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The Horse's Hoof Professional Trimmers List

Now in Alphabetical Order by State!

For Hoof Care Professionals of any kind - trimmers, farriers, podiatrists, specialists, etc. who offer barefoot trimming services to horseowners.

The Horse's Hoof, as a generic barefoot resource, provides this as a FREE PUBLIC SERVICE to the barefoot public, and not as an endorsement of any trimmer or any method listed on this page, nor do we verify any qualifications. We do not provide any personal recommendations, so please do not ask. Owners, please research, verify qualifications and references, and use discretion when choosing your hoof care professional. Special Note: We are NOT THE HOOF POLICE - this is JUST a listing, like the yellow pages, and we do not monitor nor regulate these trimmers in any way.

For the USA, trimmers are listed in alphabetical order by STATE:

USA States A-L

USA States M-N

USA States O-W

Click here for ALL Foreign Country listings outside the USA
(Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.)

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To submit your free listing, just send an email directly to me at editor @ and include this info: Your personal name, city, state, country, email address/website, phone numbers (if desired), which will all go on the first line; and then the copy (up to 75 additional words), which can include your business name, certifications, background, etc. I would like to just copy and paste what you send me, so here's a generic sample with 69 words of copy:


Jane Smith, Anytown, California - Email: janesmith @ - cell phone: 123-456-7890 - website:
I am a full time professional trimmer with 5 years of trimming experience, and 15 years of equine experience, currently accepting new clients. I have completed the A to Z Hoof Association Certification Course. I follow the wild horse model of trimming, and have taken clinics with Famous Trimmer A and courses in nutrition and massage therapy. I am kind, courteous, prompt, and always return phone calls. References available.

These are NOT ads, they are listings, so I want them to appear uniform and I require a name, city and state for that. The first line can include name, city, state, phone, email, and website - any other copy will appear below that. If you serve multiple states, please choose your main state for your listing, and include other states & areas in your copy. SPECIAL NOTE: Free Listings will last for a reasonable time period, but please provide updates to keep your info current. Old listings that have not been updated within the past year may be deleted. The date at the end of the listing refers to the last update.

For Hoof Care Professionals of any kind - trimmers, farriers, podiatrists, specialists, etc. who offer barefoot trimming services to horseowners.

All methods & styles are represented here. This page provides a list of professional barefoot trimmers, including farriers, hoofcare professionals, natural hoof care providers, hoof grooms, trimmers, holistic hoofcare practitioners, podiatrists, and any other title that describes this profession. ALL methods, styles, and schools of thought welcome, the only stipulations are that you are able to provide barefoot trimming services to customers. The Horse's Hoof, as a generic barefoot resource, provides this as a public service, and not as an endorsement of any trimmer or method listed. Please be honest in your listing and do not misrepresent yourself or your qualifications. I rely on information provided to me, and have not verified any qualifications. If an organization complains that someone is making a qualification claim that is not true, I will happily assist the professional by removing the inaccurate info immediately :) We expect that everyone who appears on this list is a supporter and advocate of the barefoot horse movement (and if they are not, they will be removed). Owners: for more help on choosing a hoof care professional, please read Help! How do I choose a Natural Hoofcare Professional?

NOTE: Please delete spaces on all email addresses when you paste into your email program. I don't have them set up as "hot-links" because that seems to generate too much spam for all the listed emails!

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