Bitless Riding

Information you need to know about riding, schooling, and training your horse - without a bit!

Bitless Articles by Yvonne Welz

A Bitless-Bit for Dressage/High School Riders

My Bitless Story by Yvonne Welz (with updates)

My Bitless Story by Yvonne Welz - PDF file from THH Issue 54
What happens when a dressage rider discovers that... bitless really can work better than a bit?

"Exploring Bitless" by Yvonne Welz - PDF file from THH Issue 58
Tips and recommendations for riding bitless - especially if you are interested in classical schooling with no bit!

Bitless Articles by Dr. Robert Cook

Directory of Articles by Dr. Robert Cook

Fear of the Bit: A welfare problem for horse and rider by W. Robert Cook FRCVS, PhD (Parts I, II, III from

Bitless Riding and Training Articles

To Bit Or Not To Bit...And What Is ‘Real’ Dressage? By Karen Rohlf


Bitless Bridles in Dressage on Dressage Daily

Bitless or Not, It’s About Having the Choice on Eurodressage’s-about-having-choice

Dressage in a Bitless Bridle on Equine Wellness

Problems Solved by Removing the Bit (from

Bitless Resources

Recommended reading on Bitless Bridles (from

Bitlessandbarefoot-studio Association, For Italians:

Bitless Bridles and Bridles Without Bits

LG Zaum Bitless Bridle
(in German, click on English button)
A mild mechanical hackamore (bitless-bit), with German leather straps, and curb chain option.

Orbitless Bridle
A mild mechanical hackamore (bitless-bit). From the United Kingdom, this patented design is very similar to the LG, but with elliptically-shaped rings.

Sensation Ride™ Flotation Hackamore
A mild mechanical hackamore (bitless-bit). From Canada, with metal rings for placement of rein and headstall attachments.

Zilco Flower Hackamore
A mild mechanical hackamore (bitless-bit) - this one available in The Horse's Hoof Store! Also in some USA vet supply catalogs. There are other brands of "Flower Hackamores" in Europe. This one has a small metal ring "shank" for the rein placement, but this creates minimal leverage effect.

Star Wheel Hackamore
A mild mechanical hackamore (bitless-bit) - this one available in The Horse's Hoof Store!
Unique star design is very attractive!

The Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle (also available in The Horse's Hoof Store)
Known as a cross-under style bitless bridle.

Benefits of Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle (from

FAQs about Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridles and bitless riding

Videos of horses in Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridles

Ultimate Bitless Bridle
A new patented bitless bridle with a unique cross under strap design.

LightRider Bitless Bridle
Sliding chin strap style bitless bridle.

Karen Rohlf - Dressage Naturally Leather Riding Halter
An extremely nice "side-pull" bitless bridle.

Bent Branderup Cavemore
A mechanical hackamore and sidepull combination.

Markus Holst - Custom Classical Dressage Equipment
In Sweden, a large selection of bitless riding equipment.

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