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Welcome to The Horse's Hoof, News for Barefoot Hoofcare
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"The Horse's Hoof" is this informational website, as well as a quarterly 40+ page FULL COLOR online magazine, published since 2000 (available in our online store). The Horse’s Hoof, both magazine and website, is a generic barefoot resource for both horseowners and professionals, created in 2000 by barefoot advocates James & Yvonne Welz. The Horse's Hoof is for everyone! We welcome and encourage all methods and theories of barefoot trimming, and support all forms of hoof care that focus on creating healthier hooves over the long-term. We advocate finding compromises to create more natural, healthier living conditions for all horses. We believe that a good system of barefoot horse care is the ultimate prevention against most serious hoof ailments that affect our domestic horses.

While barefoot can be used successfully for the rehabilitation of unhealthy feet, our main focus is on preventing unhealthy feet in the first place - through education and awareness. It is our goal that barefoot becomes a widely accepted choice for performance horses around the world, with hooves raised carefully from birth to be superior in every way. It can be done - we have that information available now, and many people are putting that to action (see the Barefoot Performance page). Using this knowledge, no horse should ever need to suffer catastrophic founder. The younger you begin a barefoot program with your horse, the better (ideally, at birth), but most horse's hooves can be significantly improved, and even become healthy enough to do whatever activity you desire. Barefoot is NOT a fad, or anything new - after all, horses were born with bare hooves. Learning to keep them that way successfully is the job of the barefoot horse owner, and we're here to help. Healthy hooves create happy horses!

The Horse’s Hoof includes a wide variety of information and links throughout this website, and in our magazine. The magazine contents are mostly different from the website, though we do include some articles on here from past issues (Click here for the Contents List). You will find articles and information from and about all the leading experts in the field, including Jaime Jackson, Dr. Robert Bower, Dr. Hiltrud Strasser, Pete Ramey, KC La Pierre, and many others, as well as experiences and stories from various practitioners and owners. We include a wide variety of material, some of it contradictory, as there are many differences of opinion - and we don't personally agree with everything we publish. We encourage and promote this interchange, because we feel this is what will kick barefoot hoofcare up to the next level!

If you would like to read the personal opinions of James & Yvonne Welz, please visit our membership hoofcare educational website, Hoof Help Online (, which provides detailed how-to trimming instructions and advice through a wide variety of media, and presents our ideas and philosophies on hoofcare that we have personally developed over the past 14 years.

Barefoot hoofcare is a young, developing art and science. There is so much ahead to discover. After nearly 20 years of hoof study, the leading hoof researcher in the U.S., Dr. Robert Bowker, says, "There is so much that we still don't know about the hoof!"

For more introductory barefoot info, we highly recommend Joe Camp's website and his books, especially The Soul of a Horse — Life Lessons from the Herd and Horses & Stress – Eliminating the Root Cause of Most Health, Hoof and Behavior Problems.

A Timeline of the Barefoot Movement by Yvonne Welz from The Horse's Hoof Issue 50
Using the archived files of THH, a detailed outline of barefoot events over this past 15 years is constructed--for the first time ever!
Yvonne writes, "This is NOT a complete history by any means, but just some of the more important points along the way of this past 15 years of the Barefoot Movement. I hope that after reading this document, you now realize just how newly developed the barefoot movement really is. And how we are ALL responsible for making history, at this very moment!"

Breaking Hoof News....

(for archive of all previous news items, please visit our News page)

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What BETTER way to keep you abreast of barefoot news? I'll try to keep you posted with a steady stream of news and happenings in the barefoot world, as well as special interest stories about the things that matter to those who love natural horse care. And I'll tell you what is going on with James & I. (This current "old fashioned" news section will filter down to just the more important "stand-out" news items.)

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March 2014:
We've MOVED!!!The Horse's Hoof and James & Yvonne Welz have moved to their new Wishing Welz Ranch in Queen Creek, Arizona! Here is our new mailing address:
The Horse's Hoof / Wishing Welz Equine LLC
P.O. Box 1969
Queen Creek, AZ 85142
Toll free: 877-594-3365

March 8-9, 2014
Hoof Help Online Clinic with James & Yvonne Welz
Queen Creek, Arizona (just southeast of Phoenix)
Arizona Clinic Flyer (PDF)

Nutrition Seminar with Dr. Tim Kempton, Australia (author in THH Issue 53 and the man behind CoolStance). Dr. Kempton will be in the United States for 5 seminars end of January/beginning of February. Here is the schedule:
January 31 - Graham Texas (West of Dallas)
February 1 - Midland, TX
February 3 - Aiken SC
February 4 - Tryon, NC
February 5 - Chapel Hill, NC
Discussion topics include:
Modern Feeding Trends - Are we Killing Our Horses with Kindness? - Symptoms of Metabolic Chaos - Feed Components incl. Oils - What can you do? - Real Life Solutions - Question and Answer Session
There is a small fee ($5-$10) for some of these sessions; all profits will go to charities for horses.
Contact Claudia for flyers: claudia @ or 803-647-1200

January 2014:
The Horse's Hoof Magazine Winter 2014-Issue 53 is released on Wednesday, January 1, 2014! Click here to read what's inside!

January 2014:
Barefoot advocate and professional trimmer Anne "Tree" Coley of Etowah, North Carolina, passed away on Monday, January 6, 2014. She developed pneumonia after coming down with a bad case of the flu.
Anne was very involved in the barefoot movement right from the beginning, extremely active on newsgroups and forums, generous with her time in helping others, influencing horseowners and trimmers around the world. She will be so greatly missed. She wrote an article in THH Issue 23 about her foundered case study, “You Have Until April." Her web article is on THH site is here: "A Horse Named Fred" by by Anne "Tree" Coley (A summer camp horse gets a new lease on life.)

December 2013:
RIP to DJB Brave Heart

Sadly and unexpectedly, the endurance pony DJB Brave Heart passed away on December 13, 2013. Our condolences to owner Darolyn Butler, rider Devan Horn, and all the people whose lives were touched by him.
DJB Brave Heart was featured in The Horse’s Hoof Issue #52 in two stories, after this barefoot endurance superstar pony won the Horse Power Award at the Annual North American Young Riders Championship 2013.
I can’t think of a more fitting tribute than what his rider Devan Horn wrote about him just weeks before he died, and right after they won The Armadillo 100 in what Devan described as, “The Perfect Ride”:

November 2013
Fantastic new book from Joe Camp: "Born Wild – The Soul of a Horse"

The anxiously anticipated sequel to the National Best Seller The Soul of a Horse – Life Lessons from the Herd

November 2013
Barefoot/booted horse wins at the U.S. Dressage Finals
- Akiko Yamazaki and her 15-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding Matrix, who was previously lame for 2 year.

September 21, 2013
Clinic with Brian Hampson, Direct student of Chris Pollit and co-founder of the Brumby Research Unit in Spain (hosted by Barefoot Solutions)
More information:

August 17,18,19, 2013
Superior Soundness of the Equine Hoof Clinic with Dr. Tomas Teskey, D.V.M.
Olympia, WA
For questions and to sign up please call, text or email Tami Strom
Cell phone: 360-280-2901
Email: barefootponies @

From Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners, The PHCP Annual Conference! Sept 27, 28, 29 2013 in Sacramento, CA
Sign up now! It's going to be really fun and educational! (you do not need to be a PHCP member to attend, although members get a reduced rate) :)
Visit the website to sign up:

2013 Tevis Cup won by barefoot/booted horse
Congratulations to EasyCare dealer and HCP Rusty Toth and his horse Quake for winning the 2013 Tevis Cup!

Equine Wellness Radio Show
Holistic hoof hare practitioner Megan Hensley has created Equine Wellness Radio, a monthly radio show that explores Preventative Health and Wellness for equines. You can listen to her shows online. Her first show was “Boosting your horse’s immune system, and the effects of chemical de-worming” with Jessica Lynn of Earth Song Ranch. Show #2 was her interview with Senior Police Officer Greg Sokoloski of the Houston Mounted Patrol Unit in Texas. Show #3 was her interview with Julie Frink, Sport Horse Enthusiast and Dressage rider who shares her “Barefoot Timeline”... barefoot Paints, Shires, and Thoroughbreds.
You can listen to them all—find archived links to her shows at: (Equine Wellness Radio on Facebook)
For new shows, tune in at to listen online.

New Book from Joe Camp: Horses & Stress
“This is an unsolicited review for an outstanding book. And I have to admit, I think this small, simple little book, Horses & Stress – Eliminating the Root Cause of Most Health, Hoof and Behavior Problems, is one of my all time favorites. This is the PERFECT book to give as a gift or recommend to anyone who is just getting interested in caring for their horses in an improved way. Or really it’s the perfect book for every horse owner! What I love about this book is that it gets to the real heart of the matter and Joe is so dang enjoyable to read. This isn’t just about barefoot, or diet, or lifestyle. It is about developing a level of caring for your horse where he is not a vehicle, but a friend and partner, and you want to provide him with the lifestyle that is conducive to his health (not just one that is convenient for your life!) Joe’s simple way of explaining why and how things work will appeal to any horse owner with common sense. He provides the rational explanations behind natural horse care, with the most important reason being that caring for our horses naturally reduces their stress—which fixes just about every domestic equine problem that has ever existed.” — Yvonne Welz, Editor – The Horse’s Hoof (available at Amazon or

Veterinary Board Rules on “Equine Podiatry”
April 2013: The Connecticut Board of Veterinary Medicine has ruled that “Equine Podiatry” is an Evolution of the Farrier practice, and dropped charges against a professional Equine Podiatrist which alleged she was practicing veterinary medicine. Read the full press release here.

March 2013:
Laminitis E-Book from Jenny Edwards: I have put together an ebook on the basics of laminitis with the aim of providing helpful, but not overwhelming, information to horse owners. I found as a trimmer, there is not one easy reference place that I could send my clients to so decided to collate all that I have learnt into an easy-to-read and understand ebook. Here is a link to my webpage with more info on the book:

The Hoof Help Online Official "App" is just released!!! Download it today!

Italian translation of articles in The Horse's Hoof Magazine!
Starting with Spring 2013, THH Issue 50, select articles will be translated into Italian and text emailed to all subscribers in Italy. There will be a couple week delay for the translation, with estimate by mid-April for THH 50. The translation is being done by a dedicated volunteer group of Italian subscribers and will be free of charge! Italians, all you need to do is subscribe to The Horse's Hoof Magazine! The Horse's Hoof Store

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February 2013
Dressage Today Magazine Cover Story: "Barefoot Dressage with Shannon Peters"
Trainers Shannon and Steffen Peters explore the benefits of barefoot dressage with high-performance horses.
Read the full article online:

January 2013
THH author, fantastic horsewoman and Long Rider Christy Henchie passed away tragically in a road accident in Tanzania on January 28, 2013. Her fiancé, South African Long Rider Billy Brenchley barely escaped death and suffered a broken leg. An out-of-control bus hit them and their horses, and also killed and injured many bystanders. You can read more here:
A beautiful statement from Christy, who lived such a rich and exciting adventure: “We have accepted that we will finish when we finish and not before. One day we will reach home and things will change and we will lead different lives. We will get married and have children and no doubt they will become our motivation for everything we do but until then, our life is a journey and we are enjoying the ride.” -- Historical Long Rider Christy Henchie

International Bare Hoof Association (IBHA)
Finally! An International Bare Hoof Association!
Benefits of membership include: an online (PDF) subscription to The Horse’s Hoof Magazine, access to an online forum with articles and a discussion board where you can connect with other bare hoof enthusiasts, discounts to seminars and symposiums hosted by IBHA, and listing services for the bare hoof industry and friends of the bare hoof horse. Members currently come from the USA, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Sweden – resulting in a truly international community dedicated to the welfare and promotion of the bare hoof horse. The IBHA is looking forward to hosting seminars, providing insurance and scholarships for future hoof care professionals. Your membership helps the IBHA to accomplish very ambitious goals.
Sign up today:
Here you also will find how to contact the board members of IBHA, they are looking forward to your questions and to serving the bare hoof community.
You also can “like” the Facebook page:

October 2012
Equine Hoof Development Study Needs Your Help!
Dr. Debra Taylor of Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine is ready to move forward with a long-term MRI/CT study of internal foot development in live horses! I don’t have to tell any of you how HUGE this could be. I have a link to a request for private donations under “What’s New” on my front page ( Or you can just use this link:
Will you spread the word? If this is important to you, please post the link to any chat groups you belong to, and forward it to anyone you think might donate some money. Ivy and I are donating... I hope you will too.—Pete Ramey

“Two Minutes With Tab” from Vettec - Video Series Focused on Hoof Health and Ailments Launched
Vettec Inc. launches free, hoof care instructional video series, “2 Minutes with Tab,” featuring Certified Journeyman Farrier, Tab Pig. Click here to view.

Each issue of The Horse's Hoof Magazine is released with the seasons:
Winter issue: Jan 1
Spring issue: Apr 1
Summer issue: July 1
Fall issue: Oct 1

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