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July 2018:

Enter our Bitless Story Contest! Hurry, submissions due by August 31, 2018!

Click here to Download PDF Contest Instructions!

What’s YOUR Bitless story? Have you gone bitless with your horse? What were the challenges, and what have you accomplished? We’d LOVE to hear! Send in your story for a chance to win YOUR CHOICE* of these great prizes:

1) Star Wheel Hackamore (includes 2 metal wheels, noseband and chinstrap) from The Horse’s Hoof Store. Choose Brown Leather Fleece or Black Leather Neoprene.Value $64.95. View here:

2) Missy Wryn All-In-One Bitless Bridle, standard size, black. Training halter AND bitless bridle including headstall, browband, 12 foot lead rope, attachable reins combo with 4 Missy Wryn training DVD’s. “It is a myth to believe you need a bit to control your horse!” Value $189.95. View here:

3) 40” Equi-Spirit™ Ultimate Cordura Ball from Equi-Spirit Toys. Extra Heavy-Duty Ultimate ball features a durable PVC bladder and 1000 denier domestic Cordura cover. Value $185.00. View here:

4) LightRider Bitless Noseband, Leather. Value approx. $55.00. Choose from any leather style here:

*Prizes: 1st Place will receive their choice of 2 prizes from above! 2nd Place will receive their choice of the 2 remaining prizes, and 3rd place receives the final prize. All 3 receive a 2-year subscription to The Horse’s Hoof Magazine, and their story published in next issue!

Contest Instructions: Write up your own personal true bitless story. Suggested story length: between 600-2000 words, and include at least 2 photos. Story can be text or a doc file. Save photos as jpeg and email all to: - include your full name, contact info, and your horse’s name. By entering this contest, you agree to give permission to The Horse’s Hoof to publish your material. Thank you for supporting bitless horses!
Hurry, deadline for Contest submissions is August 31, 2018!
All winners will be announced in our next issue, Fall #72.

Click here to Download PDF Contest Instructions!

April 2018


Announcing "Your Barefoot Horse Photo Contest!"
Show us your beautiful barefoot horses!!! Send in your best barefoot horse photos for your chance to win some great prizes!

Grand Prizes! Senders of the top FOUR Barefoot Horse photos will each receive a FREE pair of Scoot Boot hoof boots! (value $189.00 USD and a 2 year subscription to The Horse’s Hoof Magazine, plus their photos will be published in the next issue of The Horse’s Hoof Magazine (Summer 71).

Honorable mentions: 10 Runners-Up photos will also receive a 1 year subscription to The Horse’s Hoof Magazine, and photos will be published in future issues.

Your Barefoot Horse Photo Contest Instructions:
First, take a really great photo of your barefoot horse! Please save as a jpeg file and email photo to: - include your horse’s name, and your full name and contact information. Please feel free to send your barefoot story along with your photo! Please limit photo submissions to 5 photos per entrant. By entering this contest, you agree to give permission to The Horse’s Hoof and/or Scoot Boot to publish your material. Thank you for supporting barefoot horses! Hurry, deadline for Contest submissions is May 31, 2018! All winners will be announced in our next issue, Summer 71.

Click here to Download PDF instructions!

April 2017

Equine Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance Group Inc. Announces
2017 NO Laminitis! Conference

When: October 27 - 29, 2017

Where: Tucson Hilton East, Tucson, AZ

Attendees: Any professional or owner who has one or more horses in their care.

Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD
Robert M. Bowker, VMD, PhD
Jaini Clougher, BSc, BVSc
Kathleen Gustafson, PhD
Lisa Lancaster, DVM
Lavinia Fiscaletti, BS - Moderator and Senior ECIR
Group Member
Paige Poss, AAPF, Anatomy of the Equine, LLC
Carol Layton, BSc, M.Ed, Balanced Equine Nutrition

More info: and

April 2017

We announce The Great Barefootin’ Story Contest! Open for everyone!
Do you have a really fantastic barefoot horse story to share? About a barefoot horse that defied the odds, achieved something great, recovered from lameness... or perhaps just made your life absolutely wonderful?

Grand Prizes! The authors of the top FOUR Barefootin’ Stories will each receive a FREE pair of Scoot Boot hoof boots! (value $177.00 USD) and a 2 year subscription to The Horse’s Hoof Magazine, plus be published in an upcoming issue of The Horse’s Hoof. (More information on the Scoot Boot: Honorable mentions: Our Runners-Up stories will also be published in future issues.

The Great Barefootin’ Story Contest Instructions:
Write up your very best true story about a barefoot horse. Suggested story length: between 600-2000 words. Please include at least 2 photos with your story. Story can be about any barefoot horse, your own or someone else’s – but please obtain the owner’s permission if writing about a friend’s horse. Story may also be about historical or famous horses. Please save story as a .doc file, or text file, or paste into body of email. Please save photos as separate jpeg files and email all to: editor @ - include your full name and contact info. By entering this contest, you agree to give permission to The Horse’s Hoof to publish your story and photos.

Hurry, deadline for Contest submissions is May 31, 2017! All winners will be announced in our next issue, Summer 67.

March 2017

Goodbye to Dr. Strasser’s Kappi
Saying goodbye to your favorite horse is always difficult...
Kappi was one of the two main riding horses of Dr. Hiltrud Strasser and her husband. For a while now, Kappi had been having problems with stability in his hind end, and sometimes had difficulty getting up. One time, Dr. Strasser ended up bringing in 12 people from the fire rescue squad to help hoist him back on his feet!
Lately, he would occasionally fall for no reason, and on January 23 of this year, he went down again, injuring himself badly on one eye. When it became clear after several hours that he was unable to rise again, Dr. Strasser made the heart-wrenching decision to let him go across the Rainbow Bridge. With his passing came the end of an era for her, as Kappi was the last living reminder she had of the wonderful years of horseback riding with her late husband Wolfgang, and their two main riding horses, Feelux and Kappi.
Kappi was 32 years old. Happy gallops, Kappi!

Hiltrud Strasser and Kappi taken 12 years ago. What a cute photo of the two of them!

Kappi at age 30 (2 years ago).

January 2017

Sabine Kells' horse Bonnie (Sabine riding her, the chestnut in photo above), the horse responsible for bringing barefoot knowledge to the world via Sabine's translation of Dr. Hiltrud Strasser's barefoot trimming methodology, passed away at age 36 1/2 years old -- "21 years more than the vets gave her when she was diagnosed with navicular at age 15 & I was told to put her down."

Read the full heartwarming tribute to Bonnie in The Horse's Hoof Magazine Spring Issue 66.

July 2016

Trip of a Lifetime from Scoot Boot!
Don’t miss out on the new Scoot Boot contest! The prize is a trip for 2 to follow in the footsteps of the “Man from Snowy River” on the horse-riding trip of a lifetime in the Australian High Country!
To enter, upload a photo of your horse wearing Scoot Boots. Entries close on September 10, 2016, so hurry and follow the instructions on their Facebook page:
Make sure to click on the “Boot Up and Scoot Photo Contest” tab and submit your photo there, along with the entry form.

July 2016

More information, registry, details:
Sarolta Boros: + 36305970672 - email: amurathtina @

May 2016

New Barefoot Horse Resource

Barefoot Horse Info - Looking for a barefoot trimmer, hoofcare course, or just a good hoof book? Website owner of says, "Last January I launched to make it easier for UK horse owners to find a barefoot trimmer, and to understand what training and professional bodies were available. Since then over 70 trimmers from almost every county have added their details to the site." She includes barefoot friendly livery yards, equine bodyworkers and sections on hoof boots, nutrition, blogs and magazines, support groups. This is a great barefoot trimming database website!

April 2016

New Book from Carole Herder: "There Are No Horseshoes in Heaven: Escape the Limits of Tradition and Discover the Path to Perfect Health for You and Your Horse"

What would it be like to know what you need to keep your horse healthy and sound? What can you do every day to make the most of your experience with your horse? There are No Horseshoes in Heaven offers a profound and passionate exploration of past patterns, guiding you through an entertaining and thought-provoking invitation to make alternative choices. Protect your horse from pain and discomfort, maximize your riding experience and gain insight into the ‘hot spots’ for horses, through scientific evidence and real-life stories.

"A beautifully written true story of a kindred spirit's journey through life discovering ways to leave the world a better place for horses and for people, too. ~ Monty Roberts

Buy on Amazon

April 2016

Pete Ramey Heading DOWN UNDER!
The Australian Certified Equine Hoof Care Practitioners ( are bouncing like kangaroos, excited to announce that hoof rehabilitation specialist, author and educator, Pete Ramey is running a series of clinics in AUSTRALIA:

OCTOBER 15th & 16th - Melbourne, Victoria
OCTOBER 22nd & 23rd - Northern Tasmania
OCTOBER 29th and 30th - Canberra, ACT

Pete is a dynamic presenter, and his hands-on practical approach that focuses on “growing a healthier hoof” is the reason his clinics sell out fast.

Australians! The Horse’s Hoof is pleased to be the first publication to bring you the news PETE RAMEY is heading DOWN UNDER.

Register at or jenclingly @

December 2015

Loss of Barefoot Police Horse
From the Houston Police Department, December 3, 2015: "It is with heavy hearts that we announce the death of Charlotte, an HPD Mounted Patrol horse, who died in the line of duty this morning in a motor vehicle accident. This is an ongoing investigation, but the driver of the vehicle is not believed to be at-fault. Her rider, Officer D. Herrejon, was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but is doing well.
Charlotte came to HPD as an unstarted 2-year old Tennessee Walker from Oklahoma. She thrived in HPD Mounted Patrol’s barefoot and natural horsemanship programs. She passed her evaluation period with flying colors and was working the streets of Downtown Houston within a short time of being started under saddle. She loved her job and was always ready to go to work putting bad guys in jail or giving nuzzles to children. She served the citizens of Houston for 4 years.
She will be missed."

July 2015

“A Barefoot Journey,” one woman’s fight against horse shoes

In the new book, A Barefoot Journey, author Linda Chamberlain gives an account of her quiet battle to ride her horses without metal shoes. It’s a subject of huge debate and division in the equine world, a debate that has led to prosecutions and hate-filled anonymous phone calls. Available on

Yvonne Welz says: This book is absolutely delightful! I picked up it one afternoon when I only had "a few minutes" to spare, and literally could not put it down until I read the entire thing! For those of us involved in the barefoot movement, it will remind you of your own journey, and you will realize you share so much in common with Linda. For those new to barefoot, it will provide so much encouragement and resolve to stay the course. And it is beautifully written - so enjoyable to read.

July 2015

Tomas Teskey DVM Clinic in Italy
On October 31 - November 1, 2015, Tomas Teskey DVM will be in Italy (Cesenatico) for a clinic. Franco Belmonte has organized this clinic for owners and professionals to spread the word and share the barefoot vision of the horse worldwide. Trimming, body work, dentistry, and hoof dissection are just a few of the topics that Teskey covers in his clinic. When you attend, you will meet one of the men that wrote the history of the barefoot movement, now famous for his hard-line ethical position!

This is a rare opportunity for professionals belonging to different schools to meet on shared principles. This is also a fine start for beginners. For everyone, this will be a clinic to remember. For more information or to reserve a seat, and for accommodation please contact: katia @ or dr.francobelmonte @
For more in Italian language, visit:

July 2015

Helping Hooves Manitoba
Every year I run a 2 or 3 week long horseback trail ride through parts of Manitoba, Canada, to raise funds for breast cancer patients who are having financial difficulty while undergoing treatment. Most riders just join for a day or two, but I do the entire ride, every year. I put on anywhere from 100 to 300 miles per ride, and I do it barefoot. I like to have boots for my mare when we have to travel gravel roads or pavement. Our ride this year starts on August 14. – Pam Glover,

June 2015

New Book from Dutch Henry
“Howdy Friends! It’s for the Horses truly is for the horses. At the urgings of friends who enjoy our Coffee Clutch blog I’ve compiled 3 years of my horse related posts into this book. You’ll enjoy stories about their spirituality, communication, emotions, needs, care, connection, health, exercises, housing, foot care and more. This is not a book about riding or training horses. This is a book on my thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how folks might find the joy in doing things for the horse, with the horse’s point of view as the leading guide. It is my hope to help as many people as possible learn to hear the horse, feel their spirit, and in that way help horses and their people everywhere.” ~ Gitty Up, Dutch Henry
For reviews and more information about this book, please visit:
Join his blog - Coffee Clutch with Dutch Henry
Dutch Henry on Facebook:
Available on

April 2015

Welcome To The New
In April 2015, the American Farriers Journal Website was completely redesigned.
Visit at

March 2015

New Book Offers Unprecedented Horse Hoof Care Information
“A Modern Look at... THE HOOF” by Monique Craig

From the casual rider to the seasoned veterinarian, there’s information for every horse-lover in this new book on the horse’s hoof. Author Monique Craig is the founder of EponaTech and the Epona-Institute, and inventor of the EponaShoe polyurethane shoe. This book provides a detailed look at the hoof morphology (shape) and function, and discusses implications for how the hoof should be trimmed and cared for, along with real-world application of her shoeing approach. Many case studies are presented, with thorough research and documentation. Available on and

March 2015

The Bitless Shop at The Horse's Hoof Store adds the Star Wheel Hackamore to its bitless line-up, which includes the Zilco Flower Hackamore and The Dr. Cook® Bitless Bridle! Lots of choices for your bitless riding, whether it be pleasure & trail riding, hacking, jumping, or upper level classical schooling!

January 2015

From KC & Robyn La Pierre, Co-Founders Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry (IAEP), comes a new hoof care blog. "“We have taken things to a new level, with the launch of our new blog The Perfect Hoof. This blog is dedicated to sharing new insight and information by publishing articles written from our perspective, the perspective of the Applied Equine Podiatrist. Posts include series, case studies, how to’s, product reviews, and so much more. We invite you to visit our blog and become a follower. Don’t miss out on a single post. We will be offering monthly giveaways for all those that elect to follow our blog. We wish you and the horses you care for all the best.”

December 2014

New novel about 19th Century barefoot advocate vet Bracy Clark!!!

Suppressed Research Brought to Light in New Novel
“THE FIRST VET” by Linda Chamberlain

Bracy Clark exposed a serious threat to horse health 200 years ago, but his work was suppressed and ridiculed. Now he’s being given a second chance to change the future for the animals he loved, thanks to a page-turning new novel called The First Vet.

Purchase the book on Amazon, available as Kindle or paperback:
Click here to order on
Click here to order on Amazon UK
Contact Linda Chamberlain
Tel: 01342 826272
Email: lindachamberlain94 @

November 2014

The Functional Hoof Conference 2014 in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia was a HUGE success!!! See full coverage in The Horse's Hoof Issue 57.
Article from Conference organizers, Rebecca J Scott and Zoe Messina

July 2014

SW Holistic Horse & Hound Expo Presented by Natural Horse Magazine! September 6th, 2014 in Prescott, Arizona

The EXPO holistic horse and dog advocates have been waiting for!
Interested in how holistic bodywork therapies can benefit your horse and dog? Considering having your horse go barefoot? Looking for a natural hoof trimmer? Want to learn more about dentistry options for your dog or horse? Curious about a raw food diet for your dog?
The SW Holistic Horse & Hound Expo explores all these topics and more with in-depth presentations by experts in their fields.
Equine Presentations Include:
• Equine Body Balancing by Kelli Heidt
• What is a Holistic Approach to Horse Care? by Lisa Ross-Williams
• Balanced, Equine Dentistry by Wes Campbell, CEqD and Jodi Davenport, CEqD
• Partnership & Confidence Building by Katherine Barbarite
• Equine Acupressure - Help for the Hindquarters by Kristen Guerra
• What to Expect from a Natural Trimmer by Kenny Williams

For more information, visit: – email Kenny @ or call 928-999-5797

July 2014

6th World Conference for hoof care and holistic horse treatment - in Germany, Sept 27-28, 2014

On 27th and 28th Sept. 2014, horse specialists from all over the world meet to discuss alternative hoof care and holistic horse treatment and hear research about these topics. High caliber guest speakers such as Dr. Jens Lorenz Franzen, Dr. Hiltrud Strasser, leader of the European Equine Institute Chris Gehrmann, and many others are coming from New Zealand, Austria, Latvia, the United States and of course Germany to participate.

The conference takes place at the beautiful Karolingerhalle, the Pruem City Hall, in the picturesque Eifel area of Germany.

There is plenty of time in the evenings to meet like minded horse people and share experiences as well as an exciting entertainment program. On one evening, well known adventure rider Guenter Wamser, will give an enthralling speech about the stages of his journey from Argentina to Alaska. Another highlight will be the performance of the "Jazz Pistols", otherwise known as the "Uwe Ochsenknecht Band" with their dynamic, energetic Pop-Jazz-Mix. The Band will be accompanied by the wonderful voice of Stephanie Garris, popular from the first seasons of "Germany seeks the Superstar".

Hosting the conference is the European Institute for Equine Physiology in Germany and France, who offer education as an equine podiatrist in form of a 2 year apprenticeship training course. Since 2014 the Institute offers an additional education: "Osteopathy for hoof experts". The institutes also hold national and international 2 and 3 day courses 'Intensive Hoof Care' and a Horse-Analysis course under the title 'What's going on with my horse?'

Anybody who speaks conversational English can easily follow the conference. Pls. book online on our homepage: ! We can't wait to see you there!

This event covers latest news and know how on hoof care and holistic horse health from all over the world and is suitable for all horse enthusiasts, veterinarians, carers and owners alike. —Chirs Gehrmann

May 2014

Equine Soundness Changes Ownership
May 2014—Equine Soundness, the unique school where students are trained to trim on an individual basis, has changed owner- and leader- ship. The new owner is master trimmer Carola Adolf in Victoria, Australia. Carola has more than a decade of experience trimming a wide range and large number of horses. Carola is an excellent teacher and has been involved with Equine Soundness from the very beginning. She will continue the special education outlined in the Syllabus of Equine Soundness. Carola can be reached by e-mail under @ or through the website

May 2014

Eventing Barefoot: Is It Possible?
Article about barefoot horses on Eventing Nation! "Smith is not the only eventer keeping her horse steel free; there seems to be a small but dedicated number of eventers competing barefoot in the U.S., especially at the lower levels."

May 2014

Pete Ramey Summer Clinics: A New Breed of Hoof Rehab Clinic—Practical Workshops

Ivy and Pete are hitting the road in the summer of 2014. They plan to tour the US teaching small (8 horse, 15 person) practical workshops to horse owners and professionals. More info:

May 1, 2014

The Horse’s Hoof is going DownUnder in November 2014!

The Horse’s Hoof is going DownUnder in Fall for a major international conference on natural hoofcare. It’s The Functional Hoof Conference Australia 2014, to be held in Daylesford, Victoria, from Nov 6th thru Nov 9th.

Click here to read more!

February 2014

New Research from Auburn University
Clinical Outcome of 14 Obese, Laminitic Horses Managed with the Same Rehabilitation Protocol

January 2014

Nutrition Seminar with Dr. Tim Kempton, Australia (author in THH Issue 53 and the man behind CoolStance)

Dr. Kempton will be in the United States for 5 seminars end of January/beginning of February.
Here is the schedule:
January 31 - Graham Texas (West of Dallas)
February 1 - Midland, TX
February 3 - Aiken SC
February 4 - Tryon, NC
February 5 - Chapel Hill, NC
Discussion topics include:
Modern Feeding Trends
Are we Killing Our Horses with Kindness?
Symptoms of Metabolic Chaos
Feed Components incl. Oils
What can you do? Real Life Solutions
Question and Answer Session
There is a small fee ($5-$10) for some of these sessions; all profits will go to charities for horses.
Contact Claudia for flyers: claudia @ or 803-647-1200
Hope to see many of you!

January 2014:

Barefoot advocate and professional trimmer Anne "Tree" Coley of Etowah, North Carolina, passed away on Monday, January 6, 2014. She developed pneumonia after coming down with a bad case of the flu.

Anne was very involved in the barefoot movement right from the beginning, extremely active on newsgroups and forums, generous with her time in helping others, influencing horseowners and trimmers around the world. She will be so greatly missed. She wrote an article in THH Issue 23 about her foundered case study, “You Have Until April." Her web article is on THH site is here: "A Horse Named Fred" by by Anne "Tree" Coley (A summer camp horse gets a new lease on life.)

Photo below courtesy Gretchen Fathauer as printed in THH Issue 40. Left to right: Nancy Filbert, Risa Couch, and “Tree” Anne Coley, photo taken around 2003.

December 2013:

RIP to DJB Brave Heart
Sadly and unexpectedly, the endurance pony DJB Brave Heart passed away on December 13, 2013. Our condolences to owner Darolyn Butler, rider Devan Horn, and all the people whose lives were touched by him.
DJB Brave Heart was featured in The Horse’s Hoof Issue #52 in two stories, after this barefoot endurance superstar pony won the Horse Power Award at the Annual North American Young Riders Championship 2013.
I can’t think of a more fitting tribute than what his rider Devan Horn wrote about him just weeks before he died, and right after they won The Armadillo 100 in what Devan described as, “The Perfect Ride”:

November 2013

Mackie K. Hartwig, D.C. passed away on November 13, 2013, after a battle with cancer. A long-time supporter of the barefoot movement, Dr. Hartwig created Equine Challenge Supplements, and was a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in the state of California from 1986-2011. He wrote several articles for The Horse's Hoof Magazine, including "Cushings-Like and Other Endocrine Pathologies Revisited" in THH Issue 49, "Trimming into the Wind" from THH Issue 38, and "No Horse...No Hoof" from THH Issue 30.

November 2013:

Barefoot/booted horse wins at the U.S. Dressage Finals- Akiko Yamazaki and her 15-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding Matrix, who was previously lame for 2 years. As part of helping Matrix recover from his issues, Yamazaki pulled his shoes. He now goes barefoot when he’s not being ridden, wears removable hoof boots for daily riding and then gets EasyCare glue-on boots for competitions.

“This was one of the avenues I had to explore for his health to come back,” said Yamazaki. “He had poor feet when I purchased him, and no shoeing could help him. It was like peeling a layer of onions trying to get him fit and sound. I have many people to thank. As I got gone with my ride, I had about 15 texts, including from my vet, saying they all were watching and totally rooting for me.”

October 2013:

October 1st: The Horse's Hoof launches the new Go Team Barefoot! Forum - free for all subscribers, with private boards just for subscriber posting, and public boards where subscribers can place FREE ads, classified ads, and write up their own news and announcements, and EVERYONE can see them.

Beginning with this new THH Issue 51, the first GREEN-only online issue, subscribers enjoy their own membership access area, with full password control, and all issues in their subscription right at their fingertips, anytime. Also, access is INSTANT for new subscribers! Click here to subscribe right now!

August 2013:

The Horse's Hoof Magazine is officially going GREEN!

July 2013:

2013 Tevis Cup won by barefoot/booted horse
Congratulations to EasyCare dealer and HCP Rusty Toth and his horse Quake for winning the 2013 Tevis Cup!

July 2013:

From endurance rider Darolyn Butler:
"The Fabulous Barefooted, DJB Brave Heart just won the Horse Power award at the Annual North American Young Riders Championship in Lexington, KY. That is a popular vote for the "Coolest Horse" at the competition!!
He was selected over all the Eventers, Dressage horses, Reiners, Jumpers, and Vaulters. He is all of 13 hands, with a victorious rise over a horrendous start in life, (He was SPCA rescued from fighting big "cats" in a ring near Houston). He finished Top Ten in the 75 Mile Endurance Ride. He was also the only horse to be ridden or finish totally barefooted. (no boots, no sole guard of any kind.) Not only were the other horses shod, but many were padded. Owned by Darolyn Butler, trained by many, but especially Devan Horn who had the first feeling of destiny for this little horse."

And here's his new Facebook Page:

May 2013:

Equine Wellness Radio Show
Holistic hoof hare practitioner Megan Hensley has created Equine Wellness Radio, a monthly radio show that explores Preventative Health and Wellness for equines. You can listen to her shows online. Her first show was “Boosting your horse’s immune system, and the effects of chemical de-worming” with Jessica Lynn of Earth Song Ranch. Show #2 was her interview with Senior Police Officer Greg Sokoloski of the Houston Mounted Patrol Unit in Texas. Show #3 was her interview with Julie Frink, Sport Horse Enthusiast and Dressage rider who shares her “Barefoot Timeline”... barefoot Paints, Shires, and Thoroughbreds.
You can listen to them all—find archived links to her shows at: (Equine Wellness Radio on Facebook)
For new shows, tune in at to listen online.

May 2013:

New Book from Joe Camp: Horses & Stress

“This is an unsolicited review for an outstanding book. And I have to admit, I think this small, simple little book, Horses & Stress – Eliminating the Root Cause of Most Health, Hoof and Behavior Problems, is one of my all time favorites.

This is the PERFECT book to give as a gift or recommend to anyone who is just getting interested in caring for their horses in an improved way. Or really it’s the perfect book for every horse owner! What I love about this book is that it gets to the real heart of the matter and Joe is so dang enjoyable to read. This isn’t just about barefoot, or diet, or lifestyle. It is about developing a level of caring for your horse where he is not a vehicle, but a friend and partner, and you want to provide him with the lifestyle that is conducive to his health (not just one that is convenient for your life!)

Joe’s simple way of explaining why and how things work will appeal to any horse owner with common sense. He provides the rational explanations behind natural horse care, with the most important reason being that caring for our horses naturally reduces their stress—which fixes just about every domestic equine problem that has ever existed.” — Yvonne Welz, Editor – The Horse’s Hoof (available at Amazon or

April 2013

Veterinary Board Rules on “Equine Podiatry”
The Connecticut Board of Veterinary Medicine has ruled that “Equine Podiatry” is an Evolution of the Farrier practice, and dropped charges against a professional Equine Podiatrist which alleged she was practicing veterinary medicine. Read the full press release here.

April 2013

Barefoot Racing Winners at Keeneland!
Barefoot makes an impact on Thoroughbred Horse Racing at Keeneland Racecourse on weekend of April 12-14. Fran Jurga reports, "Judicial Power won the second race at Lexington, Kentucky's Keeneland Racecourse on Friday without shoes; not far behind him, in third place, was Esplendido." and "A second 'no shoes' designated horse won a race at Keeneland on Sunday, bringing the total of winners to two in three days." Keeneland is now posting information about shoeless horses.

March 2013

Laminitis E-Book from Jenny Edwards: I have put together an ebook on the basics of laminitis with the aim of providing helpful, but not overwhelming, information to horse owners. I found as a trimmer, there is not one easy reference place that I could send my clients to so decided to collate all that I have learnt into an easy-to-read and understand ebook. Here is a link to my webpage with more info on the book:

March 2013

The Hoof Help Online Official "App" is just released!!! Download it today!

February 2013

Italian translation of articles in The Horse's Hoof Magazine!
Starting with Spring 2013, THH Issue 50, select articles will be translated into Italian and text emailed to all subscribers in Italy. There will be a couple week delay for the translation, with estimate by mid-April for THH 50. The translation is being done by a dedicated volunteer group of Italian subscribers and will be free of charge! Italians, all you need to do is subscribe to The Horse's Hoof Magazine!

February 2013

Dressage Today Magazine Cover Story: "Barefoot Dressage with Shannon Peters"

Barefoot Dressage with Shannon Peters
By Kelly Sanchez

Trainers Shannon and Steffen Peters explore the benefits of barefoot dressage with high-performance horses.

This ground-breaking article reveals that world-class dressage trainers Shannon and Steffen Peters have been transitioning their high performance horses to natural hoofcare! Steffen Peter’s Olympic champion Ravel was even rehabilitated from a quarter crack using barefoot and Easyboot Glove hoof boots - just in time for his successful final Olympic showing in London in August 2012! Of the 15 horses that they have taken barefoot thus far, Shannon says, "“The legs tighten up, they’re freer in their shoulders, they’re better in their movements and they’re straighter." For their horses' hoof care, they are using PHCP/ AHA trimmer Sossity Gargiulo.

Read the full article online:

February 2013

Eurodressage publishes its first barefoot article:
"Keeping Horses Barefoot: a Healthy Horse From the Ground Up"

Eurodressage talks with top US dressage trainer Shannon Peters about her barefoot horse care using qualified barefoot trimmers Sossity & Mario Gargiulo, and with equine veterinarian and barefoot advocate Dr Melanie Quick, who has barefoot clients competing at the upper levels of dressage. Plus questions about why boots are not allowed in the FEI Olympic Disciplines, and a discussion with British Olympic dressage rider Emma Hindle's farrier who has been experimenting with barefoot trimming.

Read the full article online:

January 2013

International Bare Hoof Association (IBHA)

Finally! An International Bare Hoof Association!
When we look at our passion for barefoot equines and our voice in the equine community, we realize quickly that it comes down to individual barefoot camps, each with their own philosophy and varying paradigms.

What often is left behind when barefoot is discussed is the one uniting fact we all stand behind 100%: the bare hoof. May that be trimmed this or that style, may that be rock crushing or pasture kept, ridden only occasionally or trained for endurance competition (and anything in-between), the bare hoof equine is what unites us all. With that thought the International Bare Hoof Association (IBHA) was founded. This will give equine bare hoof enthusiasts a united voice, which will lead to the recognition of bare hoof equines as a viable choice.

Benefits of membership include: an online (PDF) subscription to The Horse’s Hoof Magazine, access to an online forum with articles and a discussion board where you can connect with other bare hoof enthusiasts, discounts to seminars and symposiums hosted by IBHA, and listing services for the bare hoof industry and friends of the bare hoof horse. Members currently come from the USA, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Sweden – resulting in a truly international community dedicated to the welfare and promotion of the bare hoof horse.

The IBHA is looking forward to hosting seminars, providing insurance and scholarships for future hoof care professionals. Your membership helps the IBHA to accomplish very ambitious goals.
Sign up today:
Here you also will find how to contact the board members of IBHA, they are looking forward to your questions and to serving the bare hoof community.
You also can “like” the Facebook page:

January 2013

THH author, fantastic horsewoman and Long Rider Christy Henchie passed away tragically in a road accident in Tanzania on January 28, 2013. Her fiancé, South African Long Rider Billy Brenchley barely escaped death and suffered a broken leg. An out-of-control bus hit them and their horses, and also killed and injured many bystanders. You can read more here:

A beautiful statement from Christy, who lived such a rich and exciting adventure: “We have accepted that we will finish when we finish and not before. One day we will reach home and things will change and we will lead different lives. We will get married and have children and no doubt they will become our motivation for everything we do but until then, our life is a journey and we are enjoying the ride.” -- Historical Long Rider Christy Henchie

October 2012

Equine Hoof Development Study Needs Your Help!
Dr. Debra Taylor of Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine is ready to move forward with a long-term MRI/CT study of internal foot development in live horses! I don’t have to tell any of you how HUGE this could be. I have a link to a request for private donations under “What’s New” on my front page ( Or you can just use this link:
Will you spread the word? If this is important to you, please post the link to any chat groups you belong to, and forward it to anyone you think might donate some money. Ivy and I are donating... I hope you will too.—Pete Ramey

September 2012

“Official” grand opening of ESANA
We’re very pleased to announce the big “official” grand opening of ESANA, the Equine Soundness Association of North America! ESANA is the North American head office for Strasser Hoofcare Worldwide, and the North American professional SHP association. Over the last few years, we’ve been building up this organization, organizing a number of great membership perks, and now officially attaining non-profit status.

Membership in ESANA is open to SHPs, students & alumni, as well as horse owners & enthusiasts, professionals in the equine field, and anyone who shares a dedication to our goal, not just in North America, but worldwide. The 2012 Continuing Education will be held November 3-4, 2012 at Dr. Steve Skinner’s place in Sherwood, Oregon. Email: strasserhoof
care @

August 2012

New Book from Jaime Jackson
"The Natural Trim, Principles and Practice" by Jaime Jackson was just published in August 2012. This guide has the most current step-by-step trimming instructions for the natural trim. It is available for purchase from major bookstores such as Amazon, or from and

August 2012

Tevis Cup 2012 is a BIG Success for Barefoot-Booted Horses!
The The 57th edition of the Western States 100-Miles One-Day Trail Ride (a.k.a. the Tevis Cup) took place on August 4, 2012. Kevin Myers writes, "The performance results of barefoot-booted horses over the years at the Western States Trail event give everyone in the barefoot horse community good reason to celebrate."

Garrett Ford and his 10 year old Arabian The Fury (barefoot/booted) finished in first place to win the 2012 Tevis Cup. Also, the 2012 Haggin Cup is awarded to 11-year old Arabian gelding Farrabba (barefoot/booted) with his rider Rusty Toth.

Tevis 2012
1) The first four horses to cross the finish line at Tevis were in Easyboots.
2) Six of the top ten horses used Easyboots.
3) 23% (48) of the 204 starting horses were in Easyboots.
4) 34% (33) of the 98 finishing horses were in Easyboots.
5) Easybooted horses enjoyed a 69% completion rate, compared to a 41% non-Easybooted horse completion rate.
6) This is the second year in a row that the first place Tevis horse was wearing Easyboots.
7) This is the third year in a row that the Haggin Cup horse was wearing Easyboots.
8) The last three finishing horses were in Easyboots.


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