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Professional Trimmers List: USA States A - L

Now in Alphabetical Order by State!

For Hoof Care Professionals of any kind - trimmers, farriers, podiatrists, specialists, etc. who offer barefoot trimming services to horseowners.

The Horse's Hoof, as a generic barefoot resource, provides this as a FREE PUBLIC SERVICE to the barefoot public, and not as an endorsement of any trimmer or any method listed on this page, nor do we verify any qualifications. We do not provide any personal recommendations, so please do not ask. Owners, please research, verify qualifications and references, and use discretion when choosing your hoof care professional. Special Note: We are NOT THE HOOF POLICE - this is JUST a listing, like the yellow pages, and we do not monitor nor regulate these trimmers in any way.

For the USA, trimmers are listed in alphabetical order by STATE, click or scroll down:


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Robin South, Birmingham, Alabama - robin.south @ gmail.com - 205-527-5058
High Performance Hoof Care. 9 years as a certified professional trimmer. Experience with most types of lameness issues, everything from babies to stallions, drafts to Paso's, trail horses to dressage horses. I work a route from Clanton, AL to Trion, GA and Chattanooga, TN. (07/13)

Rachel Taylor, Seale, Alabama - rtaylors333 @ gmail.com - 706-249-3830
I started trimming around 2006 using Pete Ramey method. I continue to take in as much knowledge as possible. I have a lot of experience in just about every hoof issue you can think of. Drafts, minis, gaited, mules and donkeys. I treat every horse as an individual and trim for proper locomotion to promote optimal hoof health. (06/16)

Bradley Reese, Springville, Alabama - (205)-353-2218 - Bradleyreese @ windstream.net
AFA Certified Farrier specializing in natural hoofcare for your horse. (01/10)

Danson Thornburg, Shelby, Alabama - Phone: 205-669-7553 - Email: GiddyUpGiblet @ bellsouth.net
 I am experienced in Natural Hoof Care and Natural Horse Care Practices. I have been trimming barefoot horses 6 years and I shod horses before that. I am a certified natural hoof care practioner (CP) through the AANHCP. (03/10)
Danny Thornburg, Shelby, Alabama - Phone: 205 669 7409 - email: bamarrman @ bellsouth.net
I 've been a barefoot trimmer for over 10 years. I was the first certified barefoot trimmer in Alabama. I originally certified thru the American Association of Natural Hoof Care Practioners.(AANHCP). I now hold certification with Liberated Horsemanship and the Alabama Dept. of Agriculuture. I've trained student trimmers all across the United States and abroad. I personally mentored under both Jaime Jackson and Pete Ramey. I serve Shelby, Jefferson and Shelby counties in central Alabama.(06/11)
Jennifer Arnold, Birmingham, Alabama - email: ja_stalliongames @ yahoo.com - Phone: (205) 285-4909
Use natural horsemanship training/handling methods. I keep a short toe, low heel, passive bars, and a mustang roll. I trim each foot as an individual and make sure they are balanced for comfort and performance. References readily available. Jefferson and surrounding counties. Look for me on facebook - Stallion Games. (08/11)

Debra Broadway, Hazel Green, Alabama - Ph: 256-828-3043 or 256-759-1292 - email: dbroadway @ mchsi.com
Specializing in Natural Barefoot Trimming, laminitis, founder and navicular rehabilitation. References. 12 years experience, consultations available. I also specialize in educating owners when it comes to dealing with laminitis/founder issues. I have an excellent "bedside" manner, which your horse will appreciate. Long distance travel will require a trip fee. (10/11)

Chuck and Jenipher McDonald, Alabama - feetfirstwellness @ yahoo.com - www.feetfirstwellness.com  - 843.908.3643 - 254.206.6921
Feet First Wellness is based in Walterboro SC and Tallassee Al.  We are licensed through Equine Soundness and are members of the NAHA.  We will provide you and your horse the attention and service you deserve. "Striving to improve the lives of horses from the ground up." (11/14)

Kammi Richardson, Lineville, Alabama - 334-237-4241 - www.facebook.com/alabamabarefoot
Taking New Clients with Well Behaved Equine Friends in Clay, Randolph, Cleburne, and Chambers Counties. Offering a balanced, natural, barefoot trim based on the wild hoof model. Certified Animal Care Specialist. (09/17)



Joni Gray, Kenai, Alaska - kickyourshoesoff @ acsalaska.net - phone 907-776-5658
Barefoot Care Professional since 1999,  Grad of Strasser course 2002 - Have studied many alternatives in trimming, & have other holistic health options to offer as well. (10/10)


James Welz, Phoenix, Arizona EMAIL: jim @ thehorseshoof.com - PHONE: 623-935-1823 - Click here for James' webpage - www.facebook.com/WelzHoofcare Barefoot hoofcare professional, trimming since 1999, special interest in creating the healthy hoof in the domestic horse. Over 18 years full-time trimming experience with hundreds of barefoot horses (200+ horses per month). Innovative techniques and method developed for barefoot success, with inspiration from the wild horse - but with attention paid to details that make his trim unique. Many satisfied customers and healthy-hooved horses trimmed for years. Easyboot Gloves fitting available for trimming clients. Please see Hoof Help Online for all the details about the Welz System of trimming! Trim training available for horseowners and local members of Hoof Help Online. European Certified in Hoof Orthopedics in 2001. Technical Editor, The Horse's Hoof Magazine and owner/developer of Hoof Help Online. Located in Queen Creek/San Tan Valley, but covering all of Phoenix Metro area. (04/18)

Patty Pritchett, Arizona, AzHoofRehab.Com for Detailed Information or email: AzHoofClinic @ cox.net
Certified Farrier 1996 converted to barefoot rehab specialist utilizing the Pete Ramey method. Teaching workshops to those who want to do their own trimming in Arizona. Will travel and will offer help via email. (01/08)
Bill Trigg, Tucson, Arizona - Phone (520) 331-9005
Light performance trim with an emphasis on biomechanics, grazing patterns, conformation and lifestyle issues. 9 years experience. (03/08)
George Winterfeld, Northern Arizona - Phone (928) 699-2373 - email: winterfeldg @ aol.com
Natural Equine Care of Northern Arizona, George Winterfeld, Oregon School of Natural Horse Care certified, Level 1 and Advanced Level 1, Attended Dr. Bob Bowker two day clinic with OSNHC, continually studying anything on Natural Trimming available. Attended the 2017 No Laminitis Conference in Tucson, Arizona. (11/17)
Ivan Neel, Phoenix, Arizona - Phone: 602-281-0333 - email: equineshoelesshoofcare @ gmail.com (06/09)
Mike Marquis, Buckeye, Arizona - 623-696-7442 - www.marquisfarrierservice.com - email Marquisfarrierservice @ yahoo.com
Certified Farrier, Specializing in Natural Performance Barefoot Trims. SERVING ALL OF PHOENIX AND SURROUNDING AREAS. (12/10)
Jean H. Welch, Vail, Arizona - Phone: 520-240-3316 - Email: Silverpaws @ aol.com
60 mile radius of Vail, AZ. Committed to successful transition to barefoot, educating the horse owner, and maintaining happy, healthy hooves. References available. (06/10)

Rusty Toth, Arizona and Durango, Colorado - 480-390-9854 - thenakedhoof.com
The Naked Hoof, I am a Certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner located in Scottsdale servicing Arizona and The Four Corners Area. I am an endurance rider and believe our horses can perform extremely well barefoot and barefoot in boots. I also provide EasyCare boot fitting and a service of gluing on EasyCare Glue-on boots. (10/10)

Tomas Teskey D.V.M., Mayer, Arizona - Email: tomasteskey @ yahoo.com - phone: 928-713-4703
I am a 1995 veterinary school graduate of Colorado State University,  involved full time with studies in natural hoof care, and provide natural horse and hoof care seminars and workshops worldwide. My practice consists of horse and hoof rehabilitation services in the desert environment of Arizona, providing boarding for horses on high desert range land as resources allow. I provide veterinary support to those dedicated to natural horse and hoof care. (10/10)
Mary Hyduck,  Queen Creek, Arizona - 480-529-7264  or 480-888-9068 - E-mail at  minihorses @ cox.net - Our ranch of 12 years/ Platinum Stables Miniature Horses  http://www.minihorses.biz 
I provide Miniature horse trimming services in the Queen Creek and surrounding areas with over 10 years experience, and also corrective trimming with free estimates.  
I accommodate your mini’s comfort, focusing on correct angles and balanced trims, while offering advice on diet and whole horse health.  (12 /10)
Brian French, Tucson Arizona - email: ride-99 @ hotmail.com, cell phone: 520-404-9171
I am a full time professional trimmer specializing in natural balance trimming modeled after feral horse trimming.  If you want to transition your horse from shoes to natural hoof care please call me.  I am professional and reliable, please email or call for further information. (01/12)
David Landreville Tucson, Arizona - email: tucsonhoofcare @ gmail.com - Website: www.landrevillehoofcare.com - cellphone: 520-850-2092
Barefoot hoof care provider with 10 years exp. Lameness prevention and rehabilitation. Whole horse approach. (04/13)
Erik Servia, Bisbee, Arizona - Phone (520)236-8831 - email: skyislandhoofcare @ gmail.com
E.L.P.O member providing natural balance barefoot hoof care in Cochise County, AZ. (06/21)


Ashley Layton, Yellville, Arkansas - Email Address: ashley@naturespets.com - Phone number: (870) 404-9934
Offering natural hoofcare in the North Arkansas area. I believe in healing the hoof from the inside out, keeping the horse comfortable and moving correctly along the way. I stock and heat-fit Easy Boot Gloves. Nutritional and environmental consultation included. Gentle with horses and willing to work with difficult horses for a training fee. References available. 9 yrs experience. (12/15)
Diana Scott, Mena, Arkansas, 71953 - Email: diana @ copper.net - Phone: 479 234 2444
Diana Scott provides natural hoofcare in and around Mena, Arkansas. She has five years of experience and provides drug free handling. She carries the full line of Easyboots in stock. (08/07)


Dave Fitton, Strathmore, California, Phone 559-359-7239 email: cfitton @ ocsnet.net (08/06)

Dr. Odette Suter, Pacific Palisades (LA), California. Email: odettesuter @ hotmail.com, Phone: 310-454-7401 Website: www.odettesuter.com
Hoofcare practitioner with background in veterinary medicine, animal acupuncture, natural horseman ship, spiritual psychology. I graduated from Dr. Strasser's school in 1992 and trimmed horses on and off since then. Also available for animal communication, horse training, coaching/spiritual counseling (non-religious) and energy healing to assist horse and owner in the transition to barefoot - by phone, online or in person. (02/06)

Jill Willis, Lompoc, California - Phone 952-212-2268 - jillwillis @ earthlink.net - website: www.barefootbliss.org
I am an AANHCP Certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner and would be happy to help you with appropriate, natural hoof care for your horses.  I am in Malibu and Visalia every four weeks in addition to working in the Lompoc, Buellton, San Luis Obispo, Santa Ynez, Solvang areas. (01/10)
Marci Lambert, Palm Springs, California - 760-521-0372 - Memewest63 @ hotmail.com
healthy hoof...healthy horse... Equine Hoof & Health Specialist, I offer services in BAREFOOT trimming to create healthy & functional hooves for pleasure & performance horses. I have been trimming since August 2002. Also, over the past years I have seen this method help numerous horses recover from founder, laminitis, navicular, flat feet, under-run heels, club foot, contracted heels, thin walls, thrush & every other chronic so called incurable disease that face our horses. Along with this I apply HOMEOPATHY as part of my work, this has been a life-long thing for me. Within the last years I have added the support of ESSENTIAL OILS. PROPER NUTRITION & nutritional healing have always been part of the healthy horse idea. DYNAMITE helps with their synergestly balanced products. In 1990 I was able to see PAT PARELLI & have always applied NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP techniques from all the different methods that are out there now. Since first becoming a horsemen myself in 1989, the horse has been my best teacher especially in understanding the NATURE of him. All these things work very well together to help me help the horse. Education from the research of ALL of the following people: Dr. Strasser, DVM, Dr. Bowker, Professor of anatomy at Michigan State University, James & Yvonne Welz's hoof clinics, Pete Ramey & Jamie Jackson, Homeopathy from my Mom, & oils & nutrition from the horse. (08/11)
Kimberly Ann Jackson, Calabasas, California - Phone: (818) 522-0536 - Email: Equines @ gmail.com - website: http://www.kimberlyannjackson.com/index.html
Extensive Experience Resolving Severe Hoof Ailments, Certified with Liberated Horsemanship and the AANHCP, References Available. I serve Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange Counties, and select areas in Central California. Practicing Natural Hoof Care/Horse Boarding Consultation since 2004. Conscientious Work and Gentle Horse Handling. Natural Horse Care Seminars. Please see my website for more. (04/13)
Scott Bell covering California 650-279-4092 email: hoofprint2@aol.com www.aanhcp.net Website: http://web.mac.com/scottbell2
Trims based on the wild horse model. 1. graduate of Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School 3. Mustang Field Studies Reno, NV. 4. Volunteer Farrier-Oakland Zoo, Ca (03/08)
Dr. Sugarshooz - Farrier Services & Natural Hoof Care
Michael Moran, Sunland, CA 91040 Tel: 818.951.0235 Cell: 818.371.0705 <Mailto: mikeymoran @ earthlink.net>
serving Southern California since 1991. Trim based on the wild horse model. (01/08)
Chuck Mills, Serving So. California, AANHCP PT, Phone: 714-228-0855 Email: ctmills @ comcast.net Website: shoefree.com
Willing to travel to help any horse in need. (12/05)
Phil Morarre, Oroville, California Email: softouchhoofcare @ att.net - Phone: 530-533-7669 - Website: www.softouchnaturalhorsecare.com
I am focusing now on the abrasive trim method (angle grinder/flap disc), as I feel it produces superior results and I am convinced that the horses like the process far better than the conventional way.  I have made a one hour DVD to help trimmers get started using the abrasive method.  I also offer one and two day clinics to teach about barefoot concepts in general (day one) and to trim this new way (abrasive method, day two).  Check my website for upcoming clinic dates and locations.  I also offer private lessons.  Using this method to trim makes it possible for those who are otherwise not able to handle the physical strain of trimming with conventional tools to do a nice job.  The horses appreciate the shorter time it takes to trim as well. (10/07)
Jolly Roger Holman, Professional Farrier/Natural Hoof Care. Templeton, California (Central Coast) Phone: 805-712-0671, email: jollyroger @ tcsn.net
I attended Cal Poly Horseshoeing School in 1970/71. Specializing in natural trims and BLM Wild Mustangs (problem horses not a problem). I've rode, trained, and trimmed horses all my life. I've never owned a horse that required shoes. I have attended Natural Balance clincis and the majority of my customer's horses are barefoot. (06/11)
Tracy Browne - Sacramento, California, www.hoofhelp.com, tracy @ hoofhelp.com or 916-759-9434
Navicular and founder rehab experience. (05/06)
Natural Hoof Works, LLC, Rachel Drossman, Sacramento, CA (and surrounding areas) Phone 530 333 3343 www.naturalhoofworks.com
Providing competent and experienced natural hoof care, and educational seminars for horse owners. For more information, please see website. (10/06)
Anna Zbitnoff, California, PO Box 832, Redwood Valley, Ca.95470 azbitnoff @ adelphia.net (707) 489-0201
I do body work and have had extensive experience with foundered hooves. We have 12 horses that I've learned with and I trim a number of outside horse including in the Bay Area. I've gotten a lot of info from Marth Olivo (2 ten days and 7 two day clinics.)and have gone to a Pete Ramey clinic & Strasser clinic. We are located about 2 hours North of San Francisco in Mendocino County. I give 2-day workshops to teach people how to do their own hoofcare. I do a dissection and give the opportunity for people to trim a cadaver hoof.. I mentor people as they're learning to trim their own horses.. I also give input over the internet with people sending me pictures for advice. I've taught quite a number of people to do their own hoofcare. (11/06)
Ron Nelson, Santa Barbara County, California Phone (805) 291-6556, Email- barefoot @ barefoothoofsolutions.com, website: www.barefoothoofsolutions.com
Barefoot Hoof Solutions, serving Santa Barbara County, California, and surrounding areas. Ron Nelson - Practitioner/Hoofreader. Visit my website to see my work. I am big on GENTLE, sensible Horsehandling, and have experience with nearly all breeds of Equine. Rehabilitating Hooves is my first love and largest reward, and I excel at the Natural, barefoot trim. As mentioned, visit my site, give me a call, and let's get your Pal TUNED! (12/06)
Rhiannon Fugatt, N. California area (Chico), Natural Hoof Care provider, 530-343-7190 email: secondhearthoofcare @ yahoo.com
I've been trimming my own horses for several years and have been under private barehoof training internship with Phil Morarre from Soft Touch Natural Hoof Care for eight months now and accepting new clients. I have referrals for anyone if need be there from my clients whose horses I have put thrugh rehab for various hoof lameness issues. I do an abrasive trim using an angle grinder, therefore the first visit or two may take a little longer than a normal trim depending on how easily the horse accepts the sound of the angle grinder. I have experience with treating laminitis, navicular pain, heel contraction, bulb contraction, hoof imbalance. I am willing to travel up to a certain distance without charging a travel fee if there are at least five horses needing to be trimmed in your area. (01/07)
Goodwin Equine Services, Malibu, California, 818-207-7190, smartyvenus @ sbcglobal.net
I have been trained by Jaime Jackson & follow the practice of Pete Ramey. I regularly work on ponies and minis, as well as the regular horses & large drafts. My off the track TB has been shoe-free for 4 years and negotiates the trails all over the Santa Monica mountains – your horse can, too! (03/07)
Sossity Gargiulo, Ventura, California - (805) 432-9891 - www.wildheartshoofcare.com - email: sossity @ wildheartshoofcare.com. PHCP founding member. AHA certified. Natural hoof care with a holistic approach. (02/09)
Michelle Coble, San Francisco Bay area, California - email: michelle @ abcsofriding.com - website: ABCsofriding.com/hooftrims.html - ph: 925 789 0217
Trims based on wild horse model: Pete Ramey & Jamie Jackson but with the angle grinder (abrasive trims) learned from Phil Morarre which provides more accuracy, smoother finish, and less strain from lack of torque from the traditional tools. Traditional trims also provided. Experience with problem horses using natural horsemanship methods, and working with many pathological hoof issues since 2002. (01/08)
Sarah Wiebe, California - phone: 559-331-0121 - Email: swiebe @ wildblue.net
Servicing the Central Coast of California, I offer a natural barefoot trim for horses, mules and donkeys. As well as advice and help fitting boots and pads (if needed to your transitioning horse). (02/08)
Ed McCoskey, Happy Horse Hoof Care, Whitmore, California - email: edslinda @ frontiernet.net - 530-472-3164
I provide a natural hoof trim to achieve balance and hoof health. I am a student at Oregon School of Natural Hoof care. I am constantly continuing my education in hoof care. I have attended a Dr. Bowker workshop. I have several mentors that I consult with. I am also a "rider" and enjoy riding "barefoot" on my own horses. I can help with your nutritional needs and booting. EasyCare distributer and EquineChallenge distributer. (04/08)
Joanna Rice, Escondido, CaliforniaSan Diego County. 760-481-4361.
I am a dealer for Easy Care and Renegade hoof boots. I use a holistic approach; considering all aspects of a horses life. I believe the horse is best served by a hoof that “fits”- that is tidy and compact under the horse to ease movement and joint strain. I tailor each trim to each individual horse. (11/14)
Ann Ramsey, San Francisco bay area, California - Phone 510-517-5998 - www.barefootperformance.net - e-mail: ann @ barefootperformance.net
I have a B.S. in Animal Science from Calpoly in San Luis Obispo, Ca. I have been trimming for the last two years and have completed an apprenticeship with Linda Cowles, Vice President of the American Hoof Association and master trimmer. My influences are of course Linda's trim and Pete Ramey. I have a business located in and around the San Francisco bay area and am alway looking to expand. I am an authorized easycare dealer and sell and fit boots out of my truck. (06/08)
Marie Feuer, California Inland Empire, California - 818-439-9929 cell and text
CALIFORNIA INLAND EMPIRE: Yucaipa, Beaumont, Banning, Cherry Valley, Moreno Valley, Perris, Riverside. $50 for well mannered horses and if you go onto a regular 5 week schedule. First time charge may apply if your horses have not had a good trim for a long period of time. Will travel if you can schedule multiple horses. Carry sizing boots for Renegade Hoof Boots (which you can then order online). Soft training available if needed. (01/11)
Marina Bredda, Los Angeles County, California - Email: psychicpup @ gmail.com - Phone: 786-271-9755
I am certified through the Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care, where I trained under Cheryl Henderson.  As an Endurance rider, I am experienced at fitting hoof boots.  I provide information, support and guidance to help owners and their horses make the smoothest possible transition to barefoot.  I use the methodologies of Martha Olivo, Pete Ramey and Jaime Jackson. References available. (07/08)
Donna Condrey-Miller, California - Phone: 530-526-4782
HOOF CARE Barefoot Hoof Trimming: Providing natural barefoot hoof care and trimming aiming to bring the vitality of wild horse hooves to domesticated horses presented with a philosophy of whole horse care to encourage high performance function and overall good health. Also offering guidelines for Optimum Barefoot Lifestyle management practices. (08/08)
Jeremy Reynolds, Santa Clarita (Green Valley), California, USA - Chileywily @ aol.com - 408-687-7083
I am a Barefoot Hoof Care Practitioner. I compete in Endurance Racing internationally. I have successfully competed my horses barefoot with boots in 50's and 100's mile events. I am very in-tune with high performance feet. As well as just plain out enjoy making all horses I am blessed to work on, feel better and perform at their best. (10/08)
Rachel Rezos, East Bay Area, California - Phone: 925 209-0438 - Email: hoofnerd @ gmail.com
Natural hoof care specialist serving the East Bay Area, California. Non-invasive hoof trimming based on the wild horse model. References available. Free consultations. (01/09)
WALT THARP, SACRAMENTO, California - Phone: 1-209-327-5582
Melissa Auman, Tehachapi, California - Horsesofcourse @ Att.net - www.FreedomFeeder.com
Horses of Course, Trained through The Swedish Hoof School in 2007; successfully rehabilitating navicular, coffin bone rotation, transition from shoes; and always perfecting and continuing my education. Warmbloods to minis. 20+ years of horse experience. (03/09)
Claudia Beutel, Anza, California - Email: thewildhorsehoof @ gmail.com - www.thewildhorsehoof.com - Phone: 951-415-4024
Natural Hoof Care Practitioner, a whole horse holistic approach to hoofcare, based on the wild horse hoof model, trimming intensive with Todd Jaynes, PHCP member, Easy Boot Authorized Dealer. (06/09)
Jayne Haislet, Clarksburg, California - Phone: 916-775-1830 - Email: 25North @ frontiernet.net
Serving the greater Sacramento, California area. Certified ELPO Natural Balance Barefoot Trimmer (www.e-hoofcare.com). Volunteer at UC Davis farrier shop. Special interest in lameness cases. (06/09)
Jennifer Reinke, Los Angeles, California - (310) 713-0296 - www.heartnsolehoofcare.com - e-mail: jjreinke@hotmail.com
PHCP Founding Member - Heart 'n Sole Hoof Care is dedicated to natural hoof care, supporting natural horse care. (08/09)
Ian Gotts, La Mirada, California - (714) 507-0780 - Email: ian.gotts @ yahoo.com
Barefoot trimmer from Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners. Will travel to get horses out of shoes, and into comfort! Currently taking on all breeds and sizes. Please call for any additional information. (09/09)

Denise Field, Scotts Valley, California - Phone: 831.335.2035 - email: barefoottrim @ inbalanceequine.com - website: www.InBalanceEquine.com
Natural Barefoot Hoof Trimming with an emphasis on connecting with the horse!  Following the wild horse non-invasive model serving Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Benito, San Mateo and Monterey counties.  Member Pacific Hoof Care Practioners. (11/09)

Julianne Hoult, San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaBarefootnaturalhoofcare.com - Email: barefoothoof.hoult @ gmail.com - phone: 805-441-5978.  
Balanced, non-invasive trimming.  Renegade Hoof Boot Pro and Official Easycare Dealer. (09/10)

Aaron Thayne, California - Phone: (801)380-2863 - email: CaliforniaNaturalHoofCare @ gmail.com - website: www.CaliforniaNaturalHoofCare.com
California Natural Hoof Care, Natural Hoof Care Practitioner Providing Professional Barefoot Trimming, AANHCP/ISNHCP, Located in Santa Barbara - Serving the Entire state of California! (05/10)

Dennis Timm, Lincoln, California - email: drtimm @ att.net - Phone: 916-524-3277
Natural Hoof Trimming, Sac.& Placer counties. Should you decide to join the barefoot movement, please consider giving me a call. I'd like to walk with you and your horse/s down this pathway to better health while reducing your cost of hoof care as well. A win,win. (05/10)
Amy Farrell, Tulare County and Central California - Email: lovehorses @ dunrovenranch.com - Website: www.dunrovenranch.com  
I am a 1986 Graduate of the Porterville Horseshoeing School with 24 years experience, now exclusively barefoot.  I serve Tulare County and surrounding areas.  Also, if you have young horses or mustangs needing calm, gentle training to allow their feet to be worked on, I can help.  I also teach owners how to do their own trimming.  I am co-owner of Dunroven Ranch in Badger, CA, a equine retirement ranch and lameness rehabilitation center specializing in healing Founder and other hoof disorders through the Wild Horse Trim with the Jackson and Ramey method.   With a natural lifestyle and feed for our client horses and the mustang trim, we've healed many chronic lameness cases and sent horses home to be ridden and enjoyed. (08/11)
Jessica White, Arcata, California - email: happyhorsehooves @ hotmail - cell phone: (707)832-2502
Can serve the northwest region of the country. The best way to contact me is by phone. (05/10)
Aubree Merritt, Auburn, California - www.barebalance.com
Bare Balance, Natural Hoof Care for Barefoot Performance, Authorized Easycare Dealer -Boots and Fitting Available. Degree in Equine Science, Equine Science Academy-Natural Hoof Care Practitioner Course. 8 years experience. Rehabilitation and Hoof Pathology. (07/10)

Tauna Grinager, Ben Lomond, California - Website: http://ironfreehrs.com/  - Email: ironfreehrs @ yahoo.com  - Cell: 831/246-0084
Kind, gentle Hoof Care for the natural horse in Santa Cruz and surrounding counties. PHCP Member. Martha Olivo Certified Mentor Hoof Groom. Expanded my training to include Pete Ramey, Mark Jeldness and Gene Ovincek. Non-invasive, physiologically-correct style. Trimming professionally since 2002. (07/10)

Paul Bovino, Ventura, California - Phone: (818)523-(PAUL)7285 - Email: 4barefoothorse @ gmail.com or booksbybovino @ yahoo.com
Paul's Equine services, Ventura, California - serving Los Angeles and Ventura counties. More than twenty years of trimming and balancing for the barefoot horse. If you wish, I'll teach you how to maintain your barefoot horse(s) on your own. (05/15)

Melody O'Brien, Quincy, California - Email: melodymoonbrooke @ yahoo.com - website: melodymoonbrooke.com - Phone: (530) 283-9210, cell (530) 521-2379
I am a member of Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners (www.pacifichoofcare.org) and trim using the non-invasive wild horse model. I have 27 years experience with horses and continue to learn more about these amazing creatures every day. My 'Whole Health Hoof Care and Trimming' revolves around proper diet/nutrition, plenty of movement, and consistent trimming. (10/10)
RICK JACKSON, Arcata, California  - CELL:  928.642.3100   
"Barefoot & Balanced Equine Hoof Care,  LLC" Consults, Corrective Trimming & Care, Rehab & Restoration, Certified Advanced Hoof Care Practitioner: Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care.  "Awareness Through Education"...Hooves the way Nature intended... serving horses in the Arcata/Eureka/Redding California area.  Available for Consults anywhere in the SW... (11/10)
Jenna Beck, San Bernardino, California - Email: beckfarrier @ yahoo.com - cell phone: 909-533-9503
I am a professional farrier who specializes in barefoot performance. I have successfully transitioned many horses from being shod to barefoot, including my own 2 off track Thoroughbreds. I am a graduate of the Sierra South Farrier School and have a background as a large and small animal veterinary technician assistant. I am currently accepting new clients. I am kind, courteous, prompt, and always return phone calls. (01/11)

Diane Stevens, Northern California - email: barefootperformance @ gmail.com - phone 360-672-5149
Barefoot Performance Trim, Lincoln Ca. Placer County and the greater Sacramento area. I have 12 years trimming experience. I follow Pete Ramey, Jamie Jackson and Dr. Bowkers methods. I specialize in painless transitioning to barefoot. Sound maintenance of the performance horse, trail horse, and pasture ornaments! I compete in the sport of endurance riding and take a noninvasive approach to going barefoot. I'm also a distributor of Renegade Hoof Boots, give me a call and find out how I can make going barefoot work for your horses. (10/18)

Lynn Kuennen, Thousand Oaks, California - E-mail: Kuennen @ verizon.net - Phone Number: 805-496-8869 - Website: www.barefootperformance.org
Natural Hoof Care Practitioner including lifestyle, Nutrition and Trimming. 20 years equine and trimming expierence.  Professional Trimmer, Trainer and Riding Instructor. Member: Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners. Areas Serviced From Ventura to Calabasas. (06/11)
Paul Bovino, Newhall, California - email: shoelessjoe.wrangler@gmail.com - phone: (818)523-7285
Hoof trimming and personal hoof trim training. Learn to keep your horse safely shoeless. (11/11)
Sue Laurente, serving Shasta, Tehama, & Trinity Counties, California - email pob291 @ yahoo.com - phone (530) 527-7694 & (530) 526-7166
Member Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners; EasyCare hoof boot dealer; California Trace equine supplement dealer. (02/13)
Yonnick Firehorse, Ventura Co. / San Fernando Valley, California - Email: info @ becomeonespirit.com - cell phone: (818) 749 - 4969 website: www.becomeonespirit.com
I am a full time professional trimmer with 8 years of trimming experience, and 35 years of equine experience, currently accepting new clients. SPECIALIZING IN CORRECTIVE TRIMMING AND BALANCING; BONE REALIGNMENT, FOUNDER, LAMINITIS, AND NAVICULAR REHABILITATION! I follow the wild horse model of trimming taught by my father, and have studied with Steve Karshner on natural rehabilitation of Navicular syndrome and Founder. I am kind, courteous, prompt, and always return phone calls. References available. (04/12)
Ilona Chodnicka, San Diego, California - ichodnic @ gmail.com - 858-442-9593 (call/text), FB page: http://www.facebook.com/TrimmedAndProper
Meticulous barefoot trim served with a smile, custom neck scratch and a treat for the critter. Horses (drafts to minis), mules, donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs - feet big and small, I trim them all. Please see my Facebook page for before-and-after pictures. References available. (07/13)
DANIEL ERNZBERGER, CALIFORNIA CITY, CALIFORNIA - email: ernz63 @ msn.com - phone number (661) 860-3150
website:  https://www.facebook.com/mobileprotection#!/notes/daniel-ehrensberger/preferred-equine-trimming-training-t2/189268997787675
Eddie L. Liebel III Temecula CALIFORNIA - (951) 813-7048 - email: twinzer3 @ yahoo.com
I am a professional farrier with over 15 years of experience. The last 5 years of my career I have strongly focused on keeping horses barefoot and sound. I use a very natural and gentle approach. I have great success in transitioning horses from shoes to barefoot and enjoy working on all breeds. Feel free to send me an email with any questions.  References furnished upon request. Serving Southern California. (08/12)
Roger Ward, Lockeford, California - Email: hoof.trim @ yahoo.com - cell phone: 209-329-4858
I am a professional trimmer with 3 years of experience, currently accepting new clients. I have training from PHCP and pursue continuing education. I tailor my trimming method depending on the use of the horse. My clients have their horses trimmed when needed, not a fixed interval. I also do shoeing. I serve the area between Sacramento, Stockton, Jackson, and Angles Camp. I am patient, prompt, and practical. References available. (08/12)
Annette Popovich, Palmdale, California - email : baymre @ aol.com - cell: (661) 618-3645
Natural hoof care practitioner serving the Antelope Valley - Strasser Certified in 2005, currently following the "Welz System" of trimming ... Because it works ! Patient with horses and people. (09/12)
Dave Aschoff, Grass Valley, California - email:  davidjfarrier @ yahoo.com - phone: 530-906-1810
I am a graduate of the Oregon School of Natural Balance Hoofcare.  I have over 5 years experience and absolutely love what I do.  I am calm, quiet, gentle and patient especially with my geriatric clients.  I work on everything from minis to drafts.  I cover a large area from Rio Linda to Nevada City and beyond.  I also work with several horse rescue organizations.  I value customer service.  I call and confirm the night before my appointments and take pride in being on time. (10/12)
Tiva Delcour, Simi Valley, California - Email: kativa00 7@ hotmail.com - cell phone: 310-384-2247 - website: Facebook page The Horses Sole
I am a full time professional trimmer with 7 years of trimming experience, and 25 years of equine experience, 6 years equine vet tech for Conejo Valley Vet Hospital (Dr. Robert Miller). I have completed the Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care Certification Course. Also have taken clinics with Pete Ramey and courses in nutrition, followed up by continued educational programs. I do correctional trims for current barefoot horses and shod to barefoot cases that may have varying pathology in the hooves. I am kind, courteous, prompt, and always return phone calls. References available. (03/13)
Sabine Halfhill, Simi Valley, California - email: Sabine @ tricountyhoofcare.com - cell: 310-919-8894 - Website: http://www.tricountyhoofcare.com/
I am a full time professional trimmer specializing in corrective and maintenance trims. My approach to trimming is very much intuitive with a focus on the needs of the indivudual horse. My techniques are based on Dr. Robert Bowker's "Physiological Trim" , Pete Ramey and my training through Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners (of which I am a member). I serve all of Ventura County and portions of LA& Santa Barbara Counties. Emails and calls are all returned promptly. (03/13)

Mark Lubin, Serving Placer, Sacramento, Eldorado & Yuba County, California - Email: m_lubin @ surewest.net - cell phone: 916-276-9977- website: www.naturalhooftrim.org
I'm a full time professional trimmer with 5 years of trimming experience, and 20 years of equine experience. I received training with Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners. Methods Used: Pete Ramey, Jaime Jackson. I take pride in my workmanship and ability to take care of each horse's unique hoof care needs. I also understand that good communication with horse owners and good horsemanship is key to a successful relationship with clients. References available. (08/13)

Valerie Headrick, 29 Palms/Joshua Tree, California - Email: valheadrick @ yahoo.com - cell phone: 760-412-1416  - website: www.barefoothoofbeat.com
I am a full time PHCP trimmer with over 40 years of equine experience, including starting colts. Especially fond of mustangs and being fair, but as a partner/leader. I am very patient! Just returned to the desert and am currently accepting new clients. I follow the wild horse model of trimming according to Pete Ramey's teachings. References available. Areas covered: Joshua Tree, 29 Palms, Yucca Valley, Morongo Valley, Landers, and lower desert areas too.(04/14)

Ren Hurst, Mt Shasta, California - barehoofinit @ gmail.com
Experienced, professional hoof care provider – recently relocated from North Texas.  I offer a whole horse approach to hoof care and am knowledgeable and experienced in many areas of overall well being and management.  I will treat your horse(s) with the same love and respect as my own.  Now accepting clients from Medford, Klamath Falls, Redding, and anywhere between and along those direct routes.  I trim part-time, and availability is limited.  References and additional information available upon request. (11/13)

Luke Tanner, California (Central Coast and Southern CA), Arizona (Phoenix Valley) and New Hampshire -  Phone: 480-287-2251 - Email: landmhorseworks @ gmail.com  - Website: www.lmhorseworks.com - Facebook: facebook.com/landmhorseworks
L&M Horseworks, LLC provides Natural Trimming in California (Central Coast and Southern CA) , Arizona (Phoenix Valley) and New Hampshire.
Luke Tanner is a AANHCP natural hoof care practitioner and instructor who has over 10 years of trimming experience. He has trimmed over 75,000 hooves and counting.
He specializes in many difficult cases, laminitis, navicular and club hooves. He provides diet consultations as well as over all whole health assessments for each clients horse.
Luke is also a Paddock Paradise consultant and provides informational clinics across the country. Look for us on Facebook L&M Horseworks, LLC (05/14)

Alexandra Bray, Carlsbad, California 92008 - Cell phone:(916)532-3497- E-mail: alexandra_4514 @ hotmail.com
I am a barefoot trimmer, currently moved to Southern California and accepting new clients. I trim all sizes, breeds and disciplines. Each horse is equally important, from the retired pasture horse to the endurance champions. Every horse and their owner is treated with the utmost respect, and I am punctual, professional, honest, hardworking, and patient. (10/14)

Morgan Hutchings, Tracy, California - morgan @ hoofsynergy.com - 808-450-8400
Professional trimmer serving Northern California. Certified with the AANHCP with over 10 years trimming experience. I welcome all ages and sizes of equines. I strive to give all horses and their owners the information and quality hoof work they need to achieve the best health and performance possible. (11/14)
Monique Wolfe, San Diego, California - E-mail: socalnhc @ gmail.com - Website: socalnaturalhoofcare.com , Phone: 858-449-4897
I am currently enrolled in the ISNHCP training program with Jaime Jackson and am accepting new clients in the San Diego area. I am willing to travel throughout the county and am very prompt and reliable. Will return phone calls and e-mails within 24 hours. References available.  (01/15)
Mark Falcone, Wild Hoof, Cool, California - markhooftrim @ icloud.com - http://wildhoofcare.com>
Retired high-tech professional. Natural trimming horses for 15 years.  I’m an avid trail rider, which includes completing the Tevis Cup and many high country trails like the Tahoe Rim Trail. I trim because I’m passionate about hoof care health, and seeing horses perform better through natural trim. This is the future for horse hoof care…Training: Ramey method courses; Ramey e-course; Ramey face to face instruction; Linda Cowles consultations; Strasser method courses; Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners  (PHCP) member;  PHCP symposiums and courses; Veterinary mentorship. (12/14)
Grace Ford, Ventura, California – Email: Fordhooftrimming @ gmail.com - Cell Phone: 805 843 9208
I am a professional trimmer with over fifteen years of equine experience. Educated at Pacific Coast School of Horseshoeing. Completed 2+ year apprenticeship. Patient and reliable. Currently accepting new clients. (12/16)

Katie Cox, Auburn/Grass Valley, California - Email: Katherine.cox @ hotmail.com - Cell phone: (561) 310-2017 - Website: www.silverleatherstudio.com
I am a full time professional Barefoot trimmer, new to the area, with 30 years of equine experience, currently accepting a few new clients. I've had horses all my life, and have always been fascinated by the mechanics of the equine foot. I follow a natural style of trimming, promoting soundness! I just came off of a 7 year world tour with Cavalia, where I observed numerous different techniques executed on all different breeds. I consider myself kind, courteous, prompt, and very well educated in equine communication. References available upon request. (01/17)

Walkin’ Wild Horse - El Cajon,California - walkinwild @ gmail.com - http://walkinwildhorse.com - 760-481-4361.
Hoof care with the whole horse in mind. Attention to detail. ABC Certified, Reiki Practitioner and PSYCH-K Facilitator. Specializing in founder/laminitis/metabolic/behavior issues. Easy Care hoof boot dealer. Staying up to date and incorporating the most advanced tools in the industry to assist the horse’s healing journey. 9+ years exp. (08/17)

Audra Morin, Woodland, California - email: 4happyhoofbeats @ gmail.com - cellphone: 818-257-9913 - website: www.happyhoofbeats.weebly.com
I am a fulltime professional trimmer that apprenticed under Linda Cowles, I follow the methods of Pete Ramey and the wild horse model. I serve the north bay area and am always looking to expand my business. (01/18)

Beckie Bailey/Adkins, California - phone: 619.402.8925
Serving Southern and Central CA from Bakersfield to SanDiego and all areas in between ... 13+ years experience in Barefoot Performance Trims of various types of hoof pathologies as well as sound healthy hooves. (08/19)
Lorna Green, Calaveras, Amador & San Joaquin Counties California - Email: lornalynngreen @ gmail.com - cell phone: 209-498-8029
I am a full time Natural Hoof Care Practitioner Providing Professional Barefoot Trimming with 35 years of equine experience, currently accepting new clients. I am kind, courteous, prompt, and always return phone calls. References available. (07/19)
Lena Barron, Sacramento and Bay Area, California - 4barefootlove @ gmail.com - 916-520-4052
Services: barefoot trimming, boot fitting, equine nutrition, hay testing, and natural horsemanship instruction. I am also an experienced long rider and offer training and guided excursions for backcountry travel. (10/19)
Steve Elliott, Pilot Hill, California - text or call 916-217-2379
Surrounding areas Auburn , Eldorado Counties / Placer. Barefoot. Therapeutic to Performance Trims.
Highly Experienced. Endurance record and Founder / Laminitic. Text or call. Consultation available. 916-217-2379. (11/19)
Shawn McMahan, Grass Valley, California - email: mcmhoof @ gmail.com - phone: (530) 268-5252
Currently welcoming new clients. I follow the wild horse model of trimming. Studied the Pete Ramey method. I work with the horse’s comfort always at the forefront of my mind. I’m kind, patient, show up on time, and call if I’m running late. I always call to confirm appointments the week and night before. Discounts for several animals and non-profits! Serving Nevada county and surrounding areas of Gold Country. (04/20)


Christina White, Colorado. email: rigel @ theoptimumequine.com Website: http://www.theoptimumequine.com
I work as an independent studying the equine foot & what it needs to support healthy, sound structure. I am in the process of starting a business here along the Front Range to provide neurologically sound trimming assisting the horse in regaining healthy structure which has been lost to improper trimming, shoeing & environmental influences. I do not subscribe to any specific theory, but approach the horse with an open mind so that I can understand what each individual, unique, horse needs in order to heal. Please visit our website for more information. Christina White, The Optimum Equine LLC (12/05)
Keith Jacobson, Berthoud, Colorado, Phone: 970-391-1838, Natural Hoof Care of Colorado, www.naturalhoofcareofcolorado.com
A certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner; I am also an avid horseman myself. I make it a point to become friends with your horse before I start to work. My area of travel is from Denver to Fort Collins. Trimming is based on the methods promoted by the AANHCP and the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization. I have studied with Gene Ovnicek and Pete Ramey. Fitting and selling equine boots at the best prices around! (09/06)
Cindy Meyer, Carbondale, Colorado Phone 970 945-5680, email: barefootnboogie @ wildblue.net
helping you and your horse transition from tradition by providing progressive, rehabilitative and preventative hoof care services. Serving a 100 mile radius of Carbondale in Western Colorado. (03/07)
Dan Craig, Franktown, Colorado - Phone: 303-552-1030 - Email: ontrack @ myedl.com - website: www.ontrackhorsecare.com
Natural hoof care and barefoot trimming. Gentle, effective handling. All breeds of horses, mules and donkeys. 30 year veteran farrier.
Apprenticed with the United States Olympic Equestrian Team farrier in the 1980's. AFA certified farrier. Studied with KC LaPierre, International Institute of Equine Podiatry, Jaime Jackson, and Pete Ramey, AHA. Currently certifying with AHA. EasyCare hoof boot dealer. Educational presentation available "Why Barefoot Your Horse"? Serving the Front Range, Denver to Colorado Springs. (08/08)
Willie Creed, Colorado - Phone (970) 692-4041 - email: willie @ advancehooftrimmingcom
I am a barefoot trimmer in the northern Colorado area. I use the technique that Pete Ramey has developed. I am willing to travel to all areas in Colorado and Wyoming. (09/07)
Blaine St. Peter, Ft. Collins, Colorado - Website: www.owlcanyonhoofrehab.com - email: hoofmagic @ yahoo.com. Phone: 970 420 5496
Blaine specializes in the rehabilitation of founder, laminitis and navicular changes. He has studied extensively with Pete Ramey, Dr. Robert Bowker and others at the cutting edge of natural hoof care. He has many horses performing at top competition levels including an FEI 100 mile Endurance rider. Blaine serves the northern Colorado and southern Wyoming area. (01/10)

Todd King, Southwest CO., Northwest NM - Phone: 970-882-4981 or 505-215-3987 (cell) - Email: creatorsdesign @ gmail.com

Silja Knoll, Berthoud, Colorado - Email: siljaknoll @ yahoo.com - Phone: 970 402 5104 - website: www.highplainsnaturalhoofcare.com
High Plains Natural Hoof Care. Certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner. Trim based on the wild hoof model, the way Nature intended! (11/10)
Ross Keller, Parker, Colorado - Ross @ KellerEquineServices.com - 720-425-0845 - www.KellerEquine.com
Natural balance barefoot trimming, specializing in donkeys, mules and mustangs. Serving the Front Range from Colorado Springs to Fort Lupton. We also provide training and consulting services. (11/12)
Jeremy Soronen, Fort Collins, Colorado - Email: Jsoronen234 @ yahoo.com - Cell Phone: 970-260-9329
I am AFA certified and live in the Fort Collins area. I work on horses of all disciplines including Hunters, jumpers, dressage, and eventers, as well as many others. I do a lot of corrective work as well. (04/16)
Hannah Usher, Cortez, Colorado - e-mail – EquusSynergy @ aol.com - Cell Phone # 970-529-0449 text or leave a message please. - https://www.facebook.com/EquusSynergy/
Serving the 4 corners area. I offer natural hoof trimming services and am currently accepting new clients who are dedicated to keeping their horse on a regular trimming schedule. I trim based on the teaching of Pete Ramey and Jamie Jackson with a dedication to high performance barefoot horses with 17 years of experience. (08/16)


Birgit Rocconella, relocated to Searsport, ME Cell 860-849-1124 Email: brocconella @ gmail.com Webpage: www.thehooflady.com (12/21)
Judy Reiss, CT and NY - Home phone 203-938-9368, C 203-249-1271, e-mail judyreiss @ sbcglobal.net
Serving CT and NY area. (05/07)
Sarah Block, Connecticut Phone 203 924 5644 cell 203 209 4266
Barefoot trimmer, Shelton CT and surrounding areas, have finished all mentorships with AANHCP and continued education with Pete Ramey and Dr. Bowker clinics, gentle, patient technique. easycare dealer. lifelong experience with horses. Calls, questions are welcome! (06/07)
Chelsea Marko, Bethany, Connecticut - Email: equuscaballus1 @ aol.com - Phone: 203-415-6923
Providing balanced trims according to the needs of horse and owner in southern Connecticut. (11/08)
Sara Muirhead, Colchester, Connecticut - Email: hoofcares @ gmail.com  - cell phone: 860 303-9671
I am a professional trimmer with 3 years of trimming experience, and 35 years of equine experience, currently accepting new clients. I have completed the Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care Certification Course. I follow the wild horse model of trimming, and have taken clinics with the famous trimmer Pete Ramey. I am very interested in a holistic approach to horse health. I am courteous, prompt, and always return phone calls. References available. (03/11)
Rob Sawyer, North Stonington, Connecticut - Email: rob @ thesawyerfarms.com - cell phone: 860-884-0110 - website: www.thesawyerfarms.com
I am a part-time professional trimmer with 6 years of trimming experience, and over 20 years of equine experience. Serving New London County and Souther RI.  Appointments available nights and weekends. (02/12)
Emily Judd, Connecticut - (860) 989-3563 e-mail: mindfulequus @ gmail.com, www.mindfulequus.com
DAEP (Diploma in Applied Equine Podiatry). I am a graduate from The Institue of Applied Equine Podiatry. Please visit my website for details. I am happily accepting clients in CT, MA, RI and NY. (11/16)


Dawn E. Willoughby, Wilmington, Delaware, Email: 4sweet.feet @ gmail.com - website: www.4SweetFeet.com
Live in Wilmington, Delaware and cover areas within 1 hour drive. Services: trimming, teaching the owner to trim, small seminars, clicker training for good feet manners. Please contact me at 4sweet.feet @ gmail.com I will e-mail you a handout of the natural trim and the natural horse as well as a page of excellent resources. Half price for non profit centers and rescues. (04/07)
Dan Lynch, Milton, Delaware - Email: Dan @ horses-r-us.net - website: www.DelawareNaturalHoofCare.com - Phone:  (302) 684-2652
Serving Sussex County, Delaware.  Full time Trimmer, 13 yrs. experience, founder, navicular, quarter cracks and other pathologies, transition from shoes, booting experience & EasyCare dealer, knowledgeable in dietary issues, knowledgeable in body work and identifying soundness issues other than those located in the hoof, natural horsemanship trainer, owner training for trimming themselves, small clinics, all breeds, all ages. Free consultations that are very informative. (01/17)


Bob Creel, Morriston, Florida, 32668, emails (preferred) - bcreel @ msn.com - cell phone 352-339-5767
Barefoot Hoof Care Professional, trimming since 1965. Certified from U. of Maine, U. of Cornell and graduate of Strasser Course in 2003. I trim and train clients to correctly trim their horse with conventional tools or a newer easier abrasive flap disc method. Specializing in foundered, navicular, and contracted hooved horses, I utilize natural methods of healing considering the whole horse. (08/05)

Anne W. Daimler, DeLand, Florida - Phone 386-822-4564 - Website: www.soundhorsesystems.com
SHP 2002-2005, HOLISTIC HOOFCARE – barefoot only; natural lifestyle only.  Founder rehab.  Addressing the whole horse through physiologically correct trimming, natural management (keeping horses sound in an increasingly toxic environment) and nutritional restructuring.  Distributor of Vita Royal feed and supplements – “Let food be thy medicine.” SOUND HORSE SYSTEMS, LLC. (10/10)

Roscoe Sauer, Florida, Cell Phone 321-663-6837
I have been trimming my own horses for six years and full time for the last five years. Currently accepting new clients for trimming, (and shoeing!!!) I'll go to anywhere in Florida USA, Cell Phone 321-663-6837 (02/06)
Brett Barteld, North Florida & South Georgia, PHONE: 850-391-4733, EMAIL: masterfarrier @ gmail.com. 2nd generation farrier (1990 Oklahoma Horseshoeing School Graduate) servicing barefoot horses participating in everything from dressage to trail riding. Clients in family care for over 30 years. Please call anytime to discuss your horses needs. (04/06)
Natalie Brecese Tarpon Springs, Florida -  727-945-2726 - hoofgirl @ tampabay.rr.com
Offering natural barefoot hoof trimming within a 25 mile radius of Tarpon area.  6 years of experience and many references available! (08/11)
Lauren Crescenzi, Gainesville/Archer/Micanopy/Ocala, Florida email: uflvet09 @ yahoo.com Phone: 352-258-4381
Veterinary student specializing in natural trims for all types of horses, ponies, and minis. 6 years farrier experience (shoeing and trimming), 20+ years horse experience. Special interest in lameness. Gentle, friendly. Call or email me and we can set up a time! (09/06)
Angelique DiCenzo, M.S., Trenton, Florida 32693 - Phone: 978-729-9365 - www.angelsanimals.com - e-mail:  angel @ angelsanimals.com 
Offering barefoot hoof trimming in the North Florida area.  I just moved to this area from Arizona and I'm ready to take on some new clients.  Trimming methods very similar to Ramey, please see my website for more information.  (09/07)
Marianne Allen, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - Email: marianne @ advancednaturalhoofcare.com - website under const. - cell phone: 954 496-5922
ADVANCED NATURAL HOOFCARE-C.N.H.P.-F.S.N.H.C. I am a full time certified professional barefoot trimmer, graduate of the O.S.N.H.C. with 8 years experience and 20 years equine experience. I get results with severe founder, laminitis and diseases of the hoof. See Cavallo article on Lilla Gumman, a severe founder case with 100% cure in 4 months with the OSNHC hoofprint trim. I am the administrative director and instructor for the Florida School of Natural Hoof Care. I also offer a natural barefoot boarding facility and take in severe cases for rehabilitation. Our goal is to help horses heal and help their owners to understand how to care for them and their feet. (02/11)
Candy Giordano, Florida - cell phone 954-471-3707 preferred or candyindaviefl @ bellsouth.net
The Healing Touch Equine Massage Therapy and Natural Hoofcare Practitioner. I am proud to offer my balanced trimming services to the South Florida areas of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties in addition to my massage therapy. Recently certified by The Oregon School of Natural Hoofcare I will offer correct balanced trims, booting for soundness, nutritional input for performance and pleasure horses. I am passionate about helping you and your horse(s) obtain your potential and maintaining soundness. I have been working with horses since 1964 and professionally since 1994. I am also certified in massage, acupressure, Reiki Master and essential oils. Let me help you find harmony with your horse. Call Me...I Get Results! References Available. (07/09)
Heather Strumolo, Grant, Florida - Phone: 772-538-2450, email: horseshaman @ hotmail.com
Barefoot, Naturally! Hoof Care Specialist since 2004 and horsewoman for over 20 years. My philosophy: Everything as close to nature as possible for the horse. I have experience in rehabilitating many different hoof problems: founder, contraction, club feet, under run heels, conformational imbalances, etc. I use a high performance barefoot trim method on all horses.  Natural horse management and holistic therapies are utilized as well. Professional references are available. My trimming service covers all of Florida. (11/09)
Seth Parker, Wellington, Florida - website: www.parkerfarrierservice.com - Phone: 561-558-4766 - Email: seth @ parkerfarrierservice.com
Proudly serving Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties with NO mileage fee.  Each trim comes with a comprehensive 12 point hoof balance assessment to ensure soundness and proper joint/bone alignment and articulation.  Specializing in barefoot performance horses.  Expert in navicular, laminitis, founder, cracks and contracted heels. Call me anytime to discuss your equine partner’s unique needs. (05/10)
Heather Strumolo, Grant, Florida - Phone: 772-538-2450, email: horseshaman @ hotmail.com
Hoof Care Specialist since 2004. My philosophy: Everything as close to nature as possible for the horse. I have experience in rehabilitating many different hoof problems: founder, contraction, club feet, under run heels, conformational imbalances, etc. I use a high performance barefoot trim method on all horses. Natural horse management and holistic therapies are utilized as well. I service areas within a 1 hour drive from Grant (32949). Will travel for serious cases upon request. (08/11)

Mark Langford, Lakeland, Florida - Email: langfordfarrier @ yahoo.com - cell phone: 407-448-8165
I am a BWFA certified farrier who offers Pete Ramey style/wild hoof model barefoot trimming. I have been using this style of trim for the last 3 years and have seen great results. I provide dependable, caring, professional, customized care for your horse's specific needs. Services offered within a 50 mile radius of Lakeland, FL. (09/11)

Michael Alexander, Pensacola, Florida - E-mail: mgalex47 @ att.net - Cell phone: (850) 206-4295
As a full-time professional farrier, I specialize in hoof trimming of horses, including draft and mini, donkeys and mules. My goal is to provide your animal with the best hoof care possible so that it can function properly. Prompt, courteous service guaranteed. (06/13)

Gordon Adair, Ocala, Florida - Email: ga @ adairmag.com - cell phone: 352-208-0243 - website: www.adairmag.com
I am a full time professional barefoot trimmer with over 14 years of trimming experience, and over 37 years of show and natural training experience. I specialize in rehabilitating laminitis, founder, navicular, cub foot, and long toes. Visit my website for pictures and videos of my past cases. (01/13)
Alexa Luckman, Jupiter , Florida - Emai: hoofcare.specialist @ yahoo.com - Cell phone: 916-201-7852
Natural hoofcare specialist- Completed extensive year of training in hoof orthopedics and holistic lameness rehabilitation in June 2006.  Specializing in performance horses. (07/14)

Jason Stark, Central Florida - email: hoopersequinesolutions @ yahoo.com - Phone/text (321) 890 6033 - website: http://www.hoopersequinesolutions.com/
Hooper's Equine Solutions. I am a full time professional trimmer, a lifetime of equine experience, currently accepting new clients. With a shoeless approach I consider each structure within the hoof, the role played, how it influences its counterpart structures and how best it should be treated in order to maintain equilibrium of function. The intention behind this theory is to promote proper growth, returning correct function in order to achieve peak performance. Serving the greater Central Florida area: Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Volusia and Brevard Counties. Travel outside of these areas $0.30/mile. (12/15)

Chance Hester, Greater Orlando, Florida - Cell: 678-923-4514 - Email: JChanceH9 @ gmail.com
Barefoot hoof care professional with experience transitioning from shoes, founder, laminitis, navicular, negative palmer angle, thin soles, and growing out white line disease, flares, cracks and overall soundness. Also, I have Easy Care hoof boot dealership with experience fitting, padding, and heat fitting boots for both performance and pleasure riding, or pasture ornaments. I have trained with Pete Ramey and strive to be gentle, patient, and understanding with horses. Reliable scheduling and punctuality are important to me. New to the greater Orlando area and taking on clients within 50 miles or 1.5 hours. (03/15)

Rachel Stevick, Brooksville, Florida - Email: rachel @ copperstoneequestrian.com  - Phone: (813) 335-1950 - website: http://copperstoneequestrian.com/
Copperstone Equestrian Center specializes in equine lameness rehabilitation. Years of experience in successfully treating horses with chronic laminitis, navicular, rotated coffin bones, thin soles, run-under heels, long toes, etc. Call or email for lameness rehabilitation, natural horse care consultation and barefoot hoof trims. (1/17)
Tylar Long, Davie, Florida - Email: Allaboutanglessoflo @ yahoo.com - Phone: (954)294-6776
All About Angles is what it sounds like, it’s all about the Angles. I trim everything from a large draft to very small mini’s and donkey’s. Willing to work with foundered and lamantic horses. Certified with “The Healing Touch Natural Hoofcare.” Big or small, I can trim them all! Located in Broward County, Do travel the tri-county radius! (10/17)

Candice Piraino, Summerfield, Florida - email: candicepiraino @ gmail.com - Phone: (440) 488-0324 www.arkhavenfarm.com
Serving Central Florida. I am a member of the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners, whose model is based on a holistic and progressive approach to equine hoof care. I have studied with both Ida Hammer and Pete Ramey, while always continuing my education with courses, mentorships, clinics and conferences. I have been successful with challenging cases such as metabolic laminitis, founder, thrush, cracks, under run heels and long toes. I offer boot fitting and casting services for horses, minis and donkeys. I am kind, courteous, prompt, and always return phone calls. References available. (04/19)

Kelly Hall, Lecanto, Florida (Citrus County) - email: happyhoofpads @ live.com - call 941-448-9282
Healing Alternatives has moved and accepting new clients. I have been trimming since 2003. Learned when my own mare foundered. I have studied with keithseeley.com all these years. I specialize in hoof lameness, laminitis/founder and hoof deformities. Find me at Kelly Hall Healing Alternatives on FB to see my trimming. I am also the owner of Happy Hoof Pads. I will travel within 1.5 hrs of my house. I use essential oils, Photonic Health Light, Flir camera, etc to help assist the trimming of lame horses. (02/19)

Peter Vonsin, Central Florida - email: vsequinework @ gmail.com - Phone/text (407) 476-3987
VS Equine Work has been serving Florida since 1995: Offering a holistic common sense approach of balancing the hoof while viewing the equine whole; taking into account the horse’s lifestyle, muscle condition, nutrition, riding discipline, saddlery, environment and relationship with the owner. Barefoot Trimming - Hoof Rehabilitation Specialist - Gentle, Patient and Reliable. (07/19)

Melissa O'Bryan, Daytona Beach, Florida - Phone (585) 474-3027 - Email: obryanm515 @ gmail.com
Equinextion of Canada certified trimmer in June 2012. Providing balanced barefoot trimming services for all classes of equines alongside diet and environmental counseling for optimum hoof health. (10/19)


Andrew Leech, Georgia, email: aahsleech @ yahoo.com
Hoof Care in Georgia. I am a Natural Hoof Care practitioner  and have three Quarter horses that have been barefoot for 3 years without any problems on gravel or pavement. I am in Georgia, please email me for services. (07/05)

Marian Figley, Moreland, Georgia - E-Mail: mfigley @ nakedhoof.org  - Cell Phone:678-516-6302 - URL: www.nakedhoof.org 
Over 12 years experience in the field.  Transition from shod to bare, rehab from neglect, founder, navicular.   Service area is primarily in Coweta and adjoining counties. (07/14)

Jan Hester, Dawsonville, Georgia - Email: Jan40jan @ aol.com. - Phone: 770-893-2105, 678-776-0178
Certified Journeyman Farrier for 15 years. Exclusively providing Natural Barefoot Hoofcare since '06. Covering Dawson, Forsyth, Cherokee, Pickens, Gilmer, N Fulton, Lumpkin, Hall and surrounding counties. (08/13)

Leah Hinnefeld, Canton, Georgia - (404) 803-0420 - email: leah @ belhavenequinesolutions.com - www.belhavenequinesolutions.com
I have been studying barefoot hoof care since 2003, including the methods taught by Cindy Sullivan, Pete Ramey, Jaime Jackson, Gene Ovnicek, KC LaPierre and James Welz. In addition to providing natural hoof care services, I can assist in developing a system to provide the best environment, nutrition and training schedule to complement your horse's natural hoof care program. (07/09)
Todd Osborne, Rincon, Georgia - tosborne @ whitehorseranch.us - 912-210-9168
AHA certified, hoof rehabilitation, transition and maintenance trims.  EasyCare hoof boot dealer.  Available for natural hoof care clinics. (01/10)
Anne Stephens, Dawsonville, Georgia - www.naturesdesignhoofcare.net - 706-344-8661
Nature's Design Hoof & Horse. Serving all of North Georgia. Attaining degree at the Equine Sciences Academy. Apprenticed with Todd Jaynes "Going beyond hoofcare to help horses" (07/19)
Mele Miller, Gainesville, Georgia - Email: artmelem @ charter.net - cell phone: 678-662-8965.
I am a Natural Balance farrier serving the North Ga area. I have 5 years of experience with barefoot trimming and over 30 years of horse experience. I can help you with transitioning, laminitis, navicular, nutrition and booting. I am always on time and will always call you back. References available. (11/10)
Cindy "Hawk" Sullivan, Clayton, Georgia - Web site: http://www.TribeEquus.com - email: cindy @ tribeequus.com - Cell: 706-476-5836
Certified Hoof Care Practitioner, Equine Rehabilitation Specialist, Co-founder, Director of Academic Affairs, and Senior Instructor - The Equine Sciences AcademyExtensive experience in equine rehabilitation, whole horse approach. (06/11)
Rachel Cooper, Appling, Georgia - Email: iderbus @ gmail.com  - cell phone: (808)391-3463
I am a full time professional trimmer with 5 years of trimming experience, and 20 years of equine experience,  currently accepting new clients.  I do not believe in yelling, or hitting horses, and believe patience is the key. I specialize in corrective trimming. I am kind, courteous, prompt, and always return phone calls. I schedule only one client per day to assure that each person and horse receive proper time without any rushing. References available. (11/12)
Chance Hester, Georgia - Email: JChanceH9@gmail.com - Phone: (678) 923-4514
Natural Barefoot Hoof Care in North Atlanta area. Apprenticed under Jan Hester and currently seeking scholarship to Equine Science Academy. (04/13)
Robin South, Georgia - robin.south @ gmail.com - 205-527-5058
High Performance Hoof Care. 9 years as a certified professional trimmer. Experience with most types of lameness issues, everything from babies to stallions, drafts to Paso's, trail horses to dressage horses. I work a route from Clanton, AL to Trion, GA and Chattanooga, TN. (07/13)

Autumn Tuchek, Dacula, Georgia 30019 - (770) 200-4081 (call or TEXT) - https://www.facebook.com/Wall-2-Wall-Barefoot-Farrier-291778634502127/?fref=ts - http://ajtuchek.wix.com/walltowall
Rehabilitative & Therapeutic Trimming, Rebalanding / Correction, Maintenance, Performance and Pleasure, All Breeds / All Disciplines, Riding Evaluations Pre-purchase evaluations, Training Consultations. Rider,Trainer, Trimmer. Over 25 years with horses and over 8 years trimming. Laminitis, Founder, Cushings, Navicular, and other conditions that effect the hoof. Excellent references. Taking new clients. (9/16)

Kammi Richardson, Buchanan, Georgia - 334-237-4241 - www.facebook.com/alabamabarefoot
Taking New Clients with Well Behaved Equine Friends in Haralson, Heard, and Carroll Counties. Offering a balanced, natural, barefoot trim based on the wild hoof model. Certified Animal Care Specialist. (09/17)



Susanella Noble, Hawaii - CNBBFT, Hoof Care Practitioner, www.farriergodmother.com - Mountain View, Hawaii 96771 - 808-937-0843 - susanella @ bighawaii.net
Certified Natural Balance Barefoot Trimmer & member ELPO. Specializing in lameness rehabilitation, Equine Digit Support System therapy, homeopathic horse care in the tropics, and natural barefoot wellness trimming for optimum hoof function. Use gentle approach and speak "horse language" so equine clients enjoy my visits. Available Big Island wide and inter-island. (04/08)

Nicole Rockett, Maui, Hawaii (PO.box 903, Lahaina Hawaii 96767) - PH (808)298-3946 - Web site www.rockettranch.com - email: ikaikalio @ aol.com
Aloha, P.H.C.P Bare hoof trimmer on Maui, Over 9 years of hoof experience 6 as a professional farrier, and 3 strictly bare foot. I have seen both sides And I know the right path. putting the health of the horse first. Each horse is an individual as is each hoof. trimming for environment through the changing seasons. Helping the horse and owner find a better natural way of life together. Offering advice on nutrition, finding the right boot for your horse, and rehabilitating lameness issue. There is a better way and we should all strive for it..... (07/08)
Harmony Harwell, Kauai, Hawaii - Phone 8086353900
Equine Harmonics, offering whole body balance from head to toe. Skilled in Myoskeletal unwinding. CF Oklahoma school of farrier 2006. Specialize in founder rehab, nutrition, Teeth vitality. Kauai Hawaii , travel regularly to Oahu /lanai /Maui. (06/17)


Darrell Covert, Pocatello, Idaho - E-mail: DCovert @ Progressivehoof.com - Website: www.Progressivehoof.com - Home #:1-208-238-6365 - Cell #: 1-208-406-8613
I service southeast Idaho. Member of the AANHCP and our trim style is modeled after the wild horse of the great basin, thanks to the research of Jaime Jackson. (12/07)
Dale Coltrin, Melba, Idaho - Website: ColtRunRanch.com
Serving S.W. Idaho, Eastern Oregon. Member and in certification/AANHCP. Trimming to the wild horse model. Professional services, gentle methods. (10/08)
Megan Greber, Hazelton, Idaho - Phone: (916) 753-4674 - Email: ewercntry @ yahoo.com
Serving Lower Minidoka, Jerome, Twin Falls and Cassia counties within a 45 minute drive of Hazelton, ID. Barefoot trimming available for all horses. Experienced in transitioning from shoes, laminitis, founder, cracks, underrun heels, young horses and maintaining a barefoot trim. NOTE: Travel costs may apply for locations outside a 45 minute radius of Hazelton, ID. Contact for rates. (09/09)
Jim Brannon, Athol, Idaho - Email: mlobber@aol.com - phone: (208) 661-3528
Barefoot trimming part time since 2008. I have: Completed Pat Wagner's Heel First Landings course; Attended three Christina Cline clinics; Attended Brian Hampson's hoof morphology seminar; Attended equine podiatry seminar by La Salle Vet Clinic; Studied Pete Ramey's dvds, (other's dvds, too).  I stay updated on the latest barefoot information. Using cadaver models I explain hoof function along with how to keep a horse barefoot and sound.  Plenty of references. (04/11)
Ela Conner, Kootenai County, Idaho - pls_recycle @ yahoo.com - Phone 208-964-1395 
Barefoot trimming since June 2009.  Completed a ABC hoof Care course and two clinics.   Attended clinic with Pat Wagner and Dr. Tomas Teskey going through dissection of hoof and lower leg.  Studied Phil Morarre's DVD and use his soft touch grinder for trims.  Belong to three barefoot trimming groups. (08/16)
Mike Hare, Idaho -  email: Barefoot1323 @ cableone.net  - Phone: 208-521-2395
Available in the Idaho Falls and surrounding area.  Helping provide the healthiest foot possible for your horse, through proper trimming, as taught by numerous natural hoof care practitioners.  Over the last 8 years, I have studied and used the methods of Jamie Jackson, Pete Ramey, K C LaPierre, Cheryl Henderson (OSNHC), Gene Ovnicek, and James Welz (The Horses Hoof/ Hoof Help Online).  (02/13)
Jeannette McGrath, Clark Fork, Idaho (Montana State Line) - email: coast2coastbarefoot @ gmail.com - Phone: 951-675-7734 - http://coasttocoastbarefoot.com
Coast to Coast Barefoot by Jeannette McGrath. Barefoot Farrier. Proven Barefoot Trimming methods for the working, leisure, and athletic horse. We rode from Pacific to Atlantic on the same horses- all barefoot! It is so healthy for your horse! See the difference. We did it- you can too! Will trim all breeds and can train young horses to stand. Heals or greatly improves laminitis and navicular cases. Boot fitting. Gentle and dependable. 8 years experience. Many references. Free Consultation! (04/18)


Yvonne Moorhouse, Marengo, Illinois EMAIL y.moorhouse @ att.net Phone 847-878-4621.
AANHCP Certified. Certified Hoof Groom. Completed Hoof Groom Course with Martha Olivo. Balanced hoof care provider. All breeds welcome. (12/17)

Cheryl Sutor, MHG, Kirkland, Illinois (near Belvidere/Rockford) Wholistic Bare Hoof Specialist, Phone: 630-267-0357 Website: http://www.NoHoof-NoHorse.com
Practicing Wholistic Bare Hoof Care for 5 years, certified as a Mentor Hoof Groom by United Horsemanship/Martha Olivo. In addition, I am studying the methods of Pete Ramey, Jaime Jackson, K.C. La Pierre, and Dr. Strasser. My general philosophy is to learn as much as possible from the leading clinicians because every situation, horse, and hoof is different. The more tools and techniques you learn, the more able you are to do the best thing in any given situation. I offer Wholistic Hoof Care consultations, shoe pulling, trimming, private instruction and workshops. I am currently accepting work in DeKalb and Boone counties, Illinois, and teaching 2 and 3 day workshops across the U.S. (03/06)
Ann Marie Larson, N. Illinois, Iowa & Eastern Nebraska, 309-334-2701 balancedhorse @ hotmail.com
Graduated strasser course 2002.Experienced in successful rehabilitation of Founder and Navicular. Travel through Northern Illinois, Iowa, and Eastern Nebraska. www.balancedhorse@hotmail.com (07/06)
Lisa Parlier, Clinton, Illinois - Phone: (217) 944-2340; Email: Lmparlier @ yahoo.com
Natural Hoofcare and Nutritional Consulting working towards my certification with A.H.A. I have studied with Ida Hammer, Randy Hensley, Pete Ramey and Dr. Robert Bowker. I will always be learning and staying up with all of the research. Taking clients in Central IL. (02/13)

Jeannie Wright, McHenry County, Illinois - Phone: 815/245-9617 or email: jlwright77 @ yahoo.com - website: www.wrighthoofcare.com
AHA certified hoof care provider. EasyCare boot dealer. Reasonable rates for regularly scheduled trims in Illinois and Wisconsin. Call with any questions or to set up an appointment: (03/11)

Jen Rakas, Oswego, Illinois - cell:630)696-0149 - email: jenrakas @ aol.com - website: www.heeltotoehoofcare.com
Natural Hoof Care Practitioner having successfully worked on challenging cases such as metabolic laminitis, founder, club foot, thrush, fungal infections, quarter cracks as well as the typical long toe/low heel hoof.  I do not just work on the feet, but look at the whole horse, its environment and diet to allow the horse to "build" a better hoof.  I will assess each foot to provide appropriate, non-invasive sensible hoof care for each individual. (01/13)

Allan Edwards, Roscoe, Illinois - Email: horsedude @ t6b.com - Phone (815)703-7379
Natural hoof care practitioner serving Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. I use the Jaime Jackson and Pete Ramey methods. I have seen the effects of shoes from a Therapeutic farrier point of view and know that the Natural methods make more sense and produce healthier happier horses. I am dedicated to constantly learning new things and believe that you can never learn to much. (01/10)

Bonnie Harder, Rockford, Illinois and surrounding area - cell: 815-757-0425 - email: drbonniedc @ hbac4all.com - www.holisticbalanceanimalchiro.com
Holistic Balance Animal Chiropractic. AANHCP Certified Barefoot Practitioner. (12/11)

Lisa Habbley, Huntley, Illinois - Email: LisaHabbley @ gmail.com - Cell Phone: 815-354-0765
I offer barefoot trimming services in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.  I have completed and earned a Macinaw Dells 2 Applied Whole Horse Hoof Care Certification with Ida Hammer.  I follow the teachings of Ida Hammer and Pete Ramey.  I believe, if given the chance, most if not all horses will benefit from a natural barefoot trim, movement based herd lifestyle and a low sugar high fiber diet.  I am always seeking out more opportunities of education on barefoot trimming, nutrition, and health of the whole horse.  I am easily reached via cell, text or email.  All inquiries are responded to promptly and courteously. (10/14)
Lacelynn Seibel, Peoria, Illinois - Email: lacelynnseibel @ yahoo.com - Cell: 309-645-6922 - Website: www.barefoot-buckwild.com
I am a full-time, certified, professional barefoot trimmer serving north of I-70 in Illinois, Eastern Missouri and Iowa and Southern Wisconsin. I use the methods of Pete Ramey and trimmed over 3,000 hooves in my apprenticeship. Specializing in founder and navicular rehab, corrective trimming and nutrition. I received my Bachelor's in Animal Science and Nutrition from the University of Illinois and have 5 years of experience in reproduction, halter breaking and foaling. (07/16)
Toby Neumann, Springfield, Illinois - hurricaneforge @ outlook.com - phone (832)857-2098
I follow the barefoot trim of 4x national champ endurance racer Darolyn Butler from Houston, Tx - just moved to Illinois from Texas and taking new clients. Call or text ! (03/18)


John Neuhausel, Mooresville, Indiana - Phone: 317-996-4550 or 317-502-6805 - E-mail address: bn2170 @ aol.com
I am an AANHCP certified natural trim practitioner and field instructor. Have studied under Jaimie Jackson, Pete Ramey, and Cindy Sullivan. (04/07)
Michael Murray, Bloomington, Indiana - Photo: 812-876-3106, Email: michaelm @ bluemarble.net
Natural hoof care specialist, natural trainer. Specializing in natural hoof care and training for troubled horses, plus a natural boarding and rehab facility available. (01/09)

Julie Elsner, Noblesville, Indiana - phone: (317) 698-3142 - e-mail: jelsner @ balancednaturally.net - website: www.balancednaturally.net
Natural Hoof Care Practitioner, AANHCP and Easy Care Hoof Boot Distributor. (08/07)

Sue Schnur, Kirklin, Indiana - 317-710-0545 (cell) , website: www.harmonynaturalhorsecare.com email: sue @ harmonynaturalhorsecare.com
AANHCP Certified (5/09) and Liberated Horsemanship, CNHP (3/10). Have been trimming for several years for friends and family. Attended clinics with Jaime Jackson and Pete Ramey. Studied Dr. Bowker’s and Dr Strasser’s research materials. My ultimate teacher is the horse, who is continuously teaching me. (06/11)
Felicia Payne, Kewanna, Indiana - www.bluedoghoofcare.com - Email: felicia @ bluedoghoofcare.com - Phone: 574-225-2282
I have been a professional barefoot trimmer and Easycare hoof boot dealer for three years. I work all over Indiana. I have extensive experiance in rehabilitating lame horses, and dealing with training issues. I use natural horsemanship/clicker training for difficult horses. (01/10)
Trish George, Pendleton, Indiana - phone: (765) 278-0628 - e-mail: luckynaturalhorse @ comcast.net - website: luckynaturalhorse.com
Natural Hoof Care Professional through Liberated Horsemanship’s Barefoot Certification Program. (10/10)


Randy Hensley, Orient, Iowa - www.naturalequinehoof.com - e-mail: randy @ naturalequinehoof.com
American Hoof Association Member, Natural Hoof Care Provider (08/08)
Eric Van Vliet, Burr Oak, Iowa - Email  horsefeetvanvliet @ gmail.com - tel: 563-379-8198
Greetings. 25 years professional hoof care experience B.S.W. from Luther College. Hoof health is a function of a number of variables. I believe we should diligently unload peripheral hoof wall in order to help the entire hoof system to function naturally. Simply help horses have feet that are a beneficial  length. Trimming helps and is part of a holistic approach including  diet, exercise and environment. Trimming horses in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Consulting anywhere. Patient with all horses and most people. References available. Peace (03/12)
Erin McCord Hoof Care, Northwood, Iowa - erin_mccord @ outlook.com - www.erinmccordhoofcare.weebly.com - 605 366 2237
Lifelong horsewoman, 6 years professional trimming. My trimming is based on understanding the anatomy and the biomechanical functions of the hoof, in addition to effects of nutrition and lifestyle. I am experienced with founder, navicular, injuries, and offer casting, Epona shoes, and boot fitting in addition to trimming. I have a veterinarian available for consult, as well. I have deep respect for our equine companions, and strive to do the very best for them. (02/16)


Paula Hanes Overbrook, Kansas USA (785) 836-2332.
Bob Pierce, South Central Kansas Phone: 620-254-7293 email: bob.pierce@knusd331.com (10/06)
Angela Price - Central and South Central Kansas; All breeds, sizes, and disciplines; References. 785-212-4010, angelap @ hometelco.net (12/06)
Amber Mohr, Wichita, Kansas USA, Barefoot Hoof Care - email: barefoothooves @ yahoo.com - phone: 870-688-3156 cell or 316-796-0202 - website: http://www.barefoothooves.net
Offering barefoot hoof care within 80 mile radius of Wichita. I also serve the Ozarks in Missouri and Arkansas and parts of Oklahoma. All breeds, including mules, donkeys and ponies with a knack for founder/laminitis and navicular recovery. Will help you understand the transition phase from shoes. References available. (09/09)
Jenny Montgomery, Mulvane, Kansas (USA) - pudylady @ horsesnsuch.com - http://www.horsesnsuch.com/barefoot/, 316-209-4543
Montgomery Barefoot Trimming is accepting new clients that need horses/mules/minis trimmed utilizing the natural barefoot trim. Will travel within 50 mile radius from Mulvane. $35 per equine and foals are free with a mare trim. References upon request. Trimming philosophy and technique discussed on my webpage. (10/10)
Terrie Yordy, Alma, Kansas - PH: (785) 765-3608 - cell: (785) 477-3081 - www.itbehoovesthehorse.com
Serving Northeast/central KS, Northwest MO. Call for other areas. AANCHP and LH certified. Hoof rehab, founder and navicular rehab. (01/12)
Caleb Carlisle, KC, Kansas - email: underpressuretoo @ gmail.com - phone: 913-313-2811
I am a farrier with Under Pressure Equine trained in the natural balance barefoot trim. I am currently adding clients to the schedule, please call or text to set up a time for me to come take care of your horses. (04/16)


Maureen Tierney, Paris, Kentucky. Phone 859-340-0396 - email: maureen @ forthehorse.net
Natural hoof care practitioner with 9 years trimming experience. Available for trims, consultations, and instruction. Easycare and Renegade hoof boot dealer. www.barefoottrimming.com (08/09)
Steve Johnson, Kentucky - 270.999.1389 cell - 270.526.7497 home - Tawnimarah @ hotmail.com - www.DragonflyFarmsHoofcare.com
AANHCP - Certified Practioner, Field Instructor and Clinician. Step 5 and Step 9 and NTW Clinician. Foundered Horse Rehabilitation Center, taking in horses now. Serving all of Kentucky, South Eastern Illinois, Southern Indiana, Western Tennessee and Northern Mississippi. (09/08)
Beth Lanman, Covington, Kentucky - 513.304.3534 (cell) or 859.491.4420 (residence). Email: giddyup2 @ gmail.com
AANHCP, Natural Hoof Care Practioner serving Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. References upon request. (08/07)
Lane Rhodes, Kentucky - 270-993-2297 - email: lrhodes1228 @ gmail.com
AANHCP Certified Practioner, serving west KY and southern IN (06/11)
Tre Delaforce, Louisville, Kentucky - Phone: 502-417-9534
Barefoot Hoof Care Practitioner, experience with laminitis, founder and performance horse maintenance. Will travel within reasonable distance. (08/11)
Trena Morris CP (Certified Practioner) Hodgenville, Kentucky - e-mail:  trenasnaturals @ hotmail.com -  www.facebook.com/incrediblebarehoof - PH# 502-264-3698.
Training & Certification: AANHCP-2008.  Trimming since 2004. Consultations in diet, boarding, handling... of the horse. I service horses with all laminitic issues.  I own and service speed event horses. They are all doing excellent with their bare feet.  Locations Serviced: Kentucky, Northern Tennesse, Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, Southern Ohio. (09/15)
Kirrily Niswander - Shelbyville, Kentucky - www.redemptionfarm.com - redemptionfarmKY @ gmail.com - (502) 297-1973
Barefoot hoof care, rehabilitation, boot fitting, and composite glue ons. Hoof rehab boarding at my farm also available. (11/19)


Selina Geringer, Louisiana - email:  Cowboysplace @ hotmail.com - Phone: 985-413-5529
Professional, experienced, natural barefoot trimming.  Treat your horse  like the majestic creature he is.  Years of traditional shoeing and  trimming experience has taught me the negative effects of steel shoes.   Natural trimming teaches us that horses simply don't need shoes and they  can recover from the harmful effects. (09/10)

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