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The Horse's Hoof Magazine: FALL FINALE 2020, Issue 80

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The Horse's Hoof Magazine FALL FINALE 2020-Issue 80
20th Anniversary Special Edition!
Our last issue!
Released on October 1st, 2020 - 92 pages!
–From the Editor: Barefoot: A Twenty-Year Long “Overnight Success” Story
–100 Barefoot Monkeys! by Carole Herder
–Where Barefoot & Bitless Can Lead by Cynthia Cooper
–The State of the Barefoot Movement Right Now An Interview with Dave Macdonald
–Satsanga – Give Thanks, We are Part of Something by Jen Clingly
–Everything You Need to Know - 20 Years of The Horse’s Hoof by Tomas Teskey D.V.M.
–Keeping the Faith by Neal Valk, DVM, DACVS
–In the Beginning by Steve Hebrock
–Warning: Learning to trim hooves may end up changing your entire life! by Sabine Kells
–"I like my horse, but I don’t respect his needs!" by Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. med. vet., PhD
–Barefoot, Looking Back 20 Years by Thorsten Kaiser
–Teach the Teacher by Dave Fitton
–Trends in Barefoot Hoofcare Over the Last 20 Years by Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate
–The Darker Side of Barehoof Care Evolution and The Paradigm Shift? by Carola Adolf
–HORSE-TO-MAN: An Urgent Message by Robert Cook
–Not the Homecoming I Had Hoped for: Laminitis by Anna Twinney
–Tuffy: End of an Era by Jenny Edwards
–Harley’s Story: EPM and DSLD by Sarah Langham
–Reno, the Horse That Started It All by Cindy “Hawk” Sullivan
–New Horse, New Rasp, New Camera, New Outlook! by Erin Wiggins
–The Legacy Of Rosie O’Pony by Susanella Noble
–WHEN WE FAIL AND WHY - Failure leads us to success by Linda Fullmer
–No Agenda Time – Join Up Without a Round Pen by Joe Camp
–What I Have Learned by James Welz
–Publisher of The Horse’s Hoof Joins Team Cavallo
–The Horse’s Hoof 20 Year Index: September 2000 - October 2020

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