Yvonne & warmblood Baby Belle, Dec. 2004

About our Company

The Horse's Hoof was born in September, 2000; the company of the husband and wife team, James and Yvonne Welz, both life-long horse lovers. James is a former computer systems administrator and printshop/technical equipment guru who gave up his career to become a barefoot hoofcare professional. Yvonne is a former desktop publishing wizard who transferred her skills over to this company. And so The Horse's Hoof came into being, initially as this website, and then as a printed publication to support the "new" interest in barefoot horse care. A full line of products was offered to support the horse owner in their quest for a healthier and more natural life for their horses.

Now, here we are, so many years later! And barefoot has gone from "fringe" to nearly mainstream. Here are some articles that cover our history:

A Timeline of the Barefoot Movement by Yvonne Welz from The Horse's Hoof Issue 50

50th Issue Retrospective from The Horse's Hoof Issue 50 by Yvonne Welz and 15 famous barefoot advocates

A few things have changed. The Horse's Hoof Magazine is now an online-only publication, which frees us from the high cost burden of printing. James and Yvonne have developed a new website, Hoof Help Online, where they teach their unique barefoot trimming system that they have carefully developed. That's where you will find their real opinions on everything! But here at The Horse's Hoof, it is all about the community of barefoot - not about promoting one person or group, but rather about sharing experiences for the good of the horse.

And these things have never changed: We support hoof care that creates functional, healthy bare hooves. We advocate more natural, humane living conditions for our equine friends. We encourage all forms of hoof care and horse care that promote these basic principles. We are not anti-shoe, simply pro-barefoot. We believe technology can be useful, and we believe in compromise. We are interested in the end goal: healthy hooves, and our philosophy is prevention. Therefore, we embrace all trimming methods, styles, and systems that have this common goal of hoof health.

Heart to Hoof Horsemanship
with Yvonne Welz in Queen Creek, Arizona!

The Barefoot Paradigm, Why it is high time for Team Barefoot! by Yvonne Welz

Yvonne and Belle, 10 years later! February 2014

What makes us different?

When you place an online order, you want to know who you are dealing with, right? We are real people! And we've been around for a long time now, with many satisfied customers. The Horse's Hoof is a little company, and we intend to stay that way. We have a toll-free number (1-877-594-3365) where you can leave a message any time, and I will return your call. You will talk directly to me, Yvonne Welz. Every product that we offer in our store is one that we personally use and have experience with, so I can give you specific advice pertinent to your unique situation.

We are riders, and we are horsemen - most of our days are spent dealing directly with horses, both our own and our customers'. Every product that we sell has been tested day in and day out by us, and we sell them only because we've found them to be valuable. We've also provided support to a couple hundred horse owners in their transition to barefoot hooves, through James' business as a hoofcare professional, so we've run across just about every situation you can imagine. Along the way, we've also discovered what works, and what doesn't work. If there is a product that can help you (whether I carry it here, or you can buy it elsewhere) I'll let you know - but if what you need isn't a product, I'll let you know that, too. Upfront, honest advice. We're here to help and to educate, and that's the focus of our business.

Click here for James' trimming page.

James & Yvonne train their horses in dressage, jumping, and high school exercises using classical training principles - and now they have incorporated the LG Zaum bitless-bit. All this highlighted by natural living conditions in a herd environment, 24/7 access to grass hay in slow feeders, and healthy bare hooves trimmed for optimum performance. Every day is a good day!

Yvonne riding Kendra, Sept. 2012.

James riding Swimmer, Feb. 2014

James riding Kendra, 2004.

James riding Belle in Spanish Walk, Jan. 2014

Yvonne riding Belle, 3rd level, Dressage Show March 2012

Yvonne riding Belle, June 2013

Yvonne riding Swimmer in his first show, September 2013

Yvonne riding Belle, Feb. 2014

In March 2014, James & Yvonne moved to their Wishing Welz Ranch in Queen Creek, Arizona. They are currently developing a unique lesson and training program, Wishing Welz Riding, to share the natural yet classical knowledge that they have developed over these many years. Yvonne specializes in teaching classical schooling exercises in a safe, fun environment, while bringing back the true joy of real dressage. Her discovery of the innovative "bitless-bit" design adds a whole new dimension to their work, and she is now dedicated to training their horses to the highest levels–without a bit. Wishing Welz Ranch is also available for private trimming lessons, horse care consultations, and more! Contact us for details.

"My goal is to school all of my horses to the highest levels, while riding and training with the upmost empathy for the horse. That concern continues on to the horse's total well-being: natural, minimal stress lifestyle and healthy bare hooves. Everything is for the good of the horse, first and foremost. I break all the dressage "rules": My horses do not wear white leg wraps (or any other); they do not wear blankets; they are not body-clipped (they are never clipped anywhere for any cosmetic reason); they do not live full time in stalls; they are not turned out in isolated paddocks; they are not injected in any joints; and biggest of all, they don't even wear a bit! My horses (barefoot of course!) live out in herds, eating natural diets with free choice hay, minimal chemical exposure, and stress-free training. I am, effectively, a rebel within modern dressage -- seeking something better." --Yvonne

I love dressage. I hate "Dre$$age":
What has Happened to Dressage? A Personal Perspective
Also published in The Classical Riding Club

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