Go Team Barefoot!

Show your support for the team spirit of barefooters everywhere!

What is Go Team Barefoot? You can read more here:

The Barefoot Paradigm, Why it is high time for Team Barefoot! by Yvonne Welz (THH Issue 42)

Go Team Barefoot! is about people working together in a positive and progressive way to make a genuine difference in horses’ lives. Go Team Barefoot transcends methods and schools, and instead is about the heart of the matter: healthy barefoot hooves create healthy happy horses. Go Team Barefoot is a place for us to join in unity inside the barefoot movement. If you agree with these ideas, please join us by posting the Go Team Barefoot Logo on your website, blog, or social media pages!

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You are invited to use the Go Team Barefoot! logo below to show your support for the team spirit of barefooters everywhere!

Logo use restrictions: Logo copyright is retained by Yvonne Welz. Logo may be freely used by barefoot hoofcare supporters anywhere in the world for personal use, and non-profit or educational use. Logo may NOT be altered or changed in any way. Agree to these restrictions and you are authorized to download the below JPEG logos for use on your website, blog, Facebook page, or any other social media use. *Please contact me directly for a FREE high resolution logo (in any format type you'd like) to use on printed material, posters, shirts, or other merchandise for personal, non-profit or educational purposes.

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