Harley’s Story: EPM and DSLD by Sarah Langham
–Reno, the Horse That Started It All by Cindy “Hawk” Sullivan
–New Horse, New Rasp, New Camera, New Outlook! by Erin Wiggins
–The Legacy Of Rosie O’Pony by Susanella Noble
–WHEN WE FAIL AND WHY - Failure leads us to success by Linda Fullmer
–No Agenda Time – Join Up Without a Round Pen by Joe Camp
–What I Have Learned by James Welz
–Publisher of The Horse’s Hoof Joins Team Cavallo
–The Horse’s Hoof 20 Year Index: September 2000 - October 2020

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All Issues are listed below chronologically from Issue #1 through Issue #80 and are included with THH ALL ACCESS PASS.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 1, Fall 2000:
Published September 2000
- Understanding the Feral Horse Foot by Dr. Robert Bowker
- On the New World Order, Farriers & Hoofcare Specialists by Fran Jurga
- The Obesity/Laminitis Connection by Dr. Eleanor Kellon
- Founder Rehab Case Stories
- No Shoes: The Transition from Shod to Barefoot by Dr. Strasser
- Bone Studies by Denise McLain
- Founder and the Allergy Connection by Linsey McLean

The Horse's Hoof Issue 2, Winter 2001:
Published January 2001
- Stories from Europe's Barefoot Symposium
- New Research about Bits and their effect on the horse
- Barefoot Morgan stallion wins at Morgan shows and in combined driving events
- Long Distance Barefoot Success
- Myths and Misunderstandings of the Strasser Trim
- Homeopathy and Hooves
- Rehabilitation and Owner Responsibility, an excerpt from the Certification Textbook
- Obesity/Laminitis Connection part 2
- Horsneaker Hoof Boots
- Special Boot Fitting Techniques

The Horse's Hoof Issue 3, Spring 2001:
Published March 2001
- Timeline of the Natural Hoofcare Movement by Jaime Jackson
- Founder and navicular success stories from horse-owners
- Conformation, Movement and Hoof Form Part 1, excerpt from the Strasser Textbook
- Strasser Case Study of a 4 year old gelding who, at that young age, already had laminitis, severe lameness and hoof deformity
- Demonstration by Dr. Chris Pollitt at the Rochester Conference
- Probiotics vs. Antibiotics
- Vita Royal Nutrition Program Special Report
- Strasser Students' Canada Practicum Report

The Horse's Hoof Issue 4, Summer 2001:
Published June 2001
- North American Strasser students graduate
- Report on Germany Strasser Practicum
- Cadaver Hoof Trimming Example
- Navicular Case Studies
- Conformation, Movement and Hoof Form Part 2, excerpt from the Strasser Textbook
- What you need to know about X-rays
- Natural Hoofcare in the United Kingdom
- Old Mac's Hoof Boots
- The Equine Touch Alternative Help
- Basic Hoofcare Seminar Report

The Horse's Hoof Anniversary Issue 5, Fall 2001:
Published September 2001
- Coverage of July 2001 North American Strasser Seminars
- Your horse's hooves may be the source of your training problems
- A barefoot farrier practice success story
- Clubfoot, Causes and Treatment by Dr. Strasser
- The "S" Files: Bucked Knees
- Educated Owners and Barefoot Horses by Dr. Robert Cook
- UK Corner, Barefoot Beliefs with Jane Harbidge
- Navicular Success Story
- Humane Tack
- Observing a Tendonectomy
- A Tale of two coronary groovings
- Barefoot endurance with Darolyn Butler-Dial
- New heel height guidelines

The Horse's Hoof Issue 6, Winter 2002
Published January 2002
- Barefoot Adventure in Australia
- Barefoot Hispano-Arab Halter Champion
- Foundered 2 year old
- Barefootin' Endurance with Robyn Levash
- Metabolic Problems, Strasser textbook excerpt
- Xenoestrogens by Linsey McLean
- Darolyn Butler-Dial part 2
- Strasser Seminars in the United Kingdom
- Hoof Soaking Solutions
- Student Practicum 1
- BALANCE International Saddles

The Horse's Hoof Issue 7, Spring 2002:
Published April 2002
- First Strasser Hoofcare Seminars in Australia and New Zealand
- Natural Help for Sore Feet
- "Parasite Control" versus "Deworming"
- Two Gaited Horses Go Barefoot!
- Foundered Saddlebred Mare who Recovers to Soundness
- Textbook Excerpt on Contraction
- The SENSE Method
- UK Case Study
- The Healthy Hoof

The Horse's Hoof Issue 8, Summer 2002:
Published July 2002
- Ten Years of Strasser Hoofcare Specialists in Germany
- Tufts Conference Summary
- North American Practicum 3, 2002
- Problem Hooves: Do you really need a hoof supplement?
- Star's Story, recovery of a foundered mare
- Terrain and Trimming Considerations
- What's in Your Pasture...Weeds or Herbs?
- Diet Recommendations from Dr. Strasser and Sabine Kells
- Chiron Riding
- United Kingdom, Barefoot in Competition
- What is a Natural Trim?
- Darolyn Butler-Dial's Sound Barefoot Horses
- Complete listing of new CSHS
- Plus the "S" Files (Strasser case studies), Hoofcare Forum Q & A, Info and Resource and more.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 9, Fall 2002:
Published October 2002
- Strasser Hoofcare Seminars: A Real Learning Experience
- The Buddy Story: How a 16 year old girl saved her navicular horse
- Barclay's Story: Fast recovery of a pony with degenerative joint disease
- Recommended "Holistic Horsekeeping" Reading List
- Sage's Recovery from Founder/Laminitis
- UK Corner: Barefoot TREC's in the United Kingdom
- Riding or Rehabilitation, A Choice to Make; and Clinic Trim or Conservative Trim, Which is Better by Sabine Kells
- Textbook Excerpt, "Navicular Syndrome"
- On Mouth Irons, Hoof Cramps and the Dawn of the Metal-Free Horse by Dr. Robert Cook
- Alternatives for Competitive Horses that have EIPH by Loryhl Gutman
- That West Nile Thing by Judy Sinner
- They Shoot Horses, Don't They? Book Review
- A True Fable: Recovery of a Haflinger Mare by Prof. Carlo Faillace
- Plus the "S" Files (Strasser case studies), Hoofcare Forum Q & A, Info & Resources, CSHS Corner and more.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 10, Winter 2003:
Published January 2003
- Australia's Barefoot Vet, Dr. Alison Macinstosh
- World Barefoot Conference Program Listing
- Barefoot Competition in Competitive Trail Riding (NATRC)
- The Wild Botriver Horses in South Africa
- Natural Tack info
- Success Stories from the United Kingdom
- West Nile Support Protocol, a natural program developed by holistic vets and practitioners
- A Little Bit of Barefoot History
- Foals and Improper Terrain
- Going Bitless - Witless or Wise?
- Barefoot Endurance, Watch out for those coyotes!
- Natural Solutions for Pain (Herbs)
- Aromatherapy for Foundered Horses
- Hoof Canker, case study from Germany
- Strasser Down Under, photos from New Zealand
- Plus the "S" Files (Strasser case studies), Hoofcare Forum Q & A, Info & Resources, CSHS Corner and more.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 11, Spring 2003:
Published April 2003
Special Edition: Barefoot Performance!
- Barefoot Event Horses: They don't just do it, they do it better!
- Dressage Goes Barefoot in South Carolina
- World Conference for Strasser Hoofcare - Registration Form
- King Sam, from Racetrack to Endurance Racing
- Barefoot Barrelracing: Running Better Than Ever!
- Barefoot Trailriding: Barefoot in Rugged Country
- Barefoot TREC: Soaked Right Through to My Knickers!
- Barefoot Driving
- Reasons for Soreness After a Strasser Trim
- Sophia's Barefoot Story: An Adventure
- Mineral Interactions
- Spring Tune-Up for the Natural Horse
- Help! My horse is abscessing!
- Sabine Down Under...or, a study in time travel
- Release of new book "The Centaur Reborn"
- UK Corner
- Dr. Strasser’s South African Adventure
- Plus Info & Resources, CSHS Corner (case studies, tips) and more.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 12, Summer 2003:
Published July 2003
- Australia to Legalize Barefoot Endurance Competition
- Thorsten Kaiser's 100km Barefoot Ride in the New Zealand Endurance Nationals
- How Terrain Affects Hoof Trimming Decisions
- Dazzler's Diary, a Hoofcare Specialist's View of Laminitis
- The Barefoot Quest
- The Equine Treadmill
- Down Under Seminars
- Australian Strasser Hoofcare Practicum 3
- Another Look at Parasite Control
- Cushings, Laminitis & Insulin Resistance
- UK Corner
- AEBM Barefoot News from Australia
- Barefoot Event Victory
- Finding the Breakover
- Elderly Pony gets Red Carpet Treatment
- Plus Hoofcare Forum Q & A's, Strasser's Case Study, CSHS Corner, Hoofcare Resources, Happy Hooves, and more.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 13, Fall 2003:
Published October 2003
* Observing Wild Hooves: The Pryor Mountain Mustangs
* 10 Year Predictions for the Barefoot Movement
* Learning from Nancy Filbert, CSHS/SHP
* Sovereign’s Story (no more stumbling!)
* Compete Healing for the Foundered Horse
* Lessons from Seabiscuit: Breaking Convention
* Chiron in the United Kingdom
* Florida Alliance for Animal Owners’ Rights
* How to Sharpen Your Hoof Knife
* A Treeless “Ansür” to Saddle Fitting Problems
* Cushing’s Disease in Horses
* My Old Friend Tamara (Cushing’s)
* Excerpts from “Science in the Stable” by Ludlow
* Barefoot News from UK & Australia
* Gypsy Jules (old-fashioned natural hoof care)
* Amazing but True Trim (must see to believe!)
* Plus CSHS/SHP Corner, Hoofcare Resources, Happy Hooves, and more.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 14, Winter 2004:
Published January 2004
* Coverage of the 2003 International Conference for Strasser Hoofcare
Includes full report, plus summaries of the conference presentations
* Barefoot Racehorses with Dr. Maria Klein
* When Hooves are Not the CAUSE of Lameness...
* Barefoot Stories Book
* Equitana Debate: "To Shoe or Not to Shoe"
* New Founder Book from Dr. Strasser
* Whole Oats, the Perfect Horse Feed?
* Maximizing Movement
* Are You Guilty of Rugging?
* Hoof Updates from Around the World
* Hoofcare Forum, Q&A with Dr. Strasser & Sabine Kells
* Schooling the Horse, The Importance of Lengthening the Neck by Manolo Mendez
* Poll Flexion and Breathing
* Bits and Breathing
* Many photos from the International Conference
* Plus SHP Corner, Hoofcare Resources, and more.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 15, Spring 2004
Published April 2004
* Interview with Dianne Coogias: Surviving Both the Strasser Course…and Cancer
* German Dressage Master Gustav Steinbrecht Encouraged Barefoot
* Learning from Max - Gretchen Fathauer reflects on her late horse, who was her inspiration for discovering barefoot trimming and Dr. Strasser
* Straight from the Horse’s Mouth - Communicating with horses
* Dr. Strasser's World Conference Presentation: Connections between Hoof Form & the Whole Organism
* The "S" Files - Barefoot for Ligament Injury
* Showing the Natural, Barefoot Horse
* Barefoot Trimming: Nancy Filbert (SHP) Goes to Market
* Illinois Alliance for Animal Owners Rights
* Equine Bowen Therapy
* Top Ten Qualities of a Barefoot Horse Owner
* When Pain Turns Into Aggression
* The Ontology of the Hoof
* The Vicious Cycle of Shoes
* Oat-Feeding Observations
* Pet Vaccine Myths
* Soaking in South Africa - color photos of hoof ponds and pools.
* Plus SHP Corner, Hoofcare Resources, Barefoot News and more.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 16, Summer 2004
Published July 2004
* "Riding the Bounds"...Barefoot & Bitless in Australia
* Before & After from Gretchen Fathauer
* Dare To Go Bare: Endurance Rider Jen Clingly
* Barefoot "Ride Around the Rock"
* Fixing those Baby Feet
* The RIDE for FREEDOM—Sept 13th
* Laddie’s Story: Barefoot Dressage Champion
* "Doing Something" with your Horse
* Riding School Vet Visit
* Hoof Boots: Are They REALLY Necessary?
* La Chula, Back to Healthy Feet
* Interview with Barefoot Vet, Dr. Tom Teskey
* What is Natural Boarding?
* 2004 Summer Strasser Seminars, NJ & CA
* Mysterious Muscle Problems...A Personal Look at EPSM
* Chiron in Action
* Only Time Can Tell! Barefoot Case Study
* Wild Horse Hoof Photos: Southern Utah Mustang
* Plus SHP Corner, Hoofcare Resources, & more

The Horse's Hoof Issue 17, Fall 2004
Published October 2004
* Grand Prix Jumper Turns Shoeless
* Chiron in New Zealand
* Hunting and Jumping Barefoot Horses
* Lots of Barefoot Action Photos--Show & competition horses
* Start Them Young--an SHP's daughter learns proper horse care
* Hoof Angles: Do they actually matter and what do they mean?
* Barefoot Story: Casper's Story (Navicular)
* Herdlife: Mataform (getting an aggressive horse to live in a herd)
* Barefoot Case Study: Flat, Brittle Hooves
* A Canadian SHP in King Arthur’s Court (well, sort of…)
* Learning from Mariah (Developmental Orthopedic Disease)
* Vaccinations by Madalyn Ward, DVM
* What are Effective Microorganisms (EM)?
* Plus SHP Corner, Hoofcare Resources, Barefoot News and more. Lots of photos in this issue!

The Horse's Hoof Issue 18, Winter 2005
Published January 2005
* City of Houston Police Horses Go Barefoot - details the Houston Police Department Mounted Unit's successful new Barefoot Program
* Saucy Night Makes UK Racing History by Winning Barefoot - the exclusive story of the first horse in the United Kingdom to win a steeplechase barefoot! The Horse's Hoof Feature Story (pdf): Saucy Night Makes UK Racing History by Winning Barefoot
* When Show Jumper Meets Barefooter... - how a top level show jumper rider/trainer got involved in barefoot
* Knowledge is Horsepower - a horseowner's story
* Making the Break to Barefoot and Bitless - a horseowner's story
* The Story of Buddy - Barefoot case history
* When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough...Go Barefoot! - how a logging team of draft work horses go barefoot, and thrive
* Training with the Bitless Bridle & Other Training Thoughts
* Arizona Animal Owners Lose Their Legal Right to Use Non-Vet Animal Care Practitioners
* Types of Hoof Deformities: Solar Contraction
* Sound in Wind, Limb and Mind - interview with Australian vet Dr. Mark Curtis BVSc (Hons) MACVSc
* Trimming Frequency: How Often is Often Enough?
* 500 Mile Trek on a Barefoot Three-Year-Old
* Tribute to Cheryl Skinner, wife of Steve Skinner DVM, SHP

The Horse's Hoof Issue 19, Spring 2005:
Published April 2005
* Barefoot at the World Endurance Championships 2005, with Darolyn Butler's fabulous horse, DJB Wersus “Zeus”
* Barefoot & Bitless at the RDA Trail Ride in Australia
* Barefoot Endurance in New Zealand
* Back to the Future with Barefoot Endurance in the U.S.
* An Unlikely Day at the Races, UK hunt racing barefoot
* Barefoot for Show Horses, champion show hunters in South Africa
* “A Necessary Evil” Science Fair Project, features study of the effects of shoes on horses' hooves
* Strasser Hoofcare at Northwest Equine Expo
* AERC (American Endurance Ride Conference) Convention Features “Barefoot vs. Shod” discussion panel
* The Story of a Stallion: Nicholas-breeding the natural way
* How to Recognize a Healthy Hoof
* The Wild Horses of Kaapsehoop, South Africa
* Low Heels—High Heels??-how to recognize correct heel height
* The Wonder of Becoming a Strasser Hoofcare Professional, from a European graduate
* Wild Horse Feet: Arizona Cerbat Mustang and Mongolian Wild Horse
* Surprising hoof care excerpts from early 1900's Shoeing Manuals and 1941 Calvary Manuals
* Young horse feet photos
* Hoof Capsule-bar impaction
* A Tribute to Rem and Francie in Hawaii
* Before & After Photos: founder case, and farrier comparison
* Straight From the Horse's Mouth, what your horse might tell you if he could
* Plus Resources, World Conference info, lots of hoof photos and action photos, and more.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 20, Summer 2005:
Published July 2005
* Barefoot Draft Horses Working Hard in Norway
* Boots or No Boots? including booting tips
* City of Houston Police Horses Go Barefoot—Part 2
* The Meaning of Equine Body Posture
* Barefoot Performance Horses
* Trimming & Body Posture, Before & After Photos
* New Bareback Pad
* Baxter Kramer: Immediate Change in Body Posture
* BEMA, Barefoot Equine Management Assoc.
* Young Horse Feet-Getting Started on the Right...Hoof
* New Book, The Secret of Happy Horses by Sabine Kells
* Examining the “Have to Shoe” Argument
* Measuring Hairline Angle: No Need to Tear Your Hair Out!
* Barefoot trimming - Visualize Sole Trimming
* Reverdy’s Story, a teen's show jumper goes barefoot
* Australia’s Barefootin’ Events
* Chewing, Staying Awake & Horse Health by Dr. Robert Cook
* Beau, A “Navicular” Story with a happy ending
* In Memory of Dianne Coogias
* Wild Horse Feet: American Mustang, courtesy Pete Ramey
* Professional Corner, Hoofcare Resources, & Barefoot News

The Horse's Hoof Issue 21, Fall 2005 (5 year Anniversary issue)
Published October 2005
* Observing the Hooves of New Forest Ponies - tons of photos, including hoof shots
* Reading the Hoof: Hairline - an excerpt from Lisa Simons Lancaster's book "The Sound Hoof"
* An Introduction to Power Tool Trimming by James Welz - full of photos
* Heel-First Landing: A Good Indicator of A Balanced Trim by Marjorie Smith
* Helpful Ideas from a Ramey Clinic by Frances Guthrie
* Chick Party Does Custer, Barefoot! - A group of girls on a week-long ride in the Black Hills of South Dakota
* Our Herd of Barefoot Performance Horses - a horseowners' 7 horses
* The Scoop on Scooping by Sabine Kells
* A Story of Hope - foundered palomino pony makes a comeback
* Barefootin’ Stories: the importance of trimming foals, and body changes through trimming
* Barefoot Horse Resources: new & helpful, including an excerpt from Martha Olivo's new book
* Australian Brumby Hooves - full photos including hoof capsule & coffin bone

The Horse's Hoof Issue 22, Winter 2006
Published January 2006
* "My Horse’s Barefoot Recovery from Laminitis" - horseowner Jody Gular's inspiring story that won our Holiday Giveaway contest.
* "Hank the Pony, a Husband’s Tale" - a humorous yet convincing barefoot testimonial.
* "The Magic of the Mustang Roll" - an examination of this trimming technique.
* "Yet Another Skeptic Converted to Barefoot Grinder Trimming" from a client's point of view.
* "The Low-Down on Grinder Trimming" including suggested grinder accessories.
* "Australian Race Horse Trainer Roystan Carr" - an interview with the man battling for the right to run his horses barefoot.
* "A Girl and her Mustangs" - a 15 year old girl tames her own herd of mustangs, and now trims their feet, too!
* "Third International Equine Conference on Laminitis & Diseases of the Foot" - Cheryl Henderson's report on this event; with a sidebar of photos from Gretchen Fathauer, "Digital Venograms with Dr. Redden."
* "Shoeless not Clueless, the Story of Regulus" - a new children's book by Robyn La Pierre.
* "My Horse Called Music" - a horseowner discovers barefoot, and gets his spunky horse back.
* "Who Says You Can’t Ride Barefoot on Rocks?" - a horseowner's tale of a rocky trail ride on her barefoot horses.
* "Barefoot FEI Jumper in South Africa!" - told from the horse's point of view!
* "Australian Farrier Goes Shoeless" - Jeremy Ford of Tasmania.
* "Misty’s Story" - a foundered mare is saved.
* "More on Boots: The Stride Equus Trial Program" - a review of the Marquis Boots, plus info on Old Mac's new model, "G2" and the new Easyboot Bare
* "Raina & Mia: Our Journey" - an owner finds the way back to soundness for her navicular mare.
* "A Better Barefoot: Primo’s Story" - Poor hoof form causes a young, barefoot horse to be unsound, but correct trimming brings him back!
* Barefoot News, Barefoot Cases, & lots of hoof photos throughout.
* New Professional Corner - Advice, news, & info for ALL professionals who care for horse's hoof.
* Resources - Horseowners: what you need to know, and where to find it.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 23, Spring 2006:
Published April 2006
- The Self-Trimming Hoof: A gold standard for hoof care providers worldwide by Dr. Tomas Teskey
- Barefoot Spanish Mustangs in the U.K.
- Horrell Hill Equine Wellness Center
- Barefoot Case Study, A Friesian Called “Yelle”
- Barefoot Story, My Horse Social and our Journey with Navicular
- Barefoot Victories in Italy
- A First Season Barefoot (endurance riding)
- Preaching to the Choir, Have we stepped out of one box, into another? By Pete Ramey
- Trimming for Concavity/Vertical Toe Height
- Order and Chaos in the Horse’s Hoof
- Germany’s New Farrier Law
- The MO/Cisco TransAmerica Barehoof Ride Has Commenced!
- Barefoot Endurance at FITS: Fun in the Sun by Darolyn Butler
- Barefoot Case Study, “You Have Until April”
- barefoot news items, Professional Corner page, and Resources page with lots of interesting info.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 24, Summer 2006
Published July 2006
- Granite Chief wins the Mileage Award in Hoof Boots -- first horse to win the AERC Mileage Championship without using nailed-on shoes
- Uncovering The Black Hole by KC La Pierre -- possible causes of infections of the toe/seedy toe
- Applied Equine Podiatry Hits the College Campus
- The First Meeting of the UKNHCP
- The Story of Mac, the Belgian -- solving a horse's mysterious lameness
- Barefoot trimming, Hooves Too Hard to Trim?
- Barefoot Spanish Mustangs in the UK: The Sequel
- Hoof Clinic in Paradise -- The Horse's Hoof visits Hawaii
- “Pasture Trim” vs. “Barefoot Trim” -- what is the difference?
- The Riding of the Bounds 2006 in Australia
- The Fischer Equine Lameness Foundation
- The Perfect Hoof Club
- Wikipedia, a Hoof Care Resource!
- A Barefoot Believer -- horseowner discovers the joys of natural trimming
- Winter Foil, a Horse’s Tale -- South African horse recovers from founder
- The Long Road Back to Soundness - Dressage trainer turns to barefoot to save her superstar
- Our Barefoot Fjords -- Norwegian Fjords in Michigan
- What is a Healthy Hoof?
Plus barefoot news, cases studies, Professional Corner with info & advice for trimmers, and a Resources page with links to trimmers, clinics and a recommended reading list.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 25, Fall/Winter 2006:
Published October 2006
- Four Years of Barefoot for Intermediate Level Event Horse
- Founder Track System, using ideas from Jaime Jackson's Paddock Paradise
- Hoof Care in the Extreme by Dr. Tom Teskey, case study of a severe founder with penetration and coronary prolapse
- Choosing your Hoofcare Provider: An Owner’s Outline for Comparing Strasser Method Trimming to AANHCP Trimming
- 30 year old article! Is Shoeing a Necessary Evil? by Dr. Neel Glass, inventor of Easyboots
- One Foot For All Seasons? by Pete Ramey
- Barefoot Rehab Case: Foundered Pony
- EasyCare Trivia Contest
- Assessing Hooves: Do you see what I see?
- Trimming & Bowen for a Steep-footed Foal
- Barefoot story: True Healing for Sam
- Barefoot Performance Horses, jumping & dressage
- Abu’s Lifestyle Change! by UK endurance rider Terry Madden
- Barefoot news from the Australian Equine Barefoot Movement Inc.
- Professional Corner - info & advice for serious hoof people
- Resources - links to trimmers, clinics, and lots of tidbits
- Hoof Photo Gallery - a dozen sound, healthy front hoof sole shots

The Horse's Hoof Issue 26, Winter/Spring 2007:
Published February 2007
- What is the Barefoot Ideal?
- Barefoot on a Working Cattle Ranch
- Happy Feet for Sailor, help for a navicular horse
- Winners of EasyCare's $10,000 contest
- Highlights from the EasyCare, Pete Ramey, & Dr. Robert Bowker Clinics in Tucson, Arizona
- Bone Remodeling of the Equine Distal Limb
- Barefoot Barrel Racing
- Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care
- The Bars by Pete Ramey
- My Abrasive Trimming Lesson With Phil Morarre
- Kaya’s Story, using Applied Equine Podiatry
- Memories of a World Conference
- Eventing in Old Mac’s G2 Boots!
- Barefoot Trimming, a Means to Rehabilitating Founder
- Trimming from the Top by Paige Poss
- Professional Corner - info & advice for serious hoof people
- Resources - links to trimmers, clinics, and lots of tidbits
- Hoof Photo Gallery - more healthy hoof photos

The Horse's Hoof Issue 27, Spring/Summer 2007:
Published May 2007
- Eventing, The Barefoot, Booted & Bitless Way! with Rhonda Roberts
- Close-Up on Barefoot Racehorses in the United Kingdom
- Sport Horse Reflections
- Dressage with Catherine and Indra
- Barefoot Help for a Team Roping Horse
- Chief, Inside at the AERC Convention!
- Barefoot Show Horses in Texas
- Arab Show Gelding
- The Wild Horse, A Model for Trimming?
- Growing out a Snubbed Toe & Bringing Back Breakover, an AANHCP perspective
- The Horse Walker
- Peripheral Loading and the Pad Effect
- More Hoof Ideas from Dr. Robert Bowker
- A Different View of Hoof Mechanism
- Professional Corner - clinic news, advice & info
- Resources - links, clinics, custom boots, estate planning and more
- Hoof Photo Gallery - more healthy hoof photos

The Horse's Hoof Issue 28, Summer/Fall 2007:
Published August 2007
- Spreading the Barefoot Word with Joe Camp (creator of the "Benji" movies)
- Choosing the Right Hoof Boot
- "Horses First Racing" Blazes a Barefoot Trail
- Barefoot Racing Success in the U.S.
- Eventing Barefoot
- Barrel Racing in EasyCare Boots!
- Reining Champions: From Navicular to Bare Front
- Bare Hoof Trimming Apprenticeship
- Wild Horse Hooves
- Trimming Insights by James Welz
- AANHCP Clinics: A Resounding Achievement
- UK Farrier's Conference on Barefoot
- Spunky's Story (Foundered Pony)
- Coffin Bone Rotation - case study
- Charlie's Story, A Navicular Rehab
- Patrick's Puncture - barefoot recovery from a puncture wound
- Newly Discovered Shock Absorber in the Equine Foot by Pete Ramey
- Professional Corner - clinic news, scholarships & courses
- Resources - boot websites, new products
- Hoof Slicing Dissection Photos

The Horse's Hoof Issue 29, Fall/Winter 2007:
Published November 2007
- The Power of a Barefoot Police Horse -- the continuing story of the Houston Police Dept, now with 29 barefoot horses!
- AJ's Story: A Show Jumper Finds a Barefoot Home
- Winning Barefoot Pony Hunter
- Barefoot Trimming: Shorten Those Toes!
- Wall Cracks by Pete Ramey
- AANHCP Holds 2nd Successful "Cluster Clinic"
- Natural Growth in Semi-feral Ponies -- Longitudinal Study of Hoof Health, Natural Growth and Wear Patterns in Semi-feral Ponies by Laura Florence and Sue M. McDonnell PhD
- Case Study: Extreme Conformation Changes Due to Barefoot Hoof Care
- Contemplating the Coronary Band by Paige Poss
- 15 Years Without Hoofcare? Photos of cadaver hoof and coffin bone from horse untrimmed for 15 years.
- Creative Horse Environment
- Thrush!!! by Linda Cowles
- Dewees’ Puncture Wound -- progress of a hoof puncture, using holistic treatment
- Professional Corner & Resources pages with lots of tidbits
- Granite Chief+/ Update: 7000+ Miles and Still Going! by Karen Chaton, endurance horse Chief has been barefoot for 3 ride seasons

The Horse's Hoof Issue 30, Spring 2008:
Published March 2008
- An Interview with Jaime Jackson, Yvonne asks him all the important questions!
- Highlights from the AANHCP Reno Symposium, Feb. 2008
- The Saga of Gezebella, a personal experience
- Horse Racing and Acute Angles, Why does the horse-racing industry shoe racehorses with hoof angles which are doomed to fail?
- Hooves of a 27 y.o. Arabian gelding
- My Experiences with Showjumping Barefoot Horses, written by a top level showjump rider from Australia
- Trimming, 135 Horses at a Time
- Winning barefoot trail horse
- Booting for Endurance, Tips and Tricks from Those in the Know
- Barefoot and Happy Herd in Wickenburg, dressage and jumping horses
- Creating our Paddock Paradise, a personal story from the folks who make the Hoofjack
- The Equine Sciences Academy
- Counter Rotated Coffin Bone, a case study
- No Horse...No Hoof, a look at hoof nutrition
- Online Hoof Care Courses
- Goldilocks & The Three Bars...An article about moderation while trimming
- Ramey/Bowker Clinics, November 2007
- Professional Corner & Resources pages with lots of info
- Mustang Hoof Photo Gallery, photos of living wild horse hooves, up close and personal!

The Horse's Hoof Issue 31, Summer 2008:
Published June 2008
-Discover the Barefoot Magic with Cynthia & Tony Royal, barefoot liberty and bridleless exhibition horses
-Biology of Natural Horsemanship Symposium
-Biomechanics to a Better Barefoot
-Mother and Daughter Trimmers & Trainers
-Equine Podiotherapy Diploma Course, with Dr. Robert Bowker
-Inspiring story from Todd Herzog, singer/songwriter and barefooter
-Spring Orientation for the Equine Sciences Academy
-ESA Outreach/Public Education Clinics
-AANHCP in Namibia and South Africa
-Applied Equine Podiatry and Energetics by KC La Pierre
-Inside the Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care
-Hoof Casts by Pete Ramey
-Barefoot Endurance Horse in South Africa
-Hoofcare Travels... Down Under, Dr. Strasser visits Charles Sturt University
-The 100 Mile Ride by Darolyn Butler
-Freeze ‘R Burn Endurance Ride ‘08
-3 Simple Trim Secrets to Better Hooves!

The Horse's Hoof Issue 32, Fall 2008:
Published September 2008
- Computer-Controlled Active Stable System, A 5-Star Wellness Resort for horses in the Austrian Alps!
- Trimming the Heels by James Welz
- Hope for an Arabian Rescue Herd, thanks to "IMAGINE-Discover the Magic"
- Trip to Mustang Country
- Barefoot and The Gaited Horse, including many barefoot Tennessee Walkers and Missouri Foxtrotters
- Foot Function by KC La Pierre
- Barefoot Journey: Driving, Dressage & More
- Learning to Trim our Horses, a horseowner describes his adventure
- Misty’s Story: Cushing’s Disease & Laminitis
- Clinic at Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary, with Eddie Drabek
- Case Study: Coffin Bone Fracture
- Best Performed Barefoot Horse, dressage in Australia
- 15 Year Anniversary of “Hoofclinic Tübingen” in Germany
- Organic Horse Care with “Discover The Magic” - Cynthia Royal, issue 31, cover story, describes her barefoot horse care program in detail
- Dr. Hilary Clayton, Barefoot Dressage all the Way to Grand Prix!
- Pro Corner & Resources, with info from ESA, AANHCP, Swedish Hoof School, Joe Camp, Pete Ramey, EasyCare Tips for Booting Mules and more.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 33, Winter 2008:
Published December 2008
- Domestic vs. Wild Horse Hooves by Jaime Jackson
- Barefoot in Indonesia! A Natural Care stables in Central Java
- Winning Barefoot Racehorse in Canada
- Dr. Robert Bowker's Rehab Center: A Dream in the Making!
- Barefoot Barrel Futurity Superstar! 2008 WPRA World Champion Futurity Horse
- Is It Time for Hoof-Care Revolution? by Dr. Robert Cook
- A Rehabilitated World Champion Working Cow Horse
- Coming Soon from The Horse’s Hoof...
- Side Dominance of the Musculo-skeletal System & Hoof Form
- Barefoot Show Jumpers in South Africa
- Dressage, The Natural Way for 3rd Level Dutch Warmblood
- 3rd World Conference on Hoof and Horse Care in Tuebingen, Germany
- Bruising by Bars and Imbalances
- Hoof Boots: Crutch or Tool?
- Mem’s Coffin Bones
- Belle, Then and Now - warmblood mare as a yearling & 5 yo
- Pro Corner & Resources, with 4 new EasyCare boot designs, new DVD from Pete Ramey, and lots of misc. info

The Horse's Hoof Issue 34, Spring 2009:
Published March 2009
- Barefoot Arabian Granite Chief+/ Achieves 8,000 Miles! Includes Renegade Glue-On boot photos
- A Peek at Hoof Help Online
- Fingers, Frogs and Toes: Common Features! by Dr. Robert Bowker
- The Laminitis and Heel Pain Connection
- Is It Time for Hoof-Care Revolution? Part II by Dr. Robert Cook
- World’s First Government-Accredited Qualification in NATURAL HOOF CARE in Tasmania
- Cody's Curiosity is a 2-time Quarter Horse Congress Champion, Barefoot!
- The Significance of Breathing for Owners & Trimmers
- Upper Level Dressage, Barefoot & Booted! with Marquis Boots
- It’s Not the Footing, It’s the Foot
- Coffin Bone Rotation Case Study
- Baxter Wins Reserve Champion at Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, British Columbia
- Photos of Nevada Mustang Hooves
- Pro Corner & Resources, including news from AANHCP, Jaime Jackson, The Equine Sciences Academy, Stride Equus, Wild About Hooves, Joe Camp, Cavallo Horse & Rider, and EasyCare Inc.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 35, Summer 2009:
Published June 2009
- Karen Rohlf: My Journey to Barefoot - Parelli/Dressage trainer shares her story
- Indra’s X-Rays, How our trip to the vet turned out to be a great experience!
- Barefoot Parade Horses in Texas
- Osteoporotic Coffin bones: An unrecognized reason for needlessly burying our horses??!! by Dr. Robert M Bowker and Tara Calvert-Jackson - an exciting new must-read for all barefooters!
- Hoof Rehabilitation Protocol by Dr. Debra R. Taylor, Ivy Ramey & Pete Ramey
- The Live Frog by Cheryl Henderson, co-founder of the Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care
- Navicular Rehab Using Boots by Steve Karshner - a professional shares his techniques
- Barefoot at the Biltmore Challenge 2009 by Darolyn Butler - endurance riding fun!
- Barefoot and 50 Miles of Sandy Trail by Jackie Fenaroli - documenting endurance hoof wear
- Questioning Your Farrier Is Always Justified: You Are Your Horse’s Sole Supporter by Eleanor Van Natta
- Barefoot for Happy Horses...Update by Dorothy Marks
- Liberated Horsemanship Goes International
- The Frog Pad by Ove Lind, founder of the Swedish Hoof School
- Photos of transition to barefoot endurance horse from Theus Badenhorst
- Resources, including news from EasyCare Inc., Liberated Horsemanship, AANHCP, The Equine Sciences Academy, Cavallo Horse & Rider, Hoof Help Online, and more.
- Healthy Hoof X-Rays and photos in full color on the back page! See a genuine healthy coffin bone!

The Horse's Hoof Issue 36, Fall 2009:
Published September 2009
- The Perfect Ride: Tevis 2009, Barefoot & Booted (Renegades)
- New Stables for the Houston Police Department Barefoot Horses!
- Hoof Health & Function with Dr. Robert Bowker, a clinic report
- Hoof Conformation Counts? But My Horse is Sound!
- Asymmetry from a Hoof Care Practitioner’s Perspective
- “Beyond Trail Slaves” for Horses in the Caribbean, by Stina Herberg with Carolyn Resnick
- Colukum Pass Wagon Train Ride
- Driving my Barefoot Fjords in Boots (Marquis)
- A Barefoot Trimmer’s Warning, a very scary true story!
- A Step-By-Step Natural Trim Pictorial
- BOOK REVIEW - Feet First: Barefoot Performance and Hoof Rehabilitation
- Barefoot Rehab - The DSLD Dilemma
- Hoof Boot Success at The 2009 Tevis Cup with EasyCare
- Resources, including news from Cavallo Horse & Rider, AANHCP, The Equine Sciences Academy, Pete Ramey, and Liberated Horsemanship.

The Horse's Hoof Issue 37, Winter 2009:
Published December 2009
-FEI Dressage Horse, Juneau: The Barefoot Comeback Kid, a miracle story!
-Mirror & Grinder Trimming Tip, to help an arthritic horse
-Tips for Training the Barefoot Endurance Horse for Gravel Crunching Hooves
-Arabian Show Horses Go Barefoot!
-Dressage Superstars, Hermes and Sally (Region 5 USDF Training Level Champion, and Bronze Medal winning 3rd Level Mustang, respectively)
-Australia’s Wild Horse Researcher Brian Hampson
-Trimming at Whispering Winds, a unique mustang rehabilitation facility
-Ting Points of the Hoof
-Barefoot Endurance Horses & Milestones: Update on Granite Chief and Pro Bono
-European Road Trip with Jaime Jackson, exciting barefoot news from Holland and Italy!
-Jaime Jackson answers Questions From Horse Owners “About Natural Horse Care”
-Transitioning Gray, An Easy Barefoot Transition for this Houston Police Horse
-Dentistry and Soundness, a detailed look at Natural Balance Dentistry and how it affects the hooves

The Horse's Hoof Issue 38, Spring 2010:
Published March 2010
-Jordon Peterson: Barefoot in the Rodeo Big Leagues, The first barrel racer to compete at the National Finals Rodeo on a barefoot horse!
-The Amazing Healing Power of Barefoot! Horseowner solves hoof cracks.
-Latest News from The Horse's Hoof, in our 10 year anniversary year!
-Footin’ It Cross-Country! with Akhal-Tekes, Natural Horsemanship, Barefoot Eventing, and the Amazing Akhal-Teke Breed
-Regional Bone Loss in the Distal Phalanx of Horses by Dr. Bowker & Ms. Calvert-Jackson
-A Day in the Life of a Trimmer
-Concave vs. Flat Feet
-“Trimming into the Wind”, Thoughts about the whole horse
-Health and Disease of the Equine Frog, Part One: What Does a Healthy Frog Look Like and Why Does it Matter?
-Dave Rabe Inducted into the AERC Hall of Fame
-Introduction to the Bar Wall
-The Speed of Shoe Contraction! Amazing photos of just how fast shoes can contract the hoof!
-Trimming Corner: Improving the Trim on Flat Feet, featuring advice from Laura Florence, Claudia Garner, & Jaime Jackson
-Barefoot News from around the world
-NEW! Advertisers Corner
-NEW! Online Extras: Six extra pages, only in the Online PDF! Amazing Hoof Crack Photos, African Zebra Hoof Photos, AANHCP’s Nick Hill Visits Ireland, English Barefoot Success Story, Barefoot Reader Photos

The Horse's Hoof Issue 39, Summer 2010
Published June 2010
-"A Closer Look at Australia’s Wild Horses" all about the brumbies
-Theme: Celebrating barefoot beginnings
-"In Perspective: TNH, HOG and LOS" by Jaime Jackson, some surprising insights into the past
-"My Barefoot Percheron Draft Stallion"
-"Barefoot Beginnings: Bracy Clark" by Sabine Kells, looking back on some real barefoot history
-"Beginnings of the Barefoot Movement" by Dr. Hiltrud Strasser, a detailed overview of the development of Strasser Hoofcare worldwide
-"Health and Disease of the Equine Frog, Part 2: What Exactly is Frog Disease and What does it look like?"
-"More Shoeless Performance Horses!"
-"Natural Hoof Care in Panama" trimmer Dawn Willoughby brings barefoot knowledge to Central America
-"Trimming Corner" Improving the Frogs on Healthy 4 yo Mare
-Barefoot News from around the world
-Advertisers Corner
-Online Extras: 9 extra pages, only in the Online PDF! Percheron Stallion Hoof Photos, Quarter Horse Hoof Photos, Equine Soundness Trim Practicum, 10th Anniversary of the Iron-Free Horse by Dr. Robert Cook, Pro-Biotics: Bugs You Do Want in your Horse’s Life

The Horse's Hoof Issue 40, Fall 2010 (10 year Anniversary issue)
Published September 2010
-A Barefoot Milestone: Releasing The Fury
Garrett Ford's horse The Fury wins the 2010 Tevis Haggin Cup
-Superstar Barefoot Endurance Horses!
Granite Chief+/ Reaches 10,000 Miles! And Bo tackles the Tevis.
-Darolyn’s Barefoot Predictions...Revisited
Ten Year Predictions for the Barefoot Movement, written in 2002
-A Look Back at 10 Years of The Horse’s Hoof!
-Marjorie Smith, Looking Back on Barefoot...
-Dr. Robert Bowker, BAREFOOT’N: Can You Hear Us Yet??
-Pete Ramey, Hoof Care in the 21st Century?
-Treatment of Disease in the Equine Frog
Part 3 of Health and Disease of the Equine Frog
-Sabine Kells, Bonnie, the Horse Who Started It All...
-Gretchen Fathauer, Barefoot and
-Cutting the Natural, Barefoot Way
A barefoot, naturally cared for, and naturally trained cutting champion.
-Open Jumpers—Barefoot, Of Course!
These two successful barefoot Open Jumpers in South Africa are the only ones in their country!
-Online Extras, 14 extra pages:
*Frog Disease Help: Useful Tools, Close Inspection of the Frog, Successful Treatment
*Understanding the Feral Horse Foot by Dr. Robert Bowker
*Barefoot in Southern Spain! by Tracey Parker
*Int’l Hoof Conference in Australia, Feb. 2011
*ESA & BALANCE International
*Barefoot News & Photos from the Past

The Horse's Hoof Issue 41, Winter 2010
Published December 2010
-Barefoot at the World Equestrian Games!
Cecilia Stråhle Engquist's story of Running 100 Miles Bare at the Endurance World Championships
-What is the “Wild Model”…Really?
Cindy “Hawk” Sullivan reports on the wild horses of Cumberland Island
-Barefoot and Natural Care Win at the Races!
2 barefoot registered American Quarter Horses racing in Canada
-Rehabilitating The Asymmetrical Horse
-More Barefoot Performance Horses! Dressage and Jumper
-The Healing of Difficult Bone Fractures
Dr. Hiltrud Strasser presents 3 Case Studies
-The Feral Horses Of Waipi`o Valley in Hawaii
A Brief Study Of The Waipi`o Pony Hooves In The Rain Forest
-Barefoot for a Doma Vaquera Champion
-Saving Pearl, the Mini Mule
-Conquering Fear of Feet...and Power Tools!
-Equine Frog Treatment Studies
A follow up to our previous 3 part frog series, numerous case studies presented
-Online Extras, 12 extra pages:
*Power Tool Trimming Clinic
*Barefoot News
*News from the AANHCP
*Case Study: A Complicated Hock Fracture
*Drag Hunting in Europe
*News from Tuebingen, Germany
*SHP Continuing Education
*Bare Naked White Hooves Keep Winning!

The Horse's Hoof Issue 42, Spring 2011
Published March 2011
- Eventing with Buddy, the Barefoot Connemara
- Are you still “barefoot” if you use hoof boots?
- Trimming the Senior Horse, tips from a professional
- Trim Frequency: A Paradigm Shift, including a case study example
- True Barefoot Endurance Rider, competing without hoof boots
- From Cracks to Thrush... Addressing Problems in Hoof Quality
- The Barefoot Paradigm, Why it is high time for Team Barefoot!
- World Conference for Natural Hoofcare and Holistic Treatment in Poland
- The Functional Hoof Conference in Australia, a full report
- Journal of a Student Equine Podiatrist
- EV Georgie: Barefoot, Bitless, BEST CONDITION
- “Social Capitol” for Barefooters
- Lomiro: Another Version of the Same Scenario, upper level dressage horse
- Endurance Horses’ Hoof Photos on the Go!
Online Extras, 10 extra pages:
- Excerpts from 1880 Book: “Horses and Roads” by J.T. Denney
- Bitless & Barefoot Carriage Driving in Italy
- Barefoot News
- Working Capacity of Unshod Horses, Reprinted from Popular Science Monthly, Volume 24, February 1884

The Horse's Hoof Summer 2011-Issue 43
Our first full color printed issue!
Published July 2011
-What To Expect from a Natural Trimmer
-High Desert Horses on Middle Tennessee Grasses, Part One (Learning How to Let Horses Graze Safely) by Joe Camp
-Black Holes and Other Hoofwall Invasions
-Who is America’s Favorite (Barefoot) Trail Horse?
-The Welz Paradigm of the Hoof
-A Very Special Welsh Pony (Split-Toed Hoof!)
-Journal of a Student Equine Podiatrist, Part 3
-Why Should We Worry About those Heel Cracks?
-Barefoot Trimmer Wins UK National Award!
-Barefoot News: Team Barefoot Spirit Award!; Vaclav Vydra: Barefoot in the Czech Republic; Infrared Thermographic Imaging Hoof Study; All-Barefoot Winnipeg Mounted Patrol; What about those Donkey Hooves?
Online Extras, 12 extra pages in the PDF edition only:
-More Excerpts from 1880 Book: “Horses and Roads”
-Treatment Suggestions for Hoof Wall Problems
-Letters from our Readers
-Equine Herpes-Dynamite Info
-Professional Barefoot Barrel Racing!
-Barefoot News from Equine Fusion Jogging Shoe and The Equine Sciences Academy

The Horse's Hoof Fall 2011-Issue 44
Published October 2011
- Primrose Hill: Social Media Barefoot Star
- Barefoot Is A Way Of Life For "Tall, Dark, And Handsome" - Successful A-circuit Junior Hunter
- Foreleg Stretches for Navicular Rehab and Toe Loading
- High Desert Horses on Middle Tennessee Grasses, Part Two, by Joe Camp - A closer look at the hooves!
- Barefoot Brothers: Titus and Amaro - Working police horses go barefoot in Winnipeg, Canada!
- Hoof Clinic in the Black Hills - A Trimming Clinic with Cindy Sullivan
- Journal of a Student Equine Podiatrist, Part 4
- Barefooters’ Favorite Cover Horse Contest! Vote for your favorite finalist to appear on our next cover
- Amazing Before & After Hoof Photos from Horseowners and Hoof Care Professionals
- Does Your Horse Need Therapeutic Body Work? A look at Holistic Equine Therapy
- Barefoot News: Team Barefoot Spirit Award, Barefoot Manager Software, An Easyboot for Horse Racing?, Dr. Bowker at 2012 Int'l Hoof-Care Summit, Summit Achievement Award, Pete Ramey’s Hoof Textbook, “Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot”
- Online Extras, 10 extra pages in the PDF edition only:
The Whole Horse Symposium, Photos from our Readers, More Amazing Before and After Hoof Photos, Equine Metabolic Syndrome

The Horse's Hoof Winter 2012-Issue 45
Published January 2012
- Joey’s Barefoot Story, Barefoot becomes the true solution
- Houston Police Department Barefoot Police Horses Go International, A trip to St. Petersburg, Russia
- Periosteum: To be or not to be, that is the question? by Robert M Bowker, VMD, PhD
- Transition, A look at the process
- Barefoot at the Blackwood, The Australian Blackwood Marathon finally allows barefooted horses
- *Tevis With An Asterisk, A controversial revised course for the famous ride
- 54 Years of Barefoot Success at Hawaii Preparatory Academy
- The Whole Horse Symposium, A full report
- Hoof Nutrition: A Closer Look at Minerals
- Journal of a Student Equine Podiatrist, Part 5
- Making it Easier for Your Horse to Hold Up His Legs
- Barefoot News: Effective Record Keeping for Hoofcare, "Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot" book, Graduation for Strasser Hoofcare students in Vestby Norway, Dr. Robert Bowker and Randy Hensley join The Equine Sciences Academy Advisory Panel, New Navicular Book from Dr. Hiltrud Strasser, Two New UK Barefoot Racehorses
- Online Extras, 10 extra pages in the PDF edition only:
Barefoot Trail Riding Photos, A Mustang Named Black Sugar, Amazing Before & After Hoof Photos, Barefoot Horse Photos, X-Rays for a Split-Toed Pony

The Horse's Hoof Spring 2012-Issue 46
Published April 2012
- The Story of a Traditional Farrier by Joe Camp
- Better Horse Care...for Better Horsemanship (Cover stars: Trakehner Pokani and his owner, Jill Owens)
- The Uphill Trot of Natural Hoof Care in South-Africa
- Quick Change Coronet Band
- Rehabilitation of the Hind Feet
- Buddy, the Abandoned Racehorse
- A Barefoot Spanish Mustang at the Henley Show
- Endurance Riding Barefoot?
- Journal of a Student Equine Podiatrist, Part 6
- Barefoot African Hoofprints (Horseback expedition across Africa!)
- A Very Special Split-Toed Pony, Part 2
- Trimmers: Keep Your Spine Strong and Supple! by Mary Debono
- In Memoriam: Peter Speckmaier
- Barefoot News: Another “Barefoot Racing Victory”; Barefoot Dressage Success—from 4 Year Old to Grand Prix; Organics4Animals Announces Safe, Effective Therapies; Barefoot News from Austria; Barefoot Jumper Champion; eBook Nuggets from The Soul of a Horse
- Online Extras, 12 extra pages in the PDF edition only: Heart and Technique, A Barefoot Testimony from Italy, In Memoriam: Peter Speckmaier (Cont.), More Photos: Mustang at the Henley Show

The Horse's Hoof Summer 2012-Issue 47
Published July 2012
- The Effects of Feral Environment on the Horse Foot (Abstract of study by Brian Anthony Hampson)
- The Wild Horse Model: Worth Fighting For by Dr. Bruce Nock (A critical commentary of Brian Hampson’s thesis)
- Barefoot Through Africa: The Triumphs & Tribulations! (An amazing journey across Africa, from the HOOF point of view!)
- BARS GONE WILD!! (Problems with overgrown bars)
- Remembering Don the Farrier (Carole Herder of Cavallo reflects on her barefoot beginnings)
- Discovering Natural Hoof Care (Horseowner's story of learning to trim)
- Imaj Zamir, and a Barefoot Love Story (The story of our cover horse and his owner, told by her husband)
- Journal of a Student Equine Podiatrist, Part 7
- The “New” Trim in Town...
- Going Too Long Between Trims
- Natural Hoof Care Clinic in South Dakota
- Equine Metabolic Syndrome & Laminitis by Marijke van de Water
- White Line Disease: The Path to Health
- Online Extras, 10 extra pages in the PDF edition only: World Conference for Natural Hoof Care, UK Equine Podiatry Association Conference, Cavallo Stamp of Approval, Benefits of Computerized Record Keeping, Barefoot Performance Horse Photos, Trimming for the Whole Horse

The Horse's Hoof Fall 2012-Issue 48
Published October 2012
-The Whole Horse Approach for Successful Barefoot Police Horses
-Navicular and Entheseophytes on the Coffin Bone by Robert M Bowker, Karen McCormick, Lisa S. Lancaster and Larry Judge, Michigan State Univ
-Beyond Trail Slaves, a New Way of Being With Horses! (Horses in the Caribbean help teach a natural way of horse care and riding.)
-Learning Abrasive Trimming (A trimming clinic experience.)
-Barefoot-Booted Horses and the Tevis Cup (Hoof boots are becoming preferred equipment for the top riders of the world’s toughest endurance ride!)
-The Healthy Hoof by James & Yvonne Welz
-Retiring into Horse Rehab (Visit a Texas rehab ranch.)
-Working For the Horse or For Ourselves? A story about bloodflow in the hoof, by Joe Camp
-The Dinnet Equine Herd Project, Part 1 (Exploring an alternative way of horsekeeping in the UK.)
-The Rocky Story by Carole Herder
-PERFECT BALANCE by Gwenyth Santagate (Guidelines for balance in trimming.)
- Online Extras, 9 extra pages in the PDF edition only:
Barefoot News; Vettec video series; Boggs Tool Company Story; Equine Hoof Development Study; $100 Psychotic, Wild, Hell-Horse Wins Tevis; ESANA, the Equine Soundness Association

The Horse's Hoof Winter 2013-Issue 49
Published January 2013
-Barefoot Field Hunters gracing the cover
-Estimating Sole Thickness by Brian Hampson, Amandine Canellas, Mathilde Catarino and Chris Pollitt (A scientific evaluation of common methods used by farriers to determine sole thickness)
-5th World Conference for Natural Hoof & Holistic Horse Care (International event in Prague, Czech
-Barefoot at Milton Keynes 3 Day Event (A little barefoot Spanish Mustang takes on the 3 day eventing world)
-Long Toe-Low Heel Syndrome (Explanation and Treatment for the Hoof Care Professional)
-The Dinnet Equine Herd Project Part 2 (Alternative way of horse keeping in the UK)
-Journal of a Student Equine Podiatrist Part 8
-Holly’s Laminitis Story (Healing laminitis with natural methods)
-Cushings-Like and Other Endocrine Pathologies Revisited by Mackie Hartwig
-Continuing Education: Pain in the Butt or Essential Tool?
- Online Extras, 14 extra pages in the PDF edition only:
PHCP Donates to Auburn Univ; International Bare Hoof Association; Nationally Recognized Certificate in Natural Hoof Care in Australia; Barefoot Pony Jumping at National Level; A Wake-up Call to the International Laminitis Research Community from Jaime Jackson

The Horse's Hoof Spring 2013-Issue 50 (Our 50th Issue Celebration!)
Published April 2013
- Winning Barefoot Success for Dogwood Creek Ponies (Show hunter ponies winning big after receiving correct, balanced barefoot trims!)
- Modern Hoof Care: Tips for Soundness (Australian endurance rider shares some keys for barefoot success.)
- Holistic Hoof Care with Sossity and Mario Gargiulo (This trimming team is taking barefoot to the international performance level with clients that include world class dressage trainers Shannon and Steffen Peters, and Akiko Yamazaki with her Olympic champion Ravel!)
- A Timeline of the Barefoot Movement (A detailed historical overview of events of the past 15 years, as documented by Yvonne Welz and The Horse's Hoof.)
- 50th Issue Retrospective by Yvonne Welz and 15 famous barefoot advocates: Dr. Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. Robert Bowker, Dr. Robert Cook, Pete Ramey, Cindy Sullivan, Gretchen Fathauer, Cheryl Henderson, Sabine Kells, Claudia Garner, Greg Sokoloski, Darolyn Butler, Garrett Ford, Carole Herder, Joe Camp, and James Welz
- Barefoot at the 2012 Hawaii Horse Expo (Covering in detail a fantastic barefoot presentation by Susanella Noble.)
- Journal of a Student Equine Podiatrist, Part 9 (Our final student journal article from Equine Podiatry graduate Vikki Fear.)
- Better’s Story, a Journey (A horseowner's story of restoring soundness to his beloved horse.)
- Online Extras, 24(!) extra pages in the PDF edition only: 2 very different responses to Jaime Jackson's Laminitis Research "AANHCP Memo from the Director," 50th Issue Retrospectives continue with much more from: Pete Ramey, Cindy “Hawk” Sullivan, Gretchen Fathauer, Cheryl Henderson, Sabine Kells, Carole Herder, Darolyn Butler, and Dr. Robert Cook.

The Horse's Hoof Summer 2013-Issue 51 (Print Copy-Collector's Edition) Our Last Hard Copy Printed Issue
Published July 2013
- The “Magic” of One Special Horse (Interview with a horse owner about her very special, award-winning barefoot Quarter Horse gelding.)
- Natural Hoof Care in Russia (Scott Berry from the Houston Police Dept. writes about a natural trimmer in Russia.)
- Cinderella, a Tendon Case Study (Amazing case study of a mini horse with tendon problems.)
- Safe and Satisfied as a Farrier/Trimmer (Tips for staying safe while trimming.)
- Improving the Horse’s Foot (How exercise can be the missing link to a healthy hoof.)
- The Hoof Guided Method (An introduction to Maureen Tierney's method of trimming.)
- Where is the Coffin Bone? (Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate shows us how to locate P3 using landmarks of the hoof.)
- A Gallery of Barefoot Performance Horses (Stories/photos include champions in dressage, jumping and barrel racing.)
- A Parasitological Study of a Herd of Horses in Italy by Franco Belmonte (Interesting results to help guide your parasite control practices.)
- Theory: Why do We Roll the Wall? (James Welz shares his mechanical and functional reasons for rolling the walls when trimming hooves.)
- Barefoot News (Including book reviews and more.)
- Online Extras, 10 extra pages in the PDF edition only: Boots vs. Shoes... Let’s Change the Rules, Trimming Tools Testimonial, Vet Board Rules on Practice of “Equine Podiatry,” ESANA Horses in Motion Seminar Details.

The Horse's Hoof Fall 2013-Issue 52 The Green Issue
Published October 2013
- The Horse's Hoof Goes Green...
- DJB Brave Heart: Horsepower at North American Young Riders Championship! (and the amazing full story behind Darolyn Butler's Super Pony!)
- From Barefoot to Shoes... to Barefoot! (barefoot story by Jodi Reynolds)
- Rehabbing a Lame Paint (barefoot story by Michelle Martin)
- Easyboots and The Tevis Cup: Five Years of Success (amazing statistics from the last 5 rides)
- Hoof Flares Are Rather Normal by Ute Philippi
- The Orthopedic Use of Casting Tape For Healing Laminitis by Susanella Noble
- Ray Ray: from Founder to Flying! (a miraculous founder success story from trimmer Marianne Allen and owner Tony Vincent-with tons of photos!)
- No More Poison—Life Without De-Wormers (Joe Camp explores Diatomaceous Earth)
- The Horse as a Diagnostics Tool by Thorsten Kaiser
- Barefoot South African Show Jumpers by Di Slade
- Controlled Free Choice Feeding: "Pasture in a Net"™ by Melissa Auman
- Barefoot News: Ridden hunter ruling outrages barefoot showing enthusiasts, Book Review: "Understanding the Horse’s Feet" - plus a full Advertiser Listing Directory and the new Marketplace Ads

The Horse's Hoof Winter 2014-Issue 53
Published January 2014
- From the Editor: Ethical Horsemanship
- My Once-in-a-Lifetime Horse: Granite Chief+/ (Owner Karen Chaton shares the story of her 2012 AERC Hall of Fame endurance superstar.)
- Saving the Foundered Prince (A pony named Prince Willy takes New York professional trimmer Jeannean Mercuri for the ride of her life!)
- Two Gaited Horses (and a Morgan) Go Barefoot (Horseowner Carol Peat shares the challenges and joys in her barefoot story.)
- Barefoot Police Mules in Houston by Officer Gregory Sokoloski (Longears join the Houston Police Mounted Patrol!)
- Are We Killing our Horses with Kindness? by Dr. Tim Kempton
- Feeding the Equine Hooves... Naturally! by Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate
- Feeding Horses Fats & Oils, A Healthy Practice? by Marijke van de Water
- Founder Paradigm Shift by Ute Philippi (Examining the actual “cause” of founder.)
- Nilla, a Story of Love and Hope by Susanella Noble (Sometimes horses surprise you with the impossible... and make dreams come true.)
- A Tribute to Spirit by Barb Fenwick (Looking back on the life of a truly great horse.)
- Surviving a Coffin Bone Rotation... at 28! by Jen McGeehan (Healing is always possible, even with severe coffin bone rotation in an older horse!)
- Help at a Glance for IR/Cushing’s Horses (Jen McGeehan's handy list.)
- Smoke: From the Farrier’s Perspective... by Susanella Noble
- Navicular Syndrome Notes, Part One by Franco Belmonte (Exploring the vast subject of navicular in notes from lessons for professional trimmers, written in memory of Dr. James Rooney.)
- Barefoot in the Czech Republic by Václav Vydra (Problems with Promoting the Use of Barefoot Horses in Equestrian Sport in the Czech Republic, written by a successful barefoot and bitless/bridleless horseman.)
- Barefoot News (Luca Moneta's Puissance win!), plus a full Advertiser Listing Directory and Marketplace Ads

The Horse's Hoof Spring 2014-Issue 54
Published April 2014
- From the Editor: Changing Perspectives...
- 2014: A Time To Connect - Insights of a Horse-Listener by Tomas Teskey, DVM
- Barefoot Journey with Jug (Horseowner shares her shod barrel racer's recovery from navicular-through barefoot.)
- Harley’s Navicular Success Story (Another barefoot navicular recovery!)
- What’s in it for the Horse? by Joe Camp (The author challenges us to look at things from the horse's point of view.)
- Radiographs: What Owners Need to Know by Sandra Judy and Chelsey Miller, DVM (Questions and answers from a vet.)
- Navicular Syndrome Notes, Part Two by Franco Belmonte (A continuation of this in-depth look at Navicular, comparing the barefoot course of action with the traditional protocol.)
- A New Hoof Boot Gallops Into Town by Bernd Jung (A look at the Floating Boot from Spain.)
- Spring Grass – Feed With Caution by Marijke van de Water
- A Hard Lesson in Trimming Safety! (Professional trimmer gives some valuable advice.)
- A Novel Approach to Parasite Control (More about Dr. Martin Nielsen's unique work.)
- Grand Prix Dressage... Barefoot! by Josephine Trott (Imported dressage horse with lots of problems is finally healed through barefoot.)
- The Unimportance of Trimming by Nic Barker (Barefoot case study shows how important everything else can truly be!)
- A Connection Between a Bit in the Horse’s Mouth, A Throttled Throat & Waterlogged Lungs by Robert Cook FRCVS., PhD
- A Tribute to Anne Coley
- My Bitless Story by Yvonne Welz
- Plus a full Advertiser Listing Directory and Marketplace Ads

The Horse's Hoof Summer 2014-Issue 55
Published July 2014
- The Link between Diet and Coat Bleaching by Carol Layton B.Sc M.Ed
- Hoof Shape: Some Observations by Georgina Pankhurst
- The Equine Foot: Do You Have a "Jaguar" or a "Junk Car" Foot? by Robert M. Bowker VMD, PhD
- Arena Surfaces by Hilary M. Clayton, BVMS, PhD, Dipl ACVSMR, MRCVS
- Measurements Can Help Determine Pathology by Sarah Nickle
- Barefoot South African Show Jumper Hooves by Di Slade
- Pasture Management by Jane Myers
- Missing Coffin Bone Tip: A Horse Named Destiny by Ute Philippi
- Liberated Horsemanship Continues European Expansion by Bruce and Jean Nock
- US Vet Teaches Natural Hoof Care Down Under by Rebecca Jacaranda Scott
- A Mare Named Tina by Thomas Papagna
- Navicular Syndrome Notes, Part Three by Franco Belmonte
- The Mustang Hoof and Heel Height by Ilona Chodnicka
- Bitless Bridles and Lipstick Foam by Yvonne Welz
- Barefoot News including: SW Holistic Horse & Hound Expo, The Horse’s Hoof is going DownUnder!, The Functional Hoof Conference 2014 and more!

The Horse's Hoof Fall 2014-Issue 56
Published October 2014
-Barefoot and Bitless in Top Competition -- An Interview with Alex Nicol, show jumping rider and also a race horse trainer!
-“Doing It Yourself” A Pep Talk for Beginner Trimmers
-A Show Jumping “Natural” -- An Interview with Katie Pontone, young show jumping superstar who does things the right way!
-Australia’s Wild Horses, The Desert Brumby Adventure Tour by Jen Clingly
-Why We Say, “It Depends…” Thoughts on Rehabbing by Sandra Judy
-3 Common Mechanical Causes of Pathology in Domestic Hooves by James Welz
-Looking Inside is a Key Factor in Trimming by Linda Fullmer
-A Rehab Story: RC the Champion Arabian by Lauren Kahn
-Whole Oats as a Horse Feed... Revisited by Yvonne Welz
-Whole Oats, the Perfect Horse Feed? Parts One and Two
-Barefoot News: Clinic with Pete Ramey, The Functional Hoof Conference Australia-Dr. Brian Hampson's NEW barefoot trimming study presentation, Hoof Casting book review, Clinic with Dr. Teskey, lots of barefoot horse photos, and more!

The Horse's Hoof Winter 2015-Issue 57
Published January 2015
– From the Editor: Our Australian Journey
– My Barefoot Journey by Lisa Grigaitis
– The Benefits of Coronet Soaking by Don Gregory
– Thermoregulation in Horses in a Cold Time of Year by Natalija Aleksandrova
– Joe Camp’s Cash: A Tribute
– The Lameness Conundrum by Dr. Hilary M. Clayton
– Understanding Protein by Barb Lee
– Australia: The Functional Hoof Conference 2014 - Full detailed coverage of the event!!! World-class line up of speakers including: Dr. Hilary Clayton, Dr. Debra Taylor, Professor Lars Roepstorff, Dr. Neal Valk, Dr. Cindy Nielsen, Dr. Andrew Van Eps, Jane Myers, Carol Layton, Georgina Pankhurst, and Brian Hampson.
– GoBarefoot – The Hoof Trim Network™
– A Table with All The Trimmings: Theory and full photos - Hooves by Craig Jones, Thorsten Kaiser, Georgina Pankhurst, Michael Saunders, Rebecca J. Scott, Dr. Luke Wells-Smith, James Welz.
– Barefoot News: More Barefoot in the Grand Tetons with this issue's cover horse & owner/rider Maggie Morgan, Pete Ramey in Utah, New Novel about Bracy Clark: “THE FIRST VET” by Linda Chamberlain, 1st Annual SW Holistic Horse & Hound Expo a Big Success, Alternative hoof care gains success in Europe and the United States, Hoof Photos, unicorn sighting and more!
– Special Feature, a 30 page section: “My Year Round with Horses” by Václav Vydra

The Horse's Hoof Spring 2015-Issue 58
Published April 2015
- 2015 International Hoof-Care Summit by Daisy Bicking (a fantastic, detailed overview of this event)
- Exploring Bitless (more tips and recommendations from the editor)
- The Relationship from Human to Animal in Connection to a Healthy Hoof by Dr. med. vet. Hiltrud Strasser (a hard look at the ethics of our use of animals, particularly horses)
- Equine Metabolic Syndrome and Cushing’s Disease by Cindy Nielsen DMV (don't miss this fantastic presentation, given at The Functional Hoof Conference 2014 in Australia)
- The Grass Tetany Ratio: Indicator of Laminitis Risk? by Barb Lee (thoughts on mineral ratios)
- The Importance of the Element of Time by Linda Fullmer (trimming and the time for healing)
- Comeback Of A Movie Matinee Idol by Susanella Noble (beautiful Disney movie horse goes from lame to sound with the help of natural hoof care)
- The Barefoot Barrel Racer by Kathleen Rossi (immediate performance improvement, thanks to barefoot)
- Missy’s Bucket: A Hoof Story, Interview with Zoe Messina (more about the equine diet and proper supplementation)
- Bring Back the Horse’s Instincts by Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D. (the importance of free choice forage feeding)
- Horse Handling Awareness by Ute Philippi (safety tips for hoof care professionals & owners)
- Species Appropriate Living Conditions, Part One by Natalija Aleksandrova (beautiful photo presentation covering a natural lifestyle, with an amazing case study of a foal born with flexural and angular carpal deformity)
- Barefoot News: Advanced Class IAEP, Spring Laminitis: Prevention, New Book,“A Modern Look at... THE HOOF” by Monique Craig

The Horse's Hoof Summer 2015-Issue 59
Published July 2015
- Megan Allen & Art Of Diplomacy - Our cover story, and winner of the Summer 2015 barefoot story contest! A 19 year old girl, an off-the-track Thoroughbred gelding adopted from CANTER, and a commitment to ride bitless and barefoot on the top show jumping circuits!!!
- What Builds a Horse by Tomas Teskey, DVM - optimal health recommendations.
- The Better Horse Care Movement - Just A New Way of Thinking
- The Evolution of Riding Bitless by Cynthia Cooper
- Chronic Unstable Laminitis: Recognizing the Time for Euthanasia, by Debra R. Taylor, DVM, MS, DACVIM
- Expressiv, Barefoot Dressage Horse by Tammy Opperman - a champion mare is made sound through barefoot, and becomes an FEI level dressage competitor
- Balancing Your Horse from the Inside Out by Jessica Lynn - the importance of microbial digestion
- Long Term Barefoot Success - Pro Bono “Bo” and Granite Chief+/ by Karen Chaton - high mileage senior endurance horses going strong!
- Cheyenne, a Laminitis Story by Emily Phillips - owner takes control of her horse's hooves and gets her mare back on track!
- Learning at the Daisy Haven Farm Hoof Workshop by Sarah Langham
- All Those Hooves! An Interview with Allie Hayes of Horse Science - the fascinating story behind the woman who produces freeze-dried educational hoof models
- Fixing the Balky Horse - a simple and effective exercise that could just transform YOUR balky horse too!
- Exploring the Mustang Roll with Susanella Noble, Steve Hebrock, Sossity Gargiulo and James Welz - these hoof care professionals explain why they utilize the mustang roll in their own trimming, and their theories behind its effectiveness
- Sweet Itch & Insect Sensitivity by Marijke van de Water
- Soil Fertility and Low Sugar Hay by Barb Lee - a hard look at the relationship between minerals and the sugar levels in hay
- Paddock Paradise Fencing Options

The Horse's Hoof Fall 2015-Issue 60 15th Anniversary Special Edition!
Published October 2015
- A Look Back at 15 Years of The Horse’s Hoof!
- Barefoot in the National Show Ring by Sheri Fischer
- Hoof Care Update from Houston Mounted Patrol by Gregory Sokoloski
- Osteopathy: Linking Hooves with the Body by Cynthia Niemela
- Barefoot Kumu Seeing Waves Of Change in Hawaii by Susanella Noble
- Barefoot Changes in Eastern Europe by Natalija Aleksandrova
- Barefoot in New Zealand by Thorsten Kaiser
- Hoof Care Change in Australia by Jen Clingly
- 15 Years of Barefoot in Florida by Marianne Allen
- Barefoot Appaloosas at Spotted Horse Ranch by Andy Tidd
- Free Your Mind: Be Open To New Ideas To Help The Horse by Daisy Bicking
- Ten Life Lessons from the Hoof by Michele Stuurman
- Back to the Past or Stuck in the Future Forever? by Robert M. Bowker VMD, PhD
- The Bedouin Bridle Rediscovered: A Welfare, Safety and Performance Enhancer by Fridtjof Hanson and Robert Cook (A new - yet very old - bitless bridle!!)
- Going Bitless: Less is More? by Sarah Langham
- Endocrinopathic Laminitis by Dr. Jaini Clougher, BSc, BVSc
- No Laminitis! 2015 - Equine Conference to Shed New Light on Treatment and Prevention of Laminitis
- The Equine Hoof - What’s the Problem? by Georgina Pankhurst
- Power Tools for Hoof Trimming by Sabine Kells - Extensive 12 page article with full photos detailing power tools used by various professionals and geared towards women trimmers!!! There has never been anything like this before!!
- An Introduction to Power Tool Trimming by James Welz
- Barefoot Changes in Virginia by Natalie Cruz
- Barefoot Changes Everywhere
- Coronet Soaking with Hoof-Alive
- Slow Feeding Quick Q & A

The Horse's Hoof Winter 2016-Issue 61
Published January 2016
- The Evolution of a Better Rider
- Desario: NEVER GIVE UP by Melanie Falls
- Journey of a Barefoot Barrel Racer by Corinne Tate
- Barefoot in the UK by Linda Chamberlain
- From Slaughter-Truck to Barefoot Superstar... by Chris Brackston (OTTB Event Horse!)
- Barefoot Cover Horse Contest!
- Awakening to Modern-Day Horse Abuse by Susanella Noble
- Support the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act by Keith Dane, VP Equine Protection, HSUS
SPECIAL FEATURE Section - 22 pages of BITLESS!
- Lost in Translation: How a slip of the pen spelled confusion for generations of dressage riders by Michelle Guillot
- Buying a Bitless Bridle, Tips from Cynthia Cooper
- From the Ground Up – Barefoot and Bitless Nature's Run Equestrian by Jesse Cassidy-Skof
- Teaching with the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle® by Mitzi Summers
- Why I Let Go of the Bit by Jefferson Drumm of Ultimate Bitless Bridle
- Keeping a Light Rein in Spain by Tracey J. Parker
- To Bit Or Not To Bit...And What Is "Real" Dressage? by Karen Rohlf
- Resolution of a Paradox in Eventing Rules: An Opportunity for British Eventing to Lead the Way by Robert Cook, Professor of Surgery Emeritus, Tufts University
- Let the Horse Talk by Dr. Robert Cook
- More Bitless: Instant Bitless Change and Quest to Allow Bitless in 4-H Shows!
- Horseowner Stories: Bitless Riding – My Story, Barefoot Saves Navicular Horse, Taming Wild, Barefoot for Eventing!
- Hay Stations and Paddock Paradise by Yvonne Lucius
- Have a hangry horse at feeding time? by Monique Warren
- The Making of a Hoof Boot by Carole Herder
- The Do's & Don'ts of Laminitis by Marijke van de Water
- Decontraction with Natural Living Conditions by Natalija Aleksandrova

The Horse's Hoof Spring 2016-Issue 62
Published April 2016
- From the Editor: “Never Say Never”
- "I will NEVER shoe another horse" – Nick Hill by Linda Chamberlain
- A Year in Hoof Pictures by Ilona Chodnicka
- Creating a Bitless Solution by Wendy Wainwright, inventor of the Orbitless
- Energy Healing for Horses by Holly Davis
- The Truth About Beet Pulp by Marijke van de Water
- 2016 Barefoot Cover Horse Contest Grand Prize Winner: Lindsey Partridge & Soar! Harmony with Barefoot and Bitless Thoroughbreds
- 2016 Barefoot Cover Horse Contest: 6 Runners-Up & 33 Honorable Mentions
- Seymora’s Story, Sometimes Things Just Turn Out Right! by Darolyn Butler (barefoot endurance horse story)
- Measuring Movement using Pedometers by Sarah Packowski
- Increase Comfort, Reduce Risk: The Bitless Bridle by Jessica Jahiel, PhD
- The Truth about Big Lick Shoes by Keith Dane
- Barefoot/Bitless News: Deb Haber’s Barefoot & Bitless Journey, Vicki Weyer’s Bitless Advocating UPDATE, Pete Ramey Heading DOWN UNDER!, Bitless Information Listing

The Horse's Hoof Summer 2016-Issue 63
Published July 2016
– Barefoot and B.I.T.L.E.S.S.
– The REAL Difference: Farrier Trim vs Barefoot Trim by Debs Crosoer
– Quality Assurance for Professional Trimmers by Marg Richardson
– Excerpt from Remco Sikkel's book, "Laminitis: Understanding, Cure, Prevention"
– The Old Mare: Will She Remember? by Missy Wryn
– Open Letter to UK Equestrian Societies by Greg Glendell (in favor of bitless choice and benign training methods)
– Close Up on Carole Herder, Cavallo Founder and Author
– Saving Ballymount Alleycat by Lisa Agius-Gilibert (eventing mare survives a rare tumor)
– Where to Learn Barefoot Hoof Care by Cynthia Cooper
– Beren, an FEI Champion Pony by Rebecca Watson
– Find Your Adventure: Riding in the Rose Parade 2016 by Karen Chaton
– Tips for Schooling Bitless: The Green Horse by Yvonne Welz
– Determining Healthy Hoof Proportions (using the plexiglass guide as a tool) by Sabine Kells
– Hoofcare Professional Angle Guide Template (updated)
– Beating Laminitis: Wally’s Story by Megan Young
– Wally's Story – Through the Trimmer's Eyes by Tanya Bawden
– Pete Ramey comes to Florida by Marianne Allen
– Hoof Mail, a new column by Susanella Noble
– Barefoot News

The Horse's Hoof Fall 2016-Issue 64
Published October 2016
- Riding as Therapy
- For A Beautiful Barefoot Trim – Keep It Simple by Dutch Henry
- A Hoof Bootin' Story by Dave MacDonald
- Are We Becoming Farriers? by Jen Clingly
- Horses Maintain Perfect Weight... Utilizing the Right Hay Bag! by Jen McGeehan
- Holistic Hoofcare in an Allopathic World
- The Truth about Carriage Horses by Carole Herder
- Ex-Farrier Professor Turns Barefoot Guide… Interview with Marc Ferrador by Linda Chamberlain
- Hawaii, Not A Paradise For Horses, Why and How To Cope by Susanella Noble
- Horse Riding With Confidence Course, Understanding your fears and overcoming them by Polly-Anne Lloyd
- Barefoot and Bitless in Scottish Championships by Gemma Cooper
- FEEL IT, LOG IT, FIX IT: The Prevention of Accidents Under-Saddle by Dr. Robert Cook
- Hoof Mail and Barefoot News

The Horse's Hoof Winter 2017-Issue 65
Published January 2017
– From the Editor: Simple Truths
– Give Navicular Disease a Chance to Heal by Zoltán Mészáros and Sarolta Boros
– Herbs and Barefoot Trimming for Recovery by Melissa Tankersley
– Managing Insulin for the Safety of Your Horse’s Feet by Debra Taylor, DVM & Rebecca Legere, DVM
– Pete Ramey in Australia, 2016 by Marg Richardson
– Earthquake and Touch Detectors in the Horse’s Foot - Where they are and Why they are Important by Robert M. Bowker, VMD, PhD, Lisa S. Lancaster, DVM, PhD and Diane A. Isbell, DVM
– Running a Riding Centre The Natural Way - Barefoot and Bitless at Havana Horses, Indonesia by Anna Van Rheeden
– My Horse is Afraid of Me by Missy Wryn
– The Holistic Hoof Trimmer’s Guide to Longevity by Jane Fisher
– My Journey to Trim... in the Caribbean by Stina Herberg
– 7th World Conference for Natural Hoofcare and Horse Health, September 2016, Czech Republic, Recap by Dr. Hiltrud Strasser
– Study on the Dampening Effect of Hoof Boots by Jenny Edwards
– Tomas Teskey DVM in Hungary by Zoltán Mészáros and Sarolta Boros
– Hoof Mail and Barefoot News: Barefoot Talk at Equine Affaire, November 2016 and Mahalo! A Testimonial from Hawaii

The Horse's Hoof Spring 2017-Issue 66
Published April 2017
- From the Editor: Welcome to Jazz!
- The Great Barefootin’ Story Contest!
- Barefoot and Naturally... from Italy by Naomi Tavian
- In the Eyes of a Horse by Anna Twinney
- Seven Additional “Things” Your Horse Wants You To Know by Anna Twinney
- Wild Flower Lassie, Her Laminitis Story by Linda Fullmer
- Can there be too much hoof mechanism? by Hiltrud Strasser, DVM, PhD, Tuebingen, Germany
- Our Wild Adventure: The Sumba Ponies by Jen Clingly of Wild About Hooves
- Quick Fix to Balance Your Seat, A Feldenkrais® Exercise for Riders by Mary Debono, GCFP
- Essential Oils for Horses by Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate
- Hoof Distortion: A mere blemish, or cause for concern? by Jenny Edwards
- The Soft Cavesson The Classical Bitless Bridle anno 1500 by Josepha Guillaume
- Goodbye to a Legend - Bonnie by Sabine Kells
- Reflections and Regrets, Some Thoughts For Trimmers Who Do Too Much by Sabine Kells
- Hoof Mail by Susanella Noble: Horses' Tails
- Barefoot News: 2017 NO Laminitis! Conference, Never Exercise Your Horse on an Empty Stomach...Ever!, Goodbye to Dr. Strasser’s Kappi

The Horse's Hoof Summer 2017-Issue 67
Published July 2017
- The Great Barefootin’ Story Contest Winners!
- Grand Prize Winner: My Miracle Horse by Lorilee Lorenzo
- Grand Prize Winner: Barefoot Superstar, Moonshine Bandit by Maree Young
- Grand Prize Winner: Aging Like a Fine Wine… by Mattie Cowherd
- Grand Prize Winner: Dara, a Rescue Story by Sharlee Mayer
- When to try a Bitless Bridle by Cynthia Cooper
- Team Green - Barefoot & Blazing by Dan Lynch (Barefoot champion barrel racers hit the big time!)
- Festus, a Navicular Story by Tommy Papagna
- A Remarkable Standardbred “Pacer” by Danni Rodgers
- Smoke Turns 35 Years Old! by Jen McGeehan
- Flying High, Free and Barefoot! by Zoe Campbell (Australian Show Jumping and Eventing Champion proves that bare hooves really win!)
- My Japanese Barefoot Story by Mikiko Ishii, DVM
- Publication of Japanese Edition of “Metal in the Mouth”
- Good News in a Naughty World by Dr. Robert Cook
- From the Horse’s Mouth by Anna Twinney
- Conversations with the Wild Ones: A Day at the South Lakes Safari Zoo by Anna Twinney
- Barefoot Adventures by Greg Sokoloski
- Reprint articles by Greg Sokoloski: City of Houston Police Horses Go Barefoot, Parts 1 & 2
and The Power of a Barefoot Police Horse
- Nitrates in Hay Exposed: What You Need to Know by Monique Warren
- Hoof Mail by Susanella Noble: Chestnuts and Ergots
- Barefoot News: 2017 NO Laminitis! Conference, Diana F Wittkoph DVM Hoof Care Clinic, Advanced Class IAEP Florida

The Horse's Hoof Fall 2017-Issue 68
Published October 2017
– From the Editor: Providing “Adequate” Living Conditions
– Dancer, a Very Special Appaloosa by Debbie Van Ord
(An Appaloosa gelding transforms from fearful “rogue” to his owner’s favorite go-to horse.)
– Revenue’s Journey by Sarah Langham
(In coastal North Carolina, a Warmblood mare named Revenue teaches her owner that the horse’s mouth is just as important as its feet!)
– Boots, Minerals and an Old Mare by Erin Wiggins
(Hawaiian horseowner finally solves the mystery behind her horses’ hoof and coat problems.)
– A Horse Named “Q” by Heidi Lowthorp
(A tragic accident threatened the future of a young dressage prospect, but this very special horse is worth the years of patient rehab...)
– Dream Horses – Like Mother, Like Daughter by Mattie Cowherd
(Special horses give us very special foals...)
– Restarting Rescues & Rehabs Under Saddley by Anna Twinney
– The Benefits of Going Treeless by Paulita Neff
– What to Say When Your Daughter Asks “Why Daddy?” by Carole Herder
– Which Bit? Which Bridle? by David Stang
– Examining the “Have to Shoe” Argument by Yvonne Welz
– Barefoot: The Solution to all Problems? by Yvonne Welz
– A Tale of Two Coronary Groovings (Reprint from THH Issue 5, Fall 2001)

The Horse's Hoof Winter 2018-Issue 69
Published January 2018
- From the Editor: Creating a "Natural Pasture"
- The Feet/Teeth Connection: Q&A with Dr. Tomas Teskey by Casie Bazay
- 2017 No Laminitis Conference, Tucson, Arizona by Jacky Ynema
- Bitless: Challenges and Solutions by Glenn Wilson
- My Gaited Quarter Horse, Magic by Helena Goodwin
- Grace, a Barefoot Inspiration by Mitra Koci
- Revvy’s Story by Rachel Wirth
- Chica, the Endurance Thoroughbred by Jo Harder
- Molly, My Shire X mare by Lyndsay Martin
- All Roads Lead to Flag, Excerpt from “Blind Leap of Faith™, a horsewoman’s journey with the legendary horse whisperer Monty Roberts®” by Anna Twinney
- Barefoot News: Italian University Offers Natural Horse Course and "The Essential Hoof Book" Review
- Thrush, Excerpt from "The Essential Hoof Book" by Susan Kauffmann and Christina Cline
- Notes from a Dr. Robert Bowker Clinic September 9-10, 2017 by David Jones –
- The Story of Alfred’s Special Place by Paola di Paolo, Woodville, Canada
- Long Toe, Low Heels, How Leverage Affects Laminar Attachment by Debs Crosoer
- Learning from the Long-Distance Runners… by Linda Chamberlain

The Horse's Hoof Spring 2018-Issue 70
Published April 2018
– From the Editor: The Art of Doing Less
– Is She Abusing her Horse? by Carole Herder
– Your Barefoot Horse Photo Contest
– Hoof Care is More Than Just a Trim by Kenny Williams
– A Healthier, Happier Horse by Melissa Tankersley
– Bits, Bosals and Neck Ropes: Pros and Cons by Myra King
– The Magic Of Liberty Horses by Jenny Vidbel
– The Domino Effect of Backing Horses Too Early by Katrina Gothorp
– On the Bit... or To the Hand? by Sylvia Loch
– An Unusual Emergency by Anna Twinney
– “Whispering Ways” by Anna Twinney
– Equine Hoof Balance: Seeking Perfection in an Imperfect World by Neal Valk, DVM, DACVS, CHCP
– Trimming the Foal: Taking the Time it Takes by Linda Fullmer
– Modifications of Easyboot Gloves and Glue-On Shells by Pete Ramey
– Barefoot/Bitless News

The Horse's Hoof Summer 2018-Issue 71
Published July 2018
- From the Editor: De-stress Your Horse’s Life
- Your Barefoot Horse Photo Contest Winners!
- Acupressure for Horse Emergencies by Casie Bazay
- And Then There Was Jack by Myra King (bitless riding)
- Better Bitless Control by Moving the Hind End by Cynthia Cooper
- Bitless Story Contest Announcement
- Equine Conspiracy Theory? What are they whispering? by Susanella Noble (more bitless!)
- Time for Trailer Service? by Risa Couch
- Seventy Reasons for Not Using a Bit by Dr. Robert Cook
- Feeding Miniature Horses & Donkeys: Why Slow Fed Forage is Best by Monique Warren
- Four Ways to Assist Your Horse Through Season Change by Carole Herder
- Hydration is More Than a Drop in the Bucket by Lisa Ross-Williams
- The Origin of Passion - Horse Whisperer Anna Twinney... by Vincent Mancarella
- Colleges Attacked Over Horse Welfare by Linda Chamberlain
- Can All Horses Go Barefoot? by Debs Crosoer
- A New Look at the Anatomy and Function of the Horse’s Foot by Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. med. vet., PhD (Strasser explains why the deep flexor tendon does NOT cause rotation of coffin bone - featuring great dissection photos!)

The Horse's Hoof Fall 2018-Issue 72
Published October 2018
- From the Editor: Vitamin/Mineral Supplements
- Bitless Contest Winner: Endurance, Archery, and Driving… You CAN Do It Bitless! by Natalie Herman
- Bitless Contest Winner: My Bitless Journey, Wiz the Fizz by Colleen Clancy
- Bitless Contest Winner: My Bitless Horse, West by Kayla Hairbottle
- Motivating Youngsters for Bitless Riding by Landoaldo M. Santos
- Announcing the new World Bitless Association by Cynthia Cooper
- Classically Bitless - A Training Triumph! by Alexandra Kane
- What Does a Bit Do to a Horse and Rider? by Dr. Robert Cook
- Barefoot for Sporthorses by Marjanka Lever
- Inflammation, Hooves and Light Therapy by Tami Blake
- To Heel and Back… Winter Hooves by Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate
- Barefoot in Western by Erin Olson
- Hoof Deformation by Sonja Appelt
- Handling Common Herd Dynamics + Book Giveaway! by Anna Twinney
- Natural Health Advocate, Judy Sinner, Farewell to our friend...
- “Parasite Control” versus “Deworming” by Judy Sinner, 2002
- Problem Hooves - Do You Really Need a Hoof Supplement? by Judy Sinner, 2002
- That West Nile Thing (The shot heard round the world??) by Judy Sinner, 2002
- Mineral Interactions by Judy Sinner, 2003

The Horse's Hoof Winter 2019-Issue 73
Published January 2019
- From the Editor: Walking Away from Tradition
- Can You Jump in Scoot Boots? Interviews with 3 Elite Show Jumpers
- Bitless by Accident by Chris Thompson
- My Bitless True Story: Helping Humans Help Horses by Johan de Kock
- "Barefoot Happily Ever After!" Contest
- The Hoof We See and a Disease of the White Line by Carole Herder
- The Eighth World Conference for Natural Hoofcare by Steven F. Skinner, DVM
- Taking Steps Toward Hoof Health in Canada, A Seminar with Dr. Robert Bowker by Rhonda Stock
- The Bars by John Stewart, DVM
- Successful Bare Hooves: Know Your Horse’s Heritage by Carola Adolf
- Hoof Trimming as a Career - is it Sustainable? by Jen Clingly
- A Day with a Dutch Trimmer by Marjanka Lever
- Training on the Trail by Myra King
- Be a Team Leader by Anna Twinney
- 10 reasons why horses are better than cars by Myra King, cartoons by Martin Taankink
- Barefoot/Bitless News

The Horse's Hoof Spring 2019-Issue 74
Published April 2019
- From the Editor: Should we speak up for the horse?
- Baxter: Big, Barefoot and Beautiful! by Kallie Zeinstra
- Can a Horse Make All Your Dreams Come True? by Laura Anders
- Causes of Equine Ulcers, 7 Stress Factors & Solutions by Monique Warren
- Reach Out To Horses by Anna Twinney
- Herbs for Foals by Katharine Chrisley Schreiber
- Preparing Your Foal for Life by Glenn Stewart
- First Ambassadors Awarded by the World Bitless Association by Cynthia Cooper
- Diamond’s Bitless Story by Chloe Websdale
- Monty’s Journey from Bit to Bitless by Jane King
- Shoes Off for some Pioneering Women by Linda Chamberlain
- Several Pathologies, One Draft Horse by Linda Fullmer
- What’s Inside the Hoof, THE SIMPLE HOOF Series - PART 2 by Carole Herder
- A Healthy Alternative Scoot Boot director Dave MacDonald catches up with barefoot racing trainer, Royston Carr
- “You make it look so easy...” by Carola Adolf
- A Day with a Dutch Trimmer, Part II by Marjanka Lever
- Heels First... by Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate
- Imagining Wild Horses, Pressing the Hormonal Gas Pedal by Carole Herder
- Barefoot/Bitless News

Read the Editorial from Spring 74:
From the Editor - Should we speak up for the horse?

The Horse's Hoof Summer 2019-Issue 75
Published July 2019
– From the Editor: The Turning Point
– An Excerpt from Insight to Equus book by Tomas Teskey D.V.M.
– Encore: Angel of the Arrowheads by Erin Phillips (Cloud's daughter)
– My Journey Towards Bitless Riding by Jenny Rolfe
– LIMA and Positive Reinforcement Training for Equines by Alex Le Grand
– What is +R? by Chrissy Johnson
– World Bitless Association Representatives: Leading the Way by Cynthia Cooper
– Zappa’s Journey by Linda Howard (includes Greg Sokoloski & FormaHoof!)
– Fly Spray: 3 Ingredients You Need to Know About by Monique Warren
– Summer: Seasonal Considerations to Keep Your Horse Healthy by Lisa Ross-Williams
– Nancy Filbert: A Legacy of Saving Horses by Sabine Kells
– Go Barefoot in a Scoot Boot by Dave MacDonald
– Trimming: Rehab Lessons Learned by Sheri Fischer
– The Cone – Nature’s Gift to the Hoof THE SIMPLE HOOF Series - PART 3 by Carole Herder
– I Made a Huge Mistake! by Carole Herder (no more plastic!)
– The Horse’s Hoof Inspiration! by THH Readers
– Barefoot News

The Horse's Hoof Fall 2019-Issue 76
Published October 2019
– From the Editor: The Trouble with Ponies...
– Enduring After Colic Surgery by Karen Chaton
– Considerations If Giving Vaccines, Sedatives or Dewormers Concurrently by Monique Warren
– The Wonders of the Horse’s Immune System by Joseph Thomas, Ph.D.
– The Fall: EPM and Cushing’s (PPID) by Jessica Lynn
– Understanding Leaky Gut by Marijke van de Water
– Who’s Got your Back? by Carole Herder
– To Muzzle or to Net? by L.A. Sokolowski
– Positive Reinforcement Training, The psychology of learning, clicker training and bitless riding by Dorothy Heffernan
– Thrush Innovations by David Jones
– Treating and Preventing Thrush with HoofArmor by David Jones and Cath Shannon
– The Apex of the Hoof by Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate
– Trust – It Changes Everything by Joe Camp
– A Fresh Look at the Industry Standard For Professional Horse Care by Karen Rohlf
– A Business Built For Horses by Karen Rohlf
– Teaching Your Horse to Tie by Anna Twinney
– A Positive Reinforcement Rein: Rule-changer and game-changer for horsemanship? by Fridtjof Hanson
– Insight to Equus - Book Reviews
– BREAKING NEWS - Bitless Ban!!!

Click here to read article from Fall Issue 76:
A Positive Reinforcement Rein: Rule-changer and game-changer for horsemanship? by Fridtjof Hanson

The Horse's Hoof Winter 2020-Issue 77
Published January 2020
– From the Editor: Flying Changes & Our Big Announcement!
– THH All Access Pass
– Dispelling Dominance and Disrespect by Chrissy Johnson
– IR-Insulin Resistance: What is it really? by Joseph Thomas, Ph.D.
– Balancing Minerals to Build the Best Hoof by Carole Herder
– Hoof Abscesses 101 by Julie Garella
– A Day with a Dutch Trimmer, Part III by Marjanka Lever
– Desert Hoofprints, Part 1: The Salt River Wild Horses by Dan Smith
– World Bitless Horse Day Winners, Joint 1st Place Metal Free Riders
– Developing a True Partnership by Cynthia Cooper
– The Truth About Separation Anxiety in Horses by Myra King
– The One Tool Every Equestrian Needs by Mary Debono
– A Helping Hoof: How Positive Reinforcement Training can Transform Hoof Care by Dorothy Heffernan
– Winter Reminders, Water That Doesn’t Freeze, and More by Joe Camp
– Horses and Healing Layers by Elisha Edwards
– Biting Their Way Into Your Heart? by Anna Twinney
– Scoot Boot - Helping to Push for Industry Change, An Interview with Dr. Tomas Teskey
– Barefoot/Bitless News including Hands OFF Whiskers! Pledge, FEI Bans Bitless, Search for a BITLESS Star!!

The Horse's Hoof Magazine SPRING 2020-Issue 78
Published April 2020
-From the Editor: Flying Tempi Changes & Quarantine
-Desert Hoofprints, Part 2: Tucson to Utah by Dan Smith
-Lyme Disease in the Equine, What’s New in Treatment and Prevention? by Joyce Harman, DVM, MRCVS
-The Benefits of Vitamin C for Horses and their Hooves by Elisha Edwards
-Metal-free on the ‘Moon’ by Linda Chamberlain
-Tor, A Pryor Surprise! by Erin Phillips
-Honoring Destiny: Slow Feeding the NibbleNet Way with L.A. Sokolowski
-VIBRISSAE – Hands OFF Whiskers
-World Bitless Association Ambassadors 2020
-Choosing a Lifestyle for Your Horse by Joe Camp
-Ruminations About Barefoot Gurus by John Stewart, DVM
-Infections of the Frog and Digital Cushion, Hiding in plain sight by Linda Fullmer
-Q&A with Anja Salazar, Horse Behavior Expert by Casie Bazay
-What is Clicker Training? by Melanie S. Watson
-Barefoot on the Tiger’s Trail, Five-day horseback adventures in Australia by Jen Clingly
-This Simple Mindset Shift Can Transform a Stiff, Resistant Horse by Mary Debono
-Ledger’s Legend by Anna Twinney

The Horse's Hoof Magazine SUMMER 2020-Issue 79
Published July 2020
-My Barefoot Story with a Bitless Twist by Yvonne Welz
-A Bow to Editors as Educators by Dr. Robert Cook
-Barefoot Horsecare Practitioners Deserve Validity by Susanella Noble
-A Generation has Passed – Are We Doing Better? by Tomas Teskey D.V.M.
-Renegade’s Story by Erin Phillips (mustang rescued from slaughter)
-To Shoe or Not To Shoe…That is the Question, The Last Resort by Linda Fullmer
-Comfort is Critical by Wendy Jordan
-Science Loves Your Horse…Do You? by Carole Herder
-Aiming for Self-Trimming Horses by Cynthia Cooper
-Soggy Hooves Can Still Be Healthy Hooves by Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate
-Heel-Sole Integration by Thorsten Kaiser
-Perilla: The Bad Boy of the Mint Family by Cindy “Hawk” Sullivan
-No Strings Attached by Joe Camp
-A Personal Program vs. A Cookie-Cutter System by Anna Twinney
-The Great Black American Horseman, Tom Bass! by Yvonne Welz

The Horse's Hoof Magazine FALL FINALE 2020-Issue 80
20th Anniversary Special Edition!
Our last issue!
Published October 2020
–From the Editor: Barefoot: A Twenty-Year Long “Overnight Success” Story
–100 Barefoot Monkeys! by Carole Herder
–Where Barefoot & Bitless Can Lead by Cynthia Cooper
–The State of the Barefoot Movement Right Now An Interview with Dave Macdonald
–Satsanga – Give Thanks, We are Part of Something by Jen Clingly
–Everything You Need to Know - 20 Years of The Horse’s Hoof by Tomas Teskey D.V.M.
–Keeping the Faith by Neal Valk, DVM, DACVS
–In the Beginning by Steve Hebrock
–Warning: Learning to trim hooves may end up changing your entire life! by Sabine Kells
–"I like my horse, but I don’t respect his needs!" by Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. med. vet., PhD
–Barefoot, Looking Back 20 Years by Thorsten Kaiser
–Teach the Teacher by Dave Fitton
–Trends in Barefoot Hoofcare Over the Last 20 Years by Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate
–The Darker Side of Barehoof Care Evolution and The Paradigm Shift? by Carola Adolf
–HORSE-TO-MAN: An Urgent Message by Robert Cook
–Not the Homecoming I Had Hoped for: Laminitis by Anna Twinney
–Tuffy: End of an Era by Jenny Edwards
–Harley’s Story: EPM and DSLD by Sarah Langham
–Reno, the Horse That Started It All by Cindy “Hawk” Sullivan
–New Horse, New Rasp, New Camera, New Outlook! by Erin Wiggins
–The Legacy Of Rosie O’Pony by Susanella Noble
–WHEN WE FAIL AND WHY - Failure leads us to success by Linda Fullmer
–No Agenda Time – Join Up Without a Round Pen by Joe Camp
–What I Have Learned by James Welz
–Publisher of The Horse’s Hoof Joins Team Cavallo
–The Horse’s Hoof 20 Year Index: September 2000 - October 2020

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