Heel Height Guidelines
(The following is provided by Dr. Hiltrud Strasser and Sabine Kells--used by permission)

Correct bulb height seen from behind: 3.5 cm vertically from the top end of the lateral cartilage, or 3 cm vertically from the hairline below the lateral cartilage.

Correct bulb/heel height is either 3.5 cm vertical distance from the top edge of the end of the lateral cartilage, OR 3 cm vertical distance from the end of the hair-bearing skin (where hair production ends, not the hairs themselves) below where the lateral cartilages dip into the hoof capsule. In either case, you have to be able to locate the lateral cartilages to measure correctly, but with the 3 cm measurement, you don't have to correctly identify the top end of the lateral cartilage (which can be difficult, especially if the cartilage is distorted). The 3 cm measurement is not as anatomically exact, but there's much less chance of making errors.

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