What's all the fuss about?

by Yvonne Welz ©2006

Just what is all the fuss and commotion about? There is misinformation, rumors, exaggerations, and untruths floating around the internet right now about natural hoofcare. You may even be reading this right now because you were curious, and wanted to find out for yourself what this is all about.

Here is the simple truth: this is not a fashion, or a fad, but has been around since the beginning of our relationship with the horse. Horses are not being injured, or bleeding, or suffering from the appropriate application of this method, in fact quite the opposite! The simple, honest, positive results speak for themselves.

Before you believe any outrageous postings on a mailing list, do some of your own research. Get the hard facts, read the books for yourself, become educated, and use your common sense. Stop to think about why, and who may find this method threatening to them and their livelihood, and what agendas they may actually have, that may lead them to spread misinformation.

And what on earth is the fuss about? What we are asking is very simple. Give your horse living conditions that are as natural as you can possibly manage. Do not consider ever keeping your horse in a box-stall, especially not 24 hours a day -- always provide him with as large an area as possible, preferably in a herd with other horses. Avoid articles of horse clothing -- blankets, wraps, bandages or boots usually cause more problems than they can ever solve. Give your horse as much exercise as you possibly can, (aiming for the natural total amount of movement of 10-15 miles per day). Provide free choice grass hay or grazing, free choice minerals or a vitamin-mineral supplement profiled to your hay/pasture, and daily hoof soaks in water depending on your climate. Trim your horses' hooves in such a way as to simulate the natural wear patterns of wild equines, who display low heels, ground parallel coffin bones, and soles that are naturally concave.

Natural hoofcare is about empowering YOU, the horse-owner. YOU are given the knowledge, YOU are educated, YOU learn more about the equine hoof than you could ever imagine possible. And knowledge is power. Perhaps that is what all the fuss is about.

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