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Before you begin, read these articles:
How to Get Started in Barefoot Hoofcare Step by step guide to get you started.
What is Natural Hoofcare?
What is a Natural Trim?
Help! What does a Healthy Hoof look like?
Help! How do I choose a Trimming Method?
Help! How do I choose a Natural Hoofcare Professional?

The Hoof Help Pages

Help! What does a Healthy Hoof look like?

Help! My horse has an Abscess!

Help! My horse is in Pain!

Help! My horse has Navicular!

Help! My horse has Laminitis!

Help! My horse has Foundered!

Help! How do I choose a Trimming Method?

Help! How do I choose a Natural Hoofcare Professional?

General Resources

The Horse’s Hoof Trimcast

Locate a Professional Barefoot Trimmer!

Natural Horse Care Reading List
The Horse's Hoof has put together a collection of recommended reading. These are some of our favorite books, and every horseperson and natural horse care enthusiast should add these to their own collections.

Friends of Barefoot Hoofcare This page will provide a listing of persons who are supportive of Natural Hoofcare and the methods of Dr. Strasser. Note: This is not a listing nor an endorsement of professional services, but a general networking list of barefoot supporters around the world. This list can include general horseowners as well as trainers, farriers, hoofcare specialists, veterinarians, and natural horse health providers. Show your support by including your name on this list!

Trimmers List All methods & styles are represented here. Free Listing! This page provides a list of professional barefoot trimmers, including farriers, hoofcare professionals, natural hoof care providers, hoof grooms, trimmers, holistic hoofcare practitioners, and any other title that describes this profession. ALL methods, styles, and schools of thought welcome, the only stipulation is that you are able to provide barefoot trimming services to customers. The Horse's Hoof, as a generic barefoot resource, provides this as a public service, and not as an endorsement of any trimmer or method listed.

Barefoot Horses for Sale/Adoption
Place your FREE barefoot horse listing here. Barefoot Horses for Sale: "Healthy" horses that are already barefoot, but may be in any stage of barefootedness--from newly de-shod, to never-worn-shoes. Barefoot Horses for Adoption: Barefooted horses that just need a good, loving, natural hoofcare home (may be older and in need of special care). Barefoot Horses Wanted: Searching for that perfect barefooted horse? Let the world know what you're looking for, and you just may find it. Rescue Horses Needing Help: Just like the name says. This category is the only one also open to currently shod horses (who will be in need of shoe removal and serious footcare).

Short Success Stories
Please submit your natural hoofcare short success story right here and now! All stories are welcome, as long as natural hoofcare type methods were used. Let the world know that natural hoofcare really does work!

Resharpen Your Rasps!
Save money - have your rasps resharpened, instead of buying new!
File Sharpening Company, Inc., 360 West Church Street, Xenia, Ohio 45385, Phone: (937) 376-8268

FREE Hoof Boot Sales/Swap Page
Bought the wrong size? Have some extras to sell? Maybe you can sell or trade from this page. On Gretchen Fathauer's website.

Website from researcher Kathryn Watts, presents information on the current research and prevention of grass founder in horses.

Barefoot Trimming Instructions

The Horse’s Hoof Trimcast

The Horse's Hoof Healthy Trimming Basics, Step by step trimming photos of a monthly maintenance trim on a healthy hoof.

Locate a Professional Barefoot Trimmer!

How to Get Started in Barefoot Hoofcare Step by step guide to get you started.

Download this barefoot trimming manual, courtesy of Easycare, Inc. and Dr. Tom Teskey:
"Look at those Hooves!" Trim Manual

There is also some very good trimming advice on this website:

Power Tool Trimming
Phil Morarre, Softouch Natural Horse Care
Phil Morarre teaches abrasive hoof trimming techniques, using a power angle grinder and flap disc. Clinics and a DVD are available.

Abrasive Horse Hoof Trimming
Yahoo group for Abrasive Horse Hoof Trimming using an angle grinder and flap disc.


Looking for an Angle Measurement Plexi?
You can create your own, using an 8 inch square, 1/4 inch thick plexiglass that you can purchase at a home supply store.

Directions: Purchase an 8” x 8” piece of 1/4 inch thick Plexiglass (available from glass/crafts/plastic stores.) Place this plexiglass square on top of our PDF template, and using a waterproof fine-tip felt pen, or glass etcher, trace these angles. It’s a good idea to bevel or sand the outer edges of the plexiglass until smooth to prevent cutting yourself. Copyright Sabine Kells. Click HERE for the PDF file with markings that you can trace onto the square.

Hoof Angle Template PDF Downloadable Acrobat PDF file to print out as a guideline for making your hoof trimming templates. Instructions included.

Hoof Photo Instruction Sheet PDF Downloadable Acrobat PDF file to print out for help in taking hoof photographs for photo consultations and records.

Hoof Measurement Chart PDF Downloadable Acrobat PDF file to print out for keeping records of your horses's hoof measurements.

The following items represent "Strasser" techniques:

Trimming Steps
Guidelines for trimming in the Strasser techniques. Always seek hands-on expert advice.

Heel Height Guidelines
Guidelines for determining correct heel height according to Strasser techniques. Always seek hands-on expert advice and assistance.

Coffin Bone Angles
A simple explanation of Dr. Strasser's determination of correct hoof angles, based on coffin bone angles.

Hoof Angles Probably the most controversial part of the Strasser Method is the correct hoof angles as recommended by Dr. Strasser...

Gretchen's correct trimming done during a Strasser clinic:

Gretchen's trim sketches. (This is NOT authorized by Dr. Strasser, and is Gretchen's own personal interpretation.)

For some helpful trimming information, please see the files Mapping the Foot and Opening Heel Cuts , both located on Scott Kroeger's website.

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