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Professional Trimmers List: USA States M - N

Now in Alphabetical Order by State!

For Hoof Care Professionals of any kind - trimmers, farriers, podiatrists, specialists, etc. who offer barefoot trimming services to horseowners.

The Horse's Hoof, as a generic barefoot resource, provides this as a FREE PUBLIC SERVICE to the barefoot public, and not as an endorsement of any trimmer or any method listed on this page, nor do we verify any qualifications. We do not provide any personal recommendations, so please do not ask. Owners, please research, verify qualifications and references, and use discretion when choosing your hoof care professional. Special Note: We are NOT THE HOOF POLICE - this is JUST a listing, like the yellow pages, and we do not monitor nor regulate these trimmers in any way.

For the USA, trimmers are listed in alphabetical order by STATE, click or scroll down:

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USA States A-L
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George Spear, Otisfield, MAINE USA - 207-539-9188 (h) 207-713-0813 (cell) - E-Mail: aa1pd @ yahoo.com
CNBBT Certified Natural Balance Barefoot Trimmer. Long time student of Gene Ovnicek. Barefoot trimming using wild horse hoof model. www.NBhoofcare.com I travel to southern, central and western Maine and the white mountains region of NH. (01/08)
Richard L. Lamb, CP, CHCP, Caribou, Maine.  Phone:  207-493-6633  Email:  barefoottrims @ gmail.com 
Full-time professional barefoot hoofcare practitioner with 6 years experience.  Certified Practitioner (CP) by AANHCP; Certified Hoof Care Professional (CHCP) and Booting Specialist by Liberated Horsemanship.  Serving the whole State of Maine in all aspects of barefoot hoof care: laminitis, navicular, transitioning to barefoot, maintenance trims, booting, diet, and environment.  Also offering 4-12 hour clinics for horse owners. (10/11)

Gabriel & Angela Gore, Maine - mainehoof @ yahoo.com  - phone: 207-717-7776  www.gobarefootmaine.com 
GO BAREFOOT! Certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioners traveling to care for your horses in Maine.  As barefoot farriers we will answer all your questions and teach you the mechanics of hoof function.  Let us teach you what every horse owner needs to know about their horses feet.  Specializing in severe hoof problems.  Our training also includes, Certified Centered Riding Instructor, equine  nutritionalist, and training methods influenced by Klaus Hempfling. (10/11)

Shannon Tomeny, New Sharon, Maine - email: bigb.littles @ yahoo.com - phone: 207-672-6053
Working in West Central Maine. Influenced by Pete, Gene, Dr. Bowker and the other like-minded souls who share their knowledge with us, as well as everything the horses teach me. I have been working with feet since 2004. Accepting anyone in my area who wishes to have sound performance barefoot hooves in all disciplines. Please call if you do not receive a reply to email. Best wishes to all. (04/13)

Terry Snowman, Bucksport, Maine - email megheder @ yahoo.com , phone 207-469-8547
Full time natural hoof trimmer. I trim horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules. 15+ years trimming experience. 30+ years training and handling. References available. (09/13)
Lisa Markowitz, Maine - Email : applecrestfarm @ gmail.com - 908-268-6046 - https://www.facebook.com/northeasthoofcare/
(Northeast Hoof Care), Serving Maine. Degreed Applied Equine Podiatrist (Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry). B.S. Animal Science. (03/19)
Birgit Rocconella APF-I, Searsport, Maine, IAPF Member, Liberated Horsemanship Certified, AANHCP Certified 2008 (No longer a Member), Cell 860-849-1124 Email: brocconella @ gmail.com Webpage: www.thehooflady.com
Providing Barefoot Farrier Services in Waldo County. Specializing in shoes to barefoot transitioning, navicular, and other hoof related problems. Epona and Easycare Shoes available (12/21)


Coreen Kiser -  Westminster, Maryland - Phone: 443 789 2433 - email: hoofn8r @ gmail.com
Rehab and maintenance trimming and booting. Over 8 years exp. Wild Horse (Pete Ramey) model with whole horse assessment as nec. (06/11)
Jeanne Starr, Maryland - Email: gofeetfirst @ gmail.com - Phone: 410-598-4038
Feet First Natural Hoofcare, serving MD, DE, PA, NJ is a whole horse approach to achieving high performance, balanced, barefoot horses. Background in HPT (LaPierre), Gene Ovnicek, Paul Chapman with particular emphasis on Pete Ramey. Successfully transitioning horses from shoes to barefoot. Experienced with IR, founder, and other foot pathologies, in addition to how disease, nutrition and conformation affect the hoof and the horse's natural biomechanics. Distributor for Soft-Ride, Equicast and Renegade Hoof Boots (prov). References and pictures always available. Prices your budget can live with. (01/09)
Patty Lynch, Mount Airy, Maryland - Phone: (301) 693-3866  - email: ms.patty.lynch @ gmail.com
Whole Horse Hoof Care - "Barefoot When Possible, Shoes When Necessary".  Professional barefoot trimmer and farrier with a whole horse approach. Serving the Mid-Atlantic states of MD, PA, WV, VA (08/09)
Richard Teachout,  Leonardtown, Maryland - phone: 301 904 5037 - email: rteachout @ md.metrocast.net
Natural Hoof Care Service located in Southern Maryland.  Serving all of Maryland and Eastern Virginia.  Pete Ramey / Jamie Jackson approach to trimming.  Have also studied under KC LaPierre.  All breeds from Draft to Mini, Mules, Donkeys (and Goats and Sheep). Rehab -  Founder - Navicular - Transition from shoes. Reliable on time scheduling, Reasonable rates. (10/10)
Greg Boll, Maryland serving central PA & northern MD - Email: 4gboll @ gmail.com - Phone: 717-824-9368 - Facebook: Greg's Farrier Service
I practice trimming as taught by Pete Ramey and the wild horse model.  I enjoy educating my clients and will provide prompt, courteous service.  Everything from drafts to mini's. (02/11)


Gwenyth Santagate, Douglas, Massachusetts, email: caballus @ charter.net - http://www.barefoottrim.com - http://www.thepenzancehorse.com phone: (508) 476-1317
Specializing in transitioning and pathological hooves: Laminitis, Founder, navicular, White Line Disease, Quarter Cracks, Contracted Heels, and more with a Natural Trim as well as a whole outlook to the husbandry and feeding of the horse. I work with Herbs and Homeopathy to help restore the body and hooves to health and continued wellness.  Serving MA, RI, CT. Will travel as well as take truck-ins by appt. Call or Email. (08/05)

Betsy Merritt, SHP, Williamsburg, MA, (Western Massachusetts) Betsymerritt @ hotmail.com, Phone: 413-348-5798 Click here for Betsy's webpage.
Barefoot Performance Natural Hoof care, Barefoot trimming of all breeds, including Donkeys, minis, ponies. Specializing in rehabilitation of foundered, navicular and other hoof problems. Strasser certified 2002. Graduate of The Oregon School of Natural Hoofcare and Easycare hoof boot Dealer. (08/07)

June O'Brien, Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire - http://www.hoofinit.net; eMail: usic @ aol.com
Degreed Applied Equine Podiatrist, DAEP from the International Institute of Equine Podiatry founded by KC LaPierre. Trimming barefoot horses and aiding in rehabilitation. (2/07)
Barbara Connors, Southeast Massachusetts; Natural Hoof Care according to the wild horse mode. Phone: 508-822-3814. E-mail: absolutehoof @ verizon.net . Website: www.absolutehoof.com (09/06)
Jennifer L. Rizzo , Waltham, Massachusetts - email: JenniferLRizzo @ gmail.com - phone: (781) 893-3599 website: http://JenniferLRizzo.googlepages.com
I am available to transition & maintain natural barefoot horses of all shapes, sizes, ages, & abilities. I have experience with challenging hoof cases as well as straightforward trims. I can teach you to trim & coach you as needed. I am also happy to evaluate your horse and consult with your current equine healthcare professionals to provide recommendations. (12/07)
Bob Caruso, Ipswich, Massachusetts. - (781) 944-9707 - email: Bob0505 @ comcast.net
Barefoot trimming, studied Gene Ovnicek and Pete Ramey, helping horse owner understand barefoot hoofcare doing what is best for your horse. (01/08)
Erin Celia, South Shore, Massachusetts - email: erin @ theholistichoof.com - www.theholistichoof.com - Phone 917-817-0325.
Working as a natural barefoot trimmer for over 10 years. Using Jamie Jackson, Pete Ramey, Methods with great success. References of satisfied current clients. (10/10)
Jessica Chickering , Charlton, Massachusetts - www.mistyrosearabians.com - mercedesmialee@aol.com - 774-230-0568
I specialize in barefoot trimming transitioning laminitis and founder. (10/10)
Steve Hebrock, Lenox, Massachusetts & Akron, Ohio - email: steve@enlightenedequine.com - Phone: (330) 813-5434 - www.EnlightenedEquine.com
AANHCP & Liberated Horsemanship Certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner doing strictly barefoot trimming since 1994. As I am a full-time university professor, I only accept a limited number of clients. I offer individual training and group workshops as well. Most of my trimming is conducted in NE Ohio and W Massachusetts, but arrangements can be made to work wherever you wish. See www.EnlightenedEquine.com for more information. (09/11)

Chris Marinin, North Brookfield, Massachusetts - Email: chris.marinin @ gmail.com - cell phone: 508-954-6968 - website: www.csmhoofcare.com
I am a professional barefoot trimmer with 4 years of trimming experience. I am currently accepting new clients. I specialize in navicular and transitioning to barefoot. See www.csmhoofcare.com for more information. (01/13)

Joanne Huff, Massachusetts - joanne_huff @ yahoo.com or call 413-695-0470
AS, ES, Ma Lic Instructor, serving Western MA, Southern VT, Northern Ct. In Balance Hoof, balanced trimming along with dietary, environmental and conformational evaluations to meet the individual horses needs for a balanced performing hoof. Multiple years experience, references. (03/13)
Sadie Biathrow, Cape Cod Natural Hoof, Cape Cod , Massachusetts - Email: ccbarefoottrimmer @ gmail.com - cell phone: 774 722 9912
Sadie is a Barefoot Hoof Care Specialist living and working in the Cape Cod area and is currently accepting new clients. She has completed the Penzance Natural Hoof Care and Trim Certification Course and is currently working on her American Hoof Association Membership (ID#966857).  She follows the wild horse model of trimming and exercises a holistic approach to hooves, assessing the whole horse. The first appointment will be extensive to gather information and evaluate your horses diet, use, movement, environment, health (past and present), etc. References are available. (06/13)
Heidi Burke, Massachusetts - (Phone) 781-413-7169 - (email) willowhorse7 @ gmail.com
Serving MA, RI, and CT. Professional Barefoot Trimmer specializing in supporting development, rehabilitating pathologies, and maintaining the health of horses hooves. (01/14)
Pat Zigelhofer, Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts - e-mail: ravenrock @ myfairpoint.net - cell phone # (603)-769-1226
I'm a certified AANHCP Practitioner with 8 years experience. I have experience in the transitioning of the horse from shoes to being barefoot and feeling good. Along with the other abnormalities of the hoof the most experience has been with the founder and laminitis. (01/15)

Kathleen Ladendecker, West Springfield, Massachusetts - kathy @ achaina.com - www.achaina.com
Barefoot Hoof Care & Rehabilitation for horses, minis, and donkeys. Maintenance trims and rehabilitation of laminitis/founder and other hoof pathologies. Diet & Nutrition Analysis. EasyCare and Scoot Boot dealer. PHCP member. Natural Horsemanship Trainer. Please call (413)310-4692 or email kathy @ achaina.com. Visit www.achaina.com for more info. Serving Western Massachusetts, Central Massachusetts, and Northern Connecticut. Other locations can be discussed. (07/18)

Alicia Harlov, Hamilton, Massachusetts - email: thehumblehoof @ gmail.com, website: thehumblehoof.com
Accepting new clients within a one hour radius of Hamilton, MA; member of PHCP, strong influences from Pete Ramey and KC LaPierre methodologies and Rockley Farm barefoot hoof rehab ideals. (09/18)


Brian Perkins, Michigan, phone 989-379-2523 email: bbarkranch @ yahoo.com
Natural Hoof Care Practioner, graduated from Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School with 10 years of experience I know & see the difference with the natural trim. I no longer offer the traditional trim or shoe. Helping the horse is my goal. I practice Natural Horsemanship and am a Level 3 Parelli student.Serving Northern Michigan. Easy Boot dealer. Remember NO FOOT, NO HORSE!! Feel free to call or email with questions: 989-379-2523 bbarkranch @ yahoo.com (11/06)
Kim Powers, Stockbridge, Michigan - Phone: 517 581-9415 - Email: Barehoofinit @ hotmail.com
I am also an easycare dealer. (12/09)
Michael Cieslak, Michigan - www.NakedHoofCare.com -E-mail: Barefoot @ NakedHoofCare.com - Office: 734/428-2800
Natural hoof care practitioner serving all breeds and disciplines in south-east Michigan since 1998. Our clientele is strictly barefoot and focused on providing customers and their horses with the most up-to-date and knowledgeable hoof care available. We successfully work with challenging cases, including: founder, chronic laminitis, club feet, Navicular syndrome and Navicular Disease, chronic thrush, fungal infections, arthritic horses, contracted heels, white line disease, seedy toe, and chronic quarter cracks. I believe in pain-free transitioning from shoes to bare hoof care - your horse does not need to be uncomfortable in order to go barefoot! I offer consultations, customized boot and pad fitting, transitioning, rehabilitation, and hoof care maintenance. We don't just treat the hooves, we look at the entire horse, its environment, and nutritional program to support healthy hoof function. Questions and phone calls are welcome. (01/08)
Stephanie Carol Dane, Michigan - Phone 248-887-2908 - email: got4hoofs @ aol.com
Natural Barefoot Trimming, Boots & Shoes care, for your Horses Hoofs. I practice no abuse,calm, Positive Safe, Energy for a Calm,Happy,Safe Horse. See the difference in your horse. Experience, Professional Training, Advance Natural Barefoot Trimming. MI Horseshoeing School Grad. (03/08)
Steve Leiter, East Tawas, Michigan - E-mail: sleiter819 @ aol.com - 989-362-1038
AANHCP member, practitioner. Trained in the Natural Barefoot Trim, offering professional and dedicated service to natural horse care. (06/08)
Amy Surdu, Michigan - Email: amysurdu @ gmail.com - cell phone: 248.514.8464 - website: www.secondnaturehorse.info and http:www.secondnaturehorse.wordpress.com
Barefoot Equine Hoof Care Professional with 12 years of trimming experience. I specialize in barefoot hoof care and follow guidelines of Dr. Bowker's Physiological Trim method. BWFA Certified Michigan & Wyoming School of Horseshoeing Graduate 1998. References available. (10/11)


Cynthia Niemela, Minnesota - EMAIL: naturalhorsecare10 @ gmail.com (delete spaces) - PHONE:  Cell: 612-481-3036
AANCHP certified and Liberated Horsemanship certified trimmer and instructor serving South Dakota and Minnesota. Offering professional barefoot hoof care since March of 2002. I trim many different breeds with many different performance goals including: Dressage horses, Stock horses, Hunters, Endurance horses, Trail horses, Gaited horses and Draft horses.  I also successfully trim horses with Navicular Syndrome, Laminitis and Founder. Many long term satisfied customers.  Equine Lower Limb Anatomy Clinics and Introductory Trimming Clinics offered through Liberated Horsemanship. (06/15)
Erika Achberger, Nerstrand Minnesota - email: erikasequine @ me.com - 612-345-2077 -  erikasequine.com
Trim methods are Pete Ramey derived based on reading the internal structure and the importance of natural sole thickness, breakover and heel first landing. Also offered are Dynamite nutriotional products, TTouch/ TTEAM training, Reiki and Animal Communication.  I currently travel to within 1 1/2 to 2hrs drive from my home.  (Austin to Anoka, and Faribault, Lonsdale, New Market to Baldwin, River Falls, Ellsworth, Red Wing, Zumbro Falls and Oronoco.) (12/09)
Janet Hagen, Minnesota.  507- 380-8700. www.usethehooves.com  janet @ usethehooves.com  
American Hoof Association (AHA) certified and charter member since Oct. 2006. AANHCP trained. Professional trimmer since Jan. 2004. Will travel. (11/07)
The Fischer Equine Lameness Foundation, Heal the Hoof, Minnesota - Non-profit corporation barefoot rehabilitation facility in Minnesota.
http://www.healthehoof.com (10/06)

JoAnn Schreffler, Ely, Minnesota, email: joann @ hoofinit.org - Phone 1-218-365-6403 - website: www.hoofinit.org
I have been trimming for a little over a year now.  Will travel just about anywhere.  Have experience trimming gaited horses.  I am always on the look out for new information and techniques which would improve my trimming and therefore the horses in my care.  Please see my web page for more information.  My site is always under construction as I add new information. I am currently taking on new clients and always have the best interest of the horse in mind. (01/07)

Sandstone, Minnesota. Natural Equine Options: Natural boarding and trimming/rehabilitation services. www.naturalequineoptions.com in Sandstone, Minnesota. (01/07)
Jenny Peterson, Winona, Minnesota - E-mail: healthierhooves @ yahoo.com - Home Phone: (507) 453-9554- Cell Phone: (507) 312-0313
Have been studying and trimming my own horse's hooves for four years. And have been to a Pete Ramey Clinic. I believe that trimming horse's hooves the way they were intended to be and having them barefoot, can help horses that have common problems like founder and navicular disease. (10/07)
Erin Olson, Lindstrom, Minnesota - e-mail: info @ rebelfootworks.com - website: www.rebelfootworks.com - Phone 651-210-8535.
I am a AANHCP trained STUDENT. My service area is the greater Twin Cities area, and western WI. (01/08)
Dr. Julie Huss, Princeton, Minnesota - Phone 320-552-0110 - www.astepabove.biz - juliehussdc @ gmail.com
Dr Julie Huss, Certified animal chiropractor, Natural Trimmer, Based out of Princeton, MN serving the Northern metro and greater Twin Cities area.
Working with horses since 1999, farrier and then natural trimmer since 2005. Experience and expertise in founder, navicular, contracted heels, flares, lameness, etc. Our goal is to balance the whole horse! Hoof trimming lessons and consultations available. (01/15)

Rachelle, Ely, Minnesota 55731- Call or text 419 309 7092 Ask for Rachelle
FARRIER Graduate of Oklahoma horseshoeing school. Horse shoeing, natural barefoot trims. $35 trims $60 front shoes $80 all four shoes. Sometimes a small travel fee for long distances. (10/15)

Jamie Olsen - Monticello, Minnesota - Email: TheWingedHoof @ outlook.com - cell phone: 763-355-4698
I am a professional trimmer & trainer with 6 years of trimming and more than 45 years of equine experience. I have extensively studied the work of Ramey, Welz, Strasser and Jackson and have developed my own extremely successful trim style based on the wild horse hooves. I have a considerable amount of experience healing hooves with laminitis, wall cracks, white line disease and chronic thrush. I am passionately devoted to the horses and always return all calls promptly. References available upon request. (02/16)


Brian Hodges (662)315-1089 and Burl Hicks (662)315-2171, Smithville, Mississippi - email: bhodges83 @ yahoo.com - Website: http://www.coldcreekhorses.com/
Combined we have a total of 8 years trimming experience. We specialize in the mustang roll which is a form of natural hoof care. We will trim any horse even if badly mannered. Have treated many foundered horses. We have a 100 acre kennel and stables, where we gentle horses and work with difficult horses. Call or email for prices or info. (01/11)
Mark Taylor, Ashland, Mississippi - phone: 662-224-3043 - cell: 662-224-4158 - email: talloakhorsefarm @ yahoo.com
Certified with AANHCP and Liberated Horsemanship. (12/10)

Angie Brummett, Oxford, Mississippi - email: 38655 @ att.net - 662-816-7227 text or leave a message please.
Graduate of Lim Couch's MidSouth Horseshoeing Academy, and trained with Col George Redding, DVM, attended 2015 No More Laminitis Conference and Trimming with Pete Ramey Clinic. Specializing in balanced trimming for 30+ yrs. $40 for a standard trim, Travel outside of 60 miles and training a horse to stand for a farrier are extra. Prefer regular clients. Instructor-in-Training with PATH, Intl. (09/17)



Kerry Kirkland, CP, Foristell, MISSOURI - Phone 636-459-5460 -   email: wildwayhoofcare @ gmail.com -  website: www.wildwayhoofcare.com
AANHCP CERTIFIED Practitioner. Non-invasive natural trimming; wild horse hoof model. (09/11)
Kim Wilson, SHP, Dittmer, Missouri Phone: 314-795-8218 Email: kim.wilson @ sessions-inc.com or k.wilson @ ruralcom.net (03/08)
Raymond Oliver, Hawk Point Missouri, - http://www.circleohorseshoeing.com - Cell # 1-636-262-5145 or 1-636-338-4696 - E-Mail www.circleohorseshoeing @ yahoo.com
Circle "O" Horseshoing LLC (05/07)
Scotty E Scott, Eureka, Missouri - cell - 314-566-2497 home - 636-587-2886
K / S Natural Hoof Care - Serving ALL of south eastern Missouri, AANHCP member "Cause no harm, Respect the healing powers of nature" (08/07)
Janet Hatch, Kingston, Missouri - jghatch @ shoelesshoofcare.com - ShoeLessHoofcare.com - ph 816-586-2262 or 816-277-1586
PT Liberated Horsemanship, Serving Caldwell, Clay, Platte, Clinton, Ray counties.  Natural boarding à la Jaime Jackson's Paddock Paradise Spring, 2010. (01/10)
Crystal Mavel ,  Kansas City Area, Missouri - Email: Stepbystepnhc @ hotmail.com  - Phone: (816) 682-7777
Step By Step Natural Hoof Care LLC, Natural Trim, Based on Wild horse model (Ramey/Jackson) Specializing in Maintenance, and Rehab.(note: you must be willing to change your horses environment for Rehab trims - if necessary. Trimming Helps, but a good environment is a must) Easycare Dealer for transitioning that tender horse. (01/10)
Kim Wilson, SHP, St. Louis, Missouri, k.wilson @ ruralcom.net, 314-795-8218
Offering performance barefoot care since 2001. I have successfully trimmed breeds with various performance goals including: Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, Gaited (Foxtrotters, Walkers, Rocky Mountain, etc.) and Draft. I can teach the owner how to maintain their healthy horses on our Midwest terrains including ROCKS! Graduated from the Strasser Certification Course in 2003. Rehab facilities available, (rubber ring) for severely damaged hooves, to speed your horse’s return to work. (02/06)
Ryan Kelly, Forsyth, Missouri - work phone/cell: 417-545-1697 - email: mohorseman77 @ live.com
I live and work in Forsyth, MO and Taney, CO. I am a natural barefoot hoof trimmer and natural horse trainer specializing in trail horses and competitive trail riding. I will trim any and all equine hooves. Including mules and minis. (12/10)
Michelle Miller, La Belle, Missouri - E-mail: memiller8051 @ gmail.com - Cell Phone: 217-617-8507.
Providing Barefoot Hoof Care to Northeast Missouri, Southeast Iowa, and West Central Illinois. (01/11)
Christine and Randy Cate, Mansfield, Missouri - phone 417-536-1590 - email: christine.scheer @ yahoo.com - Website: http://www.helpmylamehorse.net
Complete Hoof Care, specializing in the health of the hoof. Mustang Trim for the Barefoot Horse, serving mid and southwest Missouri. (08/14)
Julie Landuyt, Smithville, Missouri - jlanduyt71 @ gmail.com -  816-695-4059
I specialize in natural barefoot trims for all equids including: drafts, donkey, mules and minis  (of course typically sized horses are welcome also!).  Animals are treated with kindness and compassion; clients are treated with respect.  References are available. (04/14)
Tamera Arnold, Gallatin, Missouri - 801-518-2857 - E-mail: tamera @ betteroffbare.com - www.betteroffbare.com 
Better Off Bare Natural Hoof Care.  I have studied Pete Ramey and attended two of his clinics.  I also have attended a Dr. Robert Bowker Clinic and a Katy Watts nutrition clinic.  I have rehabilitated several navicular and foundered horses.  I shod horses for 14 years, but now find natural hoof care the only way to go.  Authorized EasyCare dealer.  I help design natural living spaces for your horse. (01/15)


Pat Beebe AANHCP Certified Practitioner Missoula Montana - E-mail: pat @ rocksolidnaturalhoofcare.com - Cell# is (406) 546-9053 - www.rocksolidnaturalhoofcare.com
Serving Western and West Central Montana (02/08)

Debora Lay, Corvallis, Montana - www.layzdequineservices.com - Email: layzd@live.com - Phone: 406-363-3346
LayzD Equine Services LLC is a rehabilitation center offering complete health services including hoof care, nutritional therapy and boarding. OSNC Certified Hoof Care Professional and instructor. Corrective, therapeutic and maintenance hoof trimming. A BLM mustang trainer, I have a good eye for the natural hoof. Experienced with white line disease, lamanitis, founder and geriatric hooves. Serving the Bitterroot Valley and Missoula. I also manage a non-profit sanctuary and adoption program. www.wingsprograms.org. (12/16)

Lu Garnas, Belgrade, Montana - email: Garnasequine @ gmail.com or 406.581.1175 (leave a message) WEBPAGE: www.GarnasEquine.com
Garnas Equine Therapeutic Services. Specializing in Performance & Rehabilitaion. Located in Belgrade, MT - References available upon request. (01/17)
Marty Maddalena, Bozeman and Surrounding area's, Montana - email: martymaddalena @ gmail.com - telephone: 208-659-5624
Double M Horse Services offer's professional quality natural hoof care to the Gallatin Valley and Surrounding areas.  Experienced with all types of horses and willing to work with any discipline.  Quiet, prompt and reliable service.  Rehabilitation horses welcome.  Accepting new clients today.  Multiple horse discounts and willing to travel.  Local references available.  Please call or email with any questions or to schedule an appointment today! (01/11)




Ken Larsen Montello, Nevada - Email: Larkk65 @ aol.com
I have been trimming my own horses for six years and full time for the last three. I will travel to CA, Utah, Idaho and Nevada. Graduated Strasser Course in 2003 (02/06)
Åsa Stephens, Las Vegas, Nevada - email: linus @ cox.net - Phone 702-981-3057 - www.hoofauthority.com
I’m with the group Pacific Hoof Care Professionals. (It’s an educational program based in CA and NV so far). I am a member of AHA.   04/11)
Dave Gunter, Reno/Tahoe, Nevada - phone: 775-412-8158
Dave Gunter Farrier Services. Have you had problems with the farrier being to rough on your horse? We have found most behavior issues with a horse are a result of the handler. We welcome your horse and will be patient with his or her particular needs. Local references readily available. We do drafts, miniatures and every hoof in between.  We don't just care for horses as a profession we own our own as a passion. Experience the difference horsemanship makes. Since 1985 as a farrier and a life time as a horseman.  (08/12)
MARY COTTRILL, RENO, NEVADA - ph 775-848-9406

Cindy Nielsen VMD, Reno, Nevada - Phone: 775-813-1107 - email: bareyoursole @ earthlink.net
Veterinarian and natural hoof care practitioner, Covering all of Reno, Carson City, Dayton, Beckwourth/Loyalton/Truckee. (certified by Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners), owner of Founder Warriors Rehab Center P.C., practice limited to hoof and lameness issues as well as barefoot trimming. All aspects of laminitis/founder/insulin resistance/Cushing's taken care of by one person including diagnosis, bloodwork, xrays, hoof care. Laminitis/founder is not a death sentence! Certified Epona shoer (composite flexible shoe that is the next best thing to barefoot for horses with a need for protection of the hoof) (10/10)

Alicia Herron Reno, Nevada - email: bootandride @ yahoo.com - website: www.bootandride.com - phone: 775-843-4108
Boot and Ride Hoof Care - Natural Barefoot Trimming. I am a professional trimmer in Reno Nevada and service the surrounding area as well. I am a member of PHCP and I am constantly continuing my education. I am reliable and honest, please contact me with any questions. (11/12)

New Hampshire

Michael Boucher, Goffstown, New Hampshire. PHONE: (603) 660-6432, EMAIL: mebnh @ comcast.net
Natural barefoot trimming method; Based upon Wild horse. Jackson/Ramey. Caring for over 350 horses in N.H. and Mass. Helping horses, donkeys, mini's, mules, I deal with all issues including, founder, navicular, laminitis, & white line problems. Truly gentle & outstanding care, with a sincere desire and ability to help your horse. www.barehoofnaturaltrim.com (05/06)
Jessica Goonan, Goffstown, New Hampshire, D.E.P. Equine Podiatrist, - International Institute of Equine Podiatry. Serving Southern NH and areas of MA, within 1 1/2 hrs of Goffstown, NH. Rehabilitation of problem feet and transitioning out of shoes, also trimming foals and young horses so as to get a healthy foot under them right away. Email hrsewoman @ comcast.net if interested and for a
list of upcoming educational events in the area. www.thebalancedhoof.com (07/06)
Lisa Phelps, New Hampshire - PH 603-435-7130  C 603-848-8602 - e-mail: hoofwalker @ metrocast.net - www.facebook.com/hoofwalker www.hoofwalkernaturaltrim.com
Hoof Walker Natural Trim, LLC – natural trim based on the wild horse model – Pete Ramey and Jamie Jackson.  Experienced with laminitus, founder, navicular, cracks and more.  Gentle, respectful care for your horse.  Servicing central and southern NH.  Other locations may be considered. (01/10)
Heidi Meyer - Heavenly Hooves, Bridgewater, New Hampshire - cell 603-568-4110 - home 603-744-3167 - emeyer @ metrocast.net - coming soon - new rehab facility being designed!
Bare Hoof Care Specialist, +30 yrs equine experience, current owner/trainer in 4th yr trimming, attended/studied clinics with Pete Ramey, Dr. Bowker, studied Dr.Rooney and Dr. Pollitt, tremendous success with rehab on/off the track thoroughbreds. Overcome underrun/crushed heels, contraction, navicular, founder, laminitis, white line, rotated hoof capsules, fractures, trauma, neglect. Free consultations, willing to work closely with vets, chiropractor, accupuncture, massage therapy. Will travel to track, barn, pasture or your training/breeding facility. Available for 4H groups, Pony Club, riding/therapy group demonstrations. Mon-Fri, Weekends and some evening appointments also available. Get answers to your hoof questions, and help your horse heal! (08/08)
Brad Erickson, Londonderry, New Hampshire - 360-606-3331 - www.braderickson.com - email: nbequine @ gmail.com
Farrier services specializing in Natural Balance principles including therapeutic shoeing and barefoot trimming. Graduate of Mission Farrier School, promoting "wild horse research" of Gene Ovnicek. Now serving all of New England. (07/08)
Shira Nafshi, Concord, New Hampshire - shiranafshi @ gmail.com - www.hoof-sense.com - phone: (603) 568-2997
Hoof-Sense. Common-sense solutions for common horse problems. Natural Performance Barefoot Trimming and Natural Horsemanship Training. Specializing rehabbing founder, laminitis, navicular, ringbone, canker, cracks, flares, and club feet. Experienced with maintaining the healthy hoof as well as rehabilitation of problems. I will work with you and your horse so you are both happy! Willing also to help you learn how to trim yourself. Accepting clients in NH, VT, southern ME, and MA. (08/10)
Heather Page, New Hampshire - Phone: 603-362-9544 - email: periople @ mac.com
Apex Hoof Care. Barefoot hoof trimming; everything from transitioning from shoes to rehabilitation. Serving MA, NH & Southern ME. (11/10)

Luke Tanner, Weare, New Hampshire & Phoenix Valley area, Arizona -  Phone: 480-287-2251 - Email: landmhorseworks@gmail.com  - Website: www.lmhorseworks.com - Facebook: facebook.com/landmhorseworks
Began trimming in 2003 on his own horses, quickly decided to learn to trim professionally. Became certified natural hoof care professional through AANHCP. Certified professional and instructor with Liberated Horsemanship. Graduated from University of New Hampshire Thompson School of Applied Science with an Associated Degree in Equine Business Management. Currently lives in New Hampshire with his family. He trims there, plus in Arizona for week every six weeks. He figures he’s trimmed 50,000 hooves ... and counting. (04/11)

Monika Martin, Danbury, New Hampshire - email: mony1 @ hughes.net - cell phone # 603-491-0646 - website: http://balancedhoofservices.blogspot.com/ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BalancedHoofServices
Balanced hoof services. I am a barefoot trimmer Graduated from Penzance Equine Integrated solutions. I am currently accepting new clients, I specialize in equine posture balance. I am always on time, prompt and return phone calls. (02/13)

Luke Tanner, California (Central Coast and Southern CA), Arizona (Phoenix Valley) and New Hampshire -  Phone: 480-287-2251 - Email: landmhorseworks @ gmail.com  - Website: www.lmhorseworks.com - Facebook: facebook.com/landmhorseworks
L&M Horseworks, LLC provides Natural Trimming in California (Central Coast and Southern CA) , Arizona (Phoenix Valley) and New Hampshire.
Luke Tanner is a AANHCP natural hoof care practitioner and instructor who has over 10 years of trimming experience. He has trimmed over 75,000 hooves and counting.
He specializes in many difficult cases, laminitis, navicular and club hooves. He provides diet consultations as well as over all whole health assessments for each clients horse.
Luke is also a Paddock Paradise consultant and provides informational clinics across the country. Look for us on Facebook L&M Horseworks, LLC (05/14)

Pat Zigelhofer, Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts - e-mail: ravenrock @ myfairpoint.net - cell phone # (603)-769-1226
I'm a certified AANHCP Practitioner with 8 years experience. I have experience in the transitioning of the horse from shoes to being barefoot and feeling good. Along with the other abnormalities of the hoof the most experience has been with the founder and laminitis. (01/15)

Vickey Hollingsworth, Concord, New Hampshire - (920) 419-7447 Cell - www.hphoofcare.com
High Performance Hoof Care, LLC - Barefoot trimming, hoof booting, and glue-on shoeing services with 11 years experience. Specializes in laminitis and founder. Hundreds of happy clients and great references available! Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry graduate with special emphasis on continuing education. (03/15)


New Jersey

Christina Kusznir, New Jersey, NY, PA - Email: barefoothoofcare @ verizon.net - Phone: 917 940 9327 - Website: www.barefoothoofcare.net
Trimming for the New Millenium, since 2000. Professional trimmer travelling to NJ, NY, PA and CT. I have successfully rehabbed problem cases e.g. navicular, ringbone, founder, non-specific lameness, etc. Successfully maintaining all kinds of horses, from the performance horse to the beloved backyard pony. Special attention to painless transitioning to barefoot, and sound maintenance of the working horse. Kind and considerate to your horse. (11/13)
Kate Christie, New Jersey - Email: kchristie77 @ embarqmail.com - Phone: 973 713 0322.
Barefoot Hoof Trimming for all horses. Trimming in Northern NJ and the surrounding area. Professionally trained and experienced. Keep your performance horse barefoot! Also experienced in drafts, young horses, pathologies, rehabilitation, rescues and boot-fitting. Transition to barefoot also available on my farm with personalized footing to suit your horse's needs. I will give you the honest and clear communication you need to keep your horse barefoot and healthy. (10/07)

Kate Christie, New Jersey, Phone 973 713 0322 or kchristie77 @ earthlink.net
"Set Your Horse Free Barefoot Hoof Trimming," serving Northern New Jersey, formally trained, references provided. (08/06)

John Zeiselmeier, New Jersey - E-mail: EP4thesole @ comcast.net, Phone number 609-658-1274. Bare Performance Hoof Care LLC
Degreed Applied Equine Podiatrist (Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry) Serving New Jersey with Applied Equine Podiatry,
HPT trimming, maintenance, rehabilitation and shoeless transition. Soundness and performance through proper balance and care. (11/07)
Kris Smalley, Pittstown, New Jersey - Phone: 908-672-8125 - E-Mail: Info @ NoHorsingAroundLLC.com
No Horsing Around, LLC, Natural Hoof Trimming based on the teaching of Pete Ramey and Jaime Jackson. Certified Animal Acupressure Practitioner and Flower Essences used to aid your horse during the trim. Make this your year to "Go Natural"!! For more information visit our website at www.NoHorsingAroundLLC.com today! (03/09)
Beth Brown, PA, New Jersey, Maryland, Del. - www.bbequine.com - Phone: 717-529-0859
BB Equine Services, servicing Pa, New jersey, Maryland, and Del. Visit our Web site at www.bbequine.com or call at 717-529-0859 Improve your horses hoof health by providing him with a well-balanced trim to promote proper growth and structure. More and more horses are enjoying the benefits of traveling barefoot on tough, sound hooves. (03/09)
Charlie Piccione SR, New Jersey, Penn. - Phone: 908-319-2406 - email: cpicc @ comcast.net
"Natural Performance Hoof Care" servicing NJ, PA, specializing in Laminitis and Founder. Total hoof rehabilitation from shoes to natural hoof painlessly. Many references on request. Return your Equine friend to his Natural Athletic Abilities" (10/09)
Toni Teschner, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey - Phone 609-432-3227 - toniteschner @ hotmail.com
Heart and Sole Equine LLC, Providing barefoot hoofcare and holistic support. Has received professional training from experienced mentors. VETERINARY references available. 5 years practicing, and 20+ years of horsemanship experience. Specializing in young horses, rehabilitation, maintenance, and performance. Also versed in essential oils, homeopathy, energy/body work, nutrition counseling, and classical horsemanship. Will travel within reasonable distance, (2 hours or less). Facebook group, Heart and Sole Equine. (02/12)
Rachael Pittman, Vineland, New Jersey - 856-498-2095 - rltponies @ hotmail.com
Serving all of South Jersey,  Providing Natural Hoof Care Trimming and Rehabilitation for horses & ponies as well as Natural Horsemanship techniques. 33yrs. in Equine experience. (11/13)
Rena Lambert, Frankford, New Jersey - Email: firegirlrena @ yahoo.com - cell phone: 201-317-0274 - call or text
Currently accepting new clients in the tri-state area.  Successfully transition barefoot horses in all disciplines, english/western and driving!  Minis to drafts.   (06/15)

New Mexico

Jodi Vertz, Albuquerque, New Mexico, AANHCP practitioner, Phone (505) 977-2547, healthyhoofcare.com (09/05)
Stacie Shain, Los Lunas, New Mexico, DAEP from the International Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry. - Email: stacie @ thesoundequine.com - Phone: 505-730-1570.
Sound Equine Initiative LLC. Specializing in barefoot rehabilitation and laminitis and founder with the use of the Eponashoe tri-polymer composite shoe. (07/07)

Claudia Mardel, New Mexico - Santa Fe, Albuquerque - email: kealakapu @ yahoo.com - website: www.equinerehabmaui.com - Tel. 505-554-6115
Barefoot trimmer with Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners. Maintenance trims and rehabilitation of horses feet using boots (Easycare and Renegades), pads and casting as additional help to a trim that supports the structures for growing a healthy hoof. I am happy to help you with nutritional questions, behavioral issues, ideal pasture set ups and other questions concerning the health of your equine friend. I teach Natural Horsemanship and use a gentle approach always giving the horse a choice. (01/11)

Jerome Smith, Taos, New Mexico - Phone: 575-770-0255 - Email: hondohorse @ live.com
Trained with Jackson / Ramey ... now independent ... yrs of experience, hundreds of horses, references. (06/14)
Diane Hart of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Email: brutucus12 @ hotmail.com  Phone:. 575.644.7400
Graduate of Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry (DAEP). Hooves By Hart, LLC.  Trimming, specializing in addressing chronic laminitis, hooves with reoccurring abscesses and foundered feet. References available. Willing to travel. (09/14)
Donna Cinti, Gila, New Mexico – Email: measurexmeasure @ gmail.com – cell phone: 208-559-3115 – website: hooftrimboise.com
Company name: Measure by Measure. DONNA CINTI, Certified Hoof Care Practitioner, produces a meticulous barefoot trim to the anatomical structure of the foot. Her certification is with Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care. Donna is patient and considerate of all horses and their people. Having recently relocated to Southwest New Mexico, she is currently accepting new clients. She is an experienced trimmer, lameness consultant, teacher, and hoof care clinician. (12/16) 

New York

Margo Scofield, Syracuse, New York www.hoofkeeping.com email: thehoofchick @ hoofkeeping.com phone: (315)383-6429
Natural hoof care practitioner serving central New York. In addition to my own horses, I maintain a growing number of horses throughout New York state. References available upon request. (08/05)
Sherri Pennanen, Lockport, New York 14094, Phone: 716-434-0146 www.betterbebarefoot.com
I am a certified Hoof Care Specialist and a certified United Horsemanship Hoof Groom. I am a full time trimmer and trim throughout New York State and Southern Ontario Canada. (01/08)
Joseph Skipp, Halfmoon, New York-serving Upstate New York, Vermont and portions of Mass. www.naturalhoofconcepts.com 518-371-0494. Dare To Go Bare...Barefoot That Is! tm (01/06)
Michelle Collins, Galway, NY, Balanced Barefoot - Phone 518-275-3260, Email: balancedbarefoot @ yahoo.com
I live in Galway with my family, 3 horses, 2 dogs, a cat and a rabbit. I have been around horses for close to 20 years, trimming since November 05. I work in the eastern upstate NY area. I currently care for 50 horses with several pathological cases. I base my trimming on not only on the hooves, but the entire horse, from diet and exercise to footing and horse keeping issues. (02/07)
Anthony Madaia, Newburgh, New York. - e-mail: barefoothorse @ verizon.net - phone (845) 561-5664
Barefoot Equine Podiatrist "correcting causes, not treating effects". Areas traveled: NY Long Island & CT. Trimming since 2001. Experienced in handling "difficult horses" with patience and empathy. (11/07)
Penny Springstead, Broadalbin, New York - Phone (518) 883-5788
Upstate New York - I am a professional therapeutic (natural) hoof trimmer. I was a shoeing farrier for 14 years, certificated by the American Farriers Assoc. and completed an advanced farriers course at Cornell University. The past 3 years I've converted my business to natural trimming only, with the help of Paige Poss, Pete Ramey clinics, and the experience of caring for 300 horses, most transitioning out of shoes and the rest improving their bare hooves. (11/07)

Geri White, EqSC Middleburgh, New York - 518/827-3181, Cell 607/437-7793 - email: geri @ nativehoof.com - www.nativehoof.com
Holistic Barefoot Hoof Care Professional, Equine Sciences Degree and Certification from the Equine Sciences Academy, ESA Field Instructor, American Hoof Association Certified, and Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners Certified. Areas of travel: NY's Capital region- Schoharie, and parts of Green, Ulster, Albany, Schenectady, Montgomery, Otsego, Columbia and Dutchess Counties, as well as the Rte 8 corridor in CT. Focusing on teamwork with owners and alternative therapy professionals in Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Body work, Reiki, Natural Balance Dentistry and saddle fitting. Holistic recommendations for you and your horse’s specific needs, regular trim schedules and hoof protection when needed. Available for Clinics. (2/21)

JEFFREY EDDY, Canandaigua, New York - dogwressler @ yahoo.com - phone 585-781-4946
I am a certified natural hoof rehabiliator and bare foot trimmer with over three years training by lisa huhn at the school of www.equinextion.com all breeds, will travel. (06/09)

Jeannean Mercuri, Long Island, New York - email: neanpiggy @ me.com - phone: 631-434-5032
Instructor for Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners. Certified American Hoof Association.  Natural Barefoot Trims from rehabilitation to performance.  Hoof Boot Dealer {Easy Care line, Renegade, Cavallo}.  References available upon request. (03/15)

Cheryl Cary, Scottsville, New York - e-mail: cheryl.cary@gmail.com Phone: 585-298-4600
10 years experience barefoot trimming. Specialize in rehabilitating diseased/ negected hooves. I trim for Western NY. (04/16)

Jen Prest, Webster, New York - Email: jenniferg81 @ hotmail.com - Cell Phone: 585-339-8041 - Website: backtobarebasics.com
I have 5 years of natural trimming experience and 20 years of equine experience.  References available upon request. (10/10)
Christina Kusznir, New York, NJ, PA - Email: barefoothoofcare @ verizon.net - Phone: 917 940 9327 - Blog: http://barefoothoofcare.wordpress.com
Trimming for the New Millenium, since 2000. Professional trimmer travelling to NJ, NY, PA and CT. I have successfully rehabbed problem cases e.g. navicular, ringbone, founder, non-specific lameness, etc. Successfully maintaining all kinds of horses, from the performance horse to the beloved backyard pony. Special attention to painless transitioning to barefoot, and sound maintenance of the working horse. Kind and considerate to your horse. (08/11)
Shannon Mazourek, Ithaca, New York - radal16 @ hotmail.com
Finger Lakes Barefoot Performance, I received my certification from the Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care, I'm centered in the Tompkins county region but will travel to Schuyler, Cortland, Chemung and Tioga counties. (11/11)
Ben Goldberg, North East Pennsylvania and Southern Catskills, New York. email: HoofANiceDay @ gmail.com - phone: 570-224-5021, 917-902-8996.
Full time horse trainer with ten years experience trimming horses. From show horses to back yard pasture pets, I can help your horse be more comfortable. Serving Wayne and Pike counties in PA; and Sullivan and Orange counties in NY. (02/13)

Nadine Caban, New Windsor, New York - website: ortho-hoof.com - phone 845-3458955
Certified Hoof Orthopedist of the German Institute for Hoof Orthopedic Treatment, 20 years of trimming experience, Founder of OrthoHoof orthopedic treatment in New York (11/18).

Rachel Cintula, Ballston Spa, New York - email: rchoofcare @ gmail.com - my new website is: www.rchoofcare.com - call or text: 518-320-6353 - I am also on Facebook: RC Hoof Care
I am a full time professional trimmer with 12 years of trimming experience and 25 years of horse experience. I trim based on comfort in movement, improvement of hoof function/development and alignment with internal structures. I believe the horse's lifestyle and diet have a profound effect on the quality and development of their hooves. My trimming philosophy is in line with that of Dr. Bowker, Pete Ramey, Geri White, and Dr. Teskey. I am a current member of the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization and am applying for peer reviewed certification through the American Hoof Association. I believe in trimmer client confidentiality and I handle all horses with patience and respect. I happily trim minis, donkeys and drafts too. In addition to maintenance trimming I have experience in the successful rehabilitation of numerous severe pathologies including chronic laminitis, founder/capsular rotation, navicular syndrome, and hoof slough and am happy to work with your vet. (07/17)
Kirsten Proctor, Charlton, New York - 518-701-8642, email: pcbarefoot @ gmail.com - website: www.ahappierhoof.com
I focus on the health of the entire horse, mental/emotional as well as physical. Providing hoof care from foals to performance horses, as well as all forms of rehabilitation. (05/17)
Shelley Walker, Upstate, New York - Phone: 585-880-9240 - http://thenextstephooftrim.weebly.com/
Next Step Trimming: experienced horse owner, passionate about barefoot trimming! Affordable, Consistent, Quality trim for horses, minis, donkeys, and drafts with your whole horse in mind. Advanced Certification in the Equinextion Trimming Method specializing in anatomy and diseases affecting the horses hoof. Apprenticed under Barefoot Trimmer Jeff Eddy, BS degree in Ag Science from Cornell University. Certified Horsemanship Association Level III Riding Instructor. Owner of Everwild Stables. (06/17)

Marcel Charlesworth, Hudson Valley, New York - Email: FollowThesole @ gmail.com - cell phone 516-589-2866
My name is Marcel Charlesworth and my company is Follow The Sole Llc. I have several years experience as a farrier, and am a graduate of the Oregon School of Natural Hoofcare. Specializing in the barefoot horse isn't my job, it's my passion. I will travel throughout the Hudson Valley region and beyond when required. (08/17)

Emily Valerio, Lexington, New York - Phone: (518) 527-3637, email: ev.appaloosa @ gmail.com, website: http://www.groundedequine.com/
I am a Centenary University graduate with a B.S. in Equine Studies and a student at the Equine Sciences Academy. I offer a whole horse approach to natural hoof care and travel to the Greene, Albany, Orange, Delaware, Sullivan, Schoharie, Ulster, and Dutchess Counties. Contact for more information and references available upon request. (05/21)

North Carolina

BJ Rierson, Stokesdale, North Carolina - email: bj @ mybarefoothorse.com – website: http://www.mybarefoothorse.com – 336-414-7007 - 336-427-2852
I provide on-site barefoot hoof trimming for the Piedmont-Triad area of North Carolina. I am familiar with Pete Ramey’s research. I am also an official EasyCare dealer (www.easycareinc.com ) and do custom boot fitting for my clients. All new inquires welcome! (08/07)

Sandra Judy, Greensboro, North Carolina - www.hosshoofho.com to see case studies and more info or email: sandra.judy @ att.net phone 336-698-0784
I have been trimming since 2001 with full participation in the 2005 SHP course. I have experience rehabilitating founder, navicular, contraction and other hoof ailments. I also have educational program for groups or indivduals wishing to learn about barefoot transition. Call for more info. Clients in the Triad area welcome. (10/10)

Lisa Dawe, Pamlico County, North Carolina - Email: Lisa @ ibarefoothorses.com - phone (508) 776-6259
American Hoof Association Certified Member www.americanhoofassociation.org Covering Eastern Carolina (further for consults) Providing Mechanically Correct Balanced Hoof Care since 2002. Corrective, rehabilitative, performance and maintenance. Limited boarding available in Merritt, NC. Also available for clinics and teaching in Massachusetts on a limited basis. (09/13)

Rebecca Wyatt, North Carolina - Website: http://NaturesPathHoof.com - Email: rebecca@NaturesPathHoof.com - Phone: 336-391-6605
Nature's Path: Hoof Care for Balance, Performance and Rehabilitation - serving NC, SC, TN, VA and beyond. I specialize in helping performance horses excel and providing comfort, relief, and rehabilitation for equines with founder, navicular, and other lameness issues. Easycare Official Dealer - precision hoof boot fitting available. (10/10)
Gil Goodin, Boomer, North Carolina - email: hoofingil @ reagan.com - Cell 336-413-7286
I am a founding member of American Hoof Association and Equine Sciences Academy Instructor. I am specializing in keeping performance horses sound and hoof rehabilitation and I cover most of NC and parts of Va and SC. I am also available for clinics. (07/19)
Mike Smith, Statesville, North Carolina - Email: msranch @ yadtel.net - website: www.nhstables.com - Tel. 704-592-5034
Natural Hoof Care Service, AANHCP Practitioner. Like so many of you, I found out the hard way (founder) what is best for horses, as God and Nature intended. There is only one way: The Natural Way. I love horses and believe in what I do and see the positive results every day. References available upon request. (09/07)
Lisa Marie Ross, North Carolina - www.whisper-n-style.com - 919-342-5615
Serving Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas. Natural Hoofcare Practitioner with 8 years experience. Restoring natural balance and transitioning out of shoes. Sale and fitting of Renegade hoof boots. Natural horse handling practiced, always. (10/08)
Carla Ball, North Carolina - Email: clball12 @ aol.com - Phone: 919-225-8657 - www.carlaballbalancedhorse.com
 I provide a physiologically correct balanced trim for your barefoot horse, and also transition from shoes to barefoot.  My primary service area is the Triangle area of NC, however I am able to travel as my schedule allows.   I am certified through and a graduate of Equine Soundness, Inc.  (05/15)
Jessica Orr, Saluda, North Carolina - Email: GingersPetHuman @ hotmail.com - phone: (828)749-3509
Have been doing natural barefoot trims, based on Pete Ramey's trimming style, since 2004. Serving the southwestern portion of NC and the upstate of SC. Helping to heal your horse naturally through trimming, diet, and lifestyle changes. Reasonable prices. (08/10)
Greg Collins, Hendersonville, North Carolina -  Email: greg @ nomoreshoes.com - Phone:  828-460-3646 - http://www.nomoreshoes.com
Offering balanced performance trimming throughout the western Carolinas.  Boot fitting and sales.  Pathology treament. (08/26/10)
Jon Kerley, North Carolina, Email: jonredbone @ aol.com
Natural hoof barefoot trimmer with 68 horses currently in my care and accepting new clients, low pressure techniques on the horse
and the horse owner, no mandatory scheduling. I work for the benefit of your horse. serving western north carolina. (04/09)
Heather Faircloth, Lewisville North Carolina - email: apachiedragon @ peoplepc.com - website: http://dragonslairhoofcare.weebly.com - (336)946-2588 or (336)671-8685 cell
Accepting clients in Forsyth Co, NC and surrounding counties. Providing natural barefoot trimming for horses, minis, and donkeys following Pete Ramey's techniques. I also offer training and riding instruction with over 25 years experience working with horses. It is my goal to offer a stress free experience to both horses and owners. (11/13)

North Dakota

Gee Knopik, North Dakota - Cell 701 260 8708, Home 701 548 8708
North Dakota Hoof Care LLC. Certified Natural Balance, Equine Sciences Academy. Its about the whole horse, not just the hooves. I work with Veterinarians, Equine Dentists, Chiropracters and Holistic as well as modern medicine. Have facilities to board during rehab. Natural trimming, booting and hoof casting services for all horses, ponies, drafts,mules,goats,pigs, occasional llamas (sorry no bovine). Severe cracks and founders are welcome. (03/12)


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