James Welz
Barefoot Hoofcare Professional
Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Barefoot hoofcare trimming in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area.

email: jim @ TheHorsesHoof.com

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James Welz
Barefoot Hoofcare Professional
European Certified in Hoof Orthopedics in 2001
Wishing Welz Ranch, Queen Creek, Arizona

(623) 935-1823
jim @ thehorseshoof.com

James Welz, Barefoot Hoofcare Professional is a leading farrier in the Queen Creek, AZ farriers directory on NewHorse.com.

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Please see Hoof Help Online for all the details about the Welz System of trimming!

James Welz has been a hoofcare professional (barefoot trimmer) since 2000. He was one of the first in this country to receive a higher education in barefoot trimming, and one of the first to begin a full-time career as a barefoot-only professional.

James was, in his "former life," a technical wizard and computer systems administrator until his wife's mare foundered in 1999, and changed the course of their lives forever. In a desperate attempt to save this horse, they immersed themselves in the new barefoot movement, which had only just begun. James immediately began hands-on training with the only educated barefoot hoofcare specialist in North America at that time, Sabine Kells of British Columbia, Canada. In May 2000, he attended the controversial German Veterinarian Dr. Hiltrud Strasser’s first U.S. clinic tour, and promptly enrolled in her one-year course, the first holistic barefoot educational program ever offered in this country. After studies in both Canada and Germany, James graduated in May 2001 in Tuebingen, Germany, with a certificate from the European School of Hoof Orthopedics (ESHOP).

James had been trimming about 100 horses professionally while attending school, but upon graduation in 2001, began trimming full time, soon more than doubling the number of horses. He has maintained a consistent client base of about 200 horses per month since then. During this time, he concentrated on learning from the horses, and developing a system that could merge theory with practical reality. His studies included wild horse hooves, Jaime Jackson's research, and Dr. Robert Bowker's research. His most important studies were conducted upon his own horses: seeing the cause and effect of every trim decision, month after month, year after year, upon the same horses. Without that experience, he never could have developed the system as it exists today. Many of his theories about the hoof are unique: building upon information from prior sources, but combined in a way that can only come from a truly mechanical mind.

James is also an accomplished rider and trainer.

Based in the Phoenix area (Queen Creek), he currently has clients throughout the state of Arizona, and offers his wealth of experience and education to barefoot horse owners. Many client horses have been trimmed by James for up to 15 years. The horses he trims include trail horses, pleasure horses, barrel racers, cutting horses, dressage horses, hunter/jumpers and endurance horses. His special interest is performance horses, though he enjoys helping all horses acheive better hoof health. His entire focus is on creating the healthy hoof.

James & his mare Belle on the cover of THH Issue 43.

James is the Technical Editor for The Horse's Hoof Magazine, a barefoot publication (and this website!) established in 2000 by his wife Yvonne, who is Editor/Publisher. The Horse's Hoof provides a generic, broad-based support for ALL barefoot horses and their owners, and promotes the basic principles of healthy hoof care for all horses, everywhere. James & Yvonne realized after many years that their unique, distinct and highly successful personal system of hoof care needed a separate identity, and so Hoof Help Online was born, first debuting in October 2011.

Potential trimming customers: James asks that you first learn as much as you can about barefoot horse care, but keep in mind that the Welz system has some differences from other systems, especially in technique. There is nothing extreme in what James does. However, this is not a generic "natural" trim. It might be a good idea to join Hoof Help Online before your first trimming appointment, so that you will have a better understanding of his system (a one week trial is only $10.) For James' current rates and availability for trimming, contact him at email: jim @ TheHorsesHoof.com (delete spaces). On site how-to-trim training is also available for horseowners as well as local members of Hoof Help Online

Please note: James' clients' horses are all kept on a 4 week trimming schedule for best results. This regular, consistent trimming schedule is a key factor in success! We do not believe "barefoot" should be done to save money, or to extend out hoof care appointments (although proper barefoot hoofcare does end up becoming more economical in the long run - our client's horses rarely need to see the vet outside of routine appointments). There are few horses in captivity today that do not require rebalancing of their hooves after 4 weeks. This concept may be unfamiliar to some people used to traditional hoof care - but maybe that's why traditional hoof care doesn't think barefoot works. We know how to do it, and do it right! When the health benefits are added up, consistent monthly trims are the most economical way you can promote your horse's long-term health and soundness.

James was a pioneer in using power tools for hoof trimming. His method can be done with any tools, but power tools are a great aid on those hard desert hooves! He can teach owners and other hoofcare professionals about how to safely use power tools to help improve their trimming.

For people outside the Phoenix area, we recommend joining Hoof Help Online to learn all about this system, and we will be planning future on-site clinics to pass James' method on to others. For James' current rates and availability for trimming, training, clinics, seminars, presentations and consultations, contact him at email: jim @ TheHorsesHoof.com (delete spaces)

The Horse’s Hoof Magazine is a 20 YEAR collection of quarterly magazine issues that focus on barefoot, bitless, better horse care, and compassionate training methods. Each issue is filled with a wide variety of horse care and hoof care articles, covering barefoot trimming methods, health, diet & nutrition, hoof boots & protection, bitless riding and training, science based training methods, equine behavior, inspirational stories, and so much more!!! It’s a way of life!!! Click here for more details: The Horse's Hoof Magazine Issue Contents 1-80 and ALL ACCESS PASS!

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