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November 2011

Announcing the winner of our Barefooters’ Favorite Cover Horse Contest! (drumroll)...

Winning by a hair - really! - is Mike Hare and Boogie!

1st runner up is Jill Owens and Pokani.

2nd runner up is Jen Clingly and Imaj Zamir.

Honorable mentions to Candace Clark and WC Angels Deelyte; Deborah Philip and Rose; and Tracey Hallman & Skip.

Look for Mike & Boogie on the cover of THH Winter Issue 45. Congrats to all, you are all winners of barefoot!

November 2011

Pete Ramey releases new Hoof Textbook, “Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot”
A New 464 Page Hardback, in Full-Color with 630 Pictures and Drawings, by Pete Ramey

Have you ever wished you had a top equine veterinarian, an equine nutritionist, a veterinary chiropractor, a pasture/grass specialist, an internal pathology expert, a hoof researcher, an equine dentistry specialist, a biomechanics expert and a hoof rehabilitation specialist all putting their heads together to help your horse? Now you do, in this remarkable book from Pete Ramey, including chapters by Robert M. Bowker, VMD, PhD, Hilary M. Clayton, BVMS, PhD, Dipl ACVSMR, MRCVS, Brian Hampson, PhD, Eleanor Kellon, VMD, Kerry Ridgway, DVM, Debra R. Taylor, DVM, MS, DACVIM and Kathryn Watts, BS. Read the book outline here. Click here for order info. $176.

November 2011

Special Offer from Hoof Help Online and Cavallo Horse & Rider!
Join Hoof Help Online today and you will receive a very special bonus gift from Cavallo Horse & Rider!

-Join for One Year: One time 50% off from Cavallo Horse & Rider and a Cavallo gift pack with a brush, hoof pick and cap.
- Join for 6 Months: One time 25% off from Cavallo Horse & Rider and a Cavallo gift pack with a brush, hoof pick and cap.
- Join for Monthly: A Cavallo gift pack with a brush, hoof pick and cap on purchases from Cavallo Horse & Rider over $100.
*Only available in North America. All new USA & Canada HHO members will receive a coupon code and instructions to redeem.

October 2011

Hoof Help Online officially launches October 1, 2011!
Direct from James & Yvonne Welz, a brand new way to learn about hooves. Welcome to the premiere of our hoof education membership website. Wide variety of all-new exclusive educational materials about the hoof, with detailed how-to-trim information, from beginner to advanced. Learn an entirely new system of barefoot trimming.
Visit Hoof Help Online at

September 2011

2012 International Hoof-Care Summit Features Dr. Robert Bowker
The 2012 Int’l Hoof-Care Summit takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio, on January 31 to February 3, 2012, and will feature 65 hours of in-depth hoof-care learning, with Dr. Robert Bowker as a featured speaker. Other speakers include Gene Ovnicek, Dr. Stephen O’Grady, Mitch Taylor, and Dr. Hans Castelijns. The Summit includes general sessions, hoof-care classrooms, hoof-care roundtables, and a trade show.
For more information, visit:

June 2011

New Schedule for The Horse's Hoof Magazine

Each issue of The Horse's Hoof Magazine is released with the seasons:
Winter issue: Jan 1
Spring issue: Apr 1
Summer issue: July 1
Fall issue: Oct 1

May 2011

BIG NEWS!!! The Horse's Hoof Magazine has expanded, beginning with Summer 2011 Issue 43, to 32 pages FULL GLOSSY COLOR! Contact us for advertising options, pricing remains the same as previous, see Advertising

May 2011

May 21-23, 2011 - Welz Hoof Health Clinic in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada was a huge success! Big thanks to the RoadTrimmers Barefoot Hoofcare!

January 2011

Liberated Horsemanship introduces their new Pathfinder Club
"As a club member, you will continue to have access to our training and educational programs. Selected new services will be exclusively available to club members. These services can help you evaluate alternatives, solve problems and make decisions about everything from facility and environmental design to which performance boots are likely to work best for your horse and activity." The club is free:

January 2011

High Performance Barefoot Trimming Book
A new e-book that is well-written by a horseowner who learned how to trim her own horses. A very useful resource for do-it-yourself trimmers.

January 2011

Equinextion Online Forum Academy ...the new EOFA
An online membership training academy for barefoot trimming. Essential membership is $346.50/year (CAN)

December 2010

Joe Camp’s follow up to his best seller The Soul of a Horse
“The Soul of a Horse BLOGGED - The Journey Continues” released December 1st, 2010
Joe Camp’s best seller The Soul of a Horse: Life Lessons from the Herd, now in its seventh printing, has been turning the horse world on its ear and changing the lives of horses and people all across the planet since its publication in May of 2008. The Soul of a Horse BLOGGED - The Journey Continues follows the lead of its predecessor, once again engagingly navigating uncharted and often controversial territory while forging a change in traditional thinking about horses forever. For more info, visit

November 2010

New DVD Set from Pete Ramey: “In the Trenches”
The Big, the Bad and the Ugly! Chronic Laminitis, Navicular Syndrome, L.O.F. Disease (Lack Of Farrier), Impossible Boot Fits, Bring Me The Saw, Non-Compliant Horse Owners: The stuff no one wants to work on with a camera rolling. 11 different horses, each in serious trouble, each with their own unique set of nuances.
“It is common for even highly experienced practitioners to feel lost and uncertain when faced with a truly bizarre, unique or hopeless situation—it happens to me, too. So Ivy and I figured the best thing we could do for hoof practitioners is to compile a collection of the cases that have challenged us—you know... the fun stuff! These are the cases that keep us up at night—the cases that always teach us something. In The Trenches is my favorite DVD set so far, and I believe it will be a very valuable tool for any hoof professional. I certainly wish it had been available for me 20 years ago.”—Pete Ramey. This is a 5 Disk Set for $120, click here for ordering info:

August 2010

"The Functional Hoof" Australian Conference
Wednesday, February 2nd through to Saturday, February 5th, 2011 in Werribee Victoria

Tickets available from September 1st through
Full conference cost - 4 days with some of the most renowned speakers on hoof care for the first time in Australia in one place - early bird rate paid prior to Dec 15th $900 AU + GST
Schedule will be available shortly on our website
Conference dinner tickets and Welcome tickets also available.
Lists of local accommodation and travel agent recommendations will also be available.

Limited to 100 delegates.  Interest already received from International delegates. Don't miss out!

Marg Richardson, Rebecca Scott
Australian Equine Education Services

August 2010

Liberated Horsemanship Hosts Brian Hampson During His Return Visit to the U.S.
On the heels of his successful International Wild Equid Conference held at Kings Creek Station in the Northern Territory of Australia, Brian is returning to the U.S. to talk about his wild horse research. Meet the world's foremost authority on the effects of environment on horse movement and hoof form, wild horse behavior, and much more. Come learn the truth about "natural". Two locations: Sealy, Texas (Aug 21) & McKinney, Texas (Aug 22) Brian Hampson Seminar

August 2010

Equine Soundness online course starting Sept 2010:
30 hours of detailed, live online Power Point Presentations with up-to-date instruction and pictures.

July 2010

The Horse's Hoof releases a new free preview PDF issue!
NEW FREE preview PDF issue! Please download and share:
Free PDF copy of THH Issue # 35, Summer 2009 (Click here to download, 3MB PDF)

*And here's a ZIP archive file of the same PDF: THH#35 ZIP

July 2010

A Barefoot Milestone...
Easyboot Horse Wins The Haggin Cup at the 2010 Tevis
Garrett Ford rode The Fury to an impressive eighth place finish at the 2010 edition of the Tevis 100 mile race on July 24. He was accompanied by his wife, Lisa Ford, who rode Cyclone to the ninth place finsh. The Fury and Cyclone were two of 34 horses who were competing in the Tevis race as part of the Ride Tevis for Free contest sponsored by EasyCare.

The Fury also won the coveted Haggin Cup. The Haggin Cup award is intended to recognize exceptional sportsmanship and horsemanship as demonstrated by the superior condition of the contestant’s horse during and at the completion of the ride. In other endurance events, the award tends to be based almost solely on the “best condition” judging held after the Ride and focuses on the criteria of “fit to go on."

Fury's Haggin Cup win is of particular note because he is the first barefoot horse in the 54 years of the race to win the award. Garrett trains and competes The Fury in Easyboot Gloves and uses Easyboot Glue-Ons for only a few races: the 2010 edition of Tevis was one of them. 21 of the horses competing in the EasyCare Ride Tevis for Free contest went on to cross the finish line in Auburn - including the last place horses, Cira and Sonny ridden by Kathie Ford and Kathy Sherman. Six of those horses finished in the top 20 positions. Read more on EasyCare's blogs:

July 2010

Liberated Horsemanship is presenting a seminar with Brian Hampson, Australian Brumby Research Unit (University of Queensland School of Veterinary Studies) in Sealy, Texas on Saturday, August 21, 2010 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The location is the Best Western, 2107 Highway 36 S, Sealy, TX. $65/person (includes lunch). For the past three years Brian Hampson, PhD candidate, and Dr. Chris Pollitt have intensively studied the Australian brumbies. Brian will discuss findings from these studies during this full-day presentation.

July 2010

Equine Soundness is starting a new online webinar-style hoofcare course in September 2010.

Claudia Garner of Equine Soundness will be presenting a one day seminar, From the Ground Up-Horse Health Considerations from a Hoof Care Perspective, with Don Vick at the Veterinary College of NCSU in Raleigh, NC, on Saturday, October 2, 2010:

June 2010

New articles by Jaime Jackson are featured in the current issues of Equine Wellness Magazine, both the May/June 2010 issue, and the July/Aug 2010 issue. You can read the articles, Worn Thin: Part I and Part II, on the AANHC website under News & Articles.

June 2010

Equine Soundness Inc. July 1, 2010: Sign up for professional student course. Graduation for this year's students will be in summer of 2011. For detailed information please e-mail or call 803-647-1200.

Equine Soundness Online instruction - September 2, 2010: 30 one hour sessions will guide you through anatomy, the theory of basic trimming and exploration of pathologies and much more. For more information: Discount sign-up
available now.

May 2010

Horses Naturally is a new e-magazine featuring holistic health care, barefoot, natural horsemanship and riding articles. You can read their premier editions for free:

April 2010

Barefoot in the news: "Barrel Horse News Magazine", April 2010 (Volume 15, No. 4) article titled "Barefoot Barrel Horses: Is Running Barefoot a Good Idea??"

"Barefoot Police Horses: How the Houston Police Department Became a Barefoot Herd of Hard Working Horses" written by Senior Police Officer and Liberated Horsemanship certified hoof care professional Scott D. Berry. Scott has been a member of the Houston Police Department since 1989 and was instrumental in transitioning the Mounted Detail to barefoot horses, which has turned out to be a highly successful endeavor. Download the free 23 page document on Liberated Horsemanship's website.

March 2010

Announcing the EasyCare Gives Back To AERC Campaign

EasyCare Inc. and AERC, the American Endurance Ride Conference, are pleased to announce the launch a one-of-a-kind sponsorship program that will add vital new revenue to offset the current erosion in AERC's membership here for details.

March 2010

New Hoof Boot Exchange Yahoo Group
A Yahoo group for folks that are either selling or looking for hoof boots. This group is free - no cost to join or post boots for sale.

Gretchen Fathauer has also long offered a free boot swap page on her website:

March 2010

From the IAAOR: For all of you with animal owner friends and relatives in Illinois, please contact them to check regarding the proposed changes in the Illinois Veterinary Medical Act. Their voices need to be heard by the legislators. With the AVMA headquartered in Illinois, we need to win this battle! Donations and membership can be made directly through the website.

Over the years, the veterinary profession in Illinois has tried to form a complete monopoly of its industry, keeping anyone who is not a licensed DVM from providing non-medical services for animals. In 2004 The Illinois Alliance for Animal Owners Rights, Inc was instrumental in the passage of Exemptions 8 that allowed an animal owner or the agent of the owner, without veterinary approval, the right to choose licensed or unlicensed practitioners.

The proposed bills, HB5377 and SB3712, would eliminate nutritionists, massage therapists, chiropractors aromatherapists, homeopaths, behavior specialists, animal communicators, spiritual healers, TTouch practitioners, and physical therapists to name a few, from working without a referral from a veterinarian. They have split exemption 8 into 2 parts, with exemption 8.5 directly aimed at animal trainers restricting what they can do to, and for, animals in their care. This could negatively impact farriers, trainers, equine dentists and animal husbandry and wellness service providers.
Cheryl, Member of the IAAOR Board of Directors

January 2010

New barefoot ebook published by Penzance Equine Solutions: 10 Secrets to Healthy Hooves by Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate
Very extensive book covering natural horse care and trimming. Over 200 pages including hoof anatomy and trimming instructions, pathology, lifestyle, nutrition, natural foods & herbs, homeopathics, equipment resources, horse handling and more.

January 2010

Launch of Equine Sciences Academy UK

A comprehensive and holistic education in natural hoof and horse care. The Equine Sciences Academy is now offering full Natural Hoof Care Certification with practical training in the UK.

This program in unique in that it offers:
-An education in all key aspects of the care and management of domesticated equines.
-A holistic and natural approach to thinking and caring for equines, and their hooves.
-The belief that knowledge is a dynamic, collective work and does not teach any one viewpoint or source.
-An ‘Open University’ format that includes comprehensive studies on all required coursework, practical instruction, rigorous testing, and practical exams.
-An extraordinary Advisory Panel who contribute to and keep the curriculum current.
-Some of the most trusted, experienced and knowledgeable natural hoof care instructors in the business.
-Flexible learning, self directed, tutor and peer-supported online classes.
-Payments that are spread over the duration of the entire program.
For more information please visit:

December 2009

The 2009 EasyCare $10,000 Hoof Boot Contest Winners Announced!

The 2009 EasyCare $10,000 Hoof Boot Contest has come to an end and it’s been quite a year! We are pleased to announce this years winners. These riders have done an incredible job not just logging impressive mileage but representing EasyCare and showing just what our hoof boots can do! They’ve done great at every distance. From single day 50’s and 100’s to multi- day rides of 250 miles or more. Proving yet again that it is possible to ride distances in Easyboots!

Each year our contest grows in popularity. This year we had over 50 riders logging an incredible 21,301 miles using Easyboots over bare hooves! That’s over 4,500 miles more than last year! Top ten riders are being awarded a total of $10,000 in cash. Seven riders also qualified for bonus mileage payouts throughout the 2009 season. A total of $5,100 was given out in bonus cash.

1-Carla Richardson 1,560 miles $3000
2-Terri Tinkham 1,525 miles $2000
3-Christoph Schork 1,330 miles $1000
4-Natalie Herman 1,115 miles $850
5-Dian Woodward 845 miles $750
6-Kadee Felton 823 miles $650
7-Kerry Greear 810 miles $550
8-Carol Layton 721 miles $400
9-Joyce Stoffey 660 miles $400
10-Laurie Birch 530 miles $400

November 2009

Join us on Facebook and Twitter!!

What BETTER way to keep you abreast of barefoot news? I'll try to keep you posted with a steady stream of news and happenings in the barefoot world, as well as special interest stories about the things that matter to those who love natural horse care. And I'll tell you what is going on with James & I. (This current "old fashioned" news page will filter down to just the more important "stand-out" news items.)

November 2009

Barefoot and Lengthy Turnout discussed at the Global Dressage Forum

Amidst all the recent uproar over cruel and abusive dressage training practices, something positive just surfaced from the international dressage stage. The 2009 Global Dressage Forum was held in the Netherlands on October 26-27, 2009. One of the speakers, veterinary surgeon Dr. Rachel Murray, made a plea for regular and long turnout of dressage horses. Journalist Astrid Appels writes in her report, "Probably the most important statement made during Murray's session was the undeniable fact that regular and long turnout of horses in the field is protective against lameness. As the horse is able to move around much more it keeps itself flexible. Most dressage riders lock up their horse and only ride it or hand-walk it, but turnout improves the bone, tendon and muscle structure." Read the full article here.

A second highlight happened in the presentation given by Dutch team farrier Rob Renirie. Astrid quoted Rob as saying, ""We keep our horses as prisoners in a stable, which is not good for the blood supply," and she further writes, "The best way for a horse to go is barefoot! If your horses do not have problematic hooves or do not change surface too much, Renirie professes you should keep them barefoot. Rob, who said he became a farrier to solve a hoof problem with one of his own horses, admitted that he keeps his horses barefoot." Read the full article here.

October 2009

The Strasser Textbook (aka The Big Blue Book) can now be purchased using Paypal!

"The Hoofcare Specialist's Handbook: Hoof Orthopedics and Holistic Lameness Rehabilitation" by Hiltrud Strasser, DVM & Sabine Kells. This textbook, written for the Strasser Hoofcare Professional Certification Course, is an 800-page hardcover with color and b&w images, and is available for purchase from Sabine Kells, Inc. The textbook is currently priced at $825.00 CDN plus shipping, plus additional taxes for Canadian orders. For full purchasing instructions including a Paypal payment option, please download the order form, available in either word or pdf format: Textbook Order Word Doc or Textbook Order PDF

September 2009

Beautiful Natural Barefoot Hoof Medallion available from a friend & THH customer:

GoldHaven Studios is pleased to present the Natural Hoof Medallion. An original work, designed and created by Kathleen Dutson (copyright) and produced locally in our hometown of Oroville, CA. Most equine jewelry celebrates the horse with the horseshoe. We at Goldhaven Studios celebrate the horse with the bare hoof! Proudly made in the USA. Available in Sterling Silver on an 18" Sterling Silver chain. 24" chain coming soon. Kathleen is an artist and barefooter. She rescued an Appaloosa with wedge pads and heart bars destined for euthanasia and turned him into a galloping gravel cruncher! Visit us at .

(from Yvonne: I love this hoof design! Notice how extremely healthy the shape is: completely round, with wide heel buttresses, tapered bars, and the lovely rolled edge. Such an extremely healthy hoof is rare outside of horses well-trimmed by good natural hoofcare professionals - or on healthy wild horses. Or on our own horses' feet - they all look just like this! Bravo for such a fabulous design.)

August 2009

"That’s My Horse" - New DVD series from Pete Ramey
OTT Thoroughbred with distal descent of P3, chronic subsolar abscessing, exposed solar corium, severe wall flares, thin soles, lamellar wedge around the entire periphery of all 4 hooves and weak lateral cartilages. Watch us grow a better foot and give the horse a second chance. The DVD set can be purchased at:

August 2009

Ride For Tomorrow, New book from barefoot advocate Bruce Nock, PhD
In Ride for Tomorrow Bruce breaks down complex concepts about the bio-mechanics of riding into understandable terms. Then, goes on to explain why they are important and how to put them into practice to improve a horse physically. Ride for Tomorrow will be an invaluable source of information and inspiration for any one interest in improving the performance of their horse without jeopardizing soundness and long-term health. The book can be purchased at:

May 2009

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the Canadian Barefoot Horse Association.
Together the Maple Valley Club and Canadian Barefoot Horse Association Present A Once in a Lifetime Trail Ride and Symposium Fundraiser on July 18, 2009 in Lafontaine, Ontario, Canada.

Highlights include 2 trail rides both through local farms with breathtaking views of the Collingwood Mountains and exclusive access to Awenda Provincial Park. Silent Auction, Barbecue lunch, Overnight Camping & Campfire Jams as well as natural hoof and horse care symposium and 50/50 draw. Bring your horses or check with us to rent one for one or both of the rides! 50% discount on supporting member fee to all registrants on the day of the event.

All proceeds benefit the CBHA, Canadian Barefoot Horse Association - a nation-wide non-profit natural horse and hoof care Association with a full certification program in natural hoof care and lifestyle management of the horse. For more information and to register for the event, please visit the link provided. The CBHA website is currently under development. Please check back for updates. For info on registering either as a supporting member or a student in the certification program please email us either at Carolyn @ or ariddell @

May 2009

New Natural Hoof Care Articles from Liberated Horsemanship
The articles are free downloadable full color PDF books, available at:
Articles include: "Hoof Adaptation" written by Bruce Nock, Ph.D. (which is a must-read). Bruce is the founder of Liberated Horsemanship and a tenured neurobiologist at Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. "Form Follows Function" written by Ann Corso. Ann is a practicing natural horse care professional and field instructor based outside of Lexington, Kentucky. "My Conversion" written by John Graves. John is a practicing natural horse care professional and field instructor based in Pueblo, Colorado.

May 2009

Australian Wild Horse Researcher Brian Hampson will be Guest instructor at Liberated Horsemanship’s Gateway to Natural Hoof Care Clinics, October 2009, Warrenton, Missouri
Brian Hampson, post-graduate PhD scholar, lead field researcher, and co-founder of the Australian Brumby Research Unit, School of Veterinary Sciences, University of Queensland will give a four-hour presentation as part of the Gateway Clinics, which will take place on October 16 – 21, 2009 in Warrenton, Missouri. Read more about Brian and his presentation. More info about the Gateway Clinics at

May 2009

Seminar with Dr. Robert Bowker, August 21-23, 2009, South Carolina
Robert Bowker, DVM PhD, will come to Hopkins (next to Columbia), South Carolina in August 2009 to present his research and findings. Please join us for an exciting presentation of the latest research in hoof anatomy and function with implications for laminitis, founder and navicular syndrome. Click here for info.

April 2009

New Cavallo Sport Hoof Boot - Designer Hoof Boots!
The Cavallo SPORT Boot was styled in collaboration with Sylvana Rivadeneira, the head of the design team at John Fluevog Shoes (Madonna wears their shoes!). Features include built-in breakover, innovative heel (skid) brake, built-up inner rim, slightly narrower fit than the Cavallo SIMPLE Boot, reflective piping for night riding, quick and simple to put on and take off, and extremely chic and sleek at $129.95 per pair. Visit their website at

New from Cavallo: Download a FREE booklet, "The Bare Facts: A Little Book with a Lot of Information", chock-full of information in layman’s terms, directing the horseowner to the main issues of keeping horses barefoot. From feed advice to a synopsis on the causes and prevention of Laminitis, this booklet will provide advice, information, resources, and loads of lovely pictures too!

February 2009

AANHCP Postpones April 2009 Orientation Clinics

SANTA YNEZ -- 02/21/2009 -- In an effort to continue striving toward the highest standard of natural hoof care, Jaime Jackson informed the AANHCP Board of Directors last week that the orientation clinics scheduled for this April in Warrenton, Missouri should be postponed to allow time for critical changes in the NHCP education and training program. Jackson said he deliberated this decision for "quite some time" knowing that this abrupt change might cause temporary discomfort to a number of people within the organization. "It is imperative that we hold ourselves to the highest standard possible in our education and training programs" says Jackson. "After thinking long and hard about this foundational premise of our organization, after reviewing numerous training reports coming across my desk and talking with many of the clinicians and field instructors who provide our training, I am concerned that too many of our students are reaching the final stages of our program without a thorough understanding of what is, and what is not, within our power to remedy and heal as NHC Practitioners."

Jackson says he believes the solution lies in adding new content to the curriculum -- principally dealing with pathology -- and also in the way the information is taught. "I personally feel we can do better and must do better to serve the horse at the highest level by better preparing our students to discern the extreme cases that they are likely to encounter out in the field" says Jackson. "Therefore, I am in the process of restructuring the curriculum and training format in order to insure that all students passing through the AANHCP program will be fully competent and prepared for whatever horse or hoof they encounter."

Jackson added that the core principles to the wild horse trim and natural hoof care remain unchanged. And for any students who had already entered the program and are at the independent study level or beyond, they will have the option to complete the training program as it has existed for the past few years. The new curriculum will be released by the first of April 2009 along with revised dates for the new training program. Visit AANHCP (Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices)

January 2009

The AANHCP Goes to Italy!
May 2, 2009 Natural Hoof Care Day
A full day of presentations by international leaders in natural hoof care followed by a social gathering and book signing by Jaime Jackson, the pioneer and leading author of the modern natural hoof care movement.
May 3, 2009 Paddock Paradise with Jaime Jackson
A special half day Exposition devoted to the revolutionary boarding paradigm Paddock Paradise, led by Jaime Jackson.
May 4-9, 2009 SIX DAYS OF AANHCP ACCREDITED NATURAL HOOF CARE CLINICS - first time ever in Europe!
These Orientation Clinics are the first phase of training in the AANHCP “certified” Hoof Care Professional track. The entire AANHCP Hoof Care Training and Certification program can now be completed without traveling to the United States.
For details and registration information about these events in Italy:

January 2009

EasyCare Inc. Announces Winners of the 2008 $10,000 Hoof Boot Contest!
The 2008 EasyCare $10,000 Hoof Boot Contest has come to an end and we are pleased to announce this year's winners. These riders have done well in every distance of rides from single day 50's and 100's to multi-day rides of 250 miles or more! Further proof that it is possible to ride incredible distances with EasyCare hoof boots. EasyCare's Hoof Boot Contest continues to grow in popularity. This year we had 96 riders complete more than 16,725 miles using Easyboots over bare hooves. Top ten riders are being awarded a total of $10,000 in cash.

1. Terri Tinkham 1,925 miles $3000
2. Natalie Herman 1,440 miles $2000
3. Dublin "Tinker" Hart 925 miles $1000
4. Tracy Browne 815 miles $850
5. Laney Humphrey 800 miles $750
6. Laura Frerking 650 miles $650
7. Joyce Stoffey 480 miles $550
8. Cindy Bell 465 miles $400
9. Sue Benson 420 miles $400
10.Carol Layton 351 miles $400
10.Amy Bray 351 miles $400

January 2009

Saving New Zealand's Wild Horses!
"The Elemental Wild Horse Sanctuary: Last year Tam and Allan Ennor decided they were going to do something about the plight of the wild horse.  Early in 2008, the husband and wife team, made a life changing decision to begin their own campaign to help save the rare wild Northern Kaimanawa. First, miraculously, in the tiny country of New Zealand, Tam and her husband Allan found and took out a lease on an older farm with 134 acres and soon thought they had a sponsor to help them secure their dream.  Then, they began with eight, fence savvy but unhandled animals and by the virtue of their success with these animals, the DOC granted them the entire next muster of the Northern horses.  The herd now stands at 38." The global financial crisis caused their UK sponsor to back out, and they need help funding this huge project. Portrait photographs of the horses, and products including books, DVDs, and more can be purchased to help with funding, as well as donations. Website: Blog:

January 2009

Build-A-Mini Hoof Boot? Rumor has it that the Build-A-Bear Tennis Shoes available at are the perfect fit for miniature horses' hooves! The shoes are only $7.50 a pair, so they are worth a try for those seeking teeny size booties. And they come in several fashionable styles and colors!

December 2008

Coming Soon from The Horse’s Hoof... Barefoot Trimming Help for only $20 per month at!

We’ve been listening to you...many people are so frustrated with not having access to good barefoot trimming advice and assistance. Whether you are an owner trimming your own horses, or a professional trying to succeed in your own business, you need guidance and ongoing continuing education. Why should you have to struggle alone, or seek advice on the internet from people you don’t even know? And right now, many folks can’t afford to attend a weekend clinic, much less take a real course.
To the rescue! James & Yvonne Welz are working right now on a very special project: a barefoot trimming educational program, hoof care assistance, and a supportive community all in one! We will soon be launching a brand new website, Hoof Help Online, which will offer an extensive array of features for a monthly membership fee of $20 per month:
• Wide variety of all-new exclusive educational materials about the hoof, with detailed how-to-trim information, from beginner to advanced.
• Streaming video to provide an extensive overview of the trimming of a wide variety of horses, donkeys, mules, foals, laminitis, navicular, etc.
• Get your questions answered in a Q&A section.
• Photo analysis, showing every possible trimming scenario on a wide variety of breeds and hoof conditions, both healthy and pathological.
• Opportunity to send in your own photos for a chance to be featured in photo trimming critiques.
• Members-only Forum where you can share information and support one another in a safe and friendly environment.
• Free member DVDs with how-to videos.
• Free member publications.
• New material added every month!

We plan to launch in early 2009, so stay tuned to The Horse's Hoof for all the details!

December 2008

The Australian Brumby Research Unit
Professor Chris Pollitt and his PhD student Brian Hampson are currently conducting intensive research on Brumbies. They are studying 50 feral horses in 5 locations in Australia and New Zealand. Their study includes GPS tracking of movement, photo and x-ray hoof analysis, measurement of hoof capsule growth, diet analysis, and much more! Visit their website at:

December 2008

Barefoot for Navicular in Equus Magazine!
Equus Magazine, December 2008, Issue 375, pages 26-33, “A ‘Natural’ Approach to Navicular Syndrome” by Susan Kauffmann. This ground-breaking article highlights the recent success of barefoot in the treatment of navicular. Of course, the article is filled with our friends: evidence provided by Dr. Robert Bowker’s studies and comments, and examples provided by Officer Greg Sokoloski of the Houston Mounted Police. Includes a nice outline of the Physiological trim, with the importance of frog contact, toes shortened from the front, and even distribution of weight.

December 2008

Tools of the Trade - New DVD from Pete Ramey
A 3-hour tool, epoxy, boot, pad and hoof casting clinic! This is not a trimming video, it is a detailed look at the tools of the trade. You can order this 2-disc DVD set for $45 plus shipping at Pete’s website:

November 2008

The Barefoot Trim Explored in The American Quarter Horse Journal!
The American Quarter Horse Journal, November 2008, pages 260-263, “Barefoot Trim: What exactly is a barefoot trim?” by Tom Moates. This interesting article provides a look at barefoot for beginners—defining the difference between a traditional trim and a barefoot trim, and trying to sort out the confusion about the wide variety of barefoot trims available.

November 2008

The PEGASUS RISING Project: Rare Horse Herd Rescued From Noble Birth to Neglect. What Now? Click here to read all about it! Cynthia Royal, Co-Founder, Equine Behaviorist, The PEGASUS RISING Project - scroll down to read more.

Cynthia Royal and Tony Royal in The Horse's Hoof Magazine:
PDF Article from issue 31, an introduction
PDF Article from issue 32, their organic horse care philosophy

November 2008

April 17-21, 2009
AANHCP Official Orientation Clinics
in Warrenton, Missouri
Open to Anyone Interested in Natural Hoof Care
These orientation clinics are accredited by the AANHCP and are the first phase of training in the “certified” Hoof Care Professional and Booting Specialist tracks. In addition to detailed practical instruction and supervised trimming experience, participants are given a well rounded background in the theory of the natural trim and factors that can affect its outcome.

October 2008

New DVD: The Path of the Horse
A horse trainer gives up her career to travel the world, searching for people who might unlock the secret of how to move to the next level of understanding with horses. What she finds is simple but is she willing to pay the price to take the path less traveled? Includes Mark Rashid, Alexander Nevzorov, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, Linda Kohanov, Carolyn Resnick and Kim McElroy. Click here for more info:
To order in Australia: or email: happydayz @

September 2008

The September 2008 issue of Equus Magazine included the article, “Strategy for Stronger Hooves,” with information from Dr. Robert Bowker, and the advice to turn a young horse out and keep him barefoot!

September 2008

The Sept/Oct 2008 issue of Equine Wellness Magazine featured several barefoot articles, including “DO IT NATURALLY! Trimming for barefoot performance horses with Jaime Jackson,” a fantastic article featuring some very detailed information from Jaime.

August 2008

Classical Training DVD from barefoot advocate Manolo Mendez
"Riding in Lightness, Classically Based Training for the Young Horse," part 1
This beautiful and inspiring DVD from a master of classical dressage. What makes it even more wonderful is knowing that his young horse Dario Fo, a Warmblood grandson of Donnerhall, is barefoot, and that Manolo embraces the barefoot movement. Manola's background is the Royal School of Equestrian Art in Jerez, Spain. He now resides in Australia and gives clinics around the world. A must-see DVD for training enthusiasts.
Now available from Australian Equine Arts

August 2008

Slow Down Hay Feeder/Soaker
What an interesting product! It looks like it is basically a large bucket with a special feeding plate on top to slow down hay/feed consumption. As the horse consumes the hay, the feeding plate slowly lowers in the bucket. It looks very simple and easy to use, and could easily be added to any horse’s living area. The bucket doubles as a convenient way to soak hay, as well as being very portable. With the high cost of hay these days, the promise of less wastage is a big plus!  For the natural owner, it might actually pay off to buy several of these and install all around a paddock paradise. The price for one complete kit is $395.00.

August 2008

The August 2008 issue of Horse & Rider Magazine has a couple of barefoot items: First, an article "New Stretegies for Going Bare" by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer. With input from Pete Ramey and Garrett Ford of EasyCare, this article covers new boot options, hoof casting, farrier training, and helpful tips for transitioning to barefoot. Next, Joe Camp shares in his article, "Horse Sense for the Soul" that an issue of Horse & Rider served as his starting point into the barefoot world, ultimately leading to the publication of his bestseller book, The Soul of a Horse. Read more barefoot items this month at

July 2008

Just released! The Horse’s Hoof Trimcast - FREE DOWNLOAD from Apple iTunes or click here to watch online! A 1/2 hour long step-by-step barefoot trimming video by James Welz. The Horse’s Hoof Trimcast is an informational series intended to assist those already trimming their own horse’s hooves. The first episode is a general introduction to how James trims. For more information on the tools he is using in this video, here's a reprint of our article from THH issue 21: "An Introduction to Power Tool Trimming"

July 2008

Rule change to allow Barefoot Racing under consideration in California!

From an article on Fran Jurga's "HoofBlog" on July 20, 2008:

"Dr. [Diane] Isbell continued, 'A number of trainers in Northern California are starting to train their horses barefoot. There are an increasing number of trainers doing that (and those horses are) working as well or better as they did when they had shoes on. We do know from research work that the bare foot is better able to utilize the internal shock absorption system of the horse, which does help to take some of the stress off the legs.'"

Read the entire article here: Barefoot Racing in California?

July 2008

The AANHCP Comes To Europe!
The skilled practitioners of the Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices (AANHCP) are proud to introduce the science, principles and methodology of Natural Hoof Care based on the Wild Horse of U.S. Great Basin.
The Symposium takes place on Saturday, November 1st 2008, from 9am until 5pm in the large event room of the facilities of the Pferdesportverband Rheinland e.V. (PSVR), Weissenstein 52, 40764 Langenfeld in Germany. Tickets: 20 Euro
For further information check or e-mail: Gudrun Buchhofer (German speaking) at or Nick Hill at

June 2008

New program schedule for Strasser World Conference:

September 25, 26, & 27, 2008:
World Conference 2008 for Natural Hoofcare and Holistic Horse Care
Dr. Hiltrud Strasser, Tuebingen, Germany

Conference speakers include Dr. Robert Bowker - see NEW program below for complete listing!

Click here for Strasser World Conference Program PDF - Click here for Strasser World Conference Program .doc file - Click here for Registration Form 2008 PDF

May 2008

In honor of National Pet Week happening May 4-10 and the release on April 29th of The Soul Of A Horse by Joe Camp, Sage By Nature is having a poetry contest for horse and animal loving teenagers to help promote natural horse and pet care. Deadline is May 31st. Click here for details.

April 2008

The March/April 2008 of HQ, South Africa’s Premier Equestrian Magazine, features “Putting your best foot forward,” a 3 page article about Paula Lasersohn, winner of SA’s top show hunter and derby championships, who is also a huge advocate of Dr. Strasser’s method of barefoot hoofcare.

April 2008

Available everywhere April 29, 2008: Joe Camp's book, The Soul of a Horse, Life Lessons from the Herd

Dr. Robert Miller, a Western Hall of Fame vet said: "I read The Soul of a Horse and I see the soul of a man. I am absolutely captivated."

“Lately I have read a number of books that seek to explain and satisfy the human yen to connect physically, emotionally and even spiritually with the horse. And yet The Soul of a Horse is the only one I’ve come across that speaks with a totally resounding note of truth. Coincidentally (or not?) it’s also the only one I’ve read that is written with the unflinching insight that a deep and satisfying connection with another individual – human or otherwise – requires us to set aside our own aspirations, expectations and needs in order to clearly understand those of the other. A delightful blend of autobiography, critical analysis and storytelling, this book engages the reader intellectually and emotionally from start to finish.”
Ysabelle Dean, Vice President - Australian Equine Barefoot Movement (AEBM) Inc, Instructor, Associate Clinician, Australian Equine Arts

April 2008

Houston Chronicle article on the (barefoot) Houston Mounted Patrol and their horses:

April 25, 2008: "This month, the last of the horses will have their metal shoes taken off and their hooves trimmed as part of the Barefoot Program, which makes the animals happier and healthier, plus it saves the department money in farrier bills. The success of HPD's Barefoot Program of hoof care has become a model for departments across the country."

April 2008

September 25, 26, & 27, 2008:
World Conference 2008 for Natural Hoofcare and Holistic Horse Care
Dr. Hiltrud Strasser, Tuebingen, Germany

Conference speakers include Dr. Robert Bowker - see program for complete listing!

Click here for Strasser World Conference Program PDF - Click here for Strasser World Conference Program .doc file - Click here for Registration Form 2008 PDF

February 2008

For German-speaking readers:
In Kürze erhältlich für die Öffentlichkeit!
Deutsche Übersetzung der Offizielle Trimmregeln der AANHCP (Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices)
Hier ist das neue, umfassende offizielle Trainingshandbuch, das von Studenten der AANHCP in den Natural Trim Workshops benutzt wird. Es enthält die gegenwärtig gültige Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung für den original Wildpferdetrimm gemäß seinem Urheber, Jaime Jackson. Aus dem Inhalt: eine neue Methode, um Sohlenstärke zu prüfen, das Trimmen von Esel- und Mulihufen, das Trimmen von Hufen mit extremer Kapselverformung (durch chronische Rehe, P3-Rotation, Pantoffelhuf), Trimmbeschränkungen, Datenmeßformular, und vieles mehr. Diese Anleitung wird empfohlen für diejenigen, die bereits Jaime Jacksons Buch, The Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care, gelesen haben. Ein MUSS für jeden ernsthaften Trimmer. Diese benutzerfreundliche Anleitung hat eine Spiralbindung für den praktischen Gebrauch im Feld oder in Workshops und viele klare Fotos.
Anfragen für die deutsche Ausgabe bitte an: Gudrun Buchhofer, email: gudrun @

January 2008

Don't miss the Reno Symposium for the Humane and Natural Care of Horses!
February 24th-26th, 2008 in Reno, Nevada
An extraordinary three day forum featuring a stellar line-up of the world’s foremost experts in their fields, sharing new, unpublished, cutting-edge information of vital importance to your horse’s well-being and performance.
For more info or to sign up, visit
Download a PDF flyer here:
Link to Symposium schedule of events (PDF):

December 2007

December 2007 Horse & Rider Magazine: 7 page Barefoot Article featured!
Horse & Rider features a 7 page interview with Pete Ramey on the Benefits of Barefoot. This Q & A style article covers just about all the basics of going barefoot, including answers to the most common and important questions. Click here for Horse & Rider website, or pick up a copy at your newsstand today.

October 2007

"The Soul of a Horse, Life Lessons from the Herd" by Joe Camp - Read about Joe’s new book coming April 29, 2008 from Random House’s Crown/Harmony at

Empty stalls and naked feet…that’s the heart of the message that Joe Camp is trying to spread to all the horse lovers of the world.
And even if Joe’s name didn’t ring a bell, you probably know who he is: remember Benji, that canine superstar who pulled on our heartstrings? Is it any wonder that the man who created the Benji movies would find that special connection to horses that draws one towards natural horse care?

A lifelong animal lover, Joe entered the horse world quite recently. His fresh eyes soon scrutinized traditional horse care practices. His compelling story is best told in his own words, available soon in his upcoming new book.—Yvonne Welz

You can pre-order the book from your favorite bookseller at

The Soul of a Horse is beautiful. As I read it, I kept needing to go outside to pet Smokey; not for his sake, but for mine (actually the best place to read it would be sitting in the middle of a pasture full of horses). Everyone who reads this book will laugh a little, cry a little, and think a lot; about the horse, about mankind, and about themselves. Some will be angry, some will be sad. Others will jump for joy that this story was told. But this is the case with any Truth. In the end The Soul of a Horse will pave the road to a better world for our beloved horses. At the same time I do believe this “hard look in the mirror” will make the world a little better for people, too.”
Pete Ramey
Author, Clinician, Hoof Rehabilitation Specialist

September 2007

Pete Ramey's clinic now available on DVD! Click here to watch a free preview. Click here to order direct from Pete.
"Under the Horse" 16 Hour Hoof Rehabilitation Series, 10 disc set for $250, released on Sept 21, 2007.
Message from Pete:

Hey Gang,
As we’ve traveled around teaching clinics, the #1 requests we’ve gotten on our comment sheets have been ‘information overload’ and ‘please record this clinic so we can watch over and over and/or a little bit at the time’. So here you go; we have a huge new 10 disc DVD series ready for you. We went into the studio and filmed a condensed version of the lecture portion of the clinic. The pictures, lessons and raw information are there, without all the jokes and discussions. We added close-ups of cadaver hooves and wild horse footage to make things more clear.

Then we go out in the real world and trim 12 live horses. The really unique thing about this DVD series is that we only show a couple maintenance trims. The rest all have serious problems, so you can see what I would do in different situations. Watch me deal with thrush, founder, acute laminitis, thin soles, wall flare, a severely overgrown foundered mule, a draft horse with hip problems, subsolar abscessing, pulling shoes, under run heels, booting problems, foals…. See before and after shots showing progress over time, and the work that is being done to get them there. And finally the last disc shows the setup trim and each consecutive follow-up trim on a horse with a 20 degree “rotation”.

We’ve put our heart and soul into this thing, and hope it helps your horses! -- Pete Ramey

September 2007
An Online Community in Support of the Barefoot Horse. Hoof rehab success stories, barefoot trimmers directory, barefoot horse resources, registered users can post their own case studies. Open to all methods.

September 2007

Equi-Spirit™ Toys and Tools
Let Your Horse Play---The Natural Way
Hours of Fun with Extremely Durable, Safe, and Affordable Toys and Horse Training Balls for Equines of all Sizes

August 2007

Boot Resource for Europe: Hufshop is Now EasyCare's Exclusive Distributor in Germany
August 23, 2007: EasyCare, Inc. has selected Hufshop as the new German distributor for all EasyCare hoof boot items. The Hufshop will carry the full line of hoof boots manufactured by EasyCare and will include Easyboot, Easyboot Epics, Easyboot Bares, Easyboot Grips, Old Mac's, Boa Horse Boots, EasySoakers, Comfort Pads and the majority of each hoof boots' accessories. The Hufshop was established in 1999 by Claudia Baldauf-Jung and Bernd Jung. Both have been using hoof boots since 1994. They are committed to helping customers find the best hoof boot for their horse.
The Hufshop already has both dealer and consumer websites in place. Please visit the Hufshop website at or for more details.

July 2007

Barefoot Article in Western Horseman Magazine!

It was quite a surprise to see a natural hoof care article featured on the cover of the July 2007 Western Horseman Magazine. The article by Heidi Nyland, “Barefoot Every Day: Is It Right for Your Horse?” features master farrier Gene Ovnicek describing the benefits of barefoot. Accompanying photos clearly demonstrate that desired heel-first landing. Gene suggests that even shod horses should spend part of the year barefoot (and he does utilize his own specialty shoes). Environment and daily care are emphasized as crucial components of barefoot success, and Gene finishes with this recommendation, “It’s not just about taking off your horse’s shoes. Ride your horse as much as you can. That’s the best maintenance.”

July 2007

Dr. Robert M. Bowker Joins Pete Ramey Clinic in Valley Center, California, in November, 2007 -- To Be Ramey's Last Clinic Anywhere for at Least Two Years
Robert M. Bowker VMD, PhD, Professor of Anatomy, Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine to host Two-Day Hoof Care Clinic after Ramey. Ramey, World Renowned Hoof Care Specialist will be taking two years off for research and writing after this clinic. Scheduled dates are November 10 - 13th. Clinic hosted by Joe Camp, creator of Benji, the canine superstar. Click here for more details.

June 2007


When: September 21 – 26, 2007
Where: Warrenton, Missouri (about 45 minutes west of St. Louis)
Considering a career in hoof care or just want to know more about the natural hoof care movement? This is a great opportunity to jump start your education.
September 21: Jaime Jackson, Introduction to Natural Trimming and the Wild Horse Model Clinic.
September 22: Richard Drewry, Horse Boot Clinic.
September 22, PM: Neal Valk, DVM, Veterinary Affairs Orientation Clinic.
September 23: Neal Valk, DVM, Introduction To Natural Hoof Care Clinic. (This clinic is specifically
designed for veterinarians.)

September 23 & 24 AM: Bruce Nock, Ph.D., Lifeway and the Natural Hoof Clinic.
September 24 PM, 25 & 26: Ann Corso, Natural Trim Workshop.
Clinic Attendance Is Limited To Registered Participants
Click here for PDF flyer with registration instructions.

June 2007

September 7 - 9, 2007
An on-line three day event, attend from the comfort of your own home!
Natural Animal World Convention (NAWC)
Inspiring Minds. Empowering Choices. Integrating Ideas.

Features over 22 holistic animal experts including veterinarians, animal health care providers, published authors and media personalities.
Includes workshops on natural horse care and natural hoof care. There is so much valuable information, Continuing Education Credits offered from the American Veterinary Naturopathic Association. Registration materials, speakers, classes, sponsorship and vendor opportunities are readily available at the website.

May 2007

Bowker Clinic Dates
Don’t miss your chance to see Robert M. Bowker, VMD, PhD, of Michigan State University Equine Foot Laboratory presenting his 2-day clinic: “The Equine Foot for the 21st Century.” Once again, he’s teaming up with Pete Ramey’s clinics, and they will be presenting on the following dates:
Hamburg, Pennsylvania
Pete Ramey: June 9 & 10, 2007
Dr. Robert Bowker: June 11 & 12
Hampshire, Illinois
Pete Ramey: July 7 & 8, 2007
Dr. Robert Bowker: July 9 & 10
Ft. Collins, Colorado (Colorado State Univ.)
Pete Ramey: August 4 & 5, 2007
Dr. Robert Bowker: August 6 & 7
Check out Pete Ramey’s complete clinic listing at and notice that he’s also got several clinics scheduled with Kathryn Watts of

March 2007

EasyCare Announces New Build Your Own Custom Hoofboot System

Tucson, Arizona March 29, 2007: EasyCare has developed an exciting new hoof boot system that allows anyone to custom design a horse boot. Users will be able to choose the fastening system, pick the tread pattern, back strap system, and designate the size to create a boot that’s right for their horse. Each boot will come with the Easyboot Gaiter attached.

The Easyboot Custom can be built and ordered using the EasyCare interactive boot builder module on the EasyCare website at this link. The “Build Your Own Boot System” is currently only available to customers in the United States. EasyCare is planning to expand the program to include international customers.

Each Easyboot Custom will cost $75.00 regardless of size or custom selections. A $10.00 shipping fee will be added to the cost of each boot. The shipping fee will cover FedEx shipping fees from EasyCare’s manufacturing facility in Asia. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery.

March 2007

Natural hoof care featured on TV - premiered Tuesday March 6th.
RFD TV, Channel 9409 on Dish Network, Channel 379 on Direct TV
March 6th, 2007 - Show 127 - “Natural Hoof Care with Pete Ramey” - Clinton gets a visit with Pete Ramey, World Renown Natural Hoof Care Specialist. Brand new episode!
Don't worry if you missed it - you can also buy the DVDs (part 1 and part 2) on Clinton Anderson's website, click here for link.
Natural Hoof Care with Pete Ramey 2 - Show 127 $19.99
"The first Pete Ramey episode is one of our best sellers - this episode is sure to surpass it in popularity! Once again, Pete explains how the practice of Natural Hoof Care has taught horseowners and farriers alike. With more technical information, including corrective trimming, this is the natural hoof care DVD you won't want to be without! 1 hr DVD."

February 2007

NEW "Online Hoofcare 100" - 7 month self study course
New cutting edge Online Hoofcare Program. Self study with 7 Modules of Equine Hoofcare learning. 9 months of online access
A first in online Hoofcare training. Online and at your fingertips without leaving home. Sign up is available immediately starting each month.
A great program for veterinarians and horse owners who are interested in the best of Equine Hoofcare theory but not interested in the trade of trimming. Also available, Equine Hoofcare Professional (EHP) 9 month certificate program. Registered school. Details at

February 2007

February 2007
Newsflash! Two Barefoot Dressage horses score 70's at Arizona Dressage Association February Fling Show! Click here for photos...

February 2007

PRESS RELEASE Lantry, SD...February 6th 2007
ISPMB (International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros) adopted 11 stallions from the West Douglas Creek Herd Area in Colorado. Eight of whom are over the age of 20. ISPMB's president, Karen Sussman said, "The Herd will be zeroed out by 2008 and these horses will no longer run free in Colorado where they have roamed for over two centuries." Although SD is facing one of the worst droughts in its history, ISPMB made the decision to take the stallions before they were scheduled to be castrated on January 11th. Sussman said it would have been a loss of a critical gene pool with these aged stallions who had been free the majority of their lives and retain tremendous herd wisdom. Another 18 mares and 6 foals will eventually be adopted and placed with the stallions from whom they were separated after the capture. It is the organizations plan to
remove 20 West Douglas horses from holding pastures in the Midwest and renuite these horses with the herd.

The horses were scheduled to roam free on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation but plans changed quickly in early November with a sudden change of Tribal leadership. ISPMB's conservation program, managing threatened and endangered wild horse herds began in 1999 and the organization manages three herds and a fouth herd is under the management of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.
For more information on how you can help please check our web site
Attached is the article in the Star Tribune, Minneapolis Please check the photo and video gallery.

January 2007

AANHCP Press Release

The AANHCP leadership wishes to announce a special event that will take place April 20th - April 25th in Warrenton, MO (near St. Louis). All of our association Orientation Clinicians will converge to hold a "Group Clinic
Series" at the same time and location.

This event is already shaping up to be a "mini Conference" and Outreach Clinic rolled into one. You will be able to meet the AANHCP leadership, members of OCC, many of our regional Field Instructors, students, and regional horse owners.

Additional details are on the website (new website address)

January 2007

Highlights from the Tucson Clinics
EasyCare Inc. sponsored this unforgettable Tucson clinic series. Jan. 20 & 21 was Pete Ramey’s clinic; On Jan. 22, EasyCare provided a Hoof Boot Fitting Clinic; Jan. 23 & 24 featured Robert M. Bowker, VMD, PhD, of the Michigan State Univ. Equine Foot Laboratory, presenting his 2 day clinic for the very first time. Click here to read all about it!

January 2007

The Perfect Hoof Club launched by KC & Robyn La Pierre
The Perfect Hoof Club is a monthly FREE membership subscription designed to enhance any hoof care regime. Whether you are a seasoned farrier, or a first time horse owner, the PHC offers fresh and innovative ways that will enhance any program you are practicing. Each month, subscribers can choose to receive a DVD chock full of information, as well download an informative newsletter. This newsletter will include articles from Dr. KC La Pierre, top trainers, nutritionists, veterinarians, celebrity women in the industry, and Equine Podiatrists practicing in the field today. Members will also have access to an exclusive message board.
For more information on joining the Perfect Hoof Club, visit:

December 21, 2006

EasyCare, Inc. Announces Winners in the 2006 $10,000 Hoof Boot Contest!

Tucson, AZ – December 21, 2006. We are pleased to announce the list of winners in the 2006 EasyCare $10,000.00 Hoof Boot Contest, which ended on November 30, 2006. These riders did a great job and worked really hard to achieve their successes and we’re really proud of them. They completed rides ranging from the Tevis Cup, the NSW State Championship 100, and 5 day 250 mile multiday rides like Bryce, Grand Canyon and Shahzada.

# Name Mileage Amount Won
1 Dave Rabe 1,715 $4,000.00
2 Becky Hackworth 875 $2,000.00
3 Sue Benson 575 $1,000.00
4 Carol Layton 500 $750.00
5 Joyce Stoffey 375 $650.00
6 Terry Banister 365 $550.00
7 Duncan McLaughlin 350 $450.00
8 Kerry Greear 310 $350.00
9 Corry Clinton 275 $150.00
10 Marilyn Weise 220 $100.00

Dave Rabe finished first in the contest two years in a row and has this to say about using boots on his now barefoot horses: “The Easyboot Epics and Bares that I used this year worked better than I ever imagined possible. They were excellent and worked really well for my horses. I had my shoer trim my horses every few weeks. This was way better for my horses; their hoof walls are stronger. The boots were a lot easier to use than I thought they would be, and they held up extremely well. I never had any problem with the gaiters all year.

“I thought the Bares were awesome, no worry about buckles. My horses travel just as well in the boots as they do with shoes on, and they are much better off being barefoot. My horses are kept in a 10 acre pasture with some rocks, and they do just as well barefoot as they did with shoes on. Thanks EasyCare for having the hoof boot contest! I think your boots are the best thing on the market by far and haven’t seen anything even close."

Information on the 2007 Contest: EasyCare will award a total of $10,000 to the riders who complete the most American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) or Australian Endurance Rider Association (AERA) miles during the 2007 AERC ride season (Dec. 1-Nov. 30) using two or four EasyCare hoof boots. Throughout the year, special promotions and discounts will be made available to those participating in the EasyCare Hoof Boot Contest. Entry forms and more information can be obtained at:

EasyCare, Inc. has been a leader in the hoof boot industry for years, beginning with the invention of the Easyboot back in the early 70’s. Since then, the need for boots has grown tremendously, as more and more horse owners see the healthy advantages of pulling shoes and switching to natural hoof care. EasyCare is excited about being part of this growing trend. For more information about hoof boots or natural hoof care, please call EasyCare, Inc. at 1-800-447-8836, e-mail: or visit our website at

December 2006

Press Release - Breaking Traditions - to Affect a Paradigm Shift in Horse Care
As of December 9, 2006, the Strasser Hoofcare Professionals of North America are proud to announce the formation of a new association: Equine Soundness Association!

The Equine Soundness Association (ESA) has been formed with every SHP in mind, former and present, as we are all connected by our desire to touch as many horses’ lives as possible. This is the beginning of a new era for Strasser Hoofcare Practitioners in North America, a new way of operating with a spirit of inclusiveness and cooperation.

The Equine Soundness Association (ESA) has formed four program committees and an executive board. Each committee is designed to provide input and directions for our North American SHP’s and to extend our outreach towards the education of horse owners through additional programs.

Proposed as part of ESA’s new strategic Commitment to Excellence plan, the program committees will be composed of - Education, Public Relations, Human Resources, and Secretarial committee chairs.

The Board of Directors meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of every month after 7:30 pm Pacific time, via. conference call. Their first meeting will be held in January 2007. As part of their work, the committees will review methods of allowing varied educational opportunities. They will overview the activities and job descriptions of all newly formed committees, suggest committee formation in new or unaddressed program areas, as well as begin program priorities for soliciting annual research, group insurance, conference participation, and new web-site programming.

Our members believe that the work and guidance of the new committees will result in the smoothed operations of our country management, allow the highest professional value by contributing and assisting in the knowledge of the horse by the transformation of equine husbandry into a more conscious, healthy, compassionate state of being.

For more information please call: Dr Steve Skinner, DVM, SHP at 503-625-7829

December 2006

Latest barefoot in the equestrian media: Horse & Rider Magazine, December 2006: Page 76, "New Ways to Beat Laminitis" features alternative methods of treatment, including natural hoof trimming, booting with pads, movement instead of stall-rest, dietary sugar reduction, supplements, acupuncture & homeopathy. Wow! What a refreshing article! Features fantastic advice from Pete Ramey and veterinarian Dr. Joyce Harman. Pete Ramey provided before & after photos and x-rays of some founder cases. This article exposes the general public to the simple, sensible strategies that can ultimately save many horses.

November 2006

Get a Grip! A new boot from Easycare. EasyCare recently held a contest to come up with a name for their new hoof boot design. More than 900 name suggestions were submitted. The winner of the Name the Boot Contest is Helen Elsner who will receive a $100 gift certificate from EasyCare and a set of four Easyboot Grip boots.

The new Easyboot Grip hoof boot will have a more aggressive tread and is suited for use in wet conditions where a more aggressive tread pattern may be warranted including rain, mud, snow and wet grass. The new boot is expected to be available at the beginning of 2007. More info:

September 2006

Barefoot Eventing: Tyler DeRoo and his barefoot horse Royal Code completed the Kentucky Classic CIC** Horse Trials, finishing 19th, with a clean cross-country round.

September 2006

Barefoot in the equestrian media: Suddenly we are the hot new topic in all the major equine publications! An overnight sensation - that has been a decade in the making?

USDF Connection, (the membership publication of the United States Dressage Federation), September 2006, Page 42, "Best Foot Forward" by Dr. Hilary Clayton. Fantastic article in a mainstream horse publication! Talking directly to the very conservative and traditional crowd of dressage riders, Dr. Clayton asks, do horses need shoes? She very tactfully, but in a straight-forward way, explains the problems with shoes, including hoof contraction, increased concussion and reduced blood flow. She presents the science (from Dr. Robert Bowker) behind their advice to gradually lower horses' heels to allow the frog and rear of the hoof full contact with the ground.

Horse & Rider Magazine, February 2006: Page 50, "Is Barefoot Better? A growing contingent of hoof-care experts says yes. Here's what the natural-foot movement could mean for your horse."

Clinton Anderson's RFD-TV "Downunder Horsemanship" television show. He's always been one of our favorite natural horse trainers, and now he has personally endorsed barefoot horse care! Barefoot clinician Pete Ramey was featured on Clinton Anderson's RFD-TV "Downunder Horsemanship" television show, initially airing on December 20, 2005. On this show, Clinton revealed how he has now taken all 50 of his horses barefoot. Last year he flew Pete Ramey to his ranch to instruct him and his assistants on proper barefoot trimming techniques. Clinton was initially skeptical about the possibility of keeping performance horses barefoot, but after reading Pete's book and then receiving personal training from Pete, he became convinced that natural barefoot hoof care was the way to go! It has been a huge success and now he is sharing this with the world. Visit Clinton's website: or Pete's website at:

Practical Horseman Magazine, December 2005 "Can Your Horse Go Barefoot? Here's why, and how, he may be happier without shoes."

August 2006

The International Institute of Equine Podiatry, and KC La Pierre, RJF, MEP, PhD, are proud to announce that Post University of Waterbury, Connecticut, has accepted their new science of Applied Equine Podiatry into their Four Year Equine Management Degree Program. For more information about the degree program, log on to: For more information about KC or IIEP, Inc., log on to:

August 2006

“Dang good trimmer registry” initiated by Pete Ramey
Imagine this: a registry of competent hoof care professionals succeeding in the field, from all over the world (including folks from all different backgrounds and training, inside or outside the AANHCP), who are willing to be teachers, and do mini-mentorships and hands-on clinics with horseowners. Pete envisions that this may grow into a membership organization similar to the AFA. To get this started, he's asking willing professionals to send in case studies and videos of their work.
All the details are here:
Or go to and click on "Find Experienced Help in Your Area"
Email: americanhoofassociation @
Quote from Pete's site:

"Anyone from inside or outside the AANHCP is welcome to apply. The "school of hard knocks" will be most respected, here. We’re definitely not looking for “Pete clones” (in fact Pete hopes and expects to learn from the videos and pictures), but we do want to ensure this list includes only the most competent, experienced hoofcare professionals who are succeeding in the field, can communicate and are willing/able to teach competent hoof trimming at home (within their clientele) and/or travel to the horse owners in need of intense "hands-on" clinics."

July 2006

The Perfect Hoof Club launched by KC & Robyn La Pierre
The Perfect Hoof Club is a monthly membership subscription designed to enhance any hoof care regime. Whether you are a seasoned farrier, or a first time horse owner, the PHC offers fresh and innovative ways that will enhance any program you are practicing. Each month, subscribers will receive a DVD chock full of information, as well as an informative newsletter. This newsletter will include articles from Dr. KC La Pierre, top trainers, nutritionists, veterinarians, celebrity women in the industry, and Equine Podiatrists practicing in the field today. Members will also have access to an exclusive message board.
For more information on joining the Perfect Hoof Club, visit:

July 2006

Blogs from EasyCare:

From the Horse's Mouth
authored by EasyCare, Inc. President Garrett Ford. This is about the behind the scene development of hoof boots, stories of his personal horses and the latest EasyCare happenings.

EasyCare Help Desk
authored by Customer Service Representative Donna Derby. This blog covers customers‚ most frequently asked questions.

Karen's EasyCare & Endurance Musings
authored by Director of Marketing Karen Chaton. This is about Karen's horses, endurance riding and EasyCare.

Q&A with The Vet
authored by Tomas Teskey, DVM. This blog is a resource for horse owners, allowing them to ask an expert questions about natural hoofcare.

July 2006

"Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care," New School of Natural Trimming in Jacksonville, Oregon
A school that is all-inclusive: Information on trimming methods, wound care, equine sports medicine, diet, laminitis, founder, and all types of hooves, lodging, food, tools and skill building. The school is not associated with a particular clinician name, but will teach some of the methods that the current leaders in the care of hooves teach. Daily hands-on learning school with a skilled staff of instructors. Week-long classes limited to 15 students. School is held in a resort-like environment with campfires, waterfalls and mountain pleasure. Family members, horses and pets are welcome. Cost is all inclusive: $1,000. provides onsite lodging, food, all tools to get started in hoof care: 2 knives, rasp, sharpener, angle grinder, arm guards, gloves, safety glasses, rubber bucket for tools, school materials.
More Info at:

May 2006

EPA(UK) Launched
In response to a growing interest in keeping horses barefoot, the Equine Podiatry Association (UK) was launched at the beginning of May, 2006, as an independent, self-regulating professional body promoting shoeless hoofcare techniques. The Association aims to regulate and support Equine Podiatrists (EPs) and their clients, promoting responsible shoeless hoofcare and providing information to anybody wishing to find out more about Applied Equine Podiatry.

EPs are highly trained specialists in shoeless hoofcare who work closely with owners to achieve the healthiest hooves possible for their horses. Their work is based on a detailed scientific model of how the hoof functions. The service provided by EPs includes a specialist trim which is non-invasive and places the comfort of the horse as the first priority. EPs also aim to educate owners so that they can understand the different factors that influence the health of the hoof and provide close support and guidance as the horse's hooves change.

The EPA(UK) will ensure that all registered EPs continue to develop their knowledge, promoting good practice, maintaining high standards of professional competence and providing a means of redress to any client who feels that he or she has a grievance with a member of the Association. It will also encourage further evidence-based research on the equine hoof, dissemination of the results of that research and act as a consultative body in the science of Equine Podiatry.

You can log onto the website for more information or to find a registered Equine Podiatrist in your area.

May 2006

Pete Ramey's Two Day Hoof Clinics approved for vet continuing education!

Course meets the requirements for 20.00 hours of continuing education credit for veterinarians and 20.00 hours of continuing education credit for veterinary technicians in jurisdictions which recognize AAVSB's RACE approval program, including California. Veterinarians please pre-register by email at hoofrehab @ to receive CE credit and the CE Study Guide.

May 2006

Australian Equine Barefoot Movement Inc (AEBM) releases DVD "Barefoot - That's Me!"

Made with the aim to inspire and encourage barefoot (and would-be barefoot) horse owners around the world, “Barefoot – That’s me!” traces the journey of the Australian Equine Barefoot Movement Inc from its beginnings in 2002, culminating in the triumph of taking part barefoot and bitless in a local event known as the Riding of the Bounds, at which the AEBM won praise from other riders and won a trophy for Best Presented Group.

The story tells how a bunch of like-minded people got together to seek expert help from overseas to rehabilitate their horses from the damage caused by horseshoes, and went on to form what is still the only non-denominational non-profit barefoot association in Australia, an organization with a mission statement to promote and provide quality information to horse owners about the health and welfare advantages of a natural “iron free” lifestyle for horses. The DVD includes an interview with Julie Leitl, qualified hoofcare specialist, and information about natural lifestyle and riding bitless...

You can now purchase a copy of the DVD using your Credit Card or Paypal Account.

February 2006

Barefoot Arab, TBR Granite Chief+/, Earns AHA 2005 Distance Horse of the Year Award, click here for more details.

February 2006

Brother Derek, a racehorse training barefoot in the United States:

From the Associated Press 2/9/06 - "Derby prospects in action this weekend" quote:
Notes: San Rafael winner Brother Derek galloped 112 miles without shoes for trainer Dan Hendricks. “He trains without shoes and he’s worn glue-on shoes since Del Mar to allow his feet to air out and expand naturally,” the trainer said. The colt’s next start will be in the Santa Catalina on March 4.

Also from CBS Cportsline 2/7/06 - "Brother Derek the target now" quote:
Since last summer, it has been standard practice for Brother Derek to train without shoes.

February 2006

Barefoot in the equestrian media: Suddenly we are the hot new topic in all the major equine publications! An overnight sensation - that has been a decade in the making? We've got mixed reviews for the latest batch of barefoot articles:

Horse & Rider Magazine, February 2006: Page 50, "Is Barefoot Better? A growing contingent of hoof-care experts says yes. Here's what the natural-foot movement could mean for your horse." This 8-page feature article with full photos is a wonderful presentation of barefoot for the general horse public. This western-style riding magazine boasts a paid circulation of 168,575. The general overview and positive stance of the article are exciting... however there is one small problem with the article: the historical error of the omission of Dr. Hiltrud Strasser, both in the development of the barefoot movement in the USA, and in any sort of overview of the Strasser Method and its basic philosophy as a total horse care program. The only mention was extremely negative, with a strange reference in parentheses that vaguely warns readers that the Strasser trim is invasive and should be avoided. Why? What is a Strasser trim? What is all the secrecy about? Why would experts promoting their own brand of hoofcare be allowed to warn against someone else's (competing) method? There is no explanation given. We hope the hanging questions will be answered in an upcoming issue, with interviews featuring those representing the Strasser Method -- for unbiased journalism's sake. Those of us that witnessed the exciting birth of the barefoot horse care movement know that Jaime Jackson together with Dr. Hiltrud Strasser are responsible for starting it all, in this country. Everyone else came after them, and we all owe these two people so very much.

The Horse, Your Guide to Equine Health Care, March 2006: Page 34, AAEP Forum by Dr. Stephen O'Grady, "Barefoot Horses." Thumbs up for Dr. O'Grady, "I must say from the onset that I favor horses being maintained without shoes when possible." That's all we need to know. Of course, he still lists the caveat that horses need shoes to protect from excessive wear, for traction, for therapeutic reasons, ya de ya de ya. That's okay with us, because over time, it is going to be really interesting how many horses develop super bare feet, that, for some reason, just don't have excessive wear (and how many barefoot endurance horses are there now?). They must be a special new breed (we barefoot people will just smile). As long as everyone agrees - if it works, it works. That's all we really need to know.

Horse Journal, March 2006: Thumbs down to the article on Page 11, "Taking Natural Too Far, The movement toward natural horse care is a good idea gone too far. Caveat emptor." Among their "myths" listed include the notion that barefoot is better -- "A hefty dose of common sense will tell you that horseshoes don't make feet numb, that the heart is the center of circulation (not the foot), and that the dimensions and angles observed on 14-hand wild horses ranging free over rocky terrain are exactly that -- findings appropriate for 14-hand wild horses ranging free over rocky terrain." Is this really saying, why bother with science when common sense explains the inner workings of the hoof? Huh? What happened to: we don't really know how the hoof works, and we have a lot to learn about horses, their hooves, and how to keep them sound in captivity? That's what our common sense says!

January 2006

Barefoot Clinician Martha Olivo to embark on transcontinental ride on barefoot horse!
In March of 2006, Martha Olivo and her Mustang horse Cisco will embark on a cross country trek from the northern California Pacfic coast to the shores of the Atlantic in North Carolina. This 9-month journey will be made at the rate of 20 miles per day, 100 miles per week. Martha and Cisco will travel Monday thru Friday, and Cisco will rest Saturday and Sunday. Martha will conduct a 1-day Information Presentation each Saturday and rest on Sunday. Every 9th week, Martha and Cisco will stop for a week. Martha will present a 5-day Hoof Groom Course, beginning on Monday with a 1-day Information Presentation followed by the 5-day Hoof Groom Course running Tuesday thru Saturday. Martha will then rest on Sunday and resume the ride on Monday. Check her website for dates when Martha will be in your area. There will be detailed maps showing the route she will take as she travels from coast to coast promoting the Martha Olivo Standard for Hoof Care. She will also be signing books, sharing photos, and telling stories of her adventures and the people she meets as she travels.

December 2005

Thumbs up to Clinton Anderson! He's always been one of my favorite natural horse trainers, and now he has personally endorsed barefoot horse care! Barefoot clinician Pete Ramey was featured on Clinton Anderson's RFD-TV "Downunder Horsemanship" television show on December 20, 2005. On this show, Clinton revealed how he has now taken all 50 of his horses barefoot. Last year he flew Pete Ramey to his ranch to instruct him and his assistants on proper barefoot trimming techniques. Clinton was initially skeptical about the possibility of keeping performance horses barefoot, but after reading Pete's book and then receiving personal training from Pete, he became convinced that natural barefoot hoof care was the way to go! It has been a huge success and now he is sharing this with the world. Visit Clinton's website: or Pete's website at:

November 2005

Hooray to Practical Horseman Magazine! Their December 2005 issue features a wonderful article by Elaine Pascoe, titled, "Can Your Horse Go Barefoot? Here's why, and how, he may be happier without shoes." This article includes an interview with Pete Ramey, and well-rounded, positive advice. Practical Horseman is the number one magazine for English riders in the U.S. (including hunter/jumper and dressage). Barefoot has definitely hit mainstream!

Summer 2005

Read about British Olympian Dressage competitor Emma Hindle, who is now winning barefoot: (click on the British Flag, then select the News button) Quote from article, "Both Diamond Hit and Wie Weltmeyer bounced off the ground striding with confidence. The secret to this power and rhythm in her horses is the fact that they wear no shoes. 'The experiences I've had riding without shoes is unbelievable,' Hindle explained. 'Three years ago Wally had a problem after one shoeing, so we wanted to see how he did without them. Since then, we've taken off for three months in winter and put them back on for the shows. This year we decided to keep them off and I think it's brilliant.' Praising her farrier Erwin Zimmermann for doing a superb job trimming her horses' hooves, Hindle claimed that a horse moves best without shoes. 'Like everyone else I thought a horse needed shoes, but they aren't born with shoes on,' she joked."

July 2005

Congratulations to all the new graduates of the Strasser Certification Course in North America!

Beth Baden, CA
Audrey Bryant, WA
Laura Bonnin, MN
Kate Christie, NJ
Sheri Fischer, MN
Stephanie Harlan, WA
Steve Kubik, MN
Jaime Romig, PA
Jennifer Vallieres, FL
Diane Brown, BC

May 2005

Congratulations to all the new graduates of the Strasser Certification Course in Scandinavia!

From Carl Sand:

In the end of May it was time for the final exam week (P4) of the Scandinavian SHP course at Krulliga Hasten in Sweden.
It was a hectic and warm summer week with long and busy days, but also a lot of socializing such as swimming and boiling hooves. (SHP substitute for BBQ) .

The exam ended a lovely summer night with a dinner party in the garden, a party that went on until the morning day after……
All 23 students from five countries passed the final exam, although some of them have not done all practice days, and will therefore not get their certificate/will be listed as students until this is done. For an updated list, please look at

Thanks to all of you for a very nice year, although hectic. We are now taking a break over the summer until we start next course in the end of August.
Carl & Cecilia
Krulliga Hasten AB

Congratulations to:
Alexandra Hunt (UK), Anette Stensson, Anki Wilhelmsson, Ann Green, Anne Aamodt (N), Britt-Marie Källerwald, Camila Haglund, Camilla Åberg, Dick Söderholm, Eeva-Leena Ketonen (FIN), Emma Olsson, Eric Bäckström, Gun Wessling, Helena Kardefeldt, Karen Drost (NL), Kristine Giske (N), Linn Fogelberg, Lisa McLachlan (UK), Maria Stark, Samatha Louise Perks (UK), Sixten Brandt, Terho Rajakangas (FIN), Ulrike Hermelin

(photos will be in next issue of THH)

April 2005

It is with great sadness that we must announce that Dianne Coogias, SHP, passed away on Friday, April 29th, 2005, after a long battle with cancer. Her friends and horses miss her greatly. Click here to read her obituary.

March 2005

Colorado State University Veterinary Students Attend Hoof Workshop with Dr. Tomas Teskey

"...This past weekend will go down in history as the first time a veterinarian has lectured to a purely veterinary audience at their own veterinary college in this country about hoof health, and this Spring marks my tenth year since graduating from Colorado State University. It was especially fitting being able to go back to my alma mater to share some of what I've learned out "in the real world". This completes a cycle of learning and experience in an important way, and I have "handed off batons" to a bunch of new recruits that will branch out and bring their own special healing touch to horses that so desperately want and deserve to be sound." -- Tomas Teskey D.V.M.

February 2005

Another UK barefoot win - Racing Post thinks it may be first ever win on the flat for a horse without shoes.
Kavi, 5 year old gelding: owner Eamonn Wilmott writes on Feb 15, 2005, "Raced yesterday at Lingfield Park over 1M 4 furlongs on the all weather surface. Was rated 16th of the 16 runners. 3 furlongs from home, there is only one winner, as Kavi cruised up and pulled away to win easily by 3 lengths. Racing Post think it may be first ever win on the flat for a horse without shoes. Winner paid 64-1 on the Tote." (Also see this site under "Barefoot Performance.")

January 2005

Saucy Night Makes UK Racing History by Winning Barefoot
The English Thoroughbred, Saucy Night, entered the record books on January 3, 2005, by winning the 2 1/2 mile steeplechase at Folkestone in the United Kingdom. Read all about Saucy in an exclusive interview with his unique owner in issue 18 of The Horse's Hoof. (Also see this site under "Barefoot Performance.")

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