How to Get Started in Barefoot Hoofcare

So, you have just discovered Barefoot Hoofcare, and you want to get started as soon as possible--but you have no idea where to go or what to do? Here is a simple step-by-step guide to get you started on the right foot.

Before you begin, read these articles:
What is Natural Hoofcare?
What is a Natural Trim?
Help! What does a Healthy Hoof look like?
Help! How do I choose a Trimming Method?
Help! How do I choose a Natural Hoofcare Professional?

NEW! Locate a Professional Barefoot Trimmer!

1. Order and read these books:

Most of these books are available here:
Not all of these are how-to books, per se, but will provide the framework of information that you need to get started.

"A Lifetime of Soundness" (most important book!) and "Shoeing, A Necessary Evil?" by Dr. Hiltrud Strasser,

"Horse Owner's Guide to Natural Hoof Care" by Jaime Jackson,

"Paddock Paradise" by Jaime Jackson,

"Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You" by Pete Ramey,

"The Natural Horse: Foundations for Natural Horsemanship" by Jaime Jackson,

"The Sound Hoof: Horse Health From the Ground Up" by Lisa Simons Lancaster, DVM, PhD,

If your horse has laminitis or founder, also read Dr. Strasser's book, "Who's Afraid of Founder, Laminitis Demystified: Causes, Prevention and Holistic Rehabilitation" and Jaime Jackson's book, "Founder: Prevention & Cure the Natural Way.

Also recommended: "Barefoot Stories" and "The Secret of Happy Horses" by Sabine Kells.

2. Study these websites:

Marjorie Smith - Barefoot for Soundness
Marjorie Smith's extensive website explores the problems with shoeing, and the transition to barefootedness. Extremely safe, helpful information on using the tools and how to get started trimming your own horses. Very good information for the do-it-yourself trimmer.

and download this barefoot trimming manual, courtesy of Easycare, Inc. and Dr. Tom Teskey:
"Look at those Hooves!" Trim Manual

If you have a foundered or laminitic horse, study this website: We don't recommend that owners ever trim pathological horses, however.
Treating Founder (Chronic Laminitis) Without Horseshoes by Gretchen Fathauer

This website isn't just about horses with founder, it really applies to all horses. Hundreds of photos and loaded with information on Dr. Strasser's theories and methods. Be sure to study this page which show correct trimming done during a Strasser clinic:
and this page:
This is NOT authorized by Dr. Strasser, and is Gretchen's own personal interpretation.

You will also find a tremendous amount of information on our Links page. Read through the websites on General Barefoot Information, Barefoot Clinicians, Barefoot Organizations, Barefoot Professionals, Strasser Hoofcare Resources, and Barefoot Horseowners.

3. Join this internet mailing list:
This moderated group focuses specifically on Dr. Strasser's and Jaime Jackson's recommendations for horse care and natural trimming, however all methods are discussed. Once you join this group, you will have access to the links page to find other sources of trimming information: as well as the files page, which gives you access to all kinds of trimming photos:

There are many other barefoot horse lists out there, just do a search in yahoo. This list above is highly recommended though, as it is the largest barefoot list in existance, and it is moderated and friendly. Many experienced people frequent this list.

4. Adopt some basic principles of Natural Hoof Care:

5. Locate hands-on trimming assistance

Barefoot professionals are listed in these locations:

NEW! Locate a Professional Barefoot Trimmer!

If you live too far to obtain the direct services of a barefoot hoofcare professional, you will need to arrange for training for either yourself, or the person who will be doing your trimming (farrier). Attend as many barefoot seminars, clinics and other events as you possibly can, no matter what the method, to learn from as many sources as possible. You may not be able to do a truly correct trim on your own (and we urge caution and conservative measures at all times while trimming!), but following the basic living conditions of the method, and doing any type of barefoot trim will probably create some improvement in horses with minor problems.

However, for severe cases of founder, contraction, or navicular, obtaining professional help is crucial to your horse's recovery, so you may need to send your horse to a qualified person who has a hoof clinic or rehabilitation set-up. You and your farrier should attend a clinic or course in your area that will provide you with basic knowledge and experience in trimming feet.

There are barefoot trimming courses and events listed here:

If you have no access to a barefoot professional, try to locate a good farrier who is willing to learn and/or do as you ask. Provide your farrier with reading material, pictures and sketches before hand. Make sure that he reads the above listed barefoot publications and books. If you can't find a sympathetic farrier...don't are about to embark upon an a real adventure. Many horseowners have learned to do their own trims. You can, too. If you are totally alone in this, with no hands-on help, a good online resource is Marjorie Smith's website, Barefoot for Soundness

6. Purchase trimming tools and supplies. (many of these tools are available here: Trimming Supplies)

Even if you have found a nearby barefoot professionals or a farrier to help, you still need to learn to trim. You should become familiar with all the tools, and skilled at making minor touch up trims in between scheduled trimming visits.

7. Take the Iron Shoes off your horse

8. Take measurements and photographs of all hooves for benchmarks. Do this before AND after the first trim, and periodically thereafter.

9. You and/or your farrier start doing a Barefoot Trim.

Please see the Resources page for more helpful info.

10. Keep learning and researching about hooves and natural horse care. Please visit our links page for an extensive listing of informational resources.

Remember to go slow, learn from any mistakes and take advantage of the knowledge pool that is available to you.

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