Horse Care

Information you need to know about providing better, more natural care for our domestic equine friends.

Living Conditions & Lifestyle

What does "Natural Care" mean?

What is Natural Boarding?

Better Horse Care...for Better Horsemanship by Jill Owens

Diet & Nutrition

The Horse's Hoof Diet Guidelines Updated April 2011

Hooves and Nutrition by James & Yvonne Welz (reprint from April/May 2014)

Whole Oats as a Horse Feed... Revisited by Yvonne Welz (2014)

Whole Oats, the Perfect Horse Feed? Part 1 by Yvonne Welz (2004 article)

Whole Oats, the Perfect Horse Feed? Part 2 by Yvonne Welz (2004 article)

Problem Hooves - Do You Really Need a Hoof Supplement? by Judy Sinner

What’s in your Pasture…Weeds or Herbs? by Loryhl Gutman

Diet Recommendations from Dr. Strasser and Sabine Kells


Arizona Regional Mix by Patti Kuvik

Balancing Your Horse from the Inside Out by Jessica Lynn (THH 59)

EPSM Information

The EPSM Page

Kendra's EPSM story. (Acrobat PDF file)

General Health Care

Spring Tune-Up for the Natural Horse

"Parasite Control" versus "Deworming" by Judy Sinner

General Hoof Care

Soaking of the Hooves

Problem Hooves - Do You Really Need a Hoof Supplement? by Judy Sinner

Alternative Therapies

FLOWER REMEDIES, Emotional support for Holistic equine care by Barbara Volk

Flower Remedies and Horse "Personal Space" Issues by Barbara Volk

Flower Remedies: Flight, Fright, Fears, Flowers & Relationships by Barbara Volk

Homeopathy for Horses

Homeopathy: Frequently Asked Questions

Homeopathy and Hooves, Help for the Natural Horse By Randi Peters, editor of Natural Horse Magazine

Suggestions for a Hoofcare Specialist’s Holistic First Aid Kit

Using Nutrition, Homeopathy and Aromatherapy to Combat West Nile Virus in Horses by Nancy Stephens

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