The Horse's Hoof Barefoot Pioneers List

What is a Barefoot Pioneer?

A "barefoot pioneer" can be described a modern day educator who has increased public awareness about the viable option of maintaining sound riding horses without the use of traditional nailed-on metal shoes. There are many fantastic barefoot authorities out there, with their numbers growing yearly, who have dedicated themselves to spreading this knowledge of barefoot horse care to the general horse public. The people here on our list are all that, but much more -- they have been the leading innovators of the barefoot movement. They have each had a totally unique presence and contribution, and have done things that simply had never been done before. Some are barefoot trimmers, while others are farriers, scientists, vets, or website owners. Each of these people has, individually, had a huge impact on untold numbers of horseowners around the world, and we thank them for what they've done for us all. They have truly been the movers and shakers of the barefoot horse world.

(In alphabetical order:)

Robert M. Bowker VMD, PhD,
Professor of Anatomy, Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine


Research abstracts on Dr. Lisa Lancaster's website:

Scientific paper: The Growth and Adaptive Capabilities of Changes in Response to Stress (21-Nov-2003)
Scientific paper: Contrasting Structural Morphologies of 'Good’ and 'Bad’ Footed Horses (21-Nov-2003)
(To access these papers, visit )

Press release from Michigan State Univ., Physiological Trimming for a Healthy Equine Foot (.doc file)

Contrasting Structural Morphologies of 'Good’ and 'Bad’ Footed Horses

Physiological Trimming for a Healthy Equine Foot


A New Theory About Equine Foot Physiology

Dr. Robert Bowker's Corona Vista Equine Center
Visit Dr. Bowker's rehab facility online! The Corona Vista Equine Center, located near Lansing Michigan, offers the finest in holistic horse care, lameness rehab and cutting edge hoof research. Brand new natural boarding facility - complete with indoor arena and outdoor living tracks. Hoof care clinics and workshops dates.

Gretchen Fathauer,


Jaime Jackson, AANHCP


Home of "Star Ridge Publishing," the publisher of Jaime Jackson's books:

K.C. La Pierre, Institute of Equine Podiatry


Martha Olivo, United Horsemanship


Gene Ovnicek, Natural Balance Hoofcare


Pete Ramey, AANHCP


Marjorie Smith - Barefoot for Soundness


Dr. Hiltrud Strasser, Strasser Hoofcare

North America

Tomas Teskey, DVM

Website: Q&A with The Vet , authored by Tomas Teskey, DVM. This blog is a resource for horse owners, allowing them to ask an expert questions about natural hoofcare.

James & Yvonne Welz

If you are reading this, then you are already on their website! They have been actively participating in the barefoot movement since 1999, and continuously aim to unite all of the above barefoot pioneers, and their followers, together under the roof of The Horse's Hoof Magazine and Website. Through a sharing and exploration of a multitude of ideas, we can create a better world for the horses of tomorrow.

Note: There are many others out there who are barefoot authorities, but we can't possibly list them all. Please visit our links page for websites of more barefoot authorities.

Barefoot Associations and Organizations

American Association of Natural Hoof Care Practitioners (AANHCP)

Australian Equine Barefoot Movement (AEBM)

Barefoot Equine Management Association (BEMA)

United Horsemanship

More info:

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