by Dr Strasser, translated by Sabine Kells ©2006

The Strasser Method (TM)
is based on . . .

Scientifically recognized knowledge in the areas of:

1. Histology:
Living tissue:

a) Requires regular circulation.
b) Requires a certain metabolic temperature.
c) Nerves can only function in an environment with active metabolism.

2. Anatomy:

a) The coffin bone of an equine must be ground parallel
b) The coffin joint must be over the center of the coffin bone base
c) In a horse at rest, the tendons of the extensor and flexor apparatus are in an energy-neutral balance
d) Tendons are shortened via muscle contractions to produce movement. Continuous muscle contraction (muscle tonus) when standing results in the muscles cramping.

3. Physiology:

a) In the leg, blood is pumped upward by the hooves and the joints. This is only possible with movement.
b) Excretion of hoof horn is linked to the amount of circulation, which is dependent on the amount of movement.
c) Production of hoof horn at a certain order of magnitude is necessary to relieve blood and body metabolism.

4. Hippology:

a) Over 70% of the natural behavior of the horse consists of movement.
b) There is no day/night rhythm.
c) Horn production and wear are in physiological harmony.

5. Physics and Mathematics:

a) Lever forces on a slanted, truncated cone lead to expansion with physiologically correct hoof form, and to contraction with unphysiological hoof form.
b) The pumping action is only possible with the alternating flattening and
concaving of the hoof sole. It is not possible with fixation of the solar vault.

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