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Enter our Bitless Story Contest! Hurry, submissions due by August 31, 2018!

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What’s YOUR Bitless story? Have you gone bitless with your horse? What were the challenges, and what have you accomplished? We’d LOVE to hear! Send in your story for a chance to win YOUR CHOICE* of these great prizes:

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Contest Instructions: Write up your own personal true bitless story. Suggested story length: between 600-2000 words, and include at least 2 photos. Story can be text or a doc file. Save photos as jpeg and email all to: - include your full name, contact info, and your horse’s name. By entering this contest, you agree to give permission to The Horse’s Hoof to publish your material. Thank you for supporting bitless horses!
Hurry, deadline for Contest submissions is August 31, 2018!
All winners will be announced in our next issue, Fall #72.

Click here to Download PDF Contest Instructions!

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The Horse's Hoof Magazine Summer 2018-Issue 71
Released on July 1st, 2018 - 58 pages!

- From the Editor: De-stress Your Horse’s Life
- Your Barefoot Horse Photo Contest Winners!
- Acupressure for Horse Emergencies by Casie Bazay
- And Then There Was Jack by Myra King (bitless riding)
- Better Bitless Control by Moving the Hind End by Cynthia Cooper
- Bitless Story Contest Announcement
- Equine Conspiracy Theory? What are they whispering? by Susanella Noble (more bitless!)
- Time for Trailer Service? by Risa Couch
- Seventy Reasons for Not Using a Bit by Dr. Robert Cook
- Feeding Miniature Horses & Donkeys: Why Slow Fed Forage is Best by Monique Warren
- Four Ways to Assist Your Horse Through Season Change by Carole Herder
- Hydration is More Than a Drop in the Bucket by Lisa Ross-Williams
- The Origin of Passion - Horse Whisperer Anna Twinney... by Vincent Mancarella
- Colleges Attacked Over Horse Welfare by Linda Chamberlain
- Can All Horses Go Barefoot? by Debs Crosoer
- A New Look at the Anatomy and Function of the Horse’s Foot by Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. med. vet., PhD (Strasser explains why the deep flexor tendon does NOT cause rotation of coffin bone - featuring great dissection photos!)

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FREE Feature Article From THH Issue 63:
Determining Healthy Hoof Proportions
How to get as close as possible on almost any hoof, using the plexiglass guide as a tool.
by Sabine Kells
Includes the Hoofcare Professional Angle Guide Template (updated) from THH 63

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Welcome to The Horse's Hoof, News for Barefoot Horse and Hoof Care
We are here for you!

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"The Horse's Hoof" is this informational website, as well as a quarterly 40-50+ (or more) page online magazine, published since 2000 (available in our online store). The Horse’s Hoof, both magazine and website, is a generic barefoot resource for both horseowners and professionals, created in 2000 by barefoot advocates James & Yvonne Welz. The Horse's Hoof is for everyone! We welcome and encourage all methods and theories of barefoot trimming, and support all forms of hoof care that focus on creating healthier hooves over the long-term. We advocate finding compromises to create more natural, healthier living conditions for all horses. We believe that a good system of barefoot horse care is the ultimate prevention against most serious hoof ailments that affect our domestic horses.

While barefoot can be used successfully for the rehabilitation of unhealthy feet, our main focus is on preventing unhealthy feet in the first place - through education and awareness. It is our goal that barefoot becomes a widely accepted choice for performance horses around the world, with hooves raised carefully from birth to be superior in every way. It can be done - we have that information available now, and many people are putting that to action (see the Barefoot Performance page). Using this knowledge, no horse should ever need to suffer catastrophic founder. The younger you begin a barefoot program with your horse, the better (ideally, at birth), but most horse's hooves can be significantly improved, and even become healthy enough to do whatever activity you desire. Barefoot is NOT a fad, or anything new - after all, horses were born with bare hooves. Learning to keep them that way successfully is the job of the barefoot horse owner, and we're here to help. Healthy hooves create happy horses!

The Horse’s Hoof includes a wide variety of information and links throughout this website, and in our magazine. The magazine contents are mostly different from the website, though we do include some articles on here from past issues (Click here for the Contents List). You will find articles and information from and about all the leading experts in the field, including Jaime Jackson, Dr. Robert Bowker, Dr. Hiltrud Strasser, Pete Ramey, KC La Pierre, and many others, as well as experiences and stories from various practitioners and owners. We include a wide variety of material, some of it contradictory, as there are many differences of opinion - and we don't personally agree with everything we publish. We encourage and promote this interchange, because we feel this is what will kick barefoot hoofcare up to the next level!

If you would like to read the personal opinions of James & Yvonne Welz, please visit our membership hoofcare educational website, Hoof Help Online (, which provides detailed how-to trimming instructions and advice through a wide variety of media, and presents our ideas and philosophies on hoofcare that we have personally developed over the past 15 years. Hoof Help Online Flyer

Barefoot hoofcare is a young, developing art and science. There is so much ahead to discover. After over 20 years of hoof study, the leading hoof researcher in the U.S., Dr. Robert Bowker, says, "There is so much that we still don't know about the hoof!"

For more introductory barefoot info, we highly recommend Joe Camp's website and his books, especially The Soul of a Horse — Life Lessons from the Herd and Horses & Stress – Eliminating the Root Cause of Most Health, Hoof and Behavior Problems.

A Timeline of the Barefoot Movement by Yvonne Welz from The Horse's Hoof Issue 50
Using the archived files of THH, a detailed outline of barefoot events over this past 15 years is constructed--for the first time ever!
Yvonne writes, "This is NOT a complete history by any means, but just some of the more important points along the way of this past 15 years of the Barefoot Movement. I hope that after reading this document, you now realize just how newly developed the barefoot movement really is. And how we are ALL responsible for making history, at this very moment!"

50th Issue Retrospective from The Horse's Hoof Issue 50
(This is a huge article!! An extensive look back at the barefoot movement from many different points of view!)
by Yvonne Welz and 15 famous barefoot advocates: Dr. Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. Robert Bowker, Dr. Robert Cook, Pete Ramey, Cindy Sullivan, Gretchen Fathauer, Cheryl Henderson, Sabine Kells, Claudia Garner, Greg Sokoloski, Darolyn Butler, Garrett Ford, Carole Herder, Joe Camp, and James Welz

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Want to learn how James & Yvonne trim? Find out what they REALLY think? Receive direct input and ask them questions? Discover a great barefoot trimming system, with OUR OWN proven techniques now taught for the first time! Duplicate OUR success. Find out what we're so excited about - join Hoof Help Online:

Heart to Hoof Horsemanship
Riding Lessons with Yvonne Welz in Queen Creek, Arizona!

Bitless Riding
Our extensive collection of articles and links to bitless information.
A Bitless-Bit for Dressage/High School RidersMy Bitless Story

James Welz, Phoenix, Arizona EMAIL: jim @ - PHONE: 623-935-1823 - Click here for James' webpage - hoofcare professional, trimming since 1999, special interest in creating the healthy hoof in the domestic horse. Over 18 years full-time trimming experience with hundreds of barefoot horses (200+ horses per month). Innovative techniques and method developed for barefoot success, with inspiration from the wild horse - but with attention paid to details that make his trim unique. Many satisfied customers and healthy-hooved horses trimmed for years. Easyboot Gloves fitting available for trimming clients. Please see Hoof Help Online for all the details about the Welz System of trimming! Trim training available for horseowners and local members of Hoof Help Online. European Certified in Hoof Orthopedics in 2001. Technical Editor, The Horse's Hoof Magazine and owner/developer of Hoof Help Online. Located in Queen Creek/San Tan Valley, but covering all of Phoenix Metro area.

©2000-2018 by The Horse's Hoof. All rights reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced by any means whatsoever without the written permission of the publisher and/or authors. The information contained within these webpages is intended for educational purposes only, and not for diagnosing or medicinally prescribing in any way. Readers are cautioned to seek expert advice from a qualified health professional before pursuing any form of treatment on their animals. Opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher.

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