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Professional Trimmers List: Foreign Countries

For Hoof Care Professionals of any kind - trimmers, farriers, podiatrists, specialists, etc. who offer barefoot trimming services to horseowners.

The Horse's Hoof, as a generic barefoot resource, provides this as a FREE PUBLIC SERVICE to the barefoot public, and not as an endorsement of any trimmer or any method listed on this page, nor do we verify any qualifications. We do not provide any personal recommendations, so please do not ask. Owners, please research, verify qualifications and references, and use discretion when choosing your hoof care professional. Special Note: We are NOT THE HOOF POLICE - this is JUST a listing, like the yellow pages, and we do not monitor nor regulate these trimmers in any way.

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Cassie Grant, Australia. email: cassienaturally @ yahoo.com
Offering barehoof shaping on the sunshine coast, Australia For the past 5 yrs I have had a horse management business on the North coast of NSW Specialising in Barehoof Shaping. I have been Trimming for & yrs and always barefoot. I have attended the Strasser Basic and Advanced workshops, the first ones held in Melbourne. I have been since trimming horses who have been given up on by Vets and Farriers.  I also have my own barefoot performance horses. My near future aim is to open a barefoot Rehab centre. I also offer natural horse starting,  teaching, training, Massage (horse and Human), saddle fit (made custom carbon saddle trees for 2004). (08/05)
John Gorman, Collector, NSW Australia Email: gormanjd @ tpg.com.au Phone: 61 2 4848 0068
Physiologically correct trimming for barefoot performance and rehabilitation of problem feet in the Canberra region and some areas around Sydney. Rehabilitation services and adjistment available at Collector, which is located between Goulburn and Canberra ACT. Tuition available on an individual basis or in a clinic situation in conjunction with Equethy Workshops, which conducts workshops across Australia. Easycare Inc Natural Hoof Advisor. (08/05)
Rebecca Scott, Working around Melbourne in the Werribee area and down the Mornington Peninsula. Tel 0427 554 226 or Email: rebeccascott @ bigpond.com or check out my website at www.gobarefoot.com.au
Qualified barefoot trimmer. Trimming pleasure & performance horses, and rehab/prevention for founder ponies. I work on therapeutic & performance horses, sometimes in consultation with vets (2 one in Bright, one in Sunbury) who refer cases to me. Successfully riding my own horses barefoot in 80km endurance events. Completed a number of courses under the tutelage of Equethy (Australia), Martha Olivo (US), Pete Ramey (US) and vets Dr Alison MacIntosh (Oakey Qld) and Dr Melanie Quick (Sunbury, Vic) (02/07)
Kris Adrian, SHP Bakers Hill/Perth, Western Australia Phone: 9574 0063 Mobile: 0400 204 798 Email: kris.adrian @ iinet.net.au (02/06)
Darren Robertson, SYDNEY, Australia Email: darren @ barefoothooves.com Phone: +61 2 4575 0080 Mobile: +61 (0)418 45 0080
United Horsemanship Hoof Groom Mentor, Also did Pete Ramey's classes in Tasmania 03/06.
Physiologically correct trimming for barefoot performance and rehabilitation of problem feet from Sydney to the Hunter region. Rehabilitation services and agistment available at Sydney Barefoot Center near Windsor. Workshops and tuition available, including Martha Olivo's second Australian tour, schedules will be posted on www.barefoothooves.com (04/06)
Raymond Eade, Hunter Region and Central Coast NSW Australia - Email: reade @ antmail.com.au - ph 0404490034
I am a qualified Equine Podiotherapist (Barefoot Trimmer) and have a Diploma in Equine Podiotherapy with the Australian National College of Traditional Medicine. I have been trimming for 10 years and work on performance horses to paddock mowers doing corrective trimming and rehabilitation. I work in conjunction with local veterinarians to treat and rehabilitate horses and I am currently in the process of setting up a rehabilitation centre at my 144 acre property. We have 9 horses running barefoot on our property and have successfully completed numerous 20km social endurance rides barefoot. (10/14)
Di Burns, Sydney and Northern NSW, phone 0410 427 145
I provide non-invasive trimming based on Jamie Jackson and Pete Ramey. I am always mindful of treating my clients' horses with respect, care and dignity. I am currently trimming horses in Oxford Falls, Windsor, Bulahdelah and Gloucester. I can travel north as far as Coffs Harbour and south to Sydney. Happy Horses make happy owners. (12/06)
Bronwyn & Brittany Flinn, NSW Australia – Ph: 0403025704 or 0411191106
Offering barefoot trimming across Australia. Brittany is concentrating on colt starting, NH lessons, re-education of problem horses. She is working with the best NH practitioner in the country – Phil Rodey in Branxton NSW. Bronwyn is travelling around Australia, running clinics and offering one on one tutoring and trimming of horses of all shapes and sizes. With over 40 years combined experience with horses, horsemanship, barefoot trimming and teaching we are up there with the very best. Check out our testimonials on: www.stonecrestequine.com.au or email on bronwyn @ stonecrestequine.com.au or info @ stonecrestequine.com.au (07/09)
Michael Bekker of A.C.H.M. Bellingen N.S.W. Australia - email josmike@skymesh.com.au - Ph. (02) 66550222 - Mob. 0411502984
I am a Barefoot Trimmer working in the Mid North Coast area. I have been trained by Marco Krul of A.V.B. in The Netherlands. I have attended several Equethy workshops and lectures by Prof. R Bowker and Andrew Bowe in Australia. I trim in accordance with Prof. Bowkers findings and guide lines. I trim Pleasure and Performance horses of all sizes from miniatures to Draft horses and Donkeys. I believe that well trimmed horses will have healthy sound hooves. (08/08)
Glenn Wilson - North East Victoria & Southern NSW Australia - Phone 02 6071 0210 - email: waterfallcreek @ bigpond.com
Natural hoof care specialist servicing all horses in North East Victoria and Southern NSW. From Murchison to Corryong including Albury Wodonga. Using NH to gain the trust and respect of the horse, I trim following Ramey/Jackson methods. Running a herd of nine horses at home who all stand in the paddock, no halter, to be trimmed monthly. I also run one day "Introduction to Natural Hoof Care and Trimming" workshops incorporating a PowerPoint presentation. Contact me on 02 6071 0210 or email me at waterfallcreek @ bigpond.com or www.waterfallcreek.com.au (02/07)
Daisy Buysman, SE Victoria, Australia. Ph: 0438 889 622 - email: daisy.buysman @ hotmail.com (7/13)
Claire Bingham, Perth - Mobile number 0420493259 - Email: helpmyhorse @ btinternet.com - Website: www.equinepodiatry.net
I am a qualified Equine Podiatrist covering Perth, surrounding areas and the South West. I am currently studying for my level 2 certificate and hope to complete the practical program in 2009. I am also a Tellington Touch practitioner and an Animal Aromatics Professional. (07/08)
Brian Rourke...FireForge Servicing the Central Coast & Lower Hunter region of NSW Australia - Mobile 0432430123 - E-mail fireforge @ iinet.net.au - Website: www.fireforge.com.au
Brian Rourke of FireForge a Master Farrier with 39 years in the trade. Specializing in Professional Barefoot Trimming and lameness Rehabilitation - Barefoot Performance- Barefoot Maintenance. Clinics- Maintenance days. On call digital X-rays (on the spot diagnosis) no guess work involved. We are able to trim to the digital image. As well as a detailed report to the client including Digital photo's-Digital X-rays that are able to be E-mailed. On call Vet - Trimming kits at online store. Please visit my Website and have a browse: www.fireforge.com.au (08/09)
Leigh Martin, Based Southern Tasmania, Australia - 0410559928 or 03 62664439 - performancehoofcare @ yahoo.com.au (delete spaces)
I have been trimming hooves for about 5 years, 3 years professionally, I have done the usual bunch of clinics and books/DVDs etc during those years (and continue to do so) and most recently completed the Australian TAFE Cert III course in Equine Hoof Trimming. I am a fully qualified, insured, full time trimmer in Australia. At this stage I look after about 220+ horses covering most disciplines. Rehabilitation to Maintenance Trimming. Mentoring and Coaching and anything in between. (09/08)
Anya Lavender, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia - Email: wundahoss @ yahoo.com - ph: 5962 3543
I have been trimming professionally for about 10 years and am experienced in rehab of problems as well as sound feet. The 'guru' I agree with & follow most closely is Pete Ramey, but I have learned from a large range of sources. (10/09)
Judi Goor-Mundell, The Ironfarm, Westwood. Central Queensland. Australia. 4702. Ph: 07 49 347 47 7- email: ironfarmers @ activ8.net.au
Have been barefoot for many years now, maintaining seven healthy fillies, ever since I was lucky enough to meet Dr Alison Macintosh.  I would like to show anyone interested my success and introduce them to whole horse care under the guidance of Alison. (11/09)
donna johnson, sunshine coast and north brisbane, queensland, australia - donna_johnson @ hotmail.com - 0410705993
Trimming and balancing hooves the way nature intended, Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy Student - Andrew Bowe. Specializing in transitioning from shoes to barefoot, hoof problems like navicular disease, founder, seedy toe, contracted and under run heels. Now my goal is to expand the knowledge of horse owners in the benefits of natural hoof care and to perform the best trimming service i can for your horse. (03/10)
BRONWYN FLINN – PORT MACQUARIE NSW Australia - bronwyn @ stonecrestequine.com.au - Ph: 0403025704
I’ve been trimming and balancing hooves for the past 15 years.  Am also a hoof boot fitter of Easycare boots – particularly “Gloves” to the Endurance Industry – have rehabilitated everything from heavy horses with “cloverleaf hooves” to performance horses, minis, donkeys and horses headed for the doggers because traditional farriers had no further answers with regard to the likes of Laminitis and Seedy Toe.  After 45 years working with horses and converting to NH in the last 10 years, I can offer the complete package – kind, knowledgeable handling of your horse, plus total hoof care and ongoing advice of most equine health issues. (05/10)
Dean Fox, Yarra Valley and surrounding towns Vic, Australia - Call: 03 59629075  0413 087 097
Equine hoofcare, 28 years experience working with horses working as a farrier and a qualified podiatrist. Very patient, using Natural Horsemanship methods and natural herbal remedies. Full range of healing herbs are available from a qualified herbalist. (06/10)
Megan Matters, NSW, Australia - contact  hoofmatters @ gmail.com   or phone  0427 001 694
I am studying for the Diploma of Equine PodioTherapy. I have been trimming my own herd of nine for the last seven years and have been trimming professionally the last three years. Currently trimming around two hundred horses of all disciplines. I do a lot of rehab work with problem hooves and work in with local vets if required.
I compete in endurance on my own barefoot and booted horses. I also have completed Dr Kellon's courses, NRC Plus, Nutrition as Therapy and Nutrition for the Performance Horse and offer nutrition consulting service to my trim clients. I work closely with an equine body worker as well as hoof problems often directly relate to diet and body issues. Servicing the Northern NSW Coff's Harbour and Grafton greater area. (10/10)
Jeane Dekter, Covering Yarra Valley & surrounding areas, Victoria, Australia - mob: 0458 31 51 61 - email: jeane.dekter @ iinet.net.au
Was part of the first class of students to undertake Equine Podiotherapy course created by Andrew Bowe and Mike Ware, currently working on assignments to obtain diploma. Services include boot fitting and provision, rehabilitation work for pathology and deformity, and maintenance trimming for equines great and small. (10/10)
Susan Vickering, Yarra Valley and surrounding areas, Victoria Australia - Phone: 0425 736 550 - Email: vickering @ bigpond.com
I am an Australian Certified Equine Hoofcare Practitioner qualified through TAFE of Tasmania.  Providing specialist natural hoofcare in the Yarra Valley and surrounding areas. (12/10)
Jacky Ynema, Western Australia 6227 - Phone 08 97263168 - Mobile 0408 263168 - Email jacky.ynema @ westnet.com.au
ACEHP qualified Cert 111 in Agriculture - Equine Hoof Care and insured. Barefoot trimmer in the South West of Western Australia offering Barefoot hoof care and teaching and assisting people to care for their own horses hooves. Rehab work with Laminitis, Navicular, Thrush and Holistic hoof care as well as Renegade and EasyBoot supply and fitting. Available to run one day "Introduction to Natural Hoof Care" Clinics. (10/11)

Sophie Milne, Hills and Hawkesbury, Sydney, Australia - Email: sophiemilne @ ymail.com - Ph: 0421426119
Accredited EasyCare Downunder hoof boots fitter and retailer. Currently studying with the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy (07/12)

Ricky Brown, Grafton N.S.W. Australia, Mob: 0411 309 255
Professional Equine Farrier and Professional Equine Dentist. Trained in the USA at the DOUG BUTLER PROFESSINAL FARRIERS SCHOOL . Trained by World Champion Farrier Doug Butler P.H.D. Veterinary Anatomy &Equine Nutrition . C.J.F. & F.W.C.F..3 x Member of the American Horse Shoeing team and author of the Worlds number 1 Farrier book &bible of the Professional Farrier ''THE PRINCIPLES OF HORSE SHOEING'' . Offering Balanced/Corrective Horse Trimming & Equine Dentistry [Trained & completed studies at the Australian Academy of Equine Dentistry 2005].N.S.W. North Coast ,Lismore ,Grafton, Coffs Harbour & surrounding areas by appointment only. Group Bookings Welcome. Phone RICK 0411 309 255. (12/15)
Sandy Sutherland, Albury, VIC Australia. Web: farriertotrim.com.au - Phone: 0428 936 558
Farrier with 50+ years experience now specialising in horse feet trimming and general consulting. (01/16)

Lisa Agius-Gilibert, Western Sydney, Australia - tel: 0409 462 222. - Email: lisa @ theglorioushoof.com.au
I service Western Sydney and surrounds, specialising in barefoot trimming, hoof boots and polyurethane shoes (both nail on and glue on). (06/18)

Samantha Laney, Western Sydney, NSW, Australi - jandslaney @ tpg.com.au - phone: 0416210278
Barefoot trimming Hawkesbury/Hills/Nepean. 15 years trimming my own & friends performance & pet horses, including successful founder rehabilitation/management. S.A in Hoofcare (TAFE), Barehoof Trimming workshop. I trim using Andrew Bowe & Pete Ramey style of hoof care. I am reliable, friendly & thorough.(12/18)


Canadian Barefoot Horse Association (CBHA) Nation-Wide non-profit association and trim certification school (based on the wild horse model)
website: www.cdnbha.ca - email: info @ cdnbha.ca (11/11)
David Mc Glynn, Ontario, Canada Email:dmcglynn54 @ hotmail.com Phone: 519-649-1780
Natural trimmer available in Southern Ontario. I have been working with horses for many years and am trimming on a regular basis. All references and certificates can be provided. (08/05)
Christina Cline, Abbotsford, BC, AANHCP Certified Practioner, Phone: 604-835-1700 Email: minimitts @ yahoo.com  
Covering the Lower Mainland to Vancouver Island. Trimming, trim clinics and one-on-one instruction. Gentle, patient horse handling. Adding bodywork to the repertoire! (08/05)
Gudrun Buchhofer, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada,
Natural Hoof Care Practitioner AANHCP, EasyCare Natural Hoof Advisor, 902-248-2235, gudrun @ go-natural.ca www.go-natural.ca Natural Hoof Care, Hoof Rehabilitation, Clinics, Consultations, one-on-one trim training, Hoof Boots (11/05)
Carolyn Myre, Ottawa, Ontario Canada Tel: 613-614-7475 - email: carolyn.myre @ gmail.com - Web: www.b2bhoofcare.com
I am CBHA and AHA Certified. Natural Hoof Care Practitioner, Easy Care Natural Hoof Advisor
Services: Natural Hoof Care, Hoof Rehabilitation, Clinics, Consultations, one-on-one trim training, Hoof Boots (11/11)
Dave Thorpe, BC, Canada. Phone # 250-549-4703 email address dthor20 @ hotmail.com
I live in Vernon, BC and service the Okanagan Valley.from Penticton to Salmon Arm. (12/05)
Nina Hassinger, Nova Scotia, Canada, Natural Hoof Care Provider website: http://www.lostjuly.ca (01/06)
Diane Brown, SHP, North Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada Email: dibrown @ junction.net Phone: 250-547-6391 (12/06)
Kate Romanenko, Woodville, Ontario, Canada, Phone: (705) 374-5456 email: no_shoes9 @ hotmail.com Website: www.natureshoofcare.com
I was trained as a traditional farrier at the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School 1998. In 2001, I attended a Strasser info clinic that changed my life (and my way of trimming!) Although I am not certified by Dr Strasser, I have adapted some of her methods and style of trimming and many horses have been saved and live a fully functional life, and I owe it all to her! I have started an association in Ontario, Canada to protect the natural barefoot trim, the Natures Barefoot Hoofcare Guild Incorporated, and I have opened a rehab centre and trimming school. (01/06)

Julie Sanders, Altamont, Manitoba, Canada Phone 204-744-2487 email: juliesanders @ goinet.ca
Natural Hoof care provider, Certified Hoof Groom, Certified Equine Science Instructor, Certified in Equine Behavior and Psychology. Available for trimming, hoof rehabilitation, one-on-one consult or trim training and clinics, natural training to obtain ground manners and respect using proper communication. Rehab clinic to be announced and website under construction. All horses welcome, and I will turn no horse away. This method just works! (02/06)

Robert Laycock,Red Deer, Alberta, Canada Email: laycocklivestock @ telus.net Phone 403-346-9984
Started trimming and shoeing in 1984 as a farrier's assistant in Ontario, Canada. With lots of advice from a old horseman, I have now been doing this between injuries for twenty years, and continually learning and showing my clients how their horses can be if they leave the shoes off. I have now been in Alberta for eight years doing trimming on horses, donkeys, mules, and minis. References available. on request, will travel anywhere in Alberta, SK, and BC. (02/06)
Anne Riddell, Ontario, Canada.
Serving the Southern Ontario region. My website is www.barefoothorsecanada.com Specializing in rehabilitation of founder, navicular and lameness as well as high performance barefoot horses. (08/06)
Virginia Knox, Ontario, Canada, Address: 271 6th Line West, R.R.# 4, Campbellford, Ontario Canada, K0L 1L0 Phone: (705) 653-5989 email: serendales @ accel.net - website: www.serendalesmorgans.com
Completed and passed a theory course taught by Kate Romanenko, "Natural Barefoot Trim" and was an apprentice in training (6 months) under Kate's direction pending certification as barefoot hoofcare specialists. I (Virginia) am a member of Natures Barefoot Hoofcare Guild. Serendales Farm equine hoofcare services is the name of our trimming service and we trim mainly in eastern Ontario. We trim all breeds. (07/12)
Amy Dickson, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, Phone: (250) 828-1406 - Email: btbh @ telus.net
SHP (2004), Providing Natural Hoof Care, using various methods for various shapes of hooves. (06/10)
Lisa Huhn, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada - Phone: 403 527 9511 - www.equinextion.com
Lisa is the founder of www.equinextion.com and the *EQ Awakenings Equine therapy and Education center. Check equinextion for the latest news or search and join us on Facebook Offering clinics, seminars and Trimmer Courses and Certification Program, and help to those who need it. Local services also available. (09/10)
Christina Lowigus, Saskatchewan/White City/Canada. - Email: contact @ naturalhorsepro.com - Phone +3067712188
In '05" completed Strasser Hoof course, Certified Equine Massage Therapist more Info on my website: www.horsepro.net (11/07)

Nicole Jory, Duncan, BC, Canada - email: njory @ telus.net - phone: 250-746-3949
Natural hoof care provider serving Vancouver Island. (10/10)

Sherri Pennanen, Southern Ontario Canada and New York 14094, Phone: 716-434-0146 www.betterbebarefoot.com
I am a certified Hoof Care Specialist and a certified United Horsemanship Hoof Groom. I am a full time trimmer and trim throughout New York State and Southern Ontario Canada. (01/08)
Catherine Larose, Rigaud, Québec, Canada. EMAIL: servicesequus @ hotmail.com - PHONE: (450)451-1204 - WEBSITE: servicesequus.homestead.com
Offering trimming based on the wild horse model. Bilingual services. (02/08)
Mike Merriam, Finch, Ontario, Canada - Phone 613-984-1414 email: mike.merriam @ gmail.com.
Natural Hoof care provider, Certified MO Hoof Groom. Available for trimming, hoof rehabilitation, shoe removal, boot consultation and fitting. Serving Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. (07/08)
Melanie Merrow, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Phone: (613) 697 0415, website: www.healthyhooves.ca
Professional trimmer offering no nails hoof care. Glue on shoes, superfast, sole guard, natural hoof trimming and soundness examinations. Full time hoof trimmer with reasonable prices. Foals, mini's, Draft horses, pony's mules and donkeys all accepted. (10/08)
Dwayne Berry, Ontario, Canada - (905) 973-HOOF (4663) or e-mail barefoottrimmer @ hotmail.ca
BAREFOOT TRIMMER - Located in Ridgeway, Ontario I service Southeastern, Ont. I am a full time Natural Hoof Care Provider. References and testimonials available. (06/11)
Barb Fenwick, Carberry, Manitoba, Canada - Phone: 204-466-2776 - email: barb @ barbfenwick.com, www.barbfenwick.com - BF Hoof & Horse Health
I teach basics of natural hoof & horse care, offering informational seminars and hands on workshops. I have studied Natural Hoofcare under the guidance of James Welz, AZ & have studied barefoot hoofcare independantly as well since 2006. I have also attended an in depth clinic with Dr. Steve Skinner in 2009. My mission is to provide awareness and information sources to people interested in learning more about barefoot hoof & horse health. This information needs to be in every horse owners hands & head! (05/09)
Lisa Reid, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Email- lisasss1971 @ yahoo.com  - Cell phone - (780) 920-6533 -  Website - www.lisareid.webs.com
I am a professional trimmer with 7 years experience and have spent my whole life around equines.  I have completed courses at Village Farrier School, Lakeland College and Lane Moore's Barefoot Trimming School.  I am currently completing my equine therapy course at the Equine Rehab School. (03/11)
Johanna Neuteboom, Huntsville Ontario, Canada - info @ barnboots.ca - www.barnboots.ca - 705-385-9086
BARNBOOTS, Natural Hoof Care provider dedicated to overall Balanced Equine Wellness... hoof care, nutrition, environment, physiology... To quote Pete Ramey: "Problems of the hoof did not originate in the hoof and can not be fixed from the hoof." Let's look beyond the capsule! Trimming services and education, Equine sports massage therapy, Healthy Horse Consultation services. (06/09)
Sylvia Kornherr, Almonte, Ontario, Canada - www.hoovesandhorses.com - thebalancedequation @ hoovesandhorses.com
Canadian Certified Hoof Balance consultant. Trained, certified 3 years under Dr. Melvin W. Myers, Equine Veterinarian/Farrier specialized in difficult hoof pathology. Work with trimmers, farriers and vets, using advanced techniques/balance radiographs to create optimal trimming prescriptions to restore hoof mechanics. Photo, video and Metron analysis available. Nutrition and training consults. Treat the WHOLE horse. Teach Farrier/Trimmer programs, horse-owner clinics, set up vet clinics for balance radiograph procedure. Referrals/teamwork with Dr. Myers of Virginia, USA. Locally, I work with Dr. Wiens of Almonte, ON. (07/09)
RoadTrimmers Barefoot Hoofcare, Manitoba, Canada. Email: roadtrimmers @ yahoo.ca - Phone: 204-482-7097 / 204-345-6092 / 204-771-5335
Barefoot Trimming, Hoof Rehabilitation, Consultations, One-on-One trim training, Hoof Boot fitting, Acupressure, Relaxation Work, Essential Oils, Reiki (Karuna). Serving all breeds and disciplines. Focusing on teamwork with owners on nutrition, environment, regular trim schedules and hoof protection when needed to promote and sustain the health of the whole horse. HEALTHY HOOVES = HAPPY HORSES! (09/10)
Paola di Paolo, Woodville, Ontario, Canada K0M 2T0 - Phone: 705 341 2758 - email:  blaze_skitz @ hotmail.com (10/10)
Lauren Gallant. Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Phone: 289 928 8246. Email: GoBareNHC@gmail.com - www.GoBareNHC.webs.com
Serving the Durham Region and surroundings areas. Natural hoof care and rehabilitation available for high performance horses, backyard pets and everything in between. Please visit my website for more information, pictures, videos, and prices. (02/11)
Darcy Bulmer, Enderby, British Columbia, Canada. - Email: gobarefootbc @ gmail.com - Phone: 250-515-3150
CHCP, I am a natural hoof care professional, trained and certified by Liberated Horsemanship.  Friendly and gentle barefoot trimming based on the wild horse model.  Serving the Shuswap and North Okanagan. (03/11)
Catherine Katsirdakis, EqAT. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada - catherine.kats @ gmail.com - http://www.inhc.webs.com/
Serving Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge & surrounding areas. Trimming & Consultation services available. I am experienced in dealing with pathologies as well as promoting and maintaining soundness in performance horses/ponies. (05/11)
Isla Adderson, Chase, British Columbia, Canada - email: Isla @ ForTheHorse.com - www.ForTheHorse.com
Barefoot trimming serving Salmon Arm, Shuswap and Kamloops areas. (11/11)
Carol Hamel, Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada - (250) 546-2778 - Email: chhmshp @ yahoo.ca
Hoof Rehab Trim and Boot Fitting. (02/12)
Ward Edwards, Stirling, Ontario, Canada - email: ward @ farrierserviceplus.com  - Phone: 613-395-6195 - website: www.farrierserviceplus.com
I have 20 years experience trimming. My goal is getting the horse to have a fully functional foot that is in dynamic balance with the rest of the horse's conformation. I have studied the methods of many farriers and barefoot trimmers and use the ideas and methods that make the most sense when looking at the anatomy and function of the foot and the balance of the foot in regards to the whole horse. (03/12)
Jennifer Lynn Brock, Rock Creek, British Columbia, Canada - Email: soldbybrock @ gmail.com - Phone 250.446.2288 - www.BoundaryCountryBarefoot.com  
Serving the Boundary Country of BC and the South Okanagan.  No Shoes Needed Natural Hoof Care.  I trim horses, drafts, ponies, minis, donkeys and mules.  I am also a Natural Horseman so I don’t mind problem horses or problem hooves.  Call me today to start your horse on the road to a healthy and connected hoof. (12/12)
Birgitta Wilkinson, Cochrane, AB Canada - phone:  403 619-5635 - website: www.successwithhorses.com    
EqAT, Offers trimming services, Evening Seminars on hoof care, form and function, as well as Learn to trim Clinics. (04/13)
Bruce Goode, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada  - Phone: 250-545-6948 - Email: bruce @ hooftrack.com  - Website: www.hooftrack.com
 AANHCP Certified Practitioner, Liberated Horsemanship Certified Hoof Care Professional and Field Instructor, EasyCare® Hoof Boot Dealer and Hoof Care Advisor. Barefoot performance horses, rehab for navicular and founder cases, custom boot fitting. Gentle handling methods. Serving Kelowna and Vernon. (04/13)

Calista Tether, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada - Email: calista.tether @ gmail.com
Mission Farrier School Grad. Specialising in barefoot maintenance. On time and professional. Servicing Cochrane and surrounding areas. Please contact for more information. (05/15)

Gunnilla Nilsson, Athabasca, Alberta, Canada  - Email: gunnilla.nilsson @ gmail.com  - phone: (780) 675-3472 - website: nilssonhoofcare.com
NILSSON HOOF CARE.  Certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner with Liberated Horsemanship (www.liberatedhorsemanship.com). Natural trimming mimics wear patterns of naturally-shaped, wild horse feet.  Natural hoof care takes a whole horse approach that incorporates the horse's diet, lifestyle and riding as well as frequent natural trims, to give your horse the soundest hooves possible. (04/17)

Darrin Bronizewski, Blackstock, Ontario, Canada - phone 905- 439-1809 - email: dbronizewski @ yahoo.ca - Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Heart-Soul-Hoof-Trimming-598362323695309/
Blackstock, Ontario Barefoot hoof trimmer, have been Trimming for a few years and am taking on new customers. I do a natural barefoot trim, working on donkeys, horses and ponies. and am on Facebook at heart and soul hoof trimming. like my page. (06/17)

Anne-Charlotte de Chavanes - Montreal, Canada - +1 (514) 677-2670 - rajatrehab @ gmail.com - www.rajatrehab.ca
American Hoof Association Apprentice, also Certified Equine Massage Therapist, professional member of the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork (IAAMB). Multidisciplinary approach including trimming, bodywork, diet, exercise plans and herbal solutions. Fully insured, references available upon request. (08/17)
Anna Proskurnik, Anola, Manitoba, Canada - email: annapro36 @ gmail.com cell phone: 204-510-2374
I have been studying and practicing natural hoofcare since 2006, and have over 30 years of experience with horses. I have studied under Carolyn Myre of Ontario, James Welz of Arizona, and Barb Fenwick of Manitoba. I provide trimming and consultations, specializing in rehabilitation of all breeds of horses and ponies. (04/18)
Elaine Smith, Fraser Valley, BC, Canada - Email: me_smith @ shaw.ca
I have been barefoot trimming since 2006, serving the Fraser Valley and Mission. (10/18)


Christina Martin, Belize, Central America. Email: christinamrtn7 @ gmail.com (04/12)


Strasser Hoofcare Specialists (SHP) in Sweden, Norway and Finland can be found through the Official Strasser Hoofcare Website for Nordic Countries (Sweden, Norway and Finland)
Nordiska Hovvårdsförbundet / NHF - (Nordic Hoofcare Association)
http://www.hovvardsforbundet.org (08/10)
Frederic Leclercq, Belgium, info @ cabcalor.be, http://www.cabcalor.be
Trimmer since 2000. Several international grand-prix dressage-horses are customers. Travelling across europe. Specialist treating laminitis. In 2006, the first Belgian hoofclinic will be started! (01/06)
Karen Drost, Mander, The Netherlands. email: contact @ karendrost.nl (delete spaces)
Certified in 2005. (06/11)
Sonja Appelt, Austria, hoofcare @ wildhorse.at, http://www.wildhorse.at
Strasser Education in 2004. Trimming my own horses since 2000. Trimming in southern Austria, Slovenia and northeastern Italy. Specialist on laminitis and navicular; thermography; nutrition consulting for laminitis, equine metabolic syndrome, equine cushings and also healthy performance horses; consultant for HIT active stable and automatic feeding systems in Carinthia, Styria, Slovenia, Italy http://www.aktivstall.de to provide movement and natural boarding conditions. (02/06)
Lioba & Arnulf Jung, Germany, website www.gesundehufe.com
Originally Straßer educated but now practising NHC. Working in Schleswig-Holstein and the south of Denmark or advising per fotos and email. Help for foundered or navicular horses, hoof boot use gets horses painfree through transition and healing time on the way to high performance barefootednes. We also train "difficult horses" who have problems with hoofcare - please ask. Look at www.gesundehufe.com or write an email to liobaklf @ aol.com we call you back. (08/06)
Detlev Urban, Germany. www.naturhuf.com. Email: info @ naturhuf.com. Offers Pete Ramey orientated natural hoofcare and boot fitting in Northern Bavaria, clinics for horse-owners all over Germany and an education in barefoot trimming. Experienced in curing founder. 13 horses for teaching, most of them working on gravel every day. Holistic approach to hoof problems. (11/06)

Hermann Eberhart, AANHCP PT, Germany, Ebersbach-Musbach/Bavaria. Phone: 0758/42405, email: Ponyhof1 @ aol.com
website: www.ponyhof-eberhart.de/ (07/07)

Brian Colyer, Spain - mobile number 639 606 807 - Email: brianjcolyer @ hotmail.com
Farrier and barefoot trimmer for 20 years. Treats laminitis. Finestrat, Alicante, Spain (11/07)

Marco Krul, Gieterveen, The Netherlands - 0031 6 53333906 - www.marcokrul.nl - info @ marcokrul.nl
I am trimming horses since 2000, and had a strasser certificate until 2005, In follow up after my own research, I altered some of the trimming technics. And trim a large number horses since on regular basis, of whom the most are in balance after 3 to 5 trims. (02/08)

Erika Mørup, Denmark, www.gladehove.dk
Trained in the US through the AANHCP, now preparing to seek certification through the AHA. I have experience working both with performance horses and horses who have major hoof pathologies. My approach emphasizes a comfortable transition period that maintains and increases a horses soundness and rideability from day one. In addition to top quality trimming I am well equipped to help owners properly address dietary problems that are affecting hoof quality and carry a full stock of hoof boots for horses needing extra protection and support during the transition period between shoes and barefoot. (03/08)
Eric Backstrom, Gothenburg, Sweden - E-mail: ebackstrom575 @ gmail.com - Phone +46 708 778096
Strasser Hoofcare Professional (SHP). Graduated 2005 including annual Continued Education. Instructor for Basic- and Advanced Seminars. Working in the Swedish West Coast area. (04/19)
Tracey Parker, Casares, Málaga, Spain - phone (0034) 722153575 - E-mail: clinic @ espiritu-del-viento.com - Web - http://www.whole-horse-protocol.com
Offering in-house transition from shod to sound barefoot at our modern facilities in the countryside, I cover the whole horse protocol of nutrition, exercise and living conditions to bring about this healthy change.  Founder/laminitis, Navicular, Quarter cracks, can all be resolved following a natural balance trim.  I also offer a virtual consultation via my website for clients to far to attend the clinic.  Measuring & Fitting service of approved hoof boots. Competing barefoot in Endurance, I practice what I preach! (04/14)

Franco Belmonte and friends, Italy - tel. 328 8519597 - web site: www.bitlessandbarefoot-studio.org - email : mr.flic @ tiscali.it
Biologist, vets, trimmers and former farriers.  Franco is a certified AHA (american hoof association) trimmer. You can find us  in central and northern Italy. Also trimming in the near East.  Maintenance and therapeutic trim. Glad to offer consultation via web site and trimming clinics. (01/13)

Hoefspecialist Klaas Feuth, Uden, The Netherlands - Email: info @ hoefgezondheid.nl - website: http://www.hoefgezondheid.nl - cell phone: +31(0)6 508 22 432
I am a full time professional trimmer with over 6 years experience in trimming and hoofboots. I am a member of the Dutch barefoot assosioation: www.Natuurlijkbekapper.nl and a UKNHCP certified practitioner and instructor. (07/11)
Danhov/ Michelle Jensen, Denmark - email: mjdanhov @ gmail.com - tlf: 29726396 - Facebook page DANHOV.
Trimming for barefoot performance,  advice on feed and living facillities. Retail of Equine Fusion jogging shoes, thrush remedies and equisocks. (01/12)
ir. Emma Arblaster, Schriek, Belgium - website: www.hoefzorg.be
 “Alle maten van hoefschoenen van de merken EasyBoot Epic en Equine Fusion in voorraad. Ook semi-flexibele hoefgipsverband voor paarden met ernstige hoefwandseparatie, dunne zolen en/of hoefbevangenheid”   (07/13)
Lara Broggi, Switzerland - mobile nr. +41 076 6908690 - +39 333 9028231 - Email: info @ benesserequino.com - website: www.benesserequino.com
I'm an holistic hoof trimmer, certified at San Siro Horse Accademy and Dr. Sabioni's Holistic Hoof Trimming School in Italy. I'm skilled both on performance horses and pathological horses, mainly on laminitis. I can support the owners with stable and nutrition advices and on the choice and application of innovative horseboots and glue-on hoof protection.
Trimming in Switzerland and Northen Italy. (11/15)
Marjanka Lever, The Netherlands, www.natuurlijke-hoeven.nl - e-mail rebelhoefonderhoud @ mail.com
Fulltime professional hoofcare practioner, based on the methodic of Jaime Jackson but with influences from other masters in hoofcare, since development of knowledge is not standing still. Working area Groningen & Drenthe, further away only on special request. (09/18)


Dr. Cedric Coucke DDS,LDS,CEq.III, Dubai UAE - Tf mob:00971504592522 - e-mail:drcedric @ dentalartclinic.com
Trimming horses barefoot since mid 2006. Successful Training with Horse natural in the Netherlands. Owns 2 polo-horses who play barefoot without problems. Treated several horses 100% successful from laminitis.
Desert palm polo-club, Dubai UAE (07/07)
William and Rosa Miller of Naked Horse, Professional Hoof trimmers, Dubai United Arab emirates. - Contact www.nakedhorse.co.nz - Tel +971 55 926 9384 - email rosa @ nakedhorse.co.nz
Barefoot trimming professionally for 6 years and now based in Dubai working with Vets and Farriers throughout the middle east and Europe.  We have been holding barefoot trimming clinics throughout Australia and New Zealand for the past 4 years, teaching horse owners and professional the 3 STEPS TO SOUNDNESS that is the basis of our trim; restoring correct skeletal alignment through heel height, maintaining hoof mechanism through trimming of the bar and ensuring the hoof is balanced through trimming of the hoof capsule. (11/07)


Claire Vale, Auckland, New Zealand. Email: claire @ vale.co.nz - phone 021 715 134
Synergy - physiologically balanced trimming, mainly based on Pete Ramey's barefoot philosophy and Gene Ovnicek's Natural Balance method, with tweaks to tailor to the individual situation (and always looking to learn more). I am experienced with rehab trimming for Navicular, Founder, and other hoof issues, as well as maintaining performance feet for riding horses. Available for trimming, teaching and consultations Auckland and New Zealand wide. (01/10)
Claudia Waldmann, Horowhenua - email: waldmann.moloney @ gmail.com <http://gmail.com> - phone: 06 362 6607 (evenings)
Certified Barefoot Trimmer (05/09)


Theus Badenhorst, South Africa Gauteng - Cell 072 1599 606 - e mail: zandeo @ gmail.com
I compete barefoot with 5 endurance horses. I used to practice as a farrier until I was introduced to the barefoot / natural philosophy. I do consulting work with horse owners to empower them on how to manage horses more naturally and reap the benefits. My website for the natural horse trail riding in various parts of the country is: www.zandeotrails.co.za (05/08)
Kathy Adams, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa - 082 782 7698 - kathadams75 @ gmail.com
I have been trimming for almost 4 years now. I started with my own horse, and am now trimming full time, after attending clinics with Dan Guerrera, Peter Laidley, Ian Whatley and Jayne Hunt, and completing KC LaPierre's online course. Pete Ramey's teaching have also influenced me hugely, and I am about to study some of Dr Kellon's nutrition courses. (06/10)
Lynn Tungay SHP, KZN, South Africa. Email:  lptungay @ yahoo.co.uk - Phone: 082 5759213 (12/10)

Francois Seegers, Cape Town, South Africa - Cell 062 370 6781 - e mail: francois @ endurancehorse.co.za
I have competed, barefoot, in endurance riding, at national level, in South Africa for the past 16 years. My trimming philosophy involves trimming hooves to get horses working comfortably, so as to improve soundness through working the horse. Available in Cape Town for either trimming or consultation. (09/16)



To find a uk registered strasser hoofcare professional, please contact the official UK SHP Association. Email:- secretary @
ukshpassociation.co.uk (remove spaces) Telephone 0845 280 20 20 (07/06)

Dermot Mccourt, 171 newcastle road, castlewellan, co down n Ireland tel 4402843725961 mob 07736877358 email: jdmccourt @ btinternet.com
HOOF SCULPTURE service of deshoeing and natural trimming. most of my work recently has been trimming lame horses back to health, mostly laminitic cases. i also trim brood mares and do remedial work to foals. i cover all of ireland as i don't know any others doing the job. i own 8 unshod horses all in work completely sound. (11/05)       

Nick Hill, Certified Practitioner, Field Instructor, AANHCP Tel: +44 (0) 1808 521751 E-mail: cloverroseequine @ btinternet.com
Based in Scotland UK - providing a barefoot service to Scotland and Cumbria. (08/06)

Jaime Hickman, Matlock, Derbyshire UK (DAEP MIIEP MEPUK) - Email: jaimeexup @ hotmail.com - Telephone: 07811188842
I'm a qualified Equine Podiatrist (KC La Pierre). I hold a dilpoma and a Degree in Equine Podiatry and am a member of the International Institute of Equine Podiatry and the Equine podiatry association UK. I live in Matlock, Derbyshire UK, and cover an area of about an hour's drive from home. (12/17)

Bond Hardman, Bacup, Lancashire, UK, Telephone: 01706 876450
Endurance rider who has been trimming and competing his own barefoot arabs is now willing to take on new clients in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, North Cheshire, South Cumbria and West Yorkshire. (03/07)
Abi Hogg, UK - Tel: 0781 467 1823, email: abigailhogg @ supanet.com
barefoot trimmer practising non-invasive trimming and humane horse-handling. Yorkshire, Lancashire and Manchester area. (07/07)
Clive Ponsford, Devon U.K. - Tel: 07900 121112 / 01884 841294 - email: info @ bluemoonequine.co.uk - website: www.bluemoonequine.co.uk
A safe, non invasive, natural trim that is as individual as your horse. A holistic approach to barefoot, with advice on diet, exercise and management. All types of horses taken. Performance horses and navicular cases particularly welcome. Covers South West England. (10/09)
Jane Stevens, Exeter, Devon, UK - Tel 07929 584931 www.willhayesequestrian.co.uk
Trained and certified with the UKNHCP - finished my 2nd string of mentorships in the US with Paige Poss, Charles Hall and Todd Jane in 2008. Owner of 6 barefoot horses - competing in Arabian racing and endurance. (01/10)
Jenny Harvey, Richhill, Co Armagh, Ireland -phone: 07903965344 - Email: barefootandbitless @ googlemail.com - website: www.barefootandbitless.co.uk
I am a member of the Equine Podiatry Association UK (EPAUK). I work throughout Northern Ireland and the South by arrangement. Professional hoofcare, advice and support for your barefoot horse.  Remedial trimming for laminitis, navicular syndrome and general weak hooves and cracks. Managing nutrition and environment, the use of hoof boots, and horse handling using natural horsemanship techniques. Equine Podiatry is an holistic, science based approach to getting the best possible feet under your horse without the use of metal shoes.  (04/10)
Caroline Andresen, UK - 077 585 28228 - http://www.ukhooftrimmers.co.uk
AANHCP Certified Practitioner. Cover Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Wiltshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire and rest of UK if needed. (10/10)
Jillie Gardiner, South Wales - Telephone 07970 629726 - Email: EquineHoofTrim @ aol.com
Certified in 2002. Clients range from happy hackers to successful racehorses. My own horses have been barefoot since 1999. Cover South Wales. (10/10)
Julie Bailey, North West and North East of England, UK - Tel: 07961 588020 - Email: juliebailey1 @ hotmail.co.uk - Website: www.thenaturalhoof.co.uk
UKNHCP certified and fully insured. Offering a non-invasive trim, humane horse handling and advice on all aspects of managing barefoot horses. Areas covered - North west and North East of England. (10/10)
Rochelle Preston, Gloucestershire, England, UK - Tel: 07900 181601 - Email: rochelletpreston @ gmail.com
UKNHCP certified and insured. I am able to offer a non-invasive trim and advice on keeping horses barefoot. I have had 20 years of equine experience with thoroughbreds, show horses & ponies, international dressage horses & stud work. Areas Covered: Warwickshire, Worcestershire & North Gloucestershire (01/11)
Rohan Fox, UK - Tel: 07702 682691 - Email: rohan @ hoofworks.co.uk - Website: www.hoofworks.co.uk
Trained by the Equine Podiatry Association UK, specialising in pathologies, performance trimming and horses with behavioural difficulties surrounding their feet. See my website for more information! Covering North - Mid Wales, the Midlands, and will travel further by request.  (01/12)
Jayne Hunt, Melksham, Wiltshire, UK - www.healthyhooves.co.uk - jayne @ healthyhooves.co.uk - 07979 354658.
Advanced Equine Podiatrist and trainer, specialising in remedial work as well as regular hoof maintenance. (01/12)
Steven Money, Bristol, United Kingdom - Steveshooves @ gmail.com - or www.facebook.com/stevenmoneyequinepodiatrist - Tel: 07588277013.
I offer a barefoot trimming and advice service within a 50 mile radius of Bristol. I am happy to trim all kinds of horses and ponies, and will spend extra time with young or nervous horses by arrangement. (10/01)

Barehoof Camilla, Berkshire, UK - email: camilla @ barehooftrimmer.com - Phone: 07926 82 4386 - website: http://www.barehooftrimmer.com
I am a Barehoof trimmer educated by Dan Guerrera located in Berkshire, UK. (04/14)

Minnie Russnak, United Kingdom - http://www.tophuf.com -  0774 777 0987
I run a Barefoot Rehabilitation yard based on Jamie Jackson AANHCK/UKNHCP based in Berkshire, just west of London - We have a 500m paddock paradise track - all year turnout - 9 boxes - and a Martin Collins Sand and CLOPF manege and lots of lovely off road, barefoot friendly hacking. We offer tailored rehab programs based on individual requirements.  Fully qualified UKNHCP Barefoot trimmer.  We are here to make barefoot a success by offering a full service around the exercise, diet and care.   (04/14)
John Stewart, Dumfries, Scotland - email: johnthebft @ outlook.com - phone 07850 999309, website johnthebft.com
Author of ‘Understanding the Horse’s Feet’. I have been a barefoot trimmer and horse foot researcher since 2008. (a practicing vet for 30 years prior to this). I have recently returned to south west Scotland and am taking on clients for barefoot trims. Also available for consultations and second opinions. References available. (06/16)
Tracey Pettipher, Natural Neddies Equine Podiatry, Warwickshire, United Kingdom - Website: http://www.equine-podiatry.co.uk - Tel: 07923 285975 - Email: naturalneddies @ btinternet.com - facebook: https://www.facebook.com/naturalneddies1/
Barefoot Trimmer and final year student Equine Podiatrist. Providing Holistic Hoof Care & Barefoot Performance Trims in Warwickshire & surrounding areas. Fully insured & references available on request. (05/17)

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