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Reader Testimonials!

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We receive lots of compliments on The Horse's Hoof Magazine, with 20 years of issues. This magazine doesn't come from me, it truly comes through me. It is created by everyone who decides to make a difference, and share with us their experiences about barefoot horses and natural horse care. This publication belongs to everyone who wants to be a part of it, and we invite all horselovers to participate in its creation.

I thought I'd share with you some of the kind words that I've received over the years. -- Yvonne Welz, owner/editor

"I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for all your work and the Horse’s Hoof editions in years past. I have learned SO much because of you and your team. I have been inspired, enlightened, heartened, motivated, mentally stretched, delighted, and oh so educated by you all. No, I haven’t read each copy all at once but I have enjoyed reading them in a steady ‘drip’ and then dipping back into past copies of my own accord. So this final issue is like a glorious treat of a chocolate feast of a pudding with icing on top!! All the very best with your new job. Enjoy; and know that, like Carol, you have already made a big difference to the world."

"I hope that you both are well and again, thank you both for the many editions of The Horse's Hoof. You have created so many more and better outcomes for our equine friends and family."

"You are so precious, Yvonne! Truly! I so appreciate all you guys do for us and our horses. I still have some of the original hardcopy magazines (all packed away) and always devoured them on all subjects."

" I wish you all well in the future with your world of horses! You have done so much to improve the life of horses around the world!"

"Thank you for presenting information in an unbiased manner over the years, allowing users to judge for themselves. You have provided a great resource of various views on that seemingly simple to some but actually more like a hyper cube juggling multiple combinations to maintain functionality, the horse's hoof!"

"Congratulations and many, many thanks for having published a quality journal on such an important topic for so long. You have made an important contribution to the welfare of the horse. To establish a fundamental landmark in the long history of the horse is something incredibly hard to do but you have succeeded. You know how grateful are the horses."

"You and your husband have certainly done your part and my horses and I are forever grateful!!"

"I appreciate all the time and energy you put into making The Horse’s Hoof such a valuable resource."

"You have produced an amazing publication that demonstrated the possibilities of the unshod horse, the bitless horse, as well as kind, compassionate, and thinking approaches to training and care. I have always considered The Horses Hoof an amazing educational resource and have recommended it often. When others said it couldn’t be done you showed that it could. It isn’t easy to be an innovator in an industry that is steeped in centuries old thinking. Congratulations on a job well done!"

"You've done an amazing job, so professional and always with an easy to read layout, and a good balance of intriguing, informative and innovative articles. Huge congratulations on making people aware of how important going barefoot is, just think of how many horses your magazine has saved over the years and will continue to save from word of mouth, which will continue long after the last issue."

"Great magazine as usual, Yvonne with fab pics and easy read layout!"

"SUPERB EDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am still ploughing through so much great information
Your a super woman - how you manage to produce horses and a magazine of this quality beats me! well done!"

"Once again great layout, easy reading, and all the articles interesting - pics superb!"

"I really enjoy this magazine, and I also thank you for its existence. :-) "

"Thanks again Yvonne for a fabulous magazine, all that is in it and all that it stands for.
I especially love the design and layout, makes for enjoyable, easy reading. (Pics are great too.)"

"Excellent editorial in this issue and thank you for your persistence!!!"

"Thanks for all your good work.
You've made a difference!"

"WOW – this issue is really packed! The names and expertise, so great."

"Yet again you have produced a bumper edition of THH with interesting information. Thank you also for your personal insights into your transition from 'traditional'. It is wonderful that you do not discriminate on the basis of what the various contributors may put forward, you remain the conduit, not the judge."

"Thanks again for your ongoing production of this wonderful resource!"

"I would be sorry to miss out on The Horse's Hoof as it is a very interesting and useful magazine for barefooters! Thank you for all your work putting the mag together."

"So cool that there are people like you in the world doing what you do on behalf of the horses. LOVE IT!!! "

" I wanted to let you know how great the issues were -- and that my favorite article in pretty much every issue is always your "from the editor" piece and the occasional articles you have in the issues. You bring such a depth of insight and understanding and compassion to the page -- not to mention that you're always so bang on the point that you're making -- it's just sheer wonderful."

"I hope that you can continue to put together this great venue for the barefoot voice for many years to come :) "

"It really is a wonderful magazine.Over the years I've written for quite a few and yours is definitely the most interesting and diverse."

"I LOVE the cover of this new edition of the magazine. Such talent you have. What an inspiration. "

"Keep up the great work - I always enjoy the read :) "

Comments on The Horse's Hoof Spring #70 from a reader:

"I loved this issue!

Here are my notes:

Your editorial. Keeping it simple, don't do too much, horses going as nature intended. YES!

In depth article by Carole Herder, makes a very good point.

Syvlia Loch - totally agree with this quote of hers: "unfortunately it's the wrong hands which use them" - bits.

Jenny Vidbel's amazing liberty horses and her wonderful attitude to life and training.

Pete Romney's interesting article about adaptive boots.

Melissa Tankersley's great article. Happy horse, happy rider.

Katrina Gothorp's wise words!

Anna Twinney with the race horse who whinnied at the wrong time and what she did - fascinating!

Keep the toes sort and the heels low - good advice from Neal Valk!"

We need more vets like him!!! Of course he's also a barefoot advocate. Comments on The Horse's Hoof Spring #70 from veterinarian Dr. Steven Roberts of NSW, Australia: 
I love the observations in your editorial about doing less. It is something that us vets need to consider more than we usually do, as we feel compelled to 'do something' to help an animal as that is what we were trained to do, but I eventually found over my years in practice to take a step back & fully evaluate the situation before deciding on a treatment plan or indeed whether any treatment other than 'tincture of time' was needed. This is even more important in these days of growing antibiotic resistance, we have to really use our skills to decide if antibiotics are in fact needed. If so, which one & ensuring the correct dosage & duration. You used the term 'loving, benign neglect' which reminded me so much of what I used to say to clients when appropriate 'a bit of professional neglect is all that's needed here!' "

"Congratulations on your 70th! What a landmark your pioneering work has become."

"Congratulations on reaching the 70th issue! Such fine work you do - you've brought barefoot trimming and good horse hoof care forward into so many peoples awareness. Such a relief for the horses!"

"Happy New Year to the Wishing Welz team, Yvonne! I love the questions you pose in the couple of paragraphs in your 'Creating a natural pasture' article about what horses really need. Thank you for the past 18 years' efforts & please keep up the good work!"

" I love the Horse's Hoof publication :) "

"I really enjoy the mag and the effort you put in and wouldn't miss it for anything."

"I'm not a "professional" but I trim 10 horses and a donkey, so I greatly appreciate The Horse's Hoof."

"I just want to make sure to never miss out on The Horse's Hoof Magazine ever. Keep up the good work, it's such an amazing magazine!"

"Great issue!! Learning lots. Applying what I learn. Thanks"

"Your work is definitely making the world a better place for domestic horses and will profoundly influence future generations."

"Congratulations on 15 great years of this wonderful magazine - I love it. And all these articles on bitless bridles - roll on the day when all horses are barefoot, bitless and treeless."

"Love your magazine and the promotion of barefoot and bitless ways."

"As always Yvonne Welz...GREAT JOB!! Love the articles and even the ads! They get better with every issue! :) "

"Thanks for all your hard work to produce THH"

"Thanks for producing such a top magazine...I look forward to each issue:)"

"I can't wait to read the new issue favorite publication."

"I downloaded it and printed it the day it arrived and sat down and read it cover to cover.
Its one magazine that I really look forward to.
As a trimmer working in the south west corner of Australia it is great to have such up to date info about all the latest hoof care knowledge.
It must be a huge job getting it together and I love it. Thank you."

"the fall issue - It was sensational. Keep up the good work as what you are doing is really helping the horse communities."

"I really appreciate your magazine and all the information that you share for the good of horses and people!"

"Part of my decision to go barefoot was because I read every article when you first started. It made me start going barefoot. Just today I told a lady I went barefoot about 13 years ago. Then I said maybe more. Never thought about going back to shoes. And helped convert a lot of people. Thank you for all your knowledge."

"Just received the latest Horse's Hoof. Wow!!! It never ceases to amaze me."

"Your magazine is the best resource for any barefoot trimmer to keep in touch with new developments and techniques."

"I am deeply honored to have been included in this Anniversary Special Edition. I remember the very moment that Keith Jacobson slapped a copy of THH in my hand and I realized that it held the answers to my prayers for hoof help. I immediately ordered all the back issues, printed them out and, by the time I got concurrent, James and Yvonne had taken it the next step with The Welz Method at Their work has given the confidence and techniques to heal horses from the ground up. I am grateful to Yvonne for her impeccable editorial integrity and to James for his pedagogical expertise. Uncounted horses and all their progeny owe you both a great debt of gratitude for giving them back their most valuable gift, their hooves."

"You did a great job on the 60th issue of The Horse’s Hoof online magazine, welldone and thank you. There are so many ways to keep the barefoot story alive, you and James are playing such an important role in this journey and I wish you all success for the future and hope you will be motivated to keep THH going for another 15 years!!!"

"Word for word, top to bottom it was fantastic!! Your editorial integrity has been exemplary through the years, which is why you've more than achieved your goals - and thanks for sharing those, too :) WOW! There went half a day because I had to follow links and write fan mail to everyone. I don't savor your issues slowly, I feel the need to consume them immediately! I'll just have to remember to take off the eve of every official issue - today was serendipitous."

"thanks for being there, Yvonne, for everyone all these years in this 'movement' "

"Thank you for doing this magazine.  It is a lot of work and you have been doing a wonderful job."

"Thank you for all you do to promote healthful horse guardianship, especially barefoot trimming. You helped me a ton many years ago and my horses' hooves and health thank you."

"Some very interesting articles. Particularly liked the one by Deb Taylor about when to euthanase chronic laminitic horses. Its very well put and one I can show clients. I have one in the paddock that I'm rehabing for the second time and the Vets think it should go to God but it certainly doesn't tick any of Deb's boxes so it is about to go back to work.
 Thank you for all your effort that you put in to the Horses Hoof."

"I just wanted to let you know that I've been reading, and loving, the articles in the summer issue of The Horse's Hoof."

"Thanks for all your hard work so that we all get to share and enjoy the research and experiences of others."

"Congratulation to your 'best issue ever'!  I still remember when the idea was born to create a horse magazine!  Long ago!!!" - Dr. Hiltrud Strasser

"Another great issue...from bitless to club foot to laminitis. Thanks again for all your hard work helping to make life better for all horses."

"Just spent a thoroughly interesting afternoon reading THH almost cover to cover!"

"Thanks so much. I Love the balanced approach your magazine has."

"Thank you Yvonne, and thank you for your excellent magazine. I am sure it attracts a great many forward-thinking horse people.  Your articles have been of tremendous importance in the healing of my own horses' feet, and for taking their hoof care on myself."

"Once again you have put together an outstanding informative magazine."

"I do really enjoy the Horses Hoof. I appreciate the different perspectives that you share."

"Very nice issue....interesting reading and learning!  The 'Table with all the Trimmings" was very interesting on how there are so many differing opinions on hooves"

"Certainly enjoyed reading about the hoof conference. Was great to see so much in print as a reminder of four fun filled days."

"Thank you for all you do for the betterment of the horse by educating people!"

"So excited as usual to receive the newest issue!! Keep them coming, wish I had been in Australia."

"Just wrote to say Best Issue Ever!!   Esp the conference and the Russian guy :)   I was very nearly late for an appointment!"

"Thanks for this wonderful issue! It's the best way to start the new year! Very interesting, as usual!"

"Lots of great reading in this issue.. what a fun and educational experience it must have been. Thanks for sharing,"

"How in the heck did you pull off this issue in such a short time??????????  You coverage of the conference was brilliant, insightful and, best of all, OBJECTIVE!  I raced through the issue the moment it arrived - wanted to tell you that I couldn't stop speed-reading it from cover to shining cover and let you know what an incredible job you've done and how it boggles my mind and makes my heart sing for joy!"

"You always do an amazing job of putting out a great publication. Lots of work I know.  I think it is bringing us together as trimmers. We should always be looking at gaining more knowledge through the studies of others and your magazine is a great source for this."

"There you go, topping yourself again!  Selfishly speaking, this issue was exactly what I needed when I needed it. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!"

"Bravo!! On your article/interview with Alex Nicol (in THH Issue 56). I truly applaude the people who are looking outside the box and willing to experiment with 'traditional' modes to make a healthier, happier athlete. It's people like her that pave the way for others. Thank you so much for the interview!"

" I think we are all the better for your magazine though for you I know it is huge work."

"Many thanks to you and James for all the incredible barefoot educational support you've both given for so long!  There must be by now a whole lot of horses out there that owe their lives to you in one way or another, not to mention suffering alleviated and broken hearts avoided."

"This issue is absolutely fantastic!  I don't know how you do it so well and remain such a great diplomat as well as educator - what a daunting task."

"We love advertising with you and have recommended your magazine to lots."

"Many compliments for Issue Number 55! Full of very interesting articles."

"Another wonderful issue!  Great job!"

" I LOVE your magazine with its balanced and open format. We can all learn something and it is the closed minds of the Know It Alls that are the danger!"

"Thanks for the latest issue, another great Magazine."

"Thanks so much, I love your publication, the presentation and the information in each one is incredible, there is always at least one thing that is immediately relevant to me as well as what I save for future reference."

"GREAT new issue - love all the articles about integrity and ethics."

"YOU are amazing!  What a wonderful edition!  Love the links, the inspiring articles, the equal opportunity hoofboot marketing, everything!"

"Thank you so much! It's going to take me all quarter just to read and absorb all this information...I'm impressed!"

"Thanks for another great magazine - chock full of great info."

"Awesome!  What a project and congratulations. Impressive!"

"This is great! I LOVE the 'going green!' Thanks so much!"

"I love your magazine. What a great service you do for simple horse people like me."

"I got the magazine yesterday and am SO impressed. I'm always looking for pieces to the puzzle and this looks like it's going to be a super resource! Thanks so much!"

"You have done an amazing job creating awareness. You rock, girl. I do appreciate what you have done as it has so helped me and gave support when I needed it. You have so made a difference and been part of the change that will challenge traditional thinking. Enjoy the day :) "

"I want to thank you for putting out a great magazine and for working so hard to help horses."

"Yvonne and James, I am so glad you're there, and doing the journal, the website, and the online help. The quality of your work is awesome and you have great skills for showing it and getting it out there."

"Thank you so much Yvonne for keeping up the high quality articles and information. I always read each issue cover to cover."

"Love your magazine, & often learn something new from every issue!"

"Looking over THH always interesting and informative, I really think it helps to get us all on the same page with trimming."

"I learn the most from personal insight and the intuition of others. That really helps me understand any gut feelings that I get but cannot explain yet. Overall I love your publication and can't wait to get it every quarter!"

"Thankyou for all you do and mean to the barefoot movement. The current issue (50) with the history of barefoot is amazing - you are the leader, The Hub for all things barefoot. Barefoot would not be what it is today without your driving editorial talent, vision and force creating TTH."

"Thanks to you all, my wonderful QH goes to his first show barefoot, on Monday!! Just wanted you to know that without the support and knowledge that I have received from the magazine, this would never have been possible. You are doing a wonderful job. It has taken four years to turn my wonderful boy around, and I cannot thank you enough."

"Couldn't live without it!"

"THH is great and I read every issue over and over until the next one comes."

"I very much appreciate the light your magazine sheds on behalf or our horses' well being."

"Thanks for your wonderful publication - it's good to know there's a worlwide community of people striving for better horse and hoof care."

From an article author: "I should also take this opportunity to say that I very much enjoy The Horse's Hoof audience. They are educated, interested and enthusiastic and I always feel like my articles are being read and understood and therefore making a difference somewhere out there."

"I have learned so much from you, thank you so much for your wonderful publication."

"I look forward to each issue.  Thank you for putting out such a great publication in support of what's best for the horses!"

"Love the magazine! Glad the magazine is 'non-denominational' yet offers your strong, diverse opinions. May we all keep learning and practicing for the horses' sakes!"

"As always, really interesting . keep it up. I love the mix of stories. The sciencific stuff is always interesting to read and the success stories really help when I am all on my own in a shod world that likes to tell me I am not looking after my horse properly."

"Thanks so much for keeping things fresh and showing all sides of trimming."

"I am enjoying The Horse's Hoof subscription very much.  Just what I seem to crave - more info on horse hooves and trimming, nutrition, etc.  Each issue will be a treat for me."

"The magazine keeps getting better. Great job."

"So much worthy information you bring to my island in the "it is normal to nail iron to the feet of horses" sea.
And my little mare shows all that take an effort to look: shoes are not necessary and they are counter productive. Thank you again and please keep up spreading the word."

"This is such a great magazine, I already learned so much with (my) the first issue!!!! Thank you!!!!!"

"Thanks so much for your terrific publication. I love getting it and reading all of the new information. I have a small group of people that I trim for as there is no one else in our mountain community. I read everything I can get my hands on that is current so I can do the best job for my horse client's that is possible."

"Well, you've done it again! Somehow you manage to outdo yourself with every issue and not just the content, but your ability to edit for a smooth read. Mucho mahalos for your contribution to all our domestic horses and their future progeny."

"I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I am enjoying the magazine. It really is excellent. Well done to you and all your team."

"Keep up the great work - love, love, love the magazine!"

"Thanks so much and love your magazine. Read it every time cover to cover!"

"You have a really nice publication, and find the articles  applicable and useful for trimming my own horses. Keep up the good work that you both do!"

"I just think your magazine is fantastic! Thank you so much for everything you do."

"I really enjoy reading the HH. I'm a lone trimmer in Western Australia and it is great to read all the stories and see photo's of good hooves. Keeps me in touch with new ideas. Keep up the good work!!"

"I'm so glad that you have this publication. The articles are great for finding out what's going on in the industry. I can tell how much work you put into it."

"Can't wait for the magazine to be delivered. Wonderful information and pictures!!!!! I've been a trimmer for 8 years and I learn so many things from your magazine."

"I read the Horses Hoof cover to cover.  Love it!  Your last article, brilliant!  Keep it up!"

"I love your publication. I am going to subscribe for several others as well. You are doing a great service and are such a bargain. I wanted you to know how much you are appreciated."

"It is nice to see articles about fellow barefooters that are as passionate as I am. I have been trimming my own horses a few years now (since I lost my barefoot trimmer) and I love getting new information. My style and method has changed drastically since I began and I am always looking to improve, so thank you for publishing such a great, inspirational, informative resource."

"Thank you so much for all you do and I love your newsletter!!! It's beautiful, informative and a pleasure to share with everyone that shows interest in the subjects."

"Oh, wow!!!  Double wow!!! I just got the new THH in the mail, and it looks absolutely fantastic!!!  I had no idea from the pdf that it was going to be so much ... more, bigger, shinier, colorful, and ... well, more! :) Congratulations on an outstanding face lift on your great magazine!!!"

"I just got my copy of the Horse's Hoof Magazine. Gorgeous, amaZING, professionally done, and two hooves up--or should that be four?? A labor of Love to the horse community."

"Thank you for The Horse's Hoof. It's the only 'barefoot' publication out there and the companion website is a treasure trove of online info."

"Thank for for all the work that goes into the magazine and keeping readers informed. I have let all my other subscriptions to horse magazines lapse...but not this one."

"Your publication is second to none! Thank you for doing such a great job promoting barefoot!!"

"Thanks for your terrific informative magazine. I know it is a lot of work, but it is worth it."

"I LOVE your magazine...great articles and inspiration for a 'newbie' to barefoot like me..."

"Thank you Yvonne for all you do- such awesome customer service always! You spoil us!! (fantastic print and online:-) "

"I was having a cruddy day until I received your e-mail! I LOVE your publication. Thanks for brightening my day!! :)"

"Thanks so much for being here for all of us bare-footers that believe strongly in it. I love the journal!!"

"Kind regards and thumbs up for the good work you have done over the years with The Horses Hoof "

"I just want to take a few minutes to thank you so much for what you do. This is such a great tool, and I enjoy and learn so much. In my journey to heal my horse, I stumbled on this magazine. That was 6+ years ago. I thank you for passing along the information in the barefoot trim world. It's very important to get everyone's views, and not to pick one "camp". You're a great help, you are very important!"

"I would like to congratulate you about your amazing magazine. I was delighted when I discovered Horse's Hoof Magazine two years ago. I haven't found any other horse's hoof magazine quite as interesting and helpful as yours. I really thank you for the work you do. You are spreading some much needed information that is actually helping horses recover the freedom they had when they were not domesticated."

"I love your magazine - it's my favorite of all equine-related publications!"

"The Horse's Hoof is my greatest lifeline out here! Your concept of including all the different methods is by far the most educational approach = a good student will be able to pick and choose the most pertinent info."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for another excellent newsletter!  Love the real life stories as well as the practical information to increase my knowledge of the hoof structures and trimming.  I carry your newletters with me when trimming clients horses to show them exactly what a healthy hoof looks like and it has been a huge help.  Thanks for all of your time and hard work that you put into each issue!"

"Can I just say how wonderful your publication is? I am so excited to recieve my copy everytime and can't wait to read it from cover to cover. This month's issue is GREAT! I'm sure there are other people like me who feel cut off from other trimmer's learnings and their opinions by distance (and predjudices;-)) but I get so much information every time there is an issue of The Horse's Hoof in my mailbox! I just love it!"

"This is the BEST resource for information on barefoot horses. Please keep printing it forever!"

"LOVE,LOVE,LOVE... the magazine!"

"I only like to go and get the mail 4 times per year.  The 4 times your magazine is in it! "

"I always keep a copy in my purse to read. Without exception."

"I sure enjoy the magazine!"

"I've been receiving your newsletter for quite a while now - was impressed from the very first issue I received which included the ease of being able to receive the PDF, content, photos, detail, number of pages with excellent info!!!!"

"Don't know how you do it, but you just keep getting better."

"What a fabulous much valuable info. I'm spreading the word about THH and encouraging folks to subscribe."

"I've been a subscriber for a while, and I really appreciate all the hard work it must take to put the magazine together! There is so much to learn and I've learned a lot from The Horse's Hoof."

"THANK YOU YVONNE!!! I loved the last issue. Keep up the good work!!"

"Some of my friends have gone barefoot and I am very happy (although I didn't convince them, just gave them confidance, through your magazine, that it really does work!)"

"Love the magazine and appreciate all the work that goes into it."

"Love everything you've done. I think it's so great you have Bowker's info published- that's info a lot of vets don't even have!"

"Thanks for the great journal ... overall, you put out one of the best barefoot information sources."

"I LOVE your magazine and loan it out to everyone.  I always put it out when I have a trade stand at a show and everyone tries to buy it!"

"I just want to thank you for such an outstanding magazine. If there was ever anything that brings hope into this world, it is The Horse's Hoof! Each issue is a celebration! Thank you!"

"Sometimes I feel like I'm on Barefoot Island, and THH is my message in a bottle --LOL!!"

"I have very much enjoyed each and every issue of your magazine. Thanks for making such a needed publication!!"

The Horse’s Hoof Magazine is a 20 YEAR collection of quarterly magazine issues that focus on barefoot, bitless, better horse care, and compassionate training methods. Each issue is filled with a wide variety of horse care and hoof care articles, covering barefoot trimming methods, health, diet & nutrition, hoof boots & protection, bitless riding and training, science based training methods, equine behavior, inspirational stories, and so much more!!! It’s a way of life!!! Click here for more details: The Horse's Hoof Magazine Issue Contents 1-80 and ALL ACCESS PASS!

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